35+ Best Gardening Gifts For Him & Her In 2020

Looking for great gifts for true gardener lovers? We have compiled a list of 40 must-have tools, gadgets, and garden decor ideas for gardeners in 2020.

There’s no doubt, gardening is hotter than ever! It is a great hobby for relaxing, daily exercise, stimulating mental health, as well as improving the quality of life in urban areas.

The best gardening gifts are premium gardening tools, helpful gadgets, decorative garden ornaments, or seeds.

Whether you are buying a present for a professional or an occasional hobbyist, you’ll find what you need on The Gift Hacker.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Here we go!

Infographic top 35 best Gardening Gifts For Him & Her In 2020

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By: Jess, Updated 03/09/2020

#37 best gardening gifts: solar powered watering timer


52050 33934 8.0

We kick off this list of best gardening gifts for him and her in 2020 with the perfect gadget to help a garden lover water his or her plants.

Thanks to this handy timer watering will always start and end at the right times. Watering intervals can range from 2 minutes to 7 days, switching to automatic delays on rainy days.

It is solar-powered and features a large LCD display with very intuitive settings and controls.

#36 best gardening gifts: dual composting tumbler


23437 10935 8.1

Any gardener or garden lover can always use another composter.

The EJWOX composting tumbler is an easy rotating compost bin that has a dual chamber that allows for continuous composting.

It has double-wall panels which absorb and retain heat while the internal bar is designed for optimal mixing and ensuring airflow supply.

#35 best gardening gifts: funky veg kit


18783 7004 8.1

This next gift for garden lovers is sure to add some funk to the neighborhood.

This funky veg kit holds everything you need to grow and nurture five extraordinary vegetables, including purple carrots, yellow zucchinis, stripped tomatoes, and red-brussels sprouts.

Tip: this is a great gardening gift idea for grandfathers and grandmothers as the unusual vegetables are a big hit with grandchildren.

#34 best gifts for elderly women: firm grip insulator cup


18343 6625 8.1

As far as personalized gardening gifts go, you can’t do much better than this lovely metal watering can.

With its rustic design it is sure to add a vintage touch to any large or small garden.

Finish it off by adding the recipient’s name or some touching words.

#33 best gardening gifts: folding chair


9436 3041 8.2

Next, we have a comfy gardening gift that does well with gardeners of all ages.

This lightweight stool offers a more comfy alternative to working on your knees in the dirt. You can easily fold it up for transport or storage.

It also features a handy tool bag to keep all the tools at hand when needed.

#32 best gardening gifts: smart weather sensor


7692 2930 8.2

They say a gardener always keeps one eye on the sky to know when the rain is coming.

Well thanks to this smart weather sensor & app he doesn’t need to anymore.

The app receives sensor data from external sensors and measures outdoor temperature, pressure, and humidity. It tracks all the data in easy graphs and charts.

#31 best gardening gifts: comical gardener shirt


6756 1034 8.3

If it is a gag gift for gardeners you are after, check out this hilarious shirt.

Featuring a wise and very true pun, this shirt is sure to become an instant hit at the party.

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes for both him and her.

#30 best gardening gifts: raised garden bed


2242 844 8.3

We enter the top 30 of best gardening gifts for him or her with a great tool for both rural as urban gardeners.

A raised garden bed allows you to easily plant and grow plants and herbs alike.

It has a smart water gauge which indicates when plants need additional water and a reservoir to prevent root decay and overwatering. A perfect garden lover gift that can be placed on any porch or balcony.

#29 best gardening gifts: plant protector dome


1699 437 8.3

A gardener’s nightmare? Imagine spending all that time planting and nurturing your babies, just to wake up one morning and discover a little critter had them for breakfast.

These 14-inch wire cloches over and easy way to protect adolescent plants from common animals such as squirrels or bunnies.

They offer a simpler alternative to stringing up nets, and they look more attractive as well.

