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Cuddle Clone Dog

There isn’t a dog lover out there who wouldn’t love a plush copy of their pupper. Just upload a picture, choose the position of the dog, and get a beautiful handmade plush toy or even a pair of slippers.

Cuddle Clone Kitty

Create a stuffed toy that looks exactly like someone’s beloved cat. Just provide a photograph and this 100% real plush toy will be handmade to look exactly like the real deal. An original personalized gift.

Portable Water Bowl & Bottle

Your pupper will never have go thirsty during a long walk again. With just once squeeze of the bottle the dish will up, and the adjustable velcro strap lets you attach the bottle to your belt or back pack.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Thanks to this handy tool bathing your dog becomes a breeze. You can easily connect it to the water hose, and the tool makes sure the water is distributed evenly and in an enjoyable way for your pet.

Personalizd Cat Toys Basket

This lovely basket will keep all your pet’s favorite toys in one stylish place. You can add the name of the cat to make this nice gift even more special. A nice and useful gift for any cat lover.

Dr. Who Tardis Cardboard Cat House

For the ‘Doctor Who” fans out there, there is this nifty and artisanally crafted cardboard cat box. Besides being a piece of art, it’s still a box, so the cat will for sure jump right in.

Natural Kitten Spiral Toy

This Natural Kitten Spiral Toy is a 100% handmade, and 100% merino wool felted cat toy. It’s a natural and playful object for your cat to spend hours and hours with. A great gift for Christmas 2018!

Customized Puzzle Box

You can ask the creator to engrave the name of the cat on this beautiful box. You can put anything you want inside, catnip mice, balls with bells and even golf balls. A fun and beautiful toy.

The Kitty Cuddle Collection

The kitty cuddle collection contains 3 handmade pieces: the catnip cuddle whale, the sheepy bal, and the feather fascinator. The whole comes in a nice gift box, perfect for a gift!

Kivikis Cat Cave

A unique and comfy sleeping space for any beloved best friend, made by Kivikis with soft hands from high-quality, ecological Australian merino wool. She will sleep in heavenly comfort.