21 Best Gifts For Twins

Someone you know just got twins, or you are looking for great baby shower gifts for twins?

Maybe you already know that parents of twins need a lot of diapers, but what if you want to give a more original or cute baby twin gift?

Parents of twins need a lot of stuff, but it can be very tricky to select the RIGHT items!

That is why we talked to fifteen parents of twins and asked them which gifts they appreciated the most and which items made their lives more comfortable in the first two years.

Below you can find the 21 very best gifts for twins in 2022.

Ready to twin-suit up? Let’s check the list!

Best Gifts For Twin Babies

In this article you will find:

21. Twin Baby Pool Float

Twin Baby Pool Float

First up in our gifts for twins is this high-quality pool float for twin babies.
It’s not always easy for a twin mom to go swimming with her kids, but this float is a great twin solution. She will be able to orient her kids in four different directions in the seats, and there is a helpful section in the middle in which she can put toys.
This float is an excellent gift for twins up to 3-years-old.

20. Over Time Bodysuit Combo

Over Time Bodysuit Combo

Are you looking for a great baby shower gift for twins? Then you must check out this adorable bodysuit combo.

There are not many cute bodysuits available for twins. But this jumper combo is too cute. You will definitely get a lot of laughs at the baby shower.

These jumpers are comfy and cozy and have a bottom snap closure for easy access when it is time to change a diaper.

19. Twin Stroller Frame

Twin Stroller Frame

Two car seats and double strollers are most probably the most practical twin baby gifts. The problem with these gift ideas is that they are also costly and usually not something you pick out yourself.

So, if you are looking for a more affordable practical gift that can still be a surprise, a universal double stroller frame is exactly what you are looking for.

This Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame is compatible with all infant car seat brands (Nuna, Chicco, Brita, …) and is super lightweight with a great turn radius. Twin moms will use this frame all the time in the first nine months, even if they have a more expensive double stroller.

18. Twin Z Pillow

Twin Z Breastfeeding Pillow

The next baby twin gift idea can be a total game changer. Twin moms are often overwhelmed during feeding times, and this pillow will offer so much relief.

This pillow will be her second pair of arms during breast or bottle feeding. Because she will be able to feed her both babies at the same time, she will also have much more time to rest.

We can’t stress enough how useful this Twin Z pillow will be for twin moms. She will use it every day, not only for nursing but also to keep her twins contained or for tummy time.

17. 2 Pocket Nannies

Twin Set Of Pocket Nannies

The life of twin parents is far from easy, and as they always seem to put out fires, keeping track of everything can be quite a challenge.

Therefore, a pocket nanny is a great gift idea for twin parents. It will help sleep-deprived parents track their twin babies’ care.

A simple push of the button will register the last time one of their twins had a new diaper, bottle, or medication.

TIP: Buy two pocket nannies in different colors. Like this, your favorite twin parents know immediately to whom each monitor belongs.

16. Diaper Tote Bag

Diaper Bag Tote For Double Strollers Ideal For Twins

Any twin mom will tell you this. No diaper bag on the market seems to be adapted for twins. This is why the Duo Double Signature tote bag from the Skip Hop brand makes such a great twin baby gift.

This tote bag is the only stroller bag designed for a double (side-by-side) stroller. Twin moms will love it because of its cute design, durability, and large number of pockets.

Finally, she will be able to fit more items into the bag, and she will be surprised at how the bag will not feel overstuffed or bursting. This bag will make it easier for her to find the things she needs and will keep her organized.

15. TW IN Bodysuits

Tw In Bodysuits

We mentioned it earlier. There are not a lot of cute baby rompers available for twins. But this TW IN bodysuit is so adorable it deserves a spot on this gift for twins list.

The fact that these bodysuits only make sense if baby twins wear them makes them more unique. Without a doubt, these twin bodysuits will look beautiful in photos.

These high-quality body rompers are available in 5 different colors and make a unique baby shower gift for twins!

14. Trunk Organizer

Trunk Organizer And Changing Station

The next gift idea is a lifesaving accessory for traveling twin parents. Traveling by car with twin babies can be a real nightmare if the one baby essential you need seems to be lost.

