24 Best Gifts For Judges In 2023

Judges are the most difficult people to buy gifts for. Aren’t they?

Whether as a retirement gift, an inauguration gift, or just for Christmas, it’s no secret that finding the right gift for a judge can be challenging.

The trick is to find an original gift, that is fitting for the stature of this honorable profession.

But you have no clue where to start looking for original gifts for judges?

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified the 24 best gifts for judges that will make any serious judge smile.

Ready to find that judge’s gift that will get a positive verdict? The court is now in session!

Best Gifts For Judges

In this article you will find:

24. Chocolate Mold For A Gavel

Chocolate Candy Mold For Gavel And Scales Of Justice Coin

We start this list of great gifts for judges with the perfect present for a judge who has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Give him this mold so he can make his very own gavel out of chocolate. Or, alternatively, buy it for yourself and make him the gavel while adding a nice card.

No doubt the judge in your life will “rule in favor” of this delicious gift!

23. Balance of Justice Bookends

Justice Scale Bookends

Every judge owns a ton of books, often scattered across his workplace.

These distinctive striated marble bookends emblazoned with gold plated scales of justice medallions embody the spirit of the law and hence are perfect to organize a judge’s books.

Whether he uses them at home or at the office, he will love these bookends.

22. Judge Wine Holder & Vacuum Stopper

Metal Judge Wine Bottle Holder And Wine Vacuum Stopper

Per definition, being a judge is a very serious profession. So when he or she finally comes home, a more relaxed atmosphere would be highly appreciated.

That is exactly why this wine holder & stopper set is the perfect gift for a judge. It’s funny, fitting, and can be used to hold a nice bottle of wine.

With its amazing level of detail and fantastic craftsmanship, it’s also a great item to put on display when not in use.

21. Judge Nutritional Facts Mug

Judge Nutritional Facts Mug Gag Gift

For those of you who are looking for a great gag gift for a judge, look no further.

We cannot have a list of best gifts for judges without mentioning the traditional funny mug.

It’s made of high-quality ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe, so it will last for many years of judging to come.

20. Engrave A Special Bottle

Engrave Your Bottle

For the judge that enjoys an occasional drink after a long day at the courthouse, we offer this uniquely engraved bottle.

You can choose the bottle from a very wide assortment including generic but also very rare designs. Complete this unique gift with a personalized message that will be engraved on the front in the font of your choice.

This is a very popular gift for judges who are about to retire as well as for new judges being sworn in.

19. Personalized Robe Hanger

Personalized Robe Hanger

A practical challenge that every new judge faces is that he or she has no easy place to hang that darn robe.

That is why this very elegant handmade hanger is an excellent gift for a new judge’s swearing-in ceremony.

Personalize the hanger with the judge’s name, and even choose his or her favorite colors. From now on, that robe will not hang anywhere else anymore.

18. Oil Painting With Judge Gavel

Oil Painting Gavel Judge Hammer

This original handmade oil painting is called “The Gavel of Justice”.

We couldn’t think of any more fitting painting to decorate the walls of a judge’s office or personal study.

It is a modern & abstract decorative gift for judges that is made on real canvas and measures 40″x 30″.

17. Golden Scales of Justice Necklace

10K Gold Scales Of Justice Pendant For Judges

For the female judge in your life, give her this exquisite 10K gold pendant necklace.

She will love to keep this ancient Greek symbol of the legal justice system close to her heart.

It comes in special gift packaging and is also available in 14K gold.

16. World’s Most Funny Lawyer Jokes

The Worlds Funniest Lawyer Jokes

Every person secretly loves to hear and tell jokes about their profession, and a judge is no different.

This book holds the best and most recent collection of jokes, anecdotes, quotations, and proverbs that poke fun (. . . and malice) at the legal profession.

A great gift for judges as they also deserve a laugh in their free time.

15. Personalized Scales Of Justice Glasses

Personalized Scales Of Justice Glasses

These glasses feature the iconic scales of justice and can be personalized with a name, title, or phrase.

Each set consists of four glasses, which you can customize individually.

A great gift for a judge in your life that likes a drink once in a while.

14. Personalized Desk Name Plate

Customized Desk Name Plate Judge

This personalized desk nameplate with a cardholder is a fitting and useful inauguration or swearing-in gift for any judge.

