35+ Best Camping Gifts For Him Or Her In 2020

If a person loves camping they will also appreciate a gift related to their outdoor passion.

Camping is extremely popular in the US, with almost 80 million American households hitting the outdoor every year.

The best gifts for campers are useful items that they can use during the trip. However, also gadgets that show their love for camping are appreciated.

So if you are looking for the best camping gifts for him or her in 2020, you came to the right place! Check out the 38 coolest items that any camper would love to receive.

Infographic top 35 best camping gifts for him or her

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By: Kristof, Updated 05/27/2020

#36 best camping gifts: emergency sleeping bag


32405 11121 8.0

We start this list of best gifts for campers with an essential emergency item.

While hiking you can never be too prepared. Although getting lost of hurt will never be the plan, it can always happen.

That is why having an emergency ultra-compact sleeping bag on you can literally save lives.

#35 best camping gifts: military grade dry bag


13808 4771 8.0

When you’re in the outdoors, things can get dirty and wet.

That is why a top-class dry bag is a great camping gift idea.

This military-grade bad boy can even withstand some full-on river action.

#36 best camping gifts: solar powered speaker


23437 10935 8.1

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to some music while enjoying their hobby?

But what to do when there is no power socket around for miles on end?

With this solar-powered Bluetooth speaker a camper can listen to his music for as long as he wants. It’s also waterproof so it can take the rugged outdoors.

#35 best camping gifts: foldable camping table


18783 7004 8.1

For a camper, compactness is the name of the game.

So bringing a table is something that is often not even considered.

But this ultra-light foldable table takes up no space at all and can even be strapped to a backpack. A great gift idea!

#34 best camping gifts: adventure medical kit


18343 6625 8.1

Accidents can always happen, perhaps even more so in the rugged outdoors.

This medical kit has been specifically designed for the adventurer and holds all the first aid gear a camper might need in an emergency.

The kit is also ultra-light and waterproof it can be taken on even the most adventurous hikes.

#33 best camping gifts: electrical hand warmer


9436 3041 8.2

Nature can get cold, very cold.

And when the temperatures drop, the body will focus its heat on the core, leaving the extremities to fend for themselves.

That is why this electrical handwarmer is a great gift idea for people who love camping. On top, this warmer doubles as a power bank. A very useful and smart combination!

#32 best camping gifts: female outdoor urination device


7692 2930 8.2

Next on this list of best camping gift ideas we have an item solely for the ladies.

Now before you start laughing, you should underestimate the extra challenge women have to face when ‘nature calls’ while camping.

It comes in a handy pouch for easy storing and attachment to a backpack or belt.

#31 best camping gifts: instant inflate lounge chair


6756 1034 8.3

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of a lounge chair?

What was just a futile dream before is now an actual possibility thanks to the Wekapo instant chair.

This ultra-compact chair is inflated by just dragging it through the air. With it, a camper will be chilling and enjoying in no time!

#30 best camping gifts: dog backpack


2242 844 8.3

Bringing your dog with you while camping is great fun. He’s happy, you’re happy, everyone’s happy!

But it also means you have to bring all his stuff.

With this handy backpack your pooch can finally carry his own weight. The pack is extremely handy, especially while out hiking.

#29 best camping gifts: hilarious camping hoodie


1699 437 8.3

We can’t have a list of best camping gifts without adding some camping lover merch.

And you’ve got to admit, this bad boy looks awesome and will probably have many camping moms grinning.

A great gift idea that is bound to be an instant hit during any gift-giving party.

#28 best camping gifts: lantern & ceiling fan


17495 8506 8.4

Fact: tents can get excruciatingly hot at night during summer. On top, you can never find that flashlight when needed.

This nifty gift idea fixed both those issues at once!

The fan can easily be attached to the top of the tent and offers a refreshing breeze as well as a handy and easy-to-reach light.

#27 best camping gifts: compact picnic blanket


14121 3847 8.4

Next on our list of best camping gifts, we have a family all-time favorite.

This compact picnic blanket can comfortably seat an entire family, as well as fit in your pocket.

It’s made of a very durable and waterproof fabric, so it can take the roughness of the outdoors without a problem.

#26 best camping gifts: hydrophobic sleeping bag


9250 2089 8.5

For those people who love to go camping during wintertime, we offer this gift idea.

The hydrophobic sleeping bag can withstand even the coldest temperatures and will keep a camper nice and warm during those long winter nights.

When buying high-performance gear like this, always go for the A-brand. They are a bit more expensive, but the quality is unrivaled.

#25 best camping gifts: sturdy rain fly


6505 2377 8.5

Real campers will never a little bit of rain stop them.

But that doesn’t mean it still is annoying to get wet.

That is why a sturdy rain fly should be part of any camper’s gear.

#24 best camping gifts: patagonia micro puff


1201 394 8.5

Halfway our list of greatest camping gifts, we find a camping-icon.

