35+ Best Gifts For Police Officers In 2022

Are you looking for the most original & best gifts for police officers?

Then you have come to the right place!

From police academy graduation gifts to police officer retirement gift, we have them all.

We listened to real law enforcement officers and found out which items they would love to receive. The result is this ultimate top 35+ of best gifts for police officers.

They’re so good they should be illegal! Let’s check them out!

Infographic top 36 best gifts for police officers

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By: Jess, Updated 11/17/2021

#36 best gifts for police officers: Personalized Bobblehead

15257 5788 8.1

We start this list of best gifts for police officers with a hilarious gadget that deserves a special place in any law enforcement officer’s cruiser.

Just provide a picture of the person you are buying for and you will receive a hysterical personalized bobblehead wearing a little police uniform.

Without a doubt one of our most popular policy academy graduation gifts.

#35 useful gifts for police officers: patrol ready duty bag

19593 1250 8.2

For an LEO, a trustworthy duty bag is an absolutely essential piece of equipment as it carries all his or her gear.

Clipboards, pens, cuffs, gloves, hand sanitizer, drug testing kits, and many more, all need to be safely stored and easily accessible while on patrol.

This bestselling patrol ready duty bag is, therefore, one of the most useful gifts for police officers in this list. Don’t believe us? Just check out the product reviews!

#34 police academy graduation gift: shirt stays

14588 2499 8.2

Another very useful gift for police officers is a set of shirt stays.

As with any law enforcement or military branch, an officer’s uniform and appearance should always be immaculate.

Thanks to these stays an LEO’s shirt will stay comfortably tucked in an entire working day. Whether you’re looking for a useful policy academy graduation gift or buying for a seasoned vet, you can’t go wrong with these shirt stays.

#33 gifts for new police officers: rite in rain notepad

7764 1603 8.3

Wind or rain, a police officer will always be out there performing his duty.

However, he or she can’t always find shelter when writing a ticket or taking notes on a case.

Enter a great gift idea for police officers: a (w)rite in the rain notepad. Its all-weather paper won’t turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive the accidental laundry mishap.

#32 police academy graduation gift: tactical ballpoint pen

9891 1325 8.4

Ok, so we’ve sorted out the paper, but what about a trustworthy pen?

The Atomic bear is a pen that never fails. Made from military-grade aluminum it can take a beating and can even be used as a self-defense weapon.

Tip: get it engraved to create an original and personalized police academy graduation gift.

#31 best gifts for police officers: real bullet shot glass

17853 5854 8.4

Safety is a police officer’s primary concern, and each and every one of them hope he or she will never be fired upon.

That is why the only time an LEO likes to hear “shots fired” is when drinking a shot from this beautifully crafted glass using a real .308 bullet.

One of our popular gift ideas for police academy graduates.

#30 police academy graduation gift: st. michael's token

1503 522 8.4

St Michael, the Archangel, defends us in battle and is the protector against evil and wickedness. He is, therefore, the patron saint of police officers.

Let your beloved LEOs know that you really pray for their safety and that at the end of their shifts that they return to their families safely.

This crafted 2 sided coin featuring a moving police officer prayer on the back is a perfect gift for anyone currently serving or planning to serve in law enforcement.

#29 best gifts for police officers: odor eliminating spray

9850 1735 8.4

Next, we have another one of those must-have useful gifts for police officers.

What to do with tactical gear that gets sweaty & while during patrol? You can’t just throw them in the washer.

This police-grade odor eliminating spray will effectively remove body odor and all types of odors present in law enforcement including vomit, urine, smoke and other filth.

#28 gift ideas for police officers: magnetic mic holder

19851 3524 8.5

When asking police officers about the best gift they ever received, the answer often is the magnetic mic holder.

It is clear that the companies that put the radio gear in the police vehicles don’t take the time to get the opinions from the LEOs who use them every day. If they did, they would put these useful magnetic mic clips in each and every cruiser.

The one item every law enforcement officer should get immediately, preferably even as police academy graduation gift.

#27 personalized police officer gifts: engraved wine tumbler

16520 3459 8.5

After a hard day of protecting and serving a police officer has more than earned a nice glass of wine.

With this engraved wine tumbler she will be able to sit back and relax while knowing her service is highly appreciated by all.

One of our bestselling gifts for female police officers.

#26 police academy graduation gift: metal clipboard

1256 298 8.6

At No. 26 of our list of best gifts for police officers we find … a clipboard?