This large trunk organizer with multiple pockets is great to keep all the baby essentials organized in the car or at home. It includes a diaper changing pad, wipes case, and disposable diaper bags.

Its collapsible design makes storing easy when not in use, and the extra-grip traction pads help keep the organizer in place while driving the car.

This collapse trunk organizer is a great gift for twin parents who love to take road trips.

13. Twin Jogging Stroller

Twin Jogging Stroller With All Terain Wheels

The next gift idea for twins is not for every budget. This quick-fold, lightweight double stroller with all-terrain tires is without a doubt the crème de la crème of strollers for twin moms.

This is the perfect gift for a twin mom who loves running or walking. This stroller rides super smoothly and has a hand brake, a super handy feature for when she has hills on her walk.

The one-fold feature will make any twin mom fall in love with this stroller!

TIP: We recommend always consulting the parents before giving a stroller as a gift!

12. Big Red NO button

Twins Survival Guide

Being pregnant with twins might be daunting. But this twin survival guide will make any twin mom more confident as it offers great advice with a bit of humor.

Obviously, you can find these days a lot of information on twin parenting online. But if you are looking for a good baby shower gift for twins, a hard copy of a great book is your only option.

This book will feel like chatting with a wise mom-friend who’s “been there, done that” and covers all topics from sleep training to marital issues.

11. He Did It She Did It Bibs

He Did It She Did It Bibs

​Next up, another gift that will be sure to be a twin baby shower hit! Any twin mom will love this funny ‘he did it, she did it!’ bib set.

These high-quality bibs are made from 100% cotton and have an easy Velcro closure on the back. Moreover, the designs are USA-printed with high-quality techniques and are guaranteed not to fade or crack.

These bibs are available in various colors, and variations for two boys or two girls also exist.

10. Large Diaper Backpack

Large Diaper Backpack

Twin parents have to carry a lot of baby items and must be able to find everything at a moment’s notice! Therefore, this durable large diaper bag backpack is a great baby twin present.

In other large diaper backs, a lot of things get lost inside all the time, but this backpack has two super useful packing cubes! They help to organize the clothing, diapers, and toys of each twin!

This diaper backpack is waterproof and has even insulated bottle pockets.

9. Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Blanket

Sleeping when you have twins is not always easy. So, to help twin parents with the sleep of their twins, you might want to give them two swaddle sacks.

These Swaddle Me Original Swaddle Sacs are one of the best swaddle sacks on the market and are almost a must-have for twin parents.

They are incredibly soft and straightforward to use. Twins will sleep like a dream with these swaddle sacks. In a nutshell, this gift will give the whole family better nights and brighter days.

8. Cute Twin Monkey Blankies

Twin Cuddle Monkeys

These cuddle twin monkeys are perfect for newborn twins. What is cuter than two identical angels, dear blankies?

These high-quality monkeys are made from polyester and machine washable. Your favorite twin babies will hold on to these blankets longer than you can imagine!

7. Marvel Baby Bodysuits

Marvel Bodysuit Combo Pack For Twins

Next up is a fantastic gift for twin boys! This five-pack of bodysuits features all the big Avengers superheroes: The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Twin boys will look adorable together in these baby rompers.

Best of all? Also, dads will have a blast putting them on their twin boys, imagining their offspring as a superhero!

6. Twin Baby Carrier

Twin Baby Carrier

Another practical gift idea for twins is this TwinGo Air baby carrier. Twin moms will fall in love with this baby carrier as it will give them the freedom to travel and run errands confidently!

The fabric is exceptionally breathable, and there’s a small pocket on the waistband big enough for some cash and a driver’s license. It is perfect for outdoor adventures or short hikes.

Best of all? The carrier can be separated into two carriers, so both parents can carry a twin if needed. Many twin mothers consider this baby carrier a must-have for any twin mom with little ones!

5. Twins On Board Safety Sign

Twins On Board Safety Sign

The next gift idea for twins is very thoughtful. A ‘twins on board’ car magnet will notify other people there are children in the car. As a result, other drivers will be more tolerant of your favorite twin parents.

