30+ Funny Father’s Day Gifts – Crack Your Old Man Up [2022]

Tired of those stereotype fathers day gifts?

Are you looking for something more original that will also make your dad laugh?

But you have no clue where to start looking for funny fathers day gifts?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We scoured the internet, and selected the 30+ very best ones and ranked them in our ultimate list of funny fathers day gifts.

From funny gadgets to those dad joke classics, we found them all!

Ready to crack your old man up?

30+ Funny Father’s Day Gifts – Crack Your Old Man Up [2022]

In this article you will find:

31. His Own Renaissance Painting

We start this list of funny fathers day gifts with a literal masterpiece.

Finally your dad will be able to decorate his study with his very own renaissance painting.

Just provide a photograph of your old man and they will skillfully add his face to the body of a renaissance general. Shut up and take my money already?

30. Love You Beary Much Mug

Next, we have a gift for the beer-loving dad which is both funny and cute.

Any proud papa bear will be all smiles when he sips his favorite brew from a mug featuring his beloved cubs.

Personalize the mug with you and your siblings names and you’ll have the perfect funny fathers day gift!

29. Toilet Golf Set

For those dads that like to take their time in the bathroom we present a hilarious fathers day gift that they will probably end up using vividly.

This set is complete with a putting green, cup with flag, two golf balls, and a mini-putter.

Just make sure you watch the faces of visitors when they hear ‘fore!’ being shouted from the bathroom…

28. Swear Around The World

Dads do love to curse. But are you tired of hearing those same old worlds?

Enter the perfect funny fathers day gift: this essential phrasebook collects the most colorful, explicit, and outrageous ways to curse in every part of the world.

Phonetic pronunciation is even provided so your dad will be able to curse like a real native.

27. Personalized LEGO Family

Give your dad a unique keepsake to occupy a prominent place in his study or around the house.

Create personalized LEGO figurines of your dad or the whole family, and add a witty quote or message.

As everyone loves LEGO, one of our personal favorite funny fathers day gifts!

26. Outdoor Beer Table

Our next funny fathers day gift is the one item he needs when it’s beer o’clock and too nice to be indoors.

It boast holders for two cans, bottles, or glasses, a bowl for beer pairings, and a built-in bottle opener so your dad doesn’t have to do the picnic table pound.

Your dad can use it at home or take it with him when he goes camping with the boys.

25. Love You Dad Socks

Socks might be the most stereotype gift for dads ever.

However, watch his face when he unwraps these bad boys. With your pretty face across every square inch, he is bound to crack up.

Just make sure you ask him often enough whether he’s wearing this truly fashionable & funny fathers day gift.

24. Ridiculously Comfy Hammock

Although dad will absolutely love this next one, mom might not so much like the idea of him lying around and doing nothing…

Let your dad lay back and relax after a hard day of work in this ridiculously comfy hammock.

One of those funny fathers day gifts that ends up being used by the entire family.

23. Funny Parking Sign

No one will dare to even park on dad’s spot ever again.

One of those classic funny fathers day gifts that dads love to hang in their man cave, garage or study.

The sign measures approximately 8 inches wide by 12 inches tall and has pre-drilled holes so it can easily be fitted to any surfaces.

22. Funny Money Clip

Daddy will always love his girls…

That is why he will always put them first and try to give them everything their heart desires.

Thank him for this, but also make fun of the situation with one of these funny fathers day money clips.

21. Personalized Air Freshener

Personalized Face Air Freshener

Finally dad can take you and your siblings wherever he goes.

With these personalized air fresheners you will be smiling down on him the entire trip while leaving his car lemony-fresh.

Move over Magic Tree, because there’s a Fresh Face in town!

20. Flipping Awesome Apron

We wouldn’t have a top funny fathers day gifts without at least one BBQ related item.

With this stylish apron, everyone will know good times, and great food, are on the menu.

Add your name or those of the whole family to make it a unique gift he will wear with pride for every BBQ.

19. Matching Shirt & Onesie

Next we have one of our favorite funny fathers day gifts for new dads.

With this awesome matching shirt & onesie he will be able to proudly show is offspring, as well as his love for beer, to the world.

Also, this is just too adorable so just buy it already…

18. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are hot again. And even if your dad disagreed before, he will change his mind immediately upon seeing this bad boy.

Everyone will go down laughing when dad is wearing this ultra-realistic beer belly fanny pack.

The perfect item if you are looking for useful but also funny fathers day gifts!

17. GOT Toilet Decal

With this hilarious Game of Thrones-themed toilet decal, dad can mount his porcelain throne as a true king.

All hail his Grace, Dad of House Smith, First of His Name, King of the Dog and the First Children, Lord of the Seven Rooms of our House, and Protector of the Back Yard!

16. Dad Jokes Book

Dad jokes…no one really finds them funny, but it wouldn’t be the same without them either.

Thanks to this book dad will at least be able to update his repertoire and have enough material to keep the family entertained during many outings.

Probably one of the few fathers day gifts that any dad will find hilarious.

15. Funny T-shirt

For those of you who find the traditional “world’s best dad” T-shirts to boring, we present this hilarious fathers day gift.