Indeed, a sturdy metal clipboard that allows an officer to take care of all the paperwork while on patrol is a highly appreciated present.

Especially the interior storage space that can hold tickets, notes, or other forms is an absolute must-have for any LEO.

#25 useful gifts for police officers: magazine speed reloader

16504 4852 8.6

If you are looking for the best gadget gift for police officers look no further.

The RangeTray takes all the stress of handloading or unloading your magazines away. A task which police officers need to complete on a daily basis.

The loader comes in a variety of colors and has more than 250 reviews and a 5-star rating.

#24 funny law enforcement gifts: matching onesie & shirt

14596 3495 8.6

For police officers that just became a parent we offer these funny gifts.

This hysterical onesie and matching shirt makes a fitting pun about how the roles are now reversed.

An adorable matching clothing set which makes a perfect gift idea for Halloween or as Christmas stocking stuffer!

#23 best gifts for police officers: tactical gloves

11350 2452 8.6

Every LEO needs a pair of sturdy gloves while on patrol.

Whether it is to protect his hands during a search or while confronting an assailant, the right pair of gloves is indispensable.

These rugged gloves with reinforced palm, knuckle padding, and double stitching, are intended for heavy use and an absolutely great gift idea for police officers.

#22 funny law enforcement gifts: badge opener

3405 888 8.6

These hilarious badge bottle openers are very often purchased as police academy graduation gifts.

And it’s immediately clear why!

Celebrate an academy graduate getting his ‘first badge’ with this hysterical gag gift.

#21 gift ideas for police academy graduate: shock resistant tactical watch

1234 421 8.7

An LEO needs to be able to tell the exact time at any moment to effectively do his duty.

But seeing the nature of his job, he needs a watch that is tough enough to withstand severe punishment and that isn’t going to get broken or scratched up after some rough and tumble.

The G-shock is an absolute favorite among cops. In one of the reviews an LEO even reported having forgotten it in his pants while throwing them in the washer and drier … and it still works perfectly!

#20 best law enforcement gifts: locker organizer

2149 707 8.7

At No. 20 of our list of best gifts for police officers we find another useful gadget.

With all that gear it becomes a challenge for an officer to keep his locker organized.

No more thanks to this nifty locker organizer. It features a wide range of pockets and holsters tailored to fit typical police equipment.

#19 st michael police gifts: police prayer

21943 3331 8.7

Are you looking for a touching police academy graduation gift for a family member or close friend?

Perhaps give him or her one of these beautiful and moving personalized police prayers.

A fitting law enforcement graduation gift that also includes miniature copies that fit in a wallet.

#18 best gifts for police officers: portable espresso maker

336 112 8.8

For the LEO that truly enjoys a high-quality cup of coffee during the day we offer this portable espresso maker.

Using the standard Nespresso capsules, he can make the perfect brew wherever he or she is.

A useful gift for police officers with a fine sense of taste.

#17 police academy graduation gift: aviator sunglasses

609 235 8.8

When making a list of the best gifts for police officers we just have to include the iconic aviator sunglasses.

These pair of fashionable Ray-Bans will never go out of style while offering quality protection against the sun.

Also available in wide range of male, female, & unisex colors.

#16 gifts for police officers graduation: tactical folding knife

1596 446 8.8

Most law enforcement officers carry a pocket knife, and some will even carry more than one.

This is because every officer knows that the tools they carry on the job can drastically change the outcome of a situation. And whether it is to quickly cut a seatbelt to save a life or to help gain entry, a trustworthy knife is indispensable.

The CRKT-M16 is probably one of the best tactical folding knives out there, and one of our most popular gifts for new police officers.

#15 useful gifts for police officers: ultimate compression socks

3104 1040 8.8

Before you start laughing, you should know that a quality pair of socks is actually an indispensable piece of gear for an LEO.

When patrolling while wearing heavy protective boots, an officer’s feet do get to endure a lot.

That is why this pair of high-quality compression socks, although being perhaps less original, are considered one of the most appreciated useful gifts for police officers.

#14 police officer retirement gifts: badge cookie cutter

980 303 8.9

This badge-shaped cookie cutter is often given as a gag police officer retirement gift (“Now that you’re off the job, you can start baking cookies!”) or Christmas stocking stuffer.

However, it’s also an original and useful tool for family members & friends to help gather money for the precinct by doing a themed cookie sale.

Either way, a lovely little law enforcement gift idea. Bonus tip: get it engraved to add a personalized touch.

