20 Best Gifts For Veterans & War Heroes

Veterans have a very tough life when they are in service. Despite leading a difficult life, they still opt to protect their country. Their selfless nature makes them sacrifice everything for their nation even their life. Nothing is more important than valuing and acknowledging the sacrifice and service they made.

Gifts are the most effective way to express gratitude and respect to those you care about. But when that special person is a veteran, then there is never a bad time to buy a gift for them. You can give them gifts to show respect for their service and congratulate them on their retirement.

Purchasing a gift for such a special person is always a struggle and can be confusing, but a customized yet special gift is probably the best surprise that they can cherish forever.

These gift recommendations are given by Erin Swan who is military event manager at Veterans United Home Loans. This is the list of 20 gifts for military veterans according to the expertise and knowledge of the woman who has been in this niche for a very long time. These suggestions include simple, unique, and customized gifts. Let us help you find something remarkable.

Gifts For Military Veterans

20. USMC Values Coin

Usmc Values Coin

Starting with the list of best gifts brings me down to the USMC values coins. It can be the most valuable gift for Military Veterans.

It is an officially licensed product that is specially designed for the Marines by marines.

It is more appealing to have USMC values coins because of the quotations of honor, courage, and commitment.

19. Phone Docking Station

Phone Docking Station

Memories are special!!

When you serve as a military person for a long time then it’s difficult for you to retire.

Though it can be hard breaking usually it is the best thing to do. Keeping all your personal military items in a special place will be amazing.

This engraved phone docking station is a personalized gift for any military veteran you know.

Its smart and sleek design is highly attractive and elegant. This docking station is a way to honor the heroes who protect us.

Soldiers risk their lives to protect their country. This appreciation gift can be a small token of honoring what they have done for us.

18. Wooden Wall Plaque

Wooden Wall Plaque

Anything customizable for military veterans is probably a great way to honor them for everything they have done for their country.

This customizable wall plaque is elegant yet amazing to gift for any retired army officer.

It is 12 inches in diameter and it can easily be hung up on the wall. It can also be placed on a side table as it has stood with it.

17. The Gift Of Valor

The Gift Of Valor

What do soldiers need most?

A quiet evening and a good read!

The Gift of Valor is a story about ordinary men fighting in Iraq. The story of their consistent bravery, honor, and sense of duty.

16. Veteran Mug

Veteran Mug

This cute-looking veteran mug is made of ceramic and comes in a very sweet blue color that shines and glows, and appeals to the eye.

This customized mug can be used for tea, coffee, or anything you like.

It is microwavable and dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry before heating it.

15. Picture Frame

Picture Frame

This laser-crafted three-dimensional wooden military picture frame is a smart and elegant gift for any military veteran.

This measures up to 12*8 inches and it is a great gift for retired officers. 

This gift will be emotional for them with the replica of their badge and their picture.

The shipper bubble wraps the frame so that it doesn’t get damaged during shipping, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the frame.


14. Coin Holder Stand

Coin Holder Stand

As military veterans serve for a good amount of time, they come across many missions during their service.

On every mission, they received a coin which is honorable to them.

This coin holder has 12 sections in which you can keep 12 military coins.

They have rubber stoppers so you don’t have to worry about coins slipping.

13. Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Make yourself ready for the coolest whiskey stones. But what exactly are whiskey stones?

It is a smart way to chill your whiskey without watering down your drink. These stones are made of steel and are used for chilling your drink.

This coolest whiskey stone gift set is ideal for military veterans who have a lot of bullets. These bullet whiskey stones can be kept in the freezer to use when you like. No liquid is needed.

This is a premium set of whiskey stones, with 6 stones and a golden tong in a wooden box.

12. Military Car Mirror Hanging

Military Car Mirror Hanging

Car pendants, or what we call “hangings”, are a type of culture now. All people hang something in the front mirror.

These mirror hangings reflect the personality of the owner. If you know a military veteran, trust me, this is a unique gift for them.

A personalized military uniform hanging is small and exquisite. It is made of mica plastic which is not harmful to mirrors.

11. Military Belt

Military Belt

A cool military belt is a smart gift for military veterans. It is made of 100% nylon and is available in different sizes to suit your requirements. You can check the size chart to order your perfect size.

It is a heavy-duty buckle that is made of aluminum alloy. The strap is intended to be stretched so it is more solid than a regular belt. This belt is wearable with any suit as it is casual.

10. Military Watch

Military Watch

Timepieces are timeless, and any military veteran will love to wear one everywhere.

This watch is water-resistant, designed with tactical features, and has built-in apps which makes it more durable.

Get your hands on this watch so that your loved ones remember you when they see your gifted watch.