#28 best gardening gifts: sturdy gardening apron


17495 8506 8.4

One of the more popular gifts among female gardeners is this sturdy apron.

It is lightweight, soft and water-resistant fabric, and has two large pockets that allow you to easily carry multiple tools.

As a bonus, the top Pocket comes with Velcro closure to keep your cell phone safe and make sure it won’t slip out when you lean forward while gardening.

#27 best gardening gifts: key organizer


14121 3847 8.4

When a gardener is on his knees removing weeds or messing around in the dirt, it is easy to lose items that are in his pockets. Like his keys for example.

But no more thanks to the KeySmart. This little organizer is compact and will keep all your keys in one handy place.

It fits home keys, car keys, and even USB sticks. A great gardening gadget gift that is sure to come in handy.

#26 best gardening gifts: world's cutest garden ornament


9250 2089 8.5

Ok, if you’re not buying this adorable turtle planter, then we are!

This exquisite garden ornament features 7 LED lights that will magically illuminate the hand-painted flowers on the turtle’s shell.

This statue is one of the most popular garden decor gift ideas on this list.

#25 best gardening gifts: organic gardener's handbook


6505 2377 8.5

So far, we have only talked about tools and gadgets in this list of great gardening gifts.

But also the gift of information can help a gardener further grow and nurture is beloved garden.

The Organic Gardener’s Handbook has been called the most reliable guide on the garden shelf by many experts. It is packed with great tips, insights about dangers to avoid, and help on identifying garden friends or foes.

#24 best gardening gifts: soil moisture meter


1201 394 8.5

We continue this list of best gardening gifts for him and her with an essential gadget to ensure perfect soil conditions.

Just stick the soil meter in the dirt and the dial shows whether the soil is dry, moist or wet.

It has over 3000 ratings and an average 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, so you know it’s a safe bet as a gift.

#23 best gardening gifts: EasyGrow seed propagator


5475 1941 8.6

Next up we have a handy gift for the more advanced gardener.

A propagator is like a little plant nursery. It helps optimize seed germination as the plants begin to grow.

This miniature greenhouse gift has a large duty tray bed and a clear shatterproof lid with two oversized vents to control the humidity levels.

#22 best gardening gifts: stackable flower pots


1566 333 8.6

Sure, you might have thought about gifting a planter to a gardening enthusiast, but you probably didn’t think of this original stacked design.

You can create a unique arrangement of plants in flowers using the 20 stacked pots.

The whole is lightweight and very easy to assemble. Each planter also remains accessible for planting and nurturing.

#21 best gardening gifts: root slayer spade


5882 2010 8.6

Every gardener needs a trusted spade, and if you want to splurge and give him the best-of-the-best, go for the Root Slayer.

This powder-coated carbon steel blade, with an Inverted, V-shaped cutting tip, has easy-grip and is ready to take on any task.

It has been called the ultimate yard re-claiming tool. Just check out all the positive product reviews.

#20 best gardening gifts: monthly box


7007 2342 8.7

Why give a gardener just one gift, if you can get him something new every month?

This popular monthly garden box includes live plants, soils, and essentials for a wide variety of in and outdoor projects.

Every month there will be something new and exciting to delight a real garden lover. You just choose the number of months you wish to gift.

#19 best gardening gifts: seed gift card


8043 3678 8.7

Fact: a gardener can never have enough seeds.

So if you’re unsure whether the garden lover in your life already has any of the other great tools in this list, go for a seed gift certificate.

The website offers an impressive selection of gardening resources including seeds for herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants.

#18 best gardening gifts: touch screen gloves


10293 4554 8.7

What is the one gift you really shouldn’t buy a gardener? Cheap working gloves!

They will not offer any protection and won’t last.

Instead, go for a pair of premium garden gloves. This high-quality pair by COOLJOB are made of stretchy fiber, offering a bare-hand sensitivity. Thanks to their durable nitrile coating they offer protection, non-slip grip, while still allowing you to operate a touch screen.

