6 Gift Ideas For Suffering Pregnant Women That Are Clueless Dad Proof

6 Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

That Are Clueless Dad Proof

Are you a partner, husband or friend of a pregnant woman, and you would love to splurge her with the perfect gift during this special yet exhausting time in her life?

Well, unless you already experienced a 9-month pregnancy at close hand, you will probably find yourself clueless on where to start.

Moreover, most women themselves don’t even know what gifts could have been a great comfort to them until they reached the last trimester of their pregnancy.

In this article, I will share with you my 6 gift ideas for suffering pregnant women that even clueless dads can get right and will work like a charm. These tips are based on my own experience, and I will gladly share them so that perhaps you can delight her even earlier than I did.

A men kissing the belly of a pregnant women in front of the beach

Me & my wife while she was still pregnant

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By: Peter, Updated 02/28/2020

Obviously, there are many great gifts you can give an expecting mother. The 6 ideas I will cover in this article, however, are based on my personal experience, and each of them was highly appreciated:

  • A professional prenatal massage
  • A gift certificate to a nail salon
  • A stylish & comfy robe or delivery gown 
  • A pregnancy pillow
  • An oversized bath towel
  • Sneakers with memory foam



Get Her a Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy pains, especially in the third trimester can be one of the most frustrating inconveniences for pregnant women. If you start noticing she is suffering from backaches or leg cramps, chances are high prenatal pains have begun as well. To relieve such pains, a prenatal massage can do miracles!

If executed by a qualified therapist with experience in prenatal treatments, the results will be worth every penny. The relief caused by the massage will not only help her sleep better, but it will also lower her stress levels.

PRO TIP: Although you should always leave a prenatal massage to a professional, you can already give her a neck and shoulder rub at any time. As she will sitting up straight, such a massage is safe and easy to get right. Even though it’s something simple, she will love and appreciate every single second of it!

Is it safe?

Yes – Although personally, I would not recommend it in the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy.  During this period there is almost no added benefit of a pregnancy massage, as the physical pains are still limited.

How much does it cost?

If you book a session with a specialized massage therapist, he or she will probably charge you around $70 for a one-hour session. A quick Google search shows most offer either a 60 or 90-minute massage, with an average cost per minute between $1 and $1.25.

However, if you choose to go to for a spa option at a resort, the prices can easily exceed $200, and even more, if you decide to book an overnight stay as well.

Where and How to Book it?

This part of the gift might be a bit tricky as it depends a lot on where exactly you live, but here are some helpful tips:

  • Ask your gynaecologist or obstetrician if he or she can recommend any qualified massage therapist. Obviously, if you want to keep the gift a surprise you best ask it while she’s not in the room.
  • Ask friends or family members who recently had a baby.
  • Look for Spa or Wellness Centers that offer pregnancy massages and book a weekend trip.
  • Book a prenatal service online via sites like Booksy.
  • Look for special offers on Groupon, they sometimes offer deals on pregnancy massages.

I am not sure if she likes being touched, aren’t there any alternatives?

We all know people that are not into massages or that just hate the feeling of being touched. I had similar doubts myself whether my wife was going to appreciate a prenatal massage. Before booking, I decided to ask the question to various massage therapists, and actually, all of them stated they never had a single woman who didn’t enjoy the session.

With these doubts gone, I decided to go for it. And you know what? This 1-hour pregnancy massage is up till now still one of the best gifts I ever gave my wife.

TIP: Just ask upfront if she has any back or hip pain or whether perhaps her OB recommends massages in general. If the answer to any of the two questions is YES, chances are high she will love the gift.

If you are still unsure a prenatal massage is a good idea in your specific case, then perhaps a great alternative could be a gift that allows her to pamper herself.


women lying on her back for a pregnancy massage, a better gift which will reduce pain and relieves stress


Gift Certificate to a Nail Salon

There are many inconveniences for women during her pregnancy, but one of them in particular, I was not aware of until my wife asked me for help. Being 7 months pregnant she was not able anymore to tie her shoelaces, let alone paint her toenails. This simply because of the sheer size of her belly.

Hence, I was asked to step in and help her to do those jobs for her. That’s when I realized that giving her a gift certificate to a nail salon could be a perfect gift!

After a brief search, I quickly learned that she was not the only woman facing this issue. In fact, the nail salons even seemed to offer special treatments for pregnant women as apparently, the nails of pregnant women are also weaker due to a change in hormone levels.

Is a pedicure really such a great gift for pregnant women?

YES – Not only does it make her feel pretty, but it’s also an excellent way for her to pamper herself. She will feel more like a woman and less like an expecting mother. It will take her mind off the daily pregnancy problems while eliminating a chore she can’t herself.

