20 Cool Lego Gifts For Adults

Why consider Lego gifts for adults? Because Lego is probably one of the most popular toys ever created.

The times when only children get to play and enjoy it are long gone! Today people of all ages are having fun assembling the craziest and most detailed builds imaginable.

Bottom line? If you are looking for illustrious and unique Lego gifts for adults, you’ve come to the right place!

After scouring the internet and a very long debate amongst fellow Lego fanatics, we created this top 20 list of cool Lego gifts for adults in 2022.

Great Lego Gifts

In this article you will find:

20. R2-D2

Lego R2 D2

We start this list of cool Lego gifts for adults with a little robot that first stole our hearts back in the 80s.

Now you can gift someone hours of fun assembling one of the favorite characters from the Star Wars saga.

Once finished, this little guy deserves a prominent place in the house!

19. Eiffel Tower

Lego Eiffel Tower

Ask people to list the most iconic landmarks in the world and 9 out of 10 will mention the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Thanks to this great Lego gift set, you can recreate an impressive replica of a famous Parisian structure.

This edition is very rare though, so the price tag is unfortunately not for the faint of heart.

18. Bugatti Chiron

Lego Bugatti Chiron

Many boys and men out there are dreaming of owning an exclusive Bugatti Chiron.

Although most of them might not be able to get the real deal, they can have this amazing Lego Technic model version.

A great Lego gift for the car enthusiast!

17. Death Star

Lego Death Star

OK, so you knew this bad boy was going to appear somewhere on this list!

With the Star Wars saga being among the most loved movies ever, the humungous Death Star just had to be on this list of greatest Lego gifts for adults.

With more than 4000 pieces and a ton of figurines, it promises endless hours of building and playing fun.

16. Ewok Village

Lego Ewok Village

If we are adding the Death Star to our list of cool Lego gifts for adults, we also have to include its equally iconic counterpart from The Return of the Jedi.

Besides a full-fledged suspended Ewok village, this set includes R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, 2 rebel soldiers, 5 Ewoks, 2 Scout Troopers, and 2 Stormtroopers.

15. Roller Coaster

Lego Roller Coaster

Build a fully functioning fairground roller coaster with 2 trains, lots of big dips, and even a cotton candy machine.

This set is probably one of our favorite non-themed lego gifts for adults.

It also won the 2019 Toy of the Year award.

14. Medieval Market

Lego Medieval

This Medieval market deserves a place on our list of cool Lego gifts for adults because of its stunning level of detail.

You will feel as if you’re in the middle of a medieval story.

An absolutely beautiful and fun Lego set to build.

13. SHIELD Helicarrier

Shield Helicarrier

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, this SHIELD Helicarrier is just a darn impressive build.

Besides being freaking huge, it includes 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, gasoline trucks, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runways, 4 road blockades, and an armored exterior with translucent elements, a detailed interior, and 12 decorated micro figures.

Of course, this great lego gift for adults wouldn’t be complete without our Avenger heroes themselves!

12. The Batmobile

Lego Batmobile

Although the Dark Knight trilogy is probably the best movie adaptation of Batman ever, there will always be only one true Batmobile.

This ultimate collector’s edition honors the original model with an absolutely beautiful build.

A must-have Lego gift for the DC fanatics among you.

11. Hogwarts Castle

Lego Hogwarts

Build an iconic Hogwarts Castle replica from the Harry Potter series, with classrooms, towers, Whomping Willow, Hagrid’s hut, and five buildable boats.

This collectible Harry Potter merchandise item includes 4 LEGO Harry Potter figurines: a Godric Gryffindor figure, Helga Hufflepuff figure, Salazar Slytherin figure, and Rowena Ravenclaw figure.

With a staggering 6020 pieces, this great Lego gift for adults will keep true fans entertained for a very long time.

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Lego Hogwarts

All aboard the magical train!

The Harry Potter books and movies have made us all dream of magic & wizards again.

Now you can create your very own adventures with this iconic 800-piece Hogwarts Express Lego set.

9. NASA Apollo Saturn V

Lego Saturn V Rocket

Space travel is hotter than ever.

The iconic Saturn V was developed to support the Apollo program for human exploration of the Moon.

Not just one of the greatest Lego gifts for adults of all time, but also a tribute to one of the greatest human achievements in history.

