Top 10 Cool Sports Gifts for Him

Is he really into sports?

Then buying him a gift that allows him to get an even better workout will definitely be appreciated!

Bottom line? If you are looking for gifts for sport lovers you came to the right place!

But as there are many, many options to choose from, our team of experts offer its help. The result you can find below in our top 10 cool sports gifts for him.

Note, if your man is specifically into fitness, we made a seperate list with the best gifts.

Title Infographic for our top 10 cool sports gifts for him

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By: Peter, Updated 03/31/2020

#10 cool sports gifts for him: Wilson X Connected Football

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Time to know once and for all who is the best quarter back with this connected football.

It will analyze each throw and send the stats right to his smartphone.

He and his friends will have a lot of fun with this very cool sports gift.

#9 Cool Sports Gifts for Him: Hydration Running Belt

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He will stay hydrated during his run or hike thanks to this hydration belt made of soft lightweight neoprene material.

It is specifically designed to not bounce, ride up, nor chafe even with 2 water bottles in stow.

A useful gift for the running man.

#8 cool sports gifts for him: Led Headlight

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Does he like to go for a late night run?

With this waterproof headlight from Cobriz he will be able to see as clearly as if it was day.

Of course it’s rechargeable and comes with an easy pouch for storage.

#7 cool sports gifts for him: Lightweight Running Jacket

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Don’t let some light rain stop him for going for a run thanks to this lightweight jacket from adidas.

Besides keeping the wind & rain out, its special climate fabric will also pull the moisture from his skin to keep him dry and comfortable.

A cool sports gift for him this holiday season!

#6 cool sports gifts for him: Sweat Pants Fruit Of the Moom

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For the man who loves to get cozy after a good workout session.

Fruit of The Loom offers these super soft sweats are the prefect gifts.

A lightweight polyester-cotton blend will keep him warm and comfortable in style.

#5 cool sports gifts for him: vacuum insulated water bottle

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After a tough workout he deserves a refreshing beverage.

This vacuum insulated water bottle will provide him exactly with that making sure he can fully rehydrate.

It will can keep liquid cool for up to 24 hours.

#4 cool sports gifts for him: Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband

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With this smart wristband from Fitbit we can track and optimize every workout.

If he goes running, the device will not only tell him the distance, his heart rate, and amount of fat burned, it will also guide him on how to further optimize his routine.

An absolute must-have piece of equipment for a running-enthusiast!

#3 cool sports gifts for him: Adidas Sports Bag

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Just because he’s carrying around sweaty sports clothes doesn’t mean he cannot do so in style.

Gift him this very stylish sports bag by Adidas.

It offers plenty of space as well as several useful pockets for all his sports equipment.

#2 cool sports gifts for him: Wireless ear buds by Bose

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No more jiggling ear bud wires will he goes for a run.

The premium ear buds by Bose are completely wireless, yet stay in place despite the movements generated during a workout.

If you’ve heard of Bose before, you know they are the Ferrari of speakers and headphones.

#1 cool sports gifts for him: Illuminated & Reflective Running Vest

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Whether he goes cycling, running or just walking the dog. This revolutionary illuminated & reflective vest will keep him visible for cars at all times.

Unlike other vest it’s lightweight and extremely comfortable. It doesn’t hamper or hinder movement in any way.

You can choose among 6 bright colors, and the lighting can be set according to several different modes.

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