20+ Best Gift For Welders In 2022

Are you buying a gift for a welder who is very proud of his skills?

Then getting him something linked to his passion is a great idea! But watch out, just getting him some tools won’t work as he might already have them … somewhere.

Bottom line? Buying a gift for a welder is not easy, yet if you get it right he will be thrilled!

To help you out we already found the 21 excellent gifts for welders that will work like a charm for every gifting occasion.

Let’s get cracking!

infographic: top 21 best gifts for welders

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By: Peter, Updated 10/12/2021

#21 gifts for welders: LEGO Welder Mini Figure


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This LEGO mini welder is a great gift for someone who just became a became a welder as well as more experienced welders.

It is a very unique figure that comes complete with a welding mask, and welding equipment. A great addition to the Lego collection.

PRO TIP: You can also use it as a cake topper for his birthday!

Without a doubt, it will be a big hit for any welder in your life, regardless of whether he loves LEGO or not!


#20 gifts for welders: 5-Pack IRWIN C-Clamps


15113 5067 8.4

Every welder on the face of the earth will agree (it’s almost like a pledge) “you can never have too many clamps”.

There are many clamp brands to chose from, but I would recommend going for Irwin Tools. The quality of Irwin C-Clamps is great, and they’re the most common, useful ones out there. 

For the best value for money, consider this 5-pack as all welders will agree this deal is a steal!

#19 gifts for metalworkers: Samuel Yellin Metalworker by Jack Andrews


344 111 8.5

Another great present for a welder is this amazing book on Samuell Yelin: the best blacksmith/ironworker ever lived

The book has some great illustrations and wonderful examples of the work produced by him and his workers

The photos especially are wonderful and give you a sense of the life of metalworkers in the Philadelphia area.

Any welder in your life will feel very lucky to receive a copy of this book as a gift! 

#18 gifts for welders: My Dad is a Welder Bodysuit Bib Bundle


2988 896 8.5

The next gift is a great gift for a baby eager to let the world know Daddy is a welder!

The soft, smooth-touch bodysuit and bib are decorated with a gentle and durable skin-safe ink printed in the US. The set comes in various sizes and available in different colors for boys and girls.

Without a doubt, it will make an awesome baby shower gift or to give as a present to a welder who just became a father.

#17 gifts for welders: Funny Welder T-Shirt stating welding is like sewing with fire


3034 1010 8.6

Welders are tough! So no greater gift than this awesome ‘Welding is like sewing with fire’ T-Shirt. Any new welder will laugh like they’re a 2-year-old! 

The gift is perfect for any welder as it isn’t too salty. New welders will love it and more experienced welders even more!

Unlike other printed T-shirts, the quality is very good and it is made in the USA 

#16 gifts for welders: Personalized Welder Ornament


5854 667 8.6

This Welder ornament is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree or it makes a great graduation gift as you can add the name and date of the welder you are buying a gift for.

The ornament is handmade in the USA, from Birch Wood and is tied with a beautiful gold string and packaged, ready for gift giving!

You can make this gift extra special by adding the welder’s name and birth day/graduation day! 


#15 gifts for welders: Welder Belt Buckle For Men


16785 4456 8.6

This sturdy belt buckle for welders is a super cool Jeans Accessory.

The details on this buckle are amazing!

It makes a perfect graduation gift or ideal Christmas stocking stuffer for welders.

#14 gifts for welders: Dead Blow Hammer Set


22349 7943 8.6

The best welders have the best tools! Therefore you can consider buying him or her a new dead blow hammer.

These kinds of hammers are great to pop small dents out of sheet metal and any welder loves this kind of hammer for striking objects with a great amount of controlled force. 

The TEKTON dead blow hammer set has a superior quality for an excellent price!

It’s a great gift for welders, as this hammer set will never let them down when they need it the most. 

#13 gifts for welders: Magnetic Wristband For Tools & Screws


599 228 8.7

Most welders also love DIY and are real handymen in the house. This magnetic wristband is an awesome gadget that will finally help him to keep his screws, drill bits and nuts at hand.

It is a super comfortable wristband that will save any handyman lots of time and frustration.

If the welder you are buying a gift for is a real handyman, you can find more related gift ideas in this gift list.

#12 gifts for welders: Strong Hand Tools O-Magnet


3680 1322 8.7

Welders often have to hold metal workpieces at 45 Degree & 90 Degree. 

The fast & easy way to this is via an O-Magnet. If you like to surprise your favorite welder with a cool magnet, you should go for a Strong Hands magnet.

They’re fantastic and leagues better than the standard red welding magnets you see everywhere

#11gifts for welders: Bessey Welders Angle Clamp


5956 1850 8.7

We said it before, welders can’t have enough clamps! If you want to give a more unique clamp that will have any welder squealing in happiness, you should consider Bessey angle clamp.

All welders need to make lots of square joints, and this clamp will be the welder’s best friend. The Bessey is much faster than any other clamp or support they will have used and it holds the pieces completely rigid.

With this clamp there will be no need anymore to make a tack or time-consuming aligning, they can just do what they love: WELD!

#10 gifts for welders: Welding Storage Can For Electrodes


9993 3597 8.7

Any welder always wants to keep his or her electrodes fresh and dry. The best way to do this is via an airtight seal storage can.

The Hobart storage rod for electrodes is one of the best on the market and makes an excellent gift for welders, as it has next to its airtight seal also a convenient belt clip and an internal divider to separate the electrodes.

Your favorite welder will be able to keep multiple and different rods at hand and you’ll save him or her several trips back to the storage cabinet.

