20+ Best Barber Gift Ideas For Him [2022]

Are you buying a gift for your favorite barber or someone special with a beard?

You came to the right place!

It is proven that men who love trimming, styling a beard shaping love to receive a barber gift! 

But what do you give to someone who has way more knowledge about men’s facial hairstyle than yourself? 

That’s right! You look for some help. We’re convinced that this top 22 barber gift list will boost your knowledge on the matter and give you some great inspiration! 

Ready to find the perfect barber gift for him? Let’s go!

Top 22 best barber gifts for him 2019

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By: Jess, Updated 10/12/2021

#22 best gifts for barbers: Facial Hair Scissors For Men


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We kick off this list with a gift that would impress even the most seasoned barber pro: a razor edge cutting scissors with adjustment finger nut for unrivaled mustache & beard trimming.

The adjustment finger nut feature connects the blades in order to adjust the tension. This feature is normally found only on stylist scissors of $200 and above. The finger holes are ergonomically curved to fit your hand better, and the finger holes have inserts that can be removed to fit those with larger digits. 

Every single scissor is carefully handmade and will last a lifetime and the best of all? These scissors are backed by a 100% money back guarantee!

#21 best gifts for barbers: Barber Crew Socks


7005 2363 8.4

Are you looking for an adorable gift for your favorite barber? Then you should definitely consider these pair of barber pole socks!

Your barber will love These authentic cotton blend barber socks and maybe make all the other barbers in the shop jealous.

Even if you think giving socks is cliché, we guarantee your barber will not be disappointed when they open up your holiday gift!

#20 barber gifts: Hipster Barber Shop Bow


15113 5067 8.4

First impressions! So if you are looking for a barber gift that can impress large audiences, check out this adjustable pre-tied gabardine hipster bow tie.

Every item is hand made and you can choose from 4 unique prints: traditional barber, mustache, gentlemen or scissors and combs. 

This cute and quilted bow tie will get him a ton of compliments! Whether you give this bow as a gift to a barbering school instructor or just to a guy with an awesome beard style, it will be a big hit!

#19 barber gifts: Proraso Vintage Gino Tin Gift Set


344 111 8.5

If you want to surprise a man who spends daily a lot of time in the bathroom styling his facial, you should consider to buy him a Proraso product. This brand is widely known for its barber-quality shave feeling. 

This vintage Proraso luxury gift set makes an awesome barber gift as the tin can is real collectible and you will give him 3 full-size products! A pre-shave cream, shaving cream, and an aftershave balm!

These products will give him a wonderful skin feeling in the morning. His shaving experience will be simply marvelous!


#18 barber gifts: funny barber mug


2988 896 8.5

Next up is the funny barber coffee mug stating ‘Barber Because Badass Isn’t an Official Title’

This witty mug is perfect to give to your favorite bar for birthdays, as a Christmas gift, or just because.

The quality is high and the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, however, if he wants to keep his mug looking awesome, hand washing is highly recommended.


#17 best barber gifts: Anti Static Beard & Mustache Comb


3034 1010 8.6

The next barber gift idea can be best described as the ultimate man comb! This comb is made from quality sandalwood, so it has two big advantages compared to typical plastic combs:

Wood is much heavier and it is also anti-static, which makes gliding through tangles and knots a breeze and he will not have to worry about that tingly feeling when he combs his hair.

But the best of all? This comb has multiple teeth width, so whether he has thick, thin, coarse or dense hair, this comb will glide easily through your hair and will provide him the ultimate versatility in styling his hair or beard.

With this gift any guy with a thick, full beard can look like Aristotle! 

#16 best barber gifts: Barber Curl Twist Sponge Glove Set


5854 667 8.6

Are you buying a gift for somebody who might be eager to try something new? Check out this amazing set of twist hair sponges!

With these products,he can get a barber’s professional twist look all by himself! 

How does it work? Apply a twist and lock gel to slightly damp hair and go in a circular motion across the head. 

He will be surprised how each of the 4 sponges will give him a different hairstyle.

#15 best barber gifts: Old World Barber Christmas Ornament


16785 4456 8.6

In case you are looking for a more unique and thoughtful barber gift, this next gift might be something for you: An Amazing mouth-blown molten glass barber pole ornament! 