9. Personalized Veteran Clock

Personalized Veteran Clock

A personalized recognition service award clock is made of cherry wood.

This patriotic design clock is an element of appreciation for any military veteran.

It has an appreciation message as well.

8. Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen Gadget

Smart gadgets are always great for gifting to people who need smart things daily.

This tactical pen is a multipurpose tool that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

It not only writes but can also be used as a self-defense weapon with an LED flashlight, window breaker, and bottle opener. So you can use it during camping or outing after retirement.

7. Roxant Monocular Telescope

Roxant Monocular Telescope

Do you know anyone who loves outings and has just retired from the army?

If yes, then this monocular telescope will be an ideal gift for them.

This telescope has a retractable eyecup and it comes with a pouch, which makes it handy. It has a belt loop, a cleaning cloth, and a neck strap.

It is high definition scope with optical glass which is optimal for bright, clear, and crisp viewing.

It has a smart grip that provides steady and less shaky functionality.

6. Veteran Customized Tumbler

Veteran Customized Tumbler

A veteran is a “veteran” for a lifetime, and the oath of serving the nation never ends.

Showing them that we value their struggle is always good.

A travel tumbler with a country’s flag is an amazing gift to give your loved ones. It has a stainless-steel body, which will keep the drink hot or cold for a long time no matter how hot or cold the outer climate is.

It has a clear lid and an eco-friendly design. It is customizable too, so you can customize it according to your requirements.

5. Veteran Door Mat

Veteran Door Mat

A personalized veteran door mat is a very good gift for anyone.

This match is the best way to welcome guests to the veteran house.

The personalized door mat has a name and quotes on it.

You can customize the design as well. It is a perfect decoration for veterans’ houses so get your hands on it.

It is durable, safe, and easy to clean so you can easily machine wash this mat.

4. Veteran T-Shirt

Veteran T-Shirt

Nothing is better than a T-shirt that has quotes praising military veterans.

This T-shirt is made up of 100% cotton which is comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

You can give it to anyone who has who is a military veteran and show them that you are proud of them.

3. Veteran Washed Cap

Veteran Washed Cap

An embroidered cap that says “US Army Veteran” is an ideal gift for military veterans.

The cap is made up of cotton with buckle closure, so it is very comfortable on your head.

It comes in different colors like blue, green, grey and white. One size fits all, so the adjustable buckle closure makes it easy to use.

2. Personalized Flag Case

Personalized Flag Case

Honor the work that they have done. It is the biggest gift for military people. This wooden case with a flag is elegant.

It has a simple but amazing design. It honors the flag presentation. The flag is securely enclosed and can be hung on the wall.

1. Coffee ‘Rounds’ Capsules

Coffee Rounds Capsules

Let’s agree on the fact that, coffee is fuel for most people. Being a military veteran, a cup of strong coffee with a good book is an amazing combination.

This box contains a cup of a different variety of BRCC coffee grounds. This box is ALL-IN-ONE for you whether you want a variety of packs or just one flavor.

What are the best veterans gifts for her?

While we are talking about military veteran gifts, this is a list of universal gifs for both men and women, but as the needs are different, there is a brief list of things for military women.

  • This Veronese Design U.S. Female Solider Sculpture is an excellent gift for your loved ones to appreciate for their outstanding work. This is designed with the special cold cast bronze method.
  • The Sarcastic Military Shirt is a funny gift to give to any military veteran woman. You can choose from different colors.
  • The Paracord Bracelet is an element that will be out of sight but highly valuable. Wondering why a bracelet? Well, it’s not just a bracelet, it is a 5-IN-ONE Survival Tool. It has a compass, an emergency whistle, a fire scrapper, and a magnesia rod. There is a leaflet too, which has a lot of instructions and tips. This can be used for safety even after the service.
  • Where would she keep all of the medical and badges she’d be given in her service? We have the right gift suggestion for her. This amazing medal hanger tells her story to the world.
  • Want to give a funny but good gift? A Funko Pop was created to honor veteran women.

What are the best veterans gifts for him?

Though the list given above contains gifts for men. But here we will be giving some personalized gift suggestions for men.

  • Everyone gets drinks through bottles, so a unique bottle opener will be a good gift, Green Army Man Bottle Opener is a personalized gift for military men to open their beer. This gift is for military veterans.
  • Funko Pops to honor the bravery and struggle of military people. This is the male version of the vinyl figure, which is 4 inches tall.
  • Military Grade Survival Kit is a kit that has it all. It has 17 emergency survival tools. It includes a plier, a spork, a wire saw, a tactical pen, a survival bracelet, a fire starter, and much more. This kit can be used after the service as well for safety.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

Hope you find all these gift ideas useful! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you just like to see more gift ideas for military veterans just click that button.

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