Watch in pleasure as people have to do a second take to grasp the actual text & meaning of this fantastic shirt.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

14. No Ugly Kids Mug

This fathers day, pour your dad a cup of consolation with this funny mug.

Whether he is enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice tea, he will be reminded that at least he doesn’t have ugly kids.

A hilarious gift he will want to use every single day.

13. Beard Clippings Apron

Beard Bib

Gone are the days of the family bathroom being covered in beard clippings.

Although it might be a funny sight, this nifty apron will effectively catch all your dads clippings.

The original product as seen on Shark Tank!

12. Funny Doormat

When it comes to the interior decoration of the house, dad probably has little to say.

However, with this hysterical doormat he can add just a tad of dad humor.

Be warned, mom might ban these funny fathers gifts to the garage door. But still hilarious though…

11. Poor Decisions Beer Tub

With summer around the corner every dad can use a nice beer tub.

Personalize this bad boy with any 2 line message, whether it is a touching fathers day message or a pun about dads poor decision making.

It is made of galvanized, rust-proof metal, and you can choose to add a custom stand.

10. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The love of a man goes through his stomach.

That is why any dad will love this crazy contraption that can whip up a full-fledged breakfast sandwich in minutes.

Perhaps not the healthiest item in our list of funny fathers day gifts, but an instant hit nonetheless.

9. Shark Socks

Ferociously fun, these shark socks add a witty bite to your dad’s business attire.

Whether he is circling the water cooler or swimming in deep water, your dad will sure bring humor and style to any room with these Jaws-dropping pair of cotton-polyester-spandex socks.

One of our funny fathers day gifts for the brave!

8. Dad’s Playbook

Next on our list of funny fathers day gifts we have a game-changing book filled with inspirational sports quotes for rookie dads.

The book is full of quotes and insights from some of sports’ greatest coaches, with advice on being a leader, scoring under pressure, and how to encourage team spirit.

So help your dad keep his head in the game by inviting him to huddle up with this sporty playbook.

7. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Finally your dad can own his own miniature oak barrel that ages spirits to peak flavor.

This little masterpiece is handmade from oak wood in Virginia by craftsmen.

To finish it off, you can personalize this exquisite barrel by adding your dad’s name.

6. Dad’s BBQ Rules Tray

Your dad will absolutely love serving his delicious grilled food on this tray featuring the general “rules” of barbequing.

Personalize this must-have BBQ accessory with your dad’s name for maximum.

A useful yet funny fathers day gift for the BBQ-loving dad.

5. Nuts About Dad Jar

This unique jar is sure to make Dad crack a smile and think of his kids every time he reaches for a snack.

You can personalize it with any title (Daddy, Dad, John etc.), and any 1 to 2 line message up to 20 characters each.

A simple gift yet one which will receive a prominent place around the house.

4. Mega Dad Comic Book

He can jump over fallen doughnuts in a single leap, and takes on evil stuffed animals with a wham! and a pow! He’s Mega Dad!

This personalized hard-cover comic book incorporates your name and follows Mega Dad’s throughout his adventures.

A great and funny fathers day gift, whether you’re 5 or 25.

3. Thanks For Nailing Mom

Come on…this is just freakin hilarious!

You can already see the huge smirk on your dad’s face, while mom is sighing in the background and shaking her head.

As far as puns go, one of our favorite funny fathers day gifts.

2. His Own Star Of Fame

Personalized Star Of Fame

Dad will probably always be your very first and greatest hero and role model. So about time he’s honored for his achievements in style!

That is why, this year, you should give him his very own Star Of Fame for fathers day.

He is bound to cherish it for years!

1. Personalized Bobblehead

Personalized Teacher Bobblehead

At the very top of our list of funny fathers day gift we find this hilarious classic.

The platform allows you to create a personalized bobblehead tailored to your dad. Choose from a vast number of body models and just upload a picture.

You can make it a funny gift, like the Superman body above, or visualize his profession as a doctor, lawyer, etc.

How do I choose the right funny fathers day gifts?

Although most dads will pretty much love any funny gift they receive from their son or daughter, here are some tips to zero down on the best ones for your specific case:

  • Ask yourself whether he has any character traits or tendencies. Buying him an item that calls out this trait makes for an even more successful gift. A great example is buying him this How To Swear Around The World book in case he has rather of a potty mouth.
  • Try to link your funny fathers day gift to his hobbies so he can use it often. If he for examples loves to BBQ, give him this flipping awesome apron or this BBQ rules tray.
  • Finally, it’s ok, even to be expected, that mom might not find your gift as funny you and your dad do. But don’t push it too far or your gift might suddenly “disappear” during garage sales.

What are funny fathers day gifts for grandpa?

Most of the gifts in the above list can be personalized towards “grandpa” instead of “dad”. So in case you want to treat your grandfather to a little something for fathers day you can go right ahead.

However, we do also need to mention this funny but also touching shirt about best dads being promoted to grandpa.

What are funny fathers day gifts for first time dads?

The best funny fathers day gifts for first time dads are those items that mock his inexperience in taking care of a baby, or that point out his relationship with his son or daughter in a funny way.

In the above list, we already covered the super-cute matching shirt & onesie.

Check out this list of top gifts for first time dads for more hilarious gift ideas.

Looking for More Funny Fathers Day Gifts?

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