#17 best gardening gifts: vintage wagon garden decor


15694 5816 8.7

After the Gnome, the garden stone, and the barrel fountain, this next gift idea is one of our favorite garden ornaments.

This wooden crafted wagon comes with authentic rusty iron wheels will add for that rustic look and feel.

Just add your favorite plants or flowers to create the perfect finishing touch to any garden.

#16 best gardening gifts: trowel pendant charm


11014 4009 8.8

We can’t have a list of best gardening gift ideas for her without also adding some themed jewelry.

For that special female gardener in your life, we present this adorable 14-carat gold trowel pendant.

Add it to a necklace or bracelet to create a thoughtful and unique gift for a true garden lover.

#15 best gardening gifts: outdoor grow light


1032 739 8.8

Nothing pleases a gardener more than seeing his babies grow and bloom.

Thanks to this outdoor light his plants will receive an extra boost of photosynthesis, even at night.

The LED light offers a full sunlight spectrum. It has heat dissipation ventilation holes at the back and is almost completely noise-free.

#14 best gardening gifts: funky garden tools


8111 5491 8.8

Why just give her normal tools if you can go for a funkier garden toolset?

This colorful toolkit offers 10 handy garden tools with improved iron heads, anti-rust paint, and ergonomic rubber handles. Each of the tools features a lovely purple floral print.

The funkadelic set comes presented in a handy matching carrying case.

#13 best gardening gifts: extra thick kneeling pad


5006 3022 8.8

Next on our list of best gardening gifts for him and her, we have an item that helps avoid painful knees.

This extra-thick kneeling pad keeps the knees safe in the garden and provides a comfortable space to work.

A useful gift idea that is sure to ‘sweep her off her knees’.

#12 best gifts for journalists: portable coffee maker


2161 1004 8.8

Most gardeners love the complement their beloved flowers and plants with some rustic garden ornaments.

This classic two-tier barrel fountain is made of quality fir wood and will add a peaceful ambiance to your outdoor setting.

A 120 V electric pump serves as a powerful engine to keep the water trickling from the pump spout into the barrel tiers

#11 best gardening gifts: tactical flashlight


5222 1920 8.9

Let’s see, a cool gift idea for the dad who is always out there in the garden, even after the sun went down?

Say no more, we got just the right thing!

Meet, the ultimate tactical flashlight. It is a durable and extremely bright torch which can turn night into day.

#10 best gardening gifts: personalized garden gnome


8119 2054 8.9

Looking for original garden decor ideas? Check out Gary the Gnome.

This gnome is made of high-quality reason and can be personalized with a name or message.

This adorable little gnome will brighten up any garden and make you feel welcome instantly.

#9 best gardening gifs: HydroEasy Garden Hose


4176 1231 9.0

Our next must-have gift for gardeners is a revolutionary irrigation system.

The HydroEasy is a colorful anti-tangle and anti-knots garden hose with a flexible yet durable structure.

It can easily be connected to any type of valve, and thanks to its ultra-light design it is an absolute breeze to use and store.

#8 best gardening gifts: love grows here pot


7491 1570 9.0

If the gardener in your life is a hopeless romantic, she will love this personalized flower pot.

With this durable weather-resistant pot of love, garden lovers can visualize the growth of a loving relationship by nurturing a beloved plant or flower.

One of our bestselling gift ideas for moms and grandmothers.

#7 best gardening gifts: hori hori digging knife


4017 495 9.1

A Nisaku Hori Hori is a coveted gardening tool for both hobbyists as for professionals.

It is a premium stainless steel weeding knife forged by experts with inch markings etched directly on the blade. Its superior quality is immediately seen and felt.

The Hori Hori doesn’t come cheap, but you know you’ll get your money’s worth when reading countless reviews like ‘worth-the-money-weed-killer”’.