This unique piece is fully hand-crafted and will be a great addition to any barber’s Christmas tree.

Any barber in your life will be beyond appreciative, after receiving such a thoughtful gift!

#14 barber gifts: Beard Styles Wall Decor


22349 7943 8.6

If you are looking to buy a gift to someone who just opened a barbershop, this old-fashion poster with different beard styles might be a great idea!

The poster can be ordered in various sizes and you can choose whether you buy it framed or not. The low-glare satin finish paper will create photo-quality poster art for his new barbershop. Many customers will even think it’s an authentic old poster.

It’s the typical poster you will find in old barber school books and it will fit in perfectly with the decor of any old school themed barbershop.

#13 best barber gifts: Book: What Einstein Told His Barber


599 228 8.7

Is your favorite barber into science or just curious about things? Then check out this great book ‘What Einstein Told His Barber’.

It explains the most complicated science principles in a very easy-to-understand way.

The book does a good job in identifying common scientific questions we have all probably had from time to time and presents them humorously and factually. There are a ton of things in the book, some stuff he might already know and some he may not have.

#12 best barber gifts: Handmade Barber Tool Roll


3680 1322 8.7

Due to its simple and functional design, this handmade vintage-style tool roll makes an excellent gift from professional barbers to bearded travelers who take shaving seriously and want to look good on the road.

This finely handcrafted bourbon brown tool roll is made with high-quality full-grain leather for maximum durability and protection.

Without a doubt a very stylish barber gift!

#11 barber gifts: Premium Beard Shampoo and Conditioner


5956 1850 8.7

Next up is this luxury premium beard shampoo & conditioner gift box. It can easily make up a great gift for a bearded friend, colleague, family member or husband that could use some beard care products to tame up his beard and mustache!

If you know someone who is struggling a lot with grooming, trimming and shaping his beard, you could make his life much easier by gifting him a combination of premium beard shampoo & conditioner. 

The formula works excellent to soften thick rough beard hairs and even eliminates itching & beard dandruff! 

#10 barber gifts: barber apron


9993 3597 8.7

If you think gifting a nice barber is apron might too expensive. Think again! This well made PU leather barber apron will give your favorite barber or barber student a great professional and cool look.

When wearing this apron he will feel like a rockstar and without a doubt, other barbers or customers will give him very favorable comments about it.

Look no further, this apron is simply awesome! It is durable, masculine and easy to clean.

#9 best barber gift: Vintage Barber Shop Art


24595 8904 8.7

Another great gift to decorate a barbershop are these old-fashioned barbershop prints.

They are printed in the USA on high-quality paper and they fit great with any bronze or vintage style decoration.

Be aware that these prints come without a frame, so also take the time to look for some nice matching frames.


#8 best barber gifts: Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl


1605 554 8.8

Is your husband, son or grandson still shaving with cream in the tub? Then it might be time to enhance his shave with a soap puck and the best shaving mug out there!

Why is this mug better than other mugs? Unlike carved wood, ceramic lasts forever and you can easily put it in the microwave. Also, the thumb handle is more functional, as holding on to a smooth object isn’t always easy.

Best of all? You can gift this with confidence as there is a lifetime warranty on this product!

#7 best barber gifts: Premium Pre Shave Oil


4293 1452 8.8

Are you looking for an original barber gift to enhance someone’s shaving experience? Then you should consider a high-quality pre-shave oil.

You only need a couple of drops of this blend to soften any beard and it will result in unseen slickness for extreme comfort.

This premium pre-shave oil has a subtle but very pleasant sandalwood smell. It is the kind of lingering old school scent, reminiscent of the time when shaving was an art form.

Regardless of his age or the gift occasion, he will fall in love with this amazing product!

#6 best barber gifts: beard shaping tool


15035 5014 8.8

The Beard Mate is one of the best barber gadgets you will find! It is a simple but wonderful tool that will guarantee to impress every guy with a beard!

The tool will help to perfectly shape a beard time after time. Any guy can create with the Beard Mate several different looks and styles and it ensures his beard, mustache or goatee can be trimmed and styled with ease.

