18 Very Best Gifts For Hikers & Backpackers

Your looking for the perfect gift for a hiking or backpacking fanatic?

Great idea. Research shows that such people absolutely love to receive a gift that is related to their favorite hobby.

But, you have no clue where to start looking for hiking gifts?

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified the 18 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers that will make them want to hit the outdoors immediately.

To note, in case your are buying for a more recreational walker, we made a seperate list of gifts for walkers.

Top 18 Very Best Gifts For Hikers & Backpackers

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By: Kristof, Updated 02/28/2020

#18 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: be prepared bracelet

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You never know what can happen during a hike, and a prepared man or woman is worth two.

This ingenious bracelet combines 5 crucial tools that will come in handy in case of an emergency.

It includes a loud whistle, a firestarter, an emergency knife, a reliable compass and 12 feet of military-grade paracord. All of this easily carried around the wrist!

#17 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: sun hat with hidden net

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Just imagine: you’re exhausted and sweaty, but you have the burning sun on your neck while being viciously attacked by mosquitoes.

In order to offset one of the most irritating inconveniences we offer one of our very best gifts for hikers & backpackers, this sun hat.

It has a hidden mesh net compartment on the top that conceals a full head mosquito & bug guard.

#16 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: portable phone charger

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These days people rely on their phone for everything. There are apps for maps, compasses, altitude meters, etc.

As many hikers or backpackers might be counting on their phone to find their way back, a dead battery could mean big trouble.

Enter, the opportunity for a thoughtful gift. This portable charger is extremely compact while boasting a huge capacity.

#15 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: wait bag

13003 2582 8.4

A prepared hiker always brings key items along on his walk.

For those hikers that don’t like to carry a full-sized backpack, there is this handy waist bag by Waterfly.

It is waterproof, offers plenty of space as well as a stable water bottle holder.

The adjustable belt also allows the bag to be carried in several different ways.

#14 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: dog daypack

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Next is one of our best gifts for hikers & backpackers who love to bring their dog along.

Although the companionship is great, it does mean you have to carry extra supplies such as food, bowls, and water.

With this nifty daypack harness the dog can carry his own stuff, while the bright color makes him very visible, even at night or when he’s in the bushes.

#13 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: leatherman multitool

18492 8847 8.5

Having a reliable pair of tools when you’re out and about is crucial.

Leatherman is the golden standards when it comes to multitools, and the Wingman is equipped with 14 tools, including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file, and a ruler.

A useful gift that hikers or backpackers will very often rely on.

#12 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: pocket picnic blanket

13941 5871 8.5

Nobody likes to sit in the dirt. Gift a hiker or backpacker this pocket picnic blanket and he or she will never have to anymore.

It is 100% water, wind, and sand proof, and can easily seat 2 adults and 4 children comfortably.

All of this while folding into a compact bag that you can simply slide into your pocket or attach it to your pack with its carabiner.

#11 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: lifestraw filtration system

566 173 8.5

This thing is no joke! You can always run out of water, and when you do, the survival clock starts running.

The Lifestraw is, therefore, a great gift for hikers & backpackers that can potentially be lifesaving.

The microfiltration membrane removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites, as well as small microplastics.

#10 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: emergency thermal blanket

31772 7670 8.6

Besides thirst, heat will be a key concern for hikers & backpackers alike.

Whether you get caught in a storm or lost your way and have to spend the night in the woods, an emergency thermal is a must-have addition to your kit.

The blankets are extremely compact & lightweight and made from military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar.

#9 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: reliable headlamp

9222 2948 8.7

Our list of very best gifts for hikers & backpackers has to include a headlamp.

While you’re in the outdoors you will want to keep your hands free so you can read a map or ensure your stability.

This bestselling headlamp by Cobitz will stay on your head despite movement, while different modes allow you to adjust the lightning to your needs. For example, refocussing when reading a map vs illuminating long-range.

#8 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers

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A true hiker will want to keep track of his or her location no matter he or she is.

But pulling out your phone every 5 mins is not very pleasant. And on top, apps are rarely accurate.

This hiking GPS by Garmin is, therefore, a favorite gift for hikers & backpackers. It keeps track of routes, tracks, and waypoints, and ensure performance and reception in heavy tree cover or deep canyons.

#7 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: rain jacket

19383 4221 8.8

Rain & wind will not hold this hiker or backpacker from going out there.

This high quality rain jacket is as stylish as it is effective, and folds into a compact little pouch.

You can choose out of different colors. For the women there is also a female version available.

#6 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: trekking poles

9475 1555 8.8

Thanks to this gift a hiker or backpacker will move faster, further, and with less effort.

Foxelli trekking poles are made of ultra-light 100% carbon fiber material, which minimizes the impact on joints and even absorbs any noise so you continue your walk in serenity.

The quick lock technology allows users to adjust the pole’s length quickly and easily while firmly holding its position.

#5 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: first aid kit

10539 2998 8.9

The outdoors can be a treacherous place, and little accidents do tend to happen.

When they do, a hiker will be very happy he or she brought a first aid kit with the bare necessities to treat any wound or blister.

This is one those gifts that are often given by moms before hikers or backpackers leave on a big adventure.

#4 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: compression knee brace

11201 3050 9.0

Hiking can be very demanding on the knees, so some extra support can be a very welcome gift.

The Powerlix compression knee brace is the favorite among hikers, runners & powerlifters.

Besides offering unparalleled support and comfort, it also looks much more fashionable than other models on the market.

#3 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: darn tough hiking socks

17447 6889 9.3

Every hiker or backpacker fears painful feet or blisters. The easiest way to avoid this is by wearing high-quality hiking socks.

These socks by Darn Tough definitely didn’t steal their name. With 1441 stitches per square inch they provide extra cushioning, durability, and a foot-hugging fit.

The pair depicted here are men’s socks, but they are also available for women.

#2 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: foot massager

1613 602 9.4

After a long day of hiking those feet deserve some rest.

Give a hiker or backpacker this foot massager as a gift and he or she will be able to pamper his or her feet like never before.

With several massage heads and even a heating function, it is no surprise this device is an absolute bestseller.

#1 very best gifts for hikers & backpackers: a quality water bottle

15338 3004 9.5

The most used tool of any hiker, besides his shoes, is his water bottle.

That is why at the top of our list of very best gifts for hikers & backpackers we have this high-quality water bottle by Embrava.

Besides an ergonomic and stylish design, it offers shatter resistant durability, a dust-proof & leak-proof lid and a tough carry strap.


How do I choose the right gift for a hiker or backpacker?

The best hiking or backpacking gifts are items or pieces of equipment that enable an enthusiast to enjoy his or her passion for the outdoors even more.

In order to avoid gifts he or she already has, try to check upfront via hiking or backpacking friends what items are not owned, or which are need of a replacement.

This is also a great opportunity to get thoughtful insights. If you can mention while handing over the gift that you heard he or she has been struggling with a bad knee, and that is why you bought a compression knee brace, it shows you are involved in his or her life and passions.

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Looking for More Gift Ideas?

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