It took him or her a lifetime and a lot of work to attain that title of judge, so finally seeing that nameplate will celebrate a very emotional moment.

Only high-quality wood is used, topped with a deep red finish and a sleek and elegant personalization plate.

13. Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

Give a judge a daily reminder of what rights are at stake with this disappearing civil liberties mug.

This mug is usually given as a gag gift by children of a judge who believe their father or mother might take the job a bit too serious all the time.

Do note that this mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

12. Prayer Plaque For Judges

Personalized Judge Prayer Plaque

A thoughtful gift for a religious Christian judge is this unique prayer plaque.

It features the scales of justice and a prayer, and on top, there is room for a personalized name or message.

It’s a must-have item to be hung at home or the office or kept even closer to a judge’s desk itself.

11. Personalized Double Cigar Flask

Personalized Cigar Flask

Usually, when a judge retires, he or she will receive a lot of liquor and cigars as gifts.

So perhaps you can give that judge an original gift that will enable him or her to enjoy a favorite drink & smoke even when away from home.

Personalize this unique combination flask and cigar case with any 3-letter monogram.

Made from high-quality stainless steel.

10. Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

This Executive Decision Maker Paperweight is the perfect gag gift for a judge who has indecisive moments.

Firm, heavy, and it comes in an equally nice box and with a cloth for buffing.

An excellent Christmas stocking stuffer for a judge

9. Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

Samsonite Brown Colombian Leather Flap Over Messenger Bag

A judge also needs a decent laptop and work bag that meet the style/value/functionality paradigm for his profession.

This versatile bag made of natural cowhide that is minimally treated is appropriate for both business and casual use.

Perhaps not our most original gift for judges, yet nonetheless a very well appreciated one.

8. Constitution Tie

Constitutional Tie

With this tie, the judge in your life can bring some Founding Fathers’ style to his wardrobe that honors the foundation of American democracy.

Although sometimes bought as a more humorous gift for swearing-in ceremonies, many recipient judges have proudly worn this patriotic symbol afterward as well.

Great quality, available in different colors, and the text is very clear and readable.

7. Founding Father’s Whiskey Glasses

Founding Father Whiskey Glasses

Another clever hook to the Founding Fathers’ symbolism is to gift a judge a pair of these glasses bearing quotes from the Declaration of Independence.

Very high-quality glass and the print is an elegant historic script that is still legible.

This set is among our bestselling Christmas gifts for judges!

6. Personalized Walnut Gavel

Engraved Gavel From Solid Walnut

It might be one of the most stereotypical retirement gifts for judges, yet it’s a must-have for any judge that spent years wielding a gavel.

This beautifully carved walnut gavel will be an explicit and fond reminder of the profession to which he dedicated his life.

Personalize this keepsake with a name, title, or even a memorable quote.

5. Vintage Wooden Desk Set

Vintage Gray Wood 5 Piece Desk Set

A newly appointed judge will need the right tools for his new office.

Gift him or her this vintage style 5-piece desktop organizer set in gray-wash wood finish.

It combines modern design with a vintage-look finish and features a pen tray, pencil cup, memo pad holder, business card holder, and cell phone stand.

4. Bronze Lady Justice Statue

12.5 Inch Bronze Lady Justice Statue

This premium 12.5′′ bronze sculpture is cast by master sculptors and goes perfectly on a judge’s desk at home or in the office.

It’s a very popular present for judges that comes packed in a beautiful gift box.

For bigger desks or as a decoration piece on small tables there is also an 18″ version.

3. Pledge of Allegiance Mug

Laser Engraved Pledge Of Alliance Stainless Steel Mug

This patriotic American flag tumbler is an original gift for a judge that enjoys a warm cup of coffee on his way to the courthouse.

It features the Pledge of Allegiance in the shape of an American flag.

This laser engraved tumbler is lightweight, rustproof, shockproof & shatterproof, and will keep a beverage hot for up to 6 hours.

2. Sleeping Device


A hectic routine at the courthouse and meetings with different people cause a lot of stress in the judge’s life, and even most of them suffer from severe sleep deprivation.

No more sleeping troubles for them now, because you can gift them a device called Dodow.

This amazing sleeping device will help them fall asleep better while easing their minds and eliminating all troubling thoughts.

1. Silver Gavel Cufflinks

Silver Gavel Cufflinks

One of our favorite gifts for judges who are being sworn in is this pair of beautiful cufflinks.