8. The Big Bang Theory

Lego Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century. It’s been going for almost 12 seasons now.

People just love this great show that centers on two Californian physicists and a loveable aspiring actress/waitress.

A true collector’s item Lego build that deserves “its own spot”.

7. Avengers: Infinity War

Lego Avengers Infinity War

Let’s face it, Avengers: Infinity War is probably one of the greatest movies ever made.

From the release of the first trailer until the cliffhanger snap of Thanos his fingers, it had people on the edge of their seats.

Hence we cannot have a list of the cool Lego gifts for adults time without including our favorite Avengers set!

6. United States Capitol Building

Lego Capitol Building

The Lego Architecture collection was originally created to suit an adult audience, but quickly found a huge fan base among teenagers.

This beautiful scale model of the US Capitol Building is a great homage as well as a centerpiece.

For the true collectors among you, Lego also has a matching Lincoln Memorial set.

5. Parisian Restaurant

Lego Parisian Restaurant

Next on our list of the greatest Lego gifts for adults is a more classical design.

You will have a great time building this iconic Haussmann-style Parisian restaurant, and the final result is just mesmerizing.

Capturing the smallest details while including a chef, waitress, and even a romantic couple, this is a must-have set for a Lego fanatic.

4. LOTR: Sauron’s Tower

Lego Saurons Tower

Are you kidding me? Lord Of The Rings AND Lego? Shut up and take my money already!

The tower of Orthanc features 6 detailed floors with functions and measures over a staggering 28″.

I’d better hurry up though, as Lego stopped producing it. Buy the last ones in stock today!

3. The Black Pearl

Lego The Black Pearl

This is one of our favorite Lego gifts for adults of all time, not just because it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, but also because pirate ships are Lego classics.

This replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s precious Pearl is crafted from more than 800 pieces.

It holds six figurines, including Davy Jones, Mr. Gibbs, and, of course, Jack himself. Time to be a real pirate!

2. Disney’s Magic Castle

Lego Disney Magic Castle

A worldwide recognized icon and flagship attraction, Cinderella Castle is the fairy tale castle that stands at the heart of the Disney theme parks.

You better clear your agenda, because this masterpiece consists of a whopping 4000 pieces and, once finally assembled, measures over 29′′ high and 18.8′′ wide.

It goes to such a level of detail that its second-floor room even features buildable dark-blue curtains with curtain poles, an ornate buildable candelabra and rose, and glass case elements.

1. Ultimate Millennium Falcon – Collector Edition

Lego Millennium Falcon

Meet the most detailed and largest Millennium Falcon model Lego has ever created.

This collector edition is absolutely huge (33″x22″) and holds a ton of detailed interior & exterior features.

Although it rightfully deserves first place in our list of cool Lego gifts for adults in 2020, it’s unfortunately also the most expensive set.

What are the best Lego gifts for adults?

The best Lego gifts for adults are those sets that offer countless hours of building and playing fun. Although a larger and more complex set will, of course, lead to more fun, it doesn’t mean smaller sets are not appreciated. Try to also identify whether the recipient of your Lego gift is a fan of certain themes (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc) or other specific topics (architectural builds, Lego classics, etc).

If you are buying a gift for a true Lego fanatic, you will also want to make sure he or she doesn’t have a certain build yet. Lego, unfortunately, is not cheap, especially if you’re shopping among the bigger or more rare sets. Hence, you want that money to be well spent. Check with friends or family for great tips or advice on which Lego gifts to buy and which not.

What are great Lego gifts for women?

First of all, many female fans like exactly the same great Lego gifts as their male counterparts. Why wouldn’t they?

That being said, there are some Lego gifts that score better with women:

What are unique Lego gifts for adults?

Unique Lego gifts for adults are those builds that are related to a topic or theme that the recipient loves (f.e. Star Wars), that offer a challenge due to their complexity, or that can be used as a decorative item (f.e. architectural builds).

Here are some great examples of unique Lego gifts for adults:

Looking for More Cool Lego Gift Ideas For Adults?

I hope you found this list of cool Lego gifts for adults useful and that you are now set to treat yourself or a loved one with the ultimate Lego gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list, you can click the button, or if you just like to see more top 10 gift ideas, just click that button.

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