#6 best gardening gifts: shark tank winning seed sheets


2823 997 9.1

One of our favorite innovative gift ideas for gardeners is the Herb planter seed sheets.

This Shark Thank winning product makes growing basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, onion Greens, and sorrel a breeze.

It is easy to set-up, and even easier to nurture with the help of an innovative app which reminds to feed and water the herbs on time.

#5 best gardening gifts: upright go posture corrector


9561 3404 9.2

Entering the top 5, we have a thoughtful gift idea that will help garden lovers enjoy their favorite hobby, without physically overdoing it.

The Upright Go is a compact device that helps correct posture by tracking your movement and giving instructions and guidance.

All the data is tracked directly on your smartphone, and you can easily track your progress over time.

#4 best gardening gifts: keyless padlock


18734 8497 9.3

Nobody likes walking around with a bunch of keys in their pocket, right?

With the Airbolt, gardeners will have their keys in their phone.

This sturdy lock will lock and unlock using the free IOS/Android app. A handy gadget to keep any garden shed or toolbox safe without ever having to worry about losing the keys.

#3 best gardening gifts: personalized garden stone


21304 10934 9.3

Looking for the perfect gardening gift for mom? Give her this personalized engraved garden stone to complete her garden.

A hollow resin made stone with a flat base can be engraved with a name or touching message that will delight her every time she’s out enjoying her favorite hobby.

For more touching gifts for moms, also have a look at these sentimental gifts.

#2 best gardening gifts: cadillac of hand pruners


29306 12585 9.4

At No. 2 of this list of best gardening gifts for him and her we find the Cadillac of pruners.

This bad boy has a revolving handle for extra comfort and an ergonomic hand fitting design. Cushioned-shock absorbers soften the cutting impact and reduce risk of injury.

Though it comes with a one year warranty, it will probably last a lifetime.

#1 best gardening gifts: the bucket boss


44596 17752 9.5

So this is it, we proudly present the ultimate gift for gardeners in 2020: the Bucket Boss.

This bucket cover has 30 versatile pockets and 3 interior loops, for garden trowels, pruners, gardening forks, and many more.

It is flexible and durable poly ripstop fabric which makes it free of wear and tears. A great gadget gift for garden lovers of all ages!

What are the best gardening gifts for men?


The best gardening gifts for men are high-quality garden tools, garden decor items, seeds or innovative gadgets that will facilitate his favorite hobby.

If you get him a gift in one of these categories, he’s for sure to love it. However, as the world of gardening might be elusive to a non-devote, here are some helpful tips to getting gardening gifts for him right:

  • Garden tools: the one pitfall to avoid when buying a garden tool as a gift, is to go cheap. As with anything else, there is a lot of Chinese crap out there. The last thing a gardener needs is a set of pruners or a pair of gloves that isn’t up for the job and that will break on him in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, high-quality tools don’t come cheap. But that is exactly why you can please him by gifting him an A-brand item. Great examples are these Felco Pruners or this Hori Hori Digging Knife.


  • Innovative gadgets: we’ve written a full separate article on why men love gadgets. This insight also holds for any garden-loving man. Gift him a gadget that helps him with his favorite hobby and he’ll love it. We mentioned several great gardening gadget gifts for him in the list above, like the KeySmart, the Keyless Padlock, the Solar Powered Watering Timer, and the The Bucket Boss.


  • Garden decor gift ideas: if you think garden decor items are not really suitable gardening gifts for men you are dead wrong. At the end of the day, a gardener enjoys nothing more but to proudly look at his sculpted garden. Ornaments and garden decor items offer the finishing touch to his masterpiece and therefore make for gift ideas. We really love this Vintage Wagon, this Wooden Barrel Fountain, and this LED light Turtle Sculpture.


  • Seeds: if you really don’t know what to buy a garden lover, buy him seeds! A man can never have enough seeds to play around with in his beloved little patch of paradise. Whether you get him a kit or a Gift Card to choose his own seeds, he’ll love it!