He will be able to wear this reminder of one of his most important accomplishments in life even when in court.

This fitting gift comes in a presentation gift box and includes a special polishing cloth to keep the cufflinks shiny.

Can I give a gift to a judge if I am a volunteer law clerk or intern?

Honestly, this is more treacherous territory, and you do have to watch out.

Right off the bat, the best gift you can give to a judge as a volunteer law clerk or intern is a nice card with some personalized words.

When you want to go beyond a card and add a physical gift, you should watch out as you don’t want to send any wrong signals to an officer of the court. More than anything else, courthouses are sensitive to the idea of bribes. You don’t want your gift to be misinterpreted as a way to secure a fixed position.

If you really want to buy a gift for a judge by yourself, start by asking for the specific policies of the court regarding gift giving. Also, check with people who know the judge and have been working with him or her for a long time (f.e., the juridical assistant) to get an idea of the judge’s opinion about receiving gifs from him or her staff. Technically, he or she has to report every gift received, and you don’t want to put anyone in an awkward position.

A much safer route is to team up with the other clerks and people in the office and jointly buy a nice holiday gift or retirement present. This is perfectly fine.

For more information on the rules regarding the gift-giving for judges, check out the official Judicial Conference Regulations on Gifts.

How to choose the best gifts for judges?

Once you have established that you are ok to give a judge a gift, you still need to decide on the item itself.

Here are some useful tips when considering certain gift ideas for judges:

  • Check with the assistant or people in the office that have been close to the judge for a long time. Ask which gifts he or she hasn’t received yet and whether there are any insights (like a drink, cigars, art, etc.).
  • Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the judge’s office. Look around to see which items are there, so you don’t end up buying something he or she already has.
  • It’s OK to buy a more humorous gift, but don’t go overboard. A judge’s position is one of stature. You should respect that.

What are the best retirement gifts for judges?

The best retirement gifts for judges are those that celebrate and commemorate their career and achievements as a judge. Big winners are engraved plaques, statues, or other items that are visually connected to the profession of a judge while holding a personalized and meaningful message.

Alternatively, you could give him a retirement gift that is either linked to his future hobbies or related to future travels.

In case the retiring judge is your father, and you are looking for a special gift, you should definitely check out our post on how to find the best retirement gifts for your dad.


What are some unique gift ideas for judges?

Some unique gift ideas for judges include a chocolate mold for a gavel, a balance of justice bookends, a judge wine holder and vacuum stopper, personalized robe hangers, and engraved bottles. The key is to find a gift that reflects the judge’s personality and interests while maintaining professionalism.

Are gag gifts appropriate for judges?

Gag gifts can be appropriate for judges, but staying moderate is important. Keep the humor light and respectful, and ensure it doesn’t undermine the stature of the judge’s position.

Can I personalize a gift for a judge?

Personalizing a gift for a judge is a great way to make it more meaningful and special. Some examples of personalized gifts include engraved gavels, customized desk nameplates, and personalized scales of justice glasses. Make sure to double-check the spelling and details before ordering a personalized gift.

What is a good retirement gift for a judge?

A good retirement gift for a judge could be a commemorative plaque, statue, or other items celebrating their career and achievements. Personalized gifts with meaningful messages can also be great options. Consider gifts that reflect the retiring judge’s hobbies or interests, such as items related to travel or leisure activities.

What are some affordable gift ideas for judges?

Affordable gift ideas for judges include a judge nutritional facts mug, a constitution tie, a book of lawyer jokes, or a set of Founding Father whiskey glasses. These items are inexpensive, thoughtful, and relevant to the judge’s profession.

Is it appropriate to give a judge a gift related to their profession?

Yes, giving a judge a gift related to their profession is appropriate, as long as it is respectful and in good taste. Examples of profession-related gifts include gavel-shaped items, scales of justice accessories, and legal-themed books.

How can I make sure my gift for a judge is well-received?

To ensure your gift for a judge is well-received, consider their personality, interests, and preferences. Speak with their assistant or colleagues for guidance, and observe the judge’s office for clues about their taste.

Looking for More Gift Ideas For Judges?

We hope you find this list of the best gifts for judges useful and you are now set to surprise the judge in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. For more job-related gifts, check out our lists for police officers and doctors below.

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