Patagonia is to campers what L’Oréal is to beauty lovers. The Best.

These micro puffs don’t come cheap, but they unbeatable when it comes to warmth, durability, and compactness.

#23 best camping gifts: yeti cooler backpack


5475 1941 8.6

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool beverage after a long hike or other camping adventure?

This Yeti backpack gives a camper the possibility to easily carry and keep fresh a ton of food & drinks.

A great gift idea for campers who are heading out during those warm summer months.

#22 best camping gifts: rodent-proof cache bag


1566 333 8.6

Those mischievous squirrels and rodents are always looking out to score some camping grub.

That is why a trustworthy rodent-proof cache bag is a great gift idea for any camping lover.

It’s smartly designed and can be easily clipped to the outside of a backpack.

#21 best camping gifts: compact sleeping bag


5882 2010 8.6

I know, we already saw some sleeping bags on this list of cool camping gift ideas.

But we still wanted to add this one as well, not just because it’s compact, but because it also doubles as a comfy mat.

A great gift for campers of all ages!

#20 best camping gifts: ultralight inflatable pillow


7007 2342 8.7

Most campers don’t even think about taking a pillow with them as it takes up too much space.

But if you ever went camping yourself, you’ll know that trying to sleep without a pillow is very uncomfortable.

No more thanks to this ultra-compact inflatable pillow. It comes in a little pouch that can be easily stored in a side pocket or clipped to the outside of a pack.

#19 best camping gifts: ultimate camping multitool


8043 3678 8.7

Campers like handy gadgets and this multitool is as useful as they can come.

It features several tools that will come in handy while in the outdoors.

It even has a hammer and an ax!

#18 best camping gifts: compact micro fiber towel


10293 4554 8.7

At No. 18 of our list of best camping gifts, we find the microfiber towel.

Thanks to its compact size it can be easily carried and stored.

Its microfiber technology makes it super absorbent, but also fast-drying.

#17 best camping gifts: long-lasting powerbank


15694 5816 8.7

For those camping lovers that love to go out in the untamed nature, a power bank is an essential piece of equipment.

Whether it is to recharge a radio or to keep a phone alive so you can continue to shoot those awesome Instagram pics, a power bank will come in handy.

This device is hailed as one of the most powerful and easy-to-use power banks currently on the market.

#16 best camping gifts: tent repair kit


11014 4009 8.8

The best camping gifts are those items about which the recipient at some point during the trip will say: “thank God someone gave me this”.

This tent repair kit is one of those great camping gift ideas.

Just imagine being hundreds of miles from civilization, in the rain, and there is a man-sized hole in your tent.

#15 best camping gifts: pocket rocket stove


1032 739 8.8

The pocket rocket stove isn’t just any camping stove.

The whole has been designed to be as compact as possible.

That is why the little gas tank fits smoothly on the inside of the pot, making it very easy and compact to store.

#14 best camping gifts: ultralight cooking pot


8111 5491 8.8

Besides the pocket rocket stove, we also absolutely love this ultra-light cooking pot.

So if your budget is more limited this might a great alternative gift idea.

It’s made of high-quality material and easy to clean.

#13 best camping gifts: durable water storage bag


5006 3022 8.8

A true outdoor lover doesn’t use plastic bottles to carry his water.

A proper water storage bag is lightweight, durable, and endlessly reusable.

A cool gift idea for campers and hikers who will have to rely on natural water sources.

#12 best camping gifts: sun hat & mosquito net


2161 1004 8.8

Ok, camping and hiking are great and all, but those mosquitoes are a real pest.

This smart sun hat can keep a camper from losing his mind by completely shielding his face and neck from mosquito bites.

The net can also be folded away turning the hat into a regular sun hat.

#11 best camping gifts: north face base camp duffel


5222 1920 8.9

Of course, we have to have a duffel bag on this list of best camping gift ideas.

And the golden standard of outdoor duffel bags is The North Face.

This bag is sturdy, waterproof, and can be easily carried. What else you need?

#10 best camping gifts for him or her: water filtration system


8119 2054 8.9

We enter the top 10 of our all-time greatest camping gifts with another essential piece of equipment.

Especially for those adventurers that wonder further from civilization, a water filtration kit is a must.

This bad boy can turn murky river water into crystal clear and safe-to-drink liquid.

#9 best camping gifts for him or her: darn tough socks


4176 1231 9.0

Wait, before you say: “Socks? Nobody likes socks as a gift”, remember that we’re talking about campers here.

Painful feet are the one thing any camper or hiker will try to avoid at any cost.

And these Darn Tough socks are some of the most trustworthy and high-quality socks money can buy.

#8 best camping gifts for him or her: the leatherman


7491 1570 9.0

The Leatherman is probably one of our most popular camping gifts of all time.