Moreover, the Beard Mate also shows that amazing gifts do not always have to be expensive! You will be delighted when you see how much it cost.

#5 best barber gifts: Premium Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit


26361 2041 8.9

The next gift is a combination of some of the best barber gifts combined! A premium high-quality 6pc’s beard grooming kit.

Any guy who is passionate about beard styling will be blown away by this gift set: beard oil conditioner, balm butter wax, a beard brush, a beard detangler comb, precision beard scissors all stored in a wonderful magnetic bamboo gift box

Best of all? It also comes with a great beard grooming eBook, so he will have extra inspiration on how to style his beard!

#4 best barber gifts: Pre Shave Cream


26361 2104 8.9

The next barber gift idea is one of the most trusted shaving products of all time! The classic Proraso pre-shaving cream. A formula introduced in 1948 to perfectly prep & protecting the skin for a close shave and softening the beard.

Eucalyptus, menthol, and glycerin all you need to protect, tone, purify and revitalize the skin of your favorite person.

This classic makes a great gift for every guy who loves a fresh clean shave!

#3 best barber gifts: Touchless Stationary Filtration System


18593 5967 9.0

The next gift on the list is a very practical gift for barbershop owners. A professional stationary vacuum cleaner! 

If your barber is tired of bending over to sweep all hairs into a dustpan or frustrated of the missed hairs no matter how much he sweeps, then a professional stationary vacuum cleaner will be a lifesaver.

Your favorite barber just has to sweep the floor and push all hairs towards the front of the machine and he’s done. 

A useful red status indicator light will tell him when the canister is ready to be emptied.

#2 best gifts for barbers: Anti Fatigue Comfort Flooring


32345 9095 9.0

The runner up for the title of best barber gift for him is this comfortable anti-fatigue flooring.

Barbers have to stand up all day. So, if they haven’t one already then this gift is by far the most useful gift you can ever give to a barber.

There is a wide variety of colors and patterns available! But the best of all? These rugs are super easy to clean, so your favorite barber does not have to worry about sticking hairs. 

#1 best barber gift: Himalaya Shaving Soap 


5257 523 9.1

The one product that will impress every shaving men around the world is the Henry Cavendish Himalaya shaving soap with shea butter & coconut oil.

Hands down, this will truly be the best shave soaps he will have ever used. Due to shea butter, he will have less irritation and fewer nicks. On the other hand, coconut oil will leave an amazing scent, which makes it an ideal gift for a husband or boyfriend aswell.

This shaving soap will last long, much longer than traditional shaving cream. So he will be reminded a long time about this great gift you got him! 


What to give a barber for Christmas?

The most sentimental gift you can give a barber is a beautiful handmade barber pole ornament! It will for sure get a dedicated spot in his Christmas tree.

If you would like to have a good laugh, you should give him this ugly santa barber sweater.

In case you would like to give a more practical gift, you will definetely score with an anti-fatigue rug or a stationary vaccuum cleaner.

Ugly Santa Barber Sweater

Ugly Santa Sweater for barbers

What is a great gift for my barber instructor?

Barber instructors are probably the closest things to superheroes for many beginning barbers, but for whatever reason, finding the right gifts to express appreciation for them can be a huge challenge.

The best gift you can give in this particular case is something cool or unique that can turn into a little keepsake for your barber instructor, like vintage wall art photos

I would recommend to look for a nice black frame and sign it with your name in the corner to give it some extra personal touch. 

What barber gift can I give to my husband or boyfriend?


A cool barber gift doesn’t have to be expensive. If your husband or boyfriend spends even more time in the bathroom than you, then the Beard Mate shaving tool might be an excellent idea! It will help him style and trim his beard in every shape he wants.

If your boyfriend or husband has a rough beard, I can recommend a premium pre-shaving oil. A few drops can do miracles! it will soften his beard and leave him with an amazing skin feeling

In case he loves a clean-shaven look, you should definitely go for a premium shaving soap puck with shea butter and coconut scent. The feeling of a classic shave will make a lasting impression!

Looking for More Barber Gift Ideas For Him?

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