What are the best gardening gifts for mom?


The best gardening gifts for mom are either tools that help her in the garden, garden ornaments, or sentimental garden-themed items.

If your mom is a real garden lover, she’ll probably love most garden-related gifts you give just because you show you are aware of her passion.

However, if you truly want to surprise her you’ll want to go for an original gift idea in one the following three categories:

  • Handy tools: if your mom is really into gardening, she’ll love any tool that helps her take her care of her little piece of paradise. In the previous section on gardening gifts for him we already talked about the need to go for high-quality tools, this of course also holds for your mom. Other very popular gardening tool gifts for mom include this comfy Kneeling Pad, this Foldable Gardening Stool, and this Sturdy Apron.


  • Garden ornaments: probably even more so than men, women are mindful of creating the perfect whole when gardening. Little ornaments of garden decor items, therefore, make for great gift ideas. Go for the Vintage Wagon, or add a personal touch with this Personalized Garden Gnome or Garden Stone.


  • Sentimental gardening gifts: if your mom is truly passionate about her hobby she’ll love sentimental gifts related to it. This lovely little Trowel Pendant Charm is currently very popular. But besides jewelry, you can also for sentimental garden decor gifts like this Personalized Garden Stone or Love Grows Here Flower Pot.

What are great garden decor ideas?


The best garden decor ideas are those garden ornaments that hold a specific sentimental value to the recipient.

That’s right, when looking for garden decor gift ideas you should first ask yourself what item would hold a certain emotional value for a gardener.

So don’t just buy any flower pot, statue, or ornament!

The reality is that a garden is nothing short of a sculpted masterpiece to its creator. Every flower, plant, and ornament will be planted or put in a certain location to create a unique whole. So when you want to gift a garden decor element, you should think about how that item would fit in the totality of the garden.

There are two main routes you can follow to get garden decor gift ideas right:

  • Sentimental ornaments: gift a garden decor item that holds a certain value to the recipient. Classic examples include personalized ornaments such as Garden Stones, Flower Pots, and Gnomes.


  • Know your gardener: if you know the recipient a bit better, you might be aware of certain specific passions. Perhaps the garden lover in your life is really into flower pot arrangements? Then you might want to consider this Stackable Planter. Or perhaps he or she secretly collects garden gnomes? Then go for the personalized little guy right here.

How do you make the perfect gardening gift basket?


Can’t choose which one tool or item to gift a gardener? Then go for a gift basket that holds a variety of goodies any garden lover will enjoy.

The secret to getting gardening gift baskets right is to go for a healthy mix of different items. It’s not only more fun for the recipient to receive different gifts, but you’ll also have a higher chance that there is at least one item in their they’ll actually love.

Here are some tips and ideas for making the perfect gardening gift basket:

  • Add a tool: a gardener would be nothing without his trusted tools. So as the centerpiece of your gardening gift basket you might want to add a high-quality item like the Felco pruners or second skin gloves we mentioned above.


  • Add a personal touch: show that you didn’t just buy the first gardening gift basket you found on discount. Add a little item that indicates this basket was created specifically for the recipient. The simplest way to do this is to add a card with some heartfelt words. But you can also include personalized items or even a sentimental gift to make it a truly unique gift basket.


  • Add seeds: as mentioned several times throughout this article, a true gardener can never have enough seeds. So finish off your perfect gardening gift basket by adding a variety of seed packets. Just pause for a second to think whether the recipient has a vegetable garden, or whether he or she is more into flowers or regular plants?

So there you have it! Now it’s up to you. Go out there and create the perfect gardening gift basket for the garden lover in your life.

Looking For More Gifts For Gardeners?

We hope you find this list of best gardening gifts useful, and you are now set to surprise the gardener in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for related gifts? Check out our best gifts for farmers & handymen by clicking on the buttons below!


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