This iconic multitool is celebrated for its versatility and durability.

You can also complete the gift by adding a matching pouch to wear the Leatherman comfortably on a belt.

#7 best camping gifts for him or her: tactical flashlight


4017 495 9.1

A flashlight is a tool that any camper will have in his kit.

But this tactical bad boy brings the idea of a flashlight to a whole new level.

It is so bright that it can light up the entire camping ground! This tactical torch is one of our bestselling dad gifts.

#6 best camping gifts for him or her: anti insect bracelet


2823 997 9.1

Earlier in this list of best camping gift ideas, we talked about a sun hat with a mosquito net.

But that still leaves the rest of the body a possible target for these pesky insects.

No more thanks to this nifty gadget. It effectively repels mosquitoes using ultrasonic waves.

#5 best camping gifts for him or her: hammock with mosquito net


9561 3404 9.2

Let’s stay just a bit longer on the mosquito topic.

What about this smart hammock with a built-in mosquito net?

The entire kit comes presented in a compact carrying bag. A great gift idea for younger adventures.

#4 best camping gifts for him or her: camping safe


18734 8497 9.3

It’s difficult to keep your belongings safe while out camping.

Unless you have a camping safe!

This cool little bag can be easily secured to any fixed object and can be locked to offer a secure space for your wallet, cash, etc.

#3 best camping gifts for him or her: 5000 camping ideas


21304 10934 9.3

Entering the top 3 of our list of greatest camping gifts, we find a classic.

Camping enthusiasts are always looking for a great spot for their next adventure.

National Geographic lists over 5000 great ideas in over 100 parks in this beautiful book with countless pictures.

#2 best camping gifts for him or her: Osprey camping backpack


29306 12585 9.4

You were probably waiting to see this next gift idea pop up on this list.

Yes, a high-quality backpack is definitely a great gift idea for any camping or hiking enthusiast.

Osprey is for campers what Ferrari is to car lovers. The absolute best. They don’t come cheap, but you will get your money worth.

#1 best camping gifts for him or her: outdoor GPS smart watch


44596 17752 9.5

At the very top of our list of best camping gifts of 2020 we have the Garmin GPS watch.

This bad boy offers the Rambo version of Google Maps and will ensure a camper will always know exactly where he is, anywhere on earth.

It also is waterproof and can pack a serious punch. Exactly what an outdoor lover needs!

What are the best camping gifts for him?


The best camping gifts for him are useful tools are gadgets he can use while out camping or hiking.

If you really want to please him, go for the A-brand items. The real good camping gear is unfortunately also expensive. Most campers won’t be able to afford it all themselves.

Pro tip: check with his friends or family members upfront what gear he already has, and what items are high up on his wish list. This way you avoid getting him something he already has.

What are the best camping gifs for her?


First of all, most female campers enjoy receiving the same camping gifts & gear as their male counterparts. They need to survive in the wild just as well. That is why useful camping tools remain our most recommended gift ideas

That being said, there are some categories of camping gifts that might resonate more with women than with men.

  • Gadgets For Women: we talked about the portable urine cup for women in the above list. Well, of course this one only makes sense for female recipients.


  • Deco Items: decorative items such as camping flags, rugs, mats, and signs seem to be more appreciated by women than men.

Again, try to check with close friends what she’s into and what kind of camping items she currently needs before buying a gift.

What are the best gifts for RV owners?


Right of the bat, never say that an RV owner is the same as a camper! RV lovers are a unique group of enthusiasts and the specifics of RVing can be quite different from regular camping.

Because RV owners are such a unique group, we dedicated an entire article about them.

So quickly check out our top 35+ gifts for campervan and RV owners.

Looking for cool personalized camping gifts?


The best personalized camping gifts are either useful items that can be used during the camping trip or cool personalized keepsakes that are camping-related.

Here are some cool personalized camping gift ideas:

What are the hottest gifts for glampers in 2020?


Glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous” & “camping”. It describes a style of camping where people go out into nature while bringing along luxurious amenities.

While one might think this kind of beats the idea of “being on touch with nature” and “getting back to your survival roots”, glamping has become extremely popular in the US.

So for those of you that are looking for the perfect gift for a glamper in your life, here are our personal favorites:

  • A Portable AC unit to keep your luxurious tent nice and cool.
  • A premium pair of Shades to look like a stylish adventurer.
  • Wild-caught Sustainable Seafood which is delivered to your tent.
  • A rugged but stylish phone case that will keep your phone safe and ensure you can continue making those fabulous Instagram updates.
  • A state of the art mobile grill to prepare a 3-star BBQ meal.

Looking For More Camping Gift Ideas?

We hope you find this list of cool camping gifts useful, and you are now set to surprise him or her with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more awesome outdoor gifts? Check out our best gifts for hikers & walkers by clicking on the buttons below!


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