50+ Best Game Of Thrones Gifts In 2020

Are you looking for the best Game Of Thrones gifts for a die-hard GOT fan?

With almost 20 million loyal viewers in the US alone, Game Of Thrones themed gifts are immensely popular.

But with so much GOT merchandise out there, how do you find the really good gifts?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We scoured the internet, and selected the 50 very best ones and ranked them in our ultimate list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts.

From funny gadgets to high-value collectibles, we found them all!

Hold the door, for the perfect gift is coming!

Infographic top 50 cool Game Of Thrones gifts

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By: Kristof, Updated 02/28/2020

#50 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Dragon Eggs Candle Set

21523 2258 8.0

We start this list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts with the perfect item for the coming winter.

These unique candles will bring some GOT warmth & coziness to any home.

The set features 3 high-quality candles modeled after the petrified dragon eggs owned by Daenerys Targaryen.

#49 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Hodor T-shirt

21592 2184 8.0

Forget about Einstein, the quote of the year goes to a friendly giant named Hodor.

This simple yet heartwarming T-shirt immortalizes the one-word vocabulary of one of the most loveable characters in the series.

A cool gift for Game Of Thrones fans with a big heart!

#48 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: hand of the king bottle opener

12691 1982 8.1

Whenever a GOT fan invites his or her friends to a small council meeting, he or she needs to be able to offer them a refreshing drink.

With this original & cool Game Of Thrones-themed gift set, the hand of the king will leave no one thirsty!

The pin-shaped bottle opener has a magnetic back, so it will stick the fridge or anything else magnetic.

#47 cool Game Of Thones gifts: Monopoly GOT Edition

18625 3269 8.1

For the Game Of Thrones fans that like to play board games, we present this special collector’s edition of the classic Monopoly game.

All aspects of the game are customized to fit the theme, including oversized tokens, custom game board, cards, money, rules and more!

Monopoly not really your thing? Check out the GOT special edition of Risk!

#46 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: golden sigils phone case

2321 1930 8.1

Thanks to this cool gift a true Game Of Thrones fan will be able to protect his or her phone in absolute style.

This golden hard-shell protective cover features either a combination of the different sigils or focusses on one specific house.

One of our favorite Game Of Thrones gifts that can be used every day!

#45 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: map marker set

13250 1852 8.1

Real fans will immediately recognize these Game Of Thrones collectibles.

Used throughout the series to mark troop movements on strategic maps, each of these beautifully carved markers represents a specific house.

This set is not just a very cool Game Of Thrones-themed gift, it is a must-have collectible for the die-hard fans.

#44 cool Game Of Thrones Gifts: 4D Westeros Landscape

888 267 8.1

The Game of Thrones 4D Westeros landscape brings the vibrant land from the popular TV show to life featuring iconic locations such as King’s Landing, Winterfell, Casterly Rock and many more!

It includes a puzzle, topography, 3D models, replicas and markers.

The perfect gift for Game Of Thrones fans that are into puzzles and cityscapes!

#43 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Iron Throne Replica

1866 979 8.1

We can’t have a list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts without including the object what it’s all about.

The Iron Throne is the throne upon which the King of the Andals and the First Men sits, located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep in the city of King’s Landing.

Forged from the 1,000 swords that had been surrendered to Aegon in the War of Conquest, this awesome replica deserves a place in any fan’s home.

#42 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: realistic Tyrion Lannister mask

7985 1268 8.2

Tyrion Lannister is probably one of the favorite characters from the show.

Although you might not be able to fully mimic his eloquence, this hyper-realistic mask can make you look like him!

A cool Halloween gift for Game Of Thrones fans with a Lannister-sized coin purse.

#41 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: house sigils poster set

1023 852 8.2

Add a minimalistic touch of GOT to a room with this set of iconic posters.

Each one features the sigil of one of the key houses in the show: Targaryen, Stark & Lannister.

These cool posters are topped with the motto of each house and make great gifts for Game Of Thrones fans who are into home deco.

#40 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: mother of dragons earrings

17851 5522 8.3

Thanks to this cool gift a girl can feel just like the Daenerys Targaryen herself.

Everyone will bend the knee to the mother of dragons as she wears these beautifully crafted ear wraps.

They can be worn to top off a Halloween costume, but die-hard GOT fans have also been seen wearing them to school or work.

#39 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Lego Jon Snow

940 268 8.3

Combine Game Of Thrones with the most popular brand of toys in the last 50 years, and what do you get?

This super cool Lego figurine of Jon Snow is an absolute must-have collectible for true fans.

