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LED Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror is a must-have gift for any fashionista. It offers multiple magnification panels while providing just the right level of illumination for the perfect application of makeup.

Portable Blender

With this portable blender, she will be able to enjoy a freshly blended smoothy or juice wherever she goes. The blender can easily be charged using its USB cable. A great gift for healthy girls!

Digital Plant Monitor

Is she one of those people that just can’t seem to keep plants alive? Then get her one of these digital plant monitors. It tracks all the key stats on her phone and gives expert guidance on what to do.

Destinations Of A Lifetime

Looking for a great gift for someone who loves to travel? Check out this absolute bestseller by National Geographic. It lists the most amazing and unique places around the world.

Phone Camera Lens

These days everyone mainly takes photos with their phones. With this smart gadget, you can improve the quality of those pics. The handy lens can be clipped on most current iPhones & Android devices.

Pommy Tote Bag

Add some adorable flair to any outfit with this hipster tote bag. The bag is made of high-quality fabric and features a super cute Pomeranian wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Pocket Picnic Blanket

For the woman who loves to spend her day in at the beach on in the woods, we present this handy ultra-compact picnic blanket. When folded, it is small enough to fit your pocket.

Oderless Yoga Mat

Nobody likes to work out on a smelly yoga mat. But with this ingenious mat, she won’t have to ever again. The mat has been specifically designed to repel nasty smells and bacteria.

Laptop Lap Desk

This nifty lap desk enables her to comfortable work on her laptop while she’s sitting on a couch or chair. The foam pillows at the bottom do not only offer comfort, but they also provide ventilation.

Electrical Hand Warmer

This cute little device will not only keep her hands nice and warm during those cold winter days, it also doubles as a power bank. So warm hands and a charged phone? Take my money already!