It’s especially a great idea if you don’t feel like Picasso with nail polish, or if you believe she might be too embarrassed to ask for your help.

Is nail polish safe to use during her pregnancy?

YES – most nail polishes sold on the market nowadays are safe and do not contain any harmful chemicals. In fact, if she got her nails done by professionals at a salon there is 0% risk.

How much does this cost?

This depends on the level of treatment you buy, but it will vary between $10 (standard painting of toenails) and $35 (deluxe pedicure)

women on the beach picking up rock barefoot with orange toenails



Stylish & Comfy Delivery Robe and Gown

The last months of her pregnancy is an anxious countdown till the final delivery day. You will see her worry about many things while eagerly preparing her hospital bag.

If you are looking for a stellar gift that is both thoughtful and useful, stylish & comfy pregnancy robes and gowns are a great option.

Here is why:

  • The last couple of weeks are terrible for any pregnant women. None of her clothes fit anymore and all she wants is to just be comfy in a relaxed area of the house, like her bed or couch.
  • She will worry a lot about everything that will happen on the delivery day itself. And that is why she will want to be prepared and bring all the right things in her hospital bag. This includes the items she will wear during labor and right after the delivery.
  • The reality, however, is that during labor she will most probably wear her hospital gown all the time as she will lose a lot of liquids.
  • But once the baby is born visitors will show up faster than she would like. A stylish gown or robe could lead to many unexpected compliments that will make her feel great despite the exhaustion and physical discomforts.

Any advice on what to buy her?

There are basically 2 options: a robe or a delivery gown. There is a difference between the 2 options and before you buy her one of them, you need to understand first why & when she needs it. I ended up buying both.

If you look at it from a value for money point of view, the best you can do is give her a stylish & comfortable robe. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it is a useful garment she will wear all the time the last 5 to 6 months of her pregnancy, as it’s extremely comfortable and soft.

When buying such a robe you will want to keep in mind it has to perform during each stage: pregnancy, labor, delivery and while nursing her newborn baby.

A very stylish black option is the Alexander del Rossa lounge robe. I actually bought this specific one for my wife as I read it is a best-seller among pregnant women, and she indeed absolutely loved it!

Alexander Del Rossa Black Lounge Robe, the ideal gift for a pregnant wife

On the other hand, a more short-term gift, yet one that is absolutely needed on the day of the delivery itself, is a fashionable delivery gown. Here are some practical buying tips:

  • Even if she has already one, you can still buy an extra! Considering a delivery will anyhow be “messy”, most women prefer having 2 in their hospital bag just in case.
  • Look for a stylish delivery gown. One that is very likely to get her compliments during this important day. If you have no clue about fashion, stick to the most popular ones or those with similar prints of clothes she likes to wear
  • Look for functional design. Make sure it can easily open & close for examinations, breastfeeding & skin to skin contact, just after the baby is born.
  • Avoid those gowns with binding around the belly. Like this, the recovery in case of a C-section will be less painful for her.
  • Don’t go overboard on the size. 8 months pregnant does not equal XXL. Most women will do fine with the S/M or the L/XL size. Check the comments of previous customers to see what size they bought with respect to their length & weight.

If you are looking for a safe bet on a delivery gown that is both fashionably elegant & functional, I would recommend the Baby Be Mine gowns.

Baby be mine pregnancy gownies forms a great gift for a pregnant wife



Buy Her a Pregnancy Pillow

Another great gift you can give any pregnant women is a pregnancy pillow. In fact, the earlier she has such a pillow the better.

As the first weeks of her pregnancy pass by, she will experience more and more difficulties to sleep. She might also start to suffer from back and hip pains. At some point, it will even be physically impossible for her to sleep on her belly!

However, although a pregnancy pillow would offer her a lot of relief, she might not buy one as she feels guilty about spending that much money on a pillow.

Enter : the perfect gift opportunity!

Although it’s true that pregnancy pillows aren’t exactly cheap, you have to keep in mind she will use it EVERY DAY for the next several months of her pregnancy. On top, I noticed my wife also used it extensively AFTER the baby was born. This because pregnancy pillows can give great comfort during breastfeeding and they can also be used as a mini-bed for a newborn baby.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that a better sleeping position has not only a positive impact on her overall health but it also increases the amount of blood flow and nutrients to the placenta.

Tips for buying a Pregnancy Pillow?

Buying a pregnancy pillow as a gift can be very daunting, as you might not have all the information to make an informed decision. Therefore,  try asking yourself the following questions as it will have an impact on which pillow you should best pick.

  1. What is her preferred sleeping position?
  2. Is the head pillow she currently uses soft or rather hard?
  3. How big is the bed she is sleeping in?
  4. Is she the kind of person that often feels too hot at night?