A great idea if you are looking for Game Of Thrones gifts for kids.

#38 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: House Lannister Hoodie

11251 2683 8.4

Mothers lock up your daughters!

With this house Lannister-themed hoodie, a teenage boy is bound to sweep the fair maidens of the land off their feet.

This cool and stylish gift embodies the charm & coolness of sir Jaime Lannister himself.

#37 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT tarot cards

2522 882 8.4

With the next item on our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts, you can predict the future, Westeros-style.

This full 78 card deck features major and minor arcana, and boast beautiful illustrations from the world of GOT.

It comes presented in a luxurious, gold-foiled box, and even includes a detailed manual for the tarot beginners among you.

#36 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Night's Watch Oath

15257 5788 8.4

Say the words, before the old gods or the new, and join the watch yourself!

This high-quality 30″ x 50″ wall banner holds the full oath as recited by each member of the Night’s watch.

It’s one of our favorite Game Of Thrones banner gifts and it deserves a special place in the room of any true fan.

#35 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: wax seal & raven paper

19593 1250 8.5

Finally, you can send crucial information or whispers across the seven kingdoms yourself.

This hand of the king wax seal kit contains a wax candle, a hand of the king seal, and raven paper.

The whole comes in a neat little pouch making it a cool gift for true Game Of Thrones fans.

#34 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: King Joffrey's Crown

14588 2499 8.5

Want to experience what it is like to be the first of your name, king of the Andals & the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm?

With this cool replica of King Jeoffrey’s crown you can!

Just…stay away from the wine while wearing it. You never know.

#33 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT wine stopper set

7764 1603 8.6

What better way to preserve a GOT fan’s delicious wine than with this set of premium House Sigil Wine Stoppers.

Each stopper represents one of the nobles houses from the show.

A great option if you’re looking for cool Game Of Thrones-themed housewarming gifts!

#32 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT Globe Puzzle

9891 1325 8.6

Next on our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts we have an original gadget for the GOT fan that likes a challenging puzzle.

This 3D Game of Thrones World Globe Puzzle consists of 540 jigsaw pieces and covers the whole of Westeros & Essos.

After hours of fun assembling it, this cool gift makes a great centerpiece for any room or office.

#31 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: House Stark Shield Backpack

17853 5854 8.7

Swear your allegiance to house Stark and proudly show it wherever you go.

This GOT-themed backpack is fully equipped with internal padded pockets for laptop and accessories.

Thanks to a riveted faux leather strap these house stark shield backpacks look absurdly cool when worn.

#30 cool Game of Thrones gifts: Winterfell model city

1503 522 8.7

This next cool Game Of Thrones gift is perhaps more for the collectors than for children.

It is a detailed model replica of the castle of Winterfell, the home of house Stark.

The level of detail is astonishing, as the model even includes miniature carts, wine barrels, and stones.

#29 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: dragon egg bookends

9850 1735 8.9

This deluxe set of triple bookends contains replicas of the dragon eggs that were given to Daenerys Targaryen as a wedding gift.

Each dragon egg stands 7” tall on its decorative base, and placed together they are just over 13” wide.

Use these beautiful artifacts as bookends or display them as statues on a shelf or cupboard.

#28 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: House Stark beer mug

19851 3524 9.1

Honorable bannermen to the King of the North only drink from the very best.

The specially embellished stainless steel stein has the House Stark Sigil attached to the front, above an etched logo of Game of Thrones.

A cool gift for a GOT fan that loves an ale to quench his or her thirst.

#27 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: house sigil coaster set

16520 3459 9.1

If one is to drink Game Of Thrones-style, fitting coasters to hold the drinks are called for.

This premium GOT-themed presentation box features four coasters with the sigils of four different royal houses.

These coasters make great yet inexpensive Game Of Thrones gifts.

#26 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: long sleeve shirt

1256 298 9.6

If winter is coming, you should better dress up warm!

This house Stark love sleeve shirt will keep you warm, GOT-style!

This fashionable gift is available in black, grey, brown, green or blue. So choose the color that fits your house best.

#25 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: the Hound helmet

16504 4852 9.6

Halfway our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts we find a great attribute that can be worn for Halloween, as well as displayed on a shelf as a collectible.

This replica of the Hound’s helmet makes you feel like the mighty Sandor Clegane himself.

Commoners will flee in terror as you approach. Unless you’re crossing paths with Brienne of Tarth that is!

#24 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT trivia game

1256 298 9.6

You think you are the expert when it comes to Game Of Thrones and all Westeros-related matters?

Time to put your money where your mouth is with this fun trivia game for 2 to 4 players.