This sign is very easy to read as all texts are in block letterings, and neon coloring is used.

The twins on board magnet can be removed and reattached anytime. It can be easily transferred from one car to another if needed.

4. Drinking Buddies Bibs

Drinking Buddies Bibs For Twins

One of the funniest bibs for twins you can find are these “drinking buddies” bibs. They are a great ‘twin-specific’ present for a baby shower, and they will definitely be a big hit!

The bibs are made by a small US family-owned business that was inspired by the birth of their twins.

These high-quality bibs are incredibly soft, have a secure Velcro closure on the back, and are available in 8 different colors!

This travel gift also comes in a handy pouch, making it even easier to pack.

3. Large Portable Playpen

Large Portable Playard

This large foldable playpen might be hands-down one of the best gifts for twins available! It offers a great safe place for twins, both indoors and outdoors.

This playpen is large enough for two twins, and it is straightforward to set up and takedown. It folds up small, assembles quickly, and is holding up well.

Moreover, the sturdy canvas of this playpen is heavy-duty and water-resistant, which makes it an excellent item for a road trip with twins.

2. Go The F*K To Sleep Book

Go The Fok To Sleep

Just to be clear, this is NOT a children’s bedtime book! It is, however, an excellent gift for sleep-deprived twin parents.

In case they have a sense of humor and do not find profanity particularly offensive they’ll love it.

You should know that this book is a cherished and well-kept secret, shared from one exhausted, fed-up, delusional, red-eyed, sleep-deprived parent to another.

1. Night Nanny Service

Night Nanny Service

The best gift for twins by far, as well as by far the most expensive, is the gift of Night Nanny Services.

Twin parents lack a lot of things, but what they lack the most is sleep. Having somebody to take care of the twin babies for one night will mean the world to them.

It is not always easy to find night nanny services, but if you click the ‘check it out’ button, you will find a link to a website that specializes in night nanny services.

How do I choose the right baby twin gift?

When choosing a gift for twins, you always have to take into account that raising twins can be very stressful and is considerably more expensive than raising one kid.

Therefore, practical gifts are usually the best. Carseats (x 2) and double strollers are expensive, so that is something to think about if you can afford it. Be sure you get what they have decided they want, not something you pick out yourself.

Something very practical that you can do later in the pregnancy – pay (or volunteer) to clean their house (maybe even do it while they are in the hospital) so when they bring the babies home the house is clean.

A woman pregnant with twins won’t be doing a lot of cleaning in the third trimester, and won’t have time after the babies are born.

Another great option is to make their life more comfortable during the night. Parents of twins are known to suffer a lot from sleep deprivation, so, therefore, anything that makes their life more comfortable during the night is a great idea.

Herewith are gift ideas that will give the parents of twins a break during the night.

  1. Go The F*K to sleep book: a funny book they can read at night when their twins are finally asleep.
  2. A Swaddle Blanket: One of the best tools to help babies sleep all night long.
  3. Night Nannie Services: If you can afford it, you can hire specialized help to take on overnight duties for one or more days.

Should I also buy a gift for new moms?

Absolutely! She is about to go through, or just went through, one of the most painful experiences in her life. She is most probably overwhelmed and suffering from sleep deprivation. Nobody in the world deserves a gift more than her. Don’t you think so?

Gifts for the baby such as onesies or toys are always appreciated, but perhaps also try something for her as a person as well. Great gifts for new moms of twins include:

  • Booking her a pampering experience.
  • Buying her a gift to pamper herself at home.
  • Offer to babysit in the future, as more than anything she would love to have an hour for herself again.

For more helpful tips on finding the perfect present for new moms, read our post on what gifts moms really want.

What gift can I give to a dad of newborn twins?

If you are looking for great gift ideas for new dads, you can check out our article on useful gifts for new dads or our article on funny gifts for new dads. Both articles will give you a lot of gift ideas for dads of newborn twins. 

Looking for More Baby Twin Gift Ideas?

I hope you find this list of baby twin gifts useful and you are now set to surprise the parents with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list, you can click the button, or if you just like to see more gift ideas for kids, just click that button.

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