#9 gifts for welders: Funny Welder Coffee Mug


24595 8904 8.7

Are you looking for a funny Welder gag gift or a birthday gift for a welder?

This hilarious 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug has an easy to grip C-handle and will give your favorite welder for sure a good laugh after he opens the box.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and is very sturdy compared to other gag gift mugs.

#8 gifts for welders: Welding Pocket Reference


1605 554 8.8

This little pocket-sized book is great for any welder. Tons of useful information from welding symbols and definitions, types of joints and welds, typical welding station configurations, oxygen cylinders, arc-welding charts, U.S metric measures, and more.

It’s a little book well worth the money, so your favorite welder can toss in his bag or toolbox.

It makes a great gift for a hobbyist or a pro as it features updated charts on how to deal with the most common situations welding workers face on the job. 

#7 gifts for welders: Slick Scratch-resistant Plasma cutting Safety Glasses


4293 1452 8.8

Welders often use a plasma cutter to cut some tubes or plates to the correct dimensions before they can start welding. 

A great gift you can give a welder is a pair of stylish sunglasses that are scratch-resistant while plasma cutting.

These Miller Electric safety glasses are ideal for plasma cutting. They are comfortable to wear, will not fall off during plasma cutting and you can even see pencil marks through these glasses! 

#6 gifts for welders: A High-Quality Chipping Hammer


15035 5014 8.8

Every welder, whether hobbyist or professional needs a high-quality chipping hammer.

There are many different chipping hammers but the Estwing chipping hammer has been unrivaled!

Made in the USA and forged in one piece for maximum durability.

The best of all is its shock reduction grip, which makes removing slag from welds a breeze for your favorite welder!

#5 gifts for welders: Best Welding Knee Pads


26361 2041 8.9

Knees of welders can be especially vulnerable as they may have to kneel to get in a good position to make the weld, or they may be working where there’s lots of scrap or junk.

Help your favorite welder to protect his body from exposure to sharp metal edges and other hot flying metal with a great pair of knee caps!

The kneepads from KP Industries have a lot of advantages for welders as they are extremely comfortable, high flexibility and an outer shell that is chemical-resistant and they can withstand extreme temperatures.

#4 gifts for welders: Carhartt Comfortable Welding Pants


26361 2104 8.9

If you are looking for a great gift idea for welders, you should definitely consider a great pair of welding pants that are NOT Levis! Levis pants are too restrictive for welding and easily wear out.

The best way to impress a welder is by giving a pair of Carhartt welding pants. These pants will fit lovely, and they’re comfortably firm in the waist, and perfectly loose and flexible everywhere you need them to be.

If the welder you are buying a gift for has to roll under trucks, weld in odd inverted positions, or crawl out of car windows… look no further: these pants are exactly what he’ll need!

#3 gifts for welders: RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves


18593 5967 9.0

One of the best gifts you can give any welder is a pair of excellent welding gloves. If you are looking for gloves that will surpass any welder’s expectation you should consider these RAPICCA Leather Welding Gloves.

They offer extreme heat protection up to 932°F! (500℃). The inside of the gloves features a 100% soft sweat absorbent cotton lining for added softness and heat resistance, which makes these gloves ideal for welding.

Top-quality gloves, made in the USA with extra safety protection of the forearms!

#2 gifts for welders: best welding tool bag


32345 9095 9.0

If you are looking for a super useful gift for a welder, we can recommend this comfortable welding tool bag with a removable helmet catch.

All his leather apparel like hammers, vice grips, pliers, combination square and tungsten will fit in the main compartment, while the gloves are handily found in the side elastic pouch. The welder’s cap and respirator can go on the other side in the drawstring pocket.

But the best part: It has loops on the sides, which can hold valuable or handy items like car keys, safety glasses, flint striker, scribe, soapstone or a pocket ruler. 


#1 gifts for welders: Welder Vintage Wall Art Photos


5257 523 9.1

Are you looking for a gift for a welder that will get him or her compliments all the time? 

Premium vintage welding photos is the answer you are looking for! 

Just look for a complimentary stylish black photo frame and you will have one of the best keepsakes any welder could imagine.

These historical conversational art pieces will be the eye-catcher of your favorite welder’s workshop or home!

What to give a welder for X-mas?

If you are looking for an original stocking filler for a welder you can gift him a very unique LEGO miniature mini-figure. If you are looking for a more original Christmas themed gift, you can consider this awesome welder ugly Christmas sweater

Alternatively, you can never go wrong with good safety gear like welding gloves or safety glasses.

Ugly Welder Christmas Sweater

Ugly Welder Christmas Sweater

What is a great gift for my welding instructor?


Welding instructors are probably the closest things to superheroes for many beginning welders, but for whatever reason, finding the right gifts to express appreciation for them can be a huge challenge.

The best gift you can give in this particular case is something cool or unique that can turn into a little keepsake for your welding instructor, like vintage wall art photos

I would recommend to look for a nice black frame and sign it with your name in the corner to give it some extra personal touch. 

What graduation gift can I give to a welder?


As beginning welders most like will not have all their tools yet, you can gift them a nice chipping hammer, a decent dead blow hammer, clamps, a storage rod for electrodes or even a new tool bag.

On the other hand, you can always give him extra safety gear, as nothing is more important than staying safe. In this case, you can look for comfortable knee-pads, new welding pants or welding gloves.

If your budget is more limited, you can also gift an awesome sticker that he or she can put on a welder’s helmet or toolbox.

Awesome Welding sticker

Looking for More Welding Gifts?

We hope you find this list with gifts for welders useful and you are now set to surprise him or her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Find more gifts for real DIY men who don’t mind to get their hands dirty in the lists below.



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