To note, you can adjust questions for difficulty or organize by season to remain spoiler-free!

#23 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: hold the door mat

16504 4852 9.6

Living rooms across the country went dead-silent during the iconic scene in which the origin of Hodor’s name became clear.

That is why a true GOT fan will love receiving this fitting door mat as a gift.

A welcoming Game Of Thrones gadget that reminds visitors of one of the most touching moments from the show.

#22 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Drogon & Daenerys

1256 298 9.6

FUNKO POP! puppets are super hot right now, so we have to add at least one of them to our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts.

This cool gadget features Daenerys Targaryen riding her favorite dragon, Drogon.

One of our bestselling gifts for our younger GOT fans, as well as true collectors.

#21 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT baby onesie

16504 4852 9.6

Are you looking for a funny and original baby shower gift for GOT-loving parents?

This hilarious baby onesie is bound to be an instant hit!

It holds one of the most memorable quotes from Tyrion Lannister, be it slightly adapted towards the world of babies.

#20 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Lannister silk tie

1256 298 9.6

Proud and regal as the Lannisters themselves, this tie is a rich shade of red that features the lion sigil roaring to life.

Made of 100% woven silk, this tie will have you ruling your day like the king you were meant to be.

Also available in other versions, these unique ties are great Game Of Thrones gifts for dads.

#19 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: red wedding wine

16504 4852 9.6

Our next gift is an ideal accompaniment to a massacre of fine food.

This exquisite vintage features a range of deceptive aromas, as well as a dramatic finish.

A gruesomely delicious Game Of Thrones gift is to be enjoyed with close friends (and enemies)!

#18 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: wine glass & opener

1256 298 9.6

If you’re having some of that red wedding wine, you will want to serve it in a fitting glass.

Tyrian Lannister himself would strongly approve of this hilarious yet high-quality wine glass.

This cool gift set comes with a matching bottle opener as well, so you will be fully set!

#17 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: socks gift set

16504 4852 9.6

Celebrate the Seven Kingdoms with this men’s Game of Thrones 12 Days of Socks set.

Each pair is decorated with Great House imagery from Game of Thrones, with options ranging from black socks with “Winter is Coming” text to red socks with allover Lannister sigils.

Presented in a Game Of Thrones-themed gift box, this set holds includes 6 pairs of crew socks and 6 pairs of low-cut socks.

#16 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: personalized cutting board

1256 298 9.6

At #16 of our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts, we find the perfect present for the GOT fan who loves to cook.

This hilarious cutting board with a spoof on the iconic house Stark saying can be personalized by adding a name and year of establishment.

Made from 100% bamboo this gift is harder than walnut as well as more sustainable.

#15 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: George R.R. Martin Plush Toy

16504 4852 9.6

Our beloved show wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the brilliant mind of George R.R. Martin.

Let’s thank the old gods and the new for bringing us this gifted writer, and celebrate him with his very own plush toy.

Dressed in his trademark fisherman’s cap and suspenders, this deluxe plush version of George measures 14″ and can even talk!

#14 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT gift basket

1256 298 9.6

Surprise a birthday boy or girl with a Game of Thrones-Themed Gift Basket, fit for a King or Queen!

Each gift basket includes: one large Direwolf, a goblet, a Dragon egg filled with ‘Dragon Glass’; a crown and some tasty assorted nuts and jerky.

Decorated in true Winter fashion and ready for gift giving in a keepsake metal bucket.

#13 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: banner giftset

16504 4852 9.6

Show your friends where your true loyalty lies with this authentic GOT banner giftset.

This gift box includes 4 banner flags from the Houses, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen as well as the Map of Westeros.

Each 30″ x 50″ flag is quality made with grommets and can be used indoors or out.

#12 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Balerion The Black puzzle

1256 298 9.6

This puzzle is probably one of our most difficult yet evenly cool Game Of Thrones gifts.

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features an image of the mighty Dragon Balerion the Black.

Not too hard you might think? Just wait until you see the 1000 very similar shaded pieces in front of you!

#11 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Lannister deluxe fountain pen

16504 4852 9.6

The renowned luxury brand Montegrappa celebrates the Game Of Thrones series with a deluxe fountain pen gift set.

The cap top has been personalized with the GOT logo and features a Lannister signature clip.

The whole comes presented in an astonishing gift box, finished with a collage of GOT house sigils.

#10 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: The complete GOT DVD set

1256 298 9.6

We kick off our ultimate top 10 of cool Game Of Thrones gifts with an obvious one.

This complete DVD or Blueray set lets you relieve seasons 1 to 7 as many times as you want.