Based on your answers, I could give you the following advice:

If she normally sleeps on her belly or on her side:

  • Choose a C-shape or full body length pregnancy pillow, unless you believe she won’t have enough room in her bed, then buy her a Wedge.

If she normally sleeps on her back:

  • Go for a U-shape or Total Body Pillow, unless she loves big head pillows or stacks multiple ones on top of each other, then maybe rather consider another gift.

If she often feels too hot at night while sleeping:

  • Avoid pregnancy pillows with poly fiber filling.

How much does it cost and which one should I buy?

Well, as said before, pregnancy pillows aren’t exactly cheap and vary between $40 & $80. Yet, as you should really see the purchase of those pillows as an investment in her health and the health of the baby, I would definitely stay away from the cheaper end of the market!

If you are looking for an excellent price-quality pillow I can recommend the C-shaped full body pillow from PharMeDoc or the U-shaped total body pillow from Queen Rose. If you really don’t have a big budget your safest bet will probably be the Jill&Joey Pregnancy Pillow Wedge, which will cost you around $20.

C-shaped pregnancy pillow from PharMeDoc, the ideal full body pregnancy pillow gift

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow from PharMeDoc

U-shaped pregnancy pillow from Queen Rose, the ideal total body pregnancy pillow gift

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow from Queen Rose

Wedge pregnancy pillow from Jill&Joey, the ideal wedge pregnancy pillow gift

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge from Jill&Joey


Get Her an Oversized Bath Towel

My next tip is again linked to a simple yet uncomfortable feeling pregnant women might experience. After some months of pregnancy, it will become very difficult for her to wrap a towel around her belly.

That’s why having an oversized bath towel on-hand is super handy.

So if you are looking for a practical and elegant gift for a pregnant woman, you should consider a luxury oversized towel. She will prefer using it over her regular towel… even when she is not pregnant anymore!

Tips for finding a modish oversized towel? 

Don’t forget you are combining two things here: buying a gift and the receiver being pregnant. So you will want to keep a couple of things in mind.

  • make sure the towels look luxurious, so you don’t come across as cheap
  • Look for soft eco-friendly material, that is not harmful in any way for her skin
  • The whole point is to give her an oversized towel, so make sure your towel is big enough! oversized towels are minimum 30″ x 70″ but ideally give her 40″ x 80″ bath sheet! She’ll love it
  • Look for a premium looking color she likes.

I bought these Turkish cotton oversized bath towels for my wife. She said they were beautiful & practical. She is still using them today, 18 months after our daughter was born!

Turkish Cotton Oversized Bath Towel in Color Black



Get Her Sneakers With Memory Foam

Remember when I told you my pregnant wife couldn’t tie her shoelaces anymore? Well, this was only a modest discomfort compared to the next one: her feet hurt like crazy!

Why did her feet hurt? 

  • The extra weight resulted in more pressure on her feet
  • Her feet started to swell because of all the extra liquid in her body

Although the pain was not that severe every day, my wife did decide to change her footwear.

Seeing the incredibly positive impact of this decision, the product I will discuss next could be a stellar gift for the pregnant lady in your life? In fact, it is one of the most shared tips online, and ALL pregnant women seem to be convinced of the benefits.


Memory what? I also had never heard of it before till the day my wife walked in with such shoes. The bottom line is that the foam in her shoe molds around her foot, which creates better support and results in a more comfortable walk.

Tips for buying shoes with memory foam

Although I never gave her such shoes as a gift myself, I asked my wife afterward why she liked that pair of sneakers with memory foam in particular. The answers helped me to gather some insights on how to buy the perfect pair of memory foam sneakers:

  1. Make sure the sneakers are fashionable and elegant. There is not a woman who likes being caught wearing ugly shoes, and pregnant women are no exception. If you have no idea about fashion or current footwear trends, stick to the best sellers on sites like Amazon and read the reviews.
  2. Go for shoes without shoelaces. Tying shoelaces is a difficult job while being pregnant, so look for alternatives like slip-ons.
  3. Look for air-cooled memory foam. This provides even more comfort, especially in the summer time.
  4. The shoes must be flexible enough. Flexible sneakers can accommodate a foot whether it is swollen or not.
  5. The sneaker must have sufficient grip. This will prevent slips and falls.

Do you want to know which sneakers with memory foam my wife bought? Well, she went for the Empire Fashion Sneakers from Skechers. These were her favorite pair of footwear during most of her pregnancy and she wore them pretty much all the time. Skechers Pregnancy Sneakers With Memory Foam

So there you have it!

I hope you found these tips somewhat useful, and you are now fully set to find that perfect gift for the pregnant woman in your life!




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