With the long expected final season almost upon us, it might be a great idea to rewatch those key episodes.

#9 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: iron throne toilet decal

16504 4852 9.6

This Iron Throne toilet decal is, without a doubt, one of our favorite Game Of Thrones gag gifts.

Turn the smallest room of your house in your personal throne room, and get ready to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

The decal is available in a vast variety of colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your current bathroom color palette.

#8 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: A Feast Of Ice & Fire

1256 298 9.6

Our next cool Game Of Thrones gift is an absolute bestseller and instant hit among GOT-loving foodies.

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a feast at Winterfell? Wish you could split a lemon cake with Sansa Stark, scarf down a pork pie with the Night’s Watch, or indulge in honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen?

This original cookbook holds the answers you seek!

#7 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Stark Targaryen Election Shirt

16504 4852 9.6

This funny T-shirt spoofs the iconic Donald Trump election shirt.

Show the Seven Kingdoms that you want to make Westeros great again! And in this case, building a wall might be a very good idea if you want to keep the white walkers out!

Although we seriously doubt they will be willing to pay for it…

#6 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Night's Watch cloak

1256 298 9.6

The male protagonist of the show is undoubtedly Jon Snow.

That is why this deluxe Night’s Watch Cloak and tunic deserve a place in our ultimate list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts.

Make no mistake, this is not your everyday cheap Halloween costume. It is handmade with high-quality materials, resulting in a truly impressive replica of the real deal.

#5 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Longclaw sword

16504 4852 9.6

This life-size steel replica of Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw, adds a unique GOT touch to any study or room.

If you’re more of a fan of the legendary Brienne of Tarth, check out Oathkeeper.

Or if you don’t have room for an actual sword, Longclaw is also available in letter opener format.

#4 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: GOT Bed Sheets

1256 298 9.6

Winter is coming you say?

In that case better to stay snuggled up in a warm bed just a little while longer!

A cool Game Of Thrones gift for young and old GOT fans alike.

#3 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: House Stark Cufflinks

16504 4852 9.6

Pay homage to the Lord of Winterfell while elevating your style with these deluxe stainless steel cufflinks.

They feature the direwolf sigil of House Stark raised over a matte black enamel background. The swivel backing is finished with an etched Game of Thrones Logo.

Or perhaps this pair of house Lannister cufflinks are more to your taste?

#2 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: Iron Throne egg cup

1256 298 9.6

Is your egg worthy to sit upon the Iron Throne?

This inexpensive cool Game Of Thrones gift will add a Westerosi touch to your breakfast.

But be aware, much yolk has already been spilled over the dominion of this miniature throne.

#1 cool Game Of Thrones gifts: The Complete Book Set

16504 4852 9.6

At the very top of our list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts we find, and how could it have been otherwise, the complete book set by George R.R. Martin.

A Song Of Ice & Fire holds 5 leather-cloth-bound editions of the first five novels that inspired the Game Of Thrones show.

Presented in a beautiful box worthy of this epic epos, this complete set will be devoured instantly by any true fan of the series.

How do I choose the right Game Of Thrones gifts?

Although a true GOT fan will appreciate most Game Of Thrones related gifts, here are some tips to zero down on the best ones for your specific case:

  • Ask yourself whether the recipient has a favorite character? If so, try to find Game Of Thrones gifts related to him or her.
  • If your buying for a true GOT collector, they will probably appreciate the more original and unique items. A great Game Of Thrones gift idea in such a case could be this map marker set or this Lannister fountain pen.
  • In case of douth, go for funny Game Of Thrones gifts such as this election shirt or this Iron Throne toilet decal.

What are cool Game Of Thrones gifts for women?

First of all, many female GOT fans like exactly the same Game Of Thrones related gifts as their male counterparts. Why wouldn’t they?

That being said, there are some cool Game Of Thrones gifts that score better with women as men:

What are cool Game Of Thrones gifts for children?

Honestly, seeing the level of violence & nudity that is portrayed in this show, we would actually recommend you to think twice before letting children watch it.

Nonetheless, if you are buying for a child that is a fan of a magical realm with dragons, giants, and Kings & Queens, there are many Game Of Thrones toys that can be considered as a gift.

Our personal favorite is these FUNKO POP! Daenerys & Drogon puppets. A cute, yet strong female heroin figure on a mythical beast!

Looking for More Cool Gift Ideas For GOT Fans?

Hope you find this list of cool Game Of Thrones gifts useful, and you are now set to surprise the die-hard GOT fan in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list you can click the button or if you just like to see more gift ideas for him just click that button.


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