#13 gift ideas for new police officer: rugged flash drive

6005 2202 8.9

In this digital era law enforcement officers also often need a trustworthy flash drive.

However, as things can get rough sometimes, it needs to be able to take a punch.

This rugged flash drive does exactly that and is, therefore, a very useful gift for police officers.

#12 police academy graduation gift: lunchbox cooler

1621 490 9.0

As an LEO already needs to carry a lot of gear, a handy lunchbox that keeps his or her food & drinks neatly packed can be a great gift idea for both experienced as new police officers.

This bestselling tactical lunch bag is celebrated for its design and efficacy. You don’t even have to put an ice pack in there to keep the food cold throughout the day if you have two cold water bottles in there with the food it stays cool until lunchtime.

Available in fitting colors such as ranger green, swat black, coyote brown, and multicam.

#11 police academy graduation gift: handheld clothes steamer

4767 1679 9.0

As we mentioned before in this list of best gifts for police officers, an immaculate uniform is a base requirement for any LEO.

For those officers that don’t want to bring their uniform to the dry cleaners all the time, we offer this useful gift idea?

The HiLife is a handheld steamer that will get your uniform in pristine condition wherever you may be.

#10 best gifts for police officers: autoseal coffee mug

1981 898 9.1

When it comes to presents for police officers, most people immediately think of coffee & doughnuts.

Although this is, of course, a funny stereotype, there is actually ground for a useful gift idea.

This auto-seal coffee mug is probably one of the best mugs out there. And what makes it the perfect gift for a law enforcement officer is the fact that it only releases liquid when pressing a button. A great feature for an LEO that needs to be ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice.

#9 funny law enforcement gifts: hand sanitizer

16744 3521 9.1

On of our all-time favorite Christmas gifts for police officers is this simple yet useful stocking stuffer.

Every cop will have hand sanitizer in his or her duty bag, this simply because an LEO is faced with some gruesome stuff on a daily basis.

The saying “you can never have enough Purell” therefore definitely applies to law enforcement gifts.

#8 Useful gifts for cops: thermal base layers

1497 751 9.2

No matter how cold it gets, a police officer will go out there to keep us all safe.

But that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t get cold while being out on the job.

That is why a set of high-end thermal layers is a great gift idea for law enforcement officers, especially those who live in colder areas.

#7 police academy graduation gift: rechargeable hand warmer

17004 5594 9.2

Besides thermal layers, let’s also not forget about the hands.

This rechargeable hand warmer will provide some comforting heat to freezing hands while out on patrol.

Moreover, this useful gift for police offers also doubles as a power bank, so it can recharge a phone or flashlight when needed.

#6 best gifts for law enforcement officers: the must read book

1188 656 9.3

We can’t have a list of best gifts for police officers without mentioning at least one great book.

Emotional survival for law enforcement officers is an absolute must-read for any LEO or his direct family members.

It tackles the different fears, thrills and difficult moments an officer faces while on the job, and this in a very open and non-taboo way.

#5 police officer retirement gifts: thin blue line flag

5941 2209 9.3

At No. 5 of our list of great gift ideas for police officers we find the thin blue line flag.

It is a proud symbol of support for all the American LEO’s who go out to protect us each and every day.

Usually this flag is given as a police academy graduation gift or as a police officer retirement gift.

#4 police academy graduation gift: vintage boot polish kit

32453 7956 9.4

Have you ever noticed that a law enforcement officer’s boots will always look immaculate?

That is because during police academy training perfect maintenance of equipment and gear is drilled into recruits.

With this vintage booth polish kit an LEO will be able to keep his or her boots in mint condition for every patrol. A useful gift for policer officers which can also be customized & personalized by adding the LEO’s name.

#3 police academy graduation gift: stinger flashlight

2783 994 9.5

An LEO can never have enough flashlights.

And Streamlight has set the new standard for what makes a real high-quality flashlight. It shines so brightly it will blind a perp even in broad daylight. It has a long-life battery and is easily rechargeable.

Whether you are looking for police academy graduation gifts or a useful appreciation gift for an experienced officer, you cannot go wrong with this flashlight.

#2 best gifts for police officers: flashlight belt holster

9567 3795 9.5

If you’re sure the LEO you are buying for already has enough flashlights, think about giving him or her the perfect belt holster.

The Nextorch tactical flashlight holster is definitely one of the best duty belt holsters out there. It will keep an LEO’s torch well in place, even during pursuits or brawls, while still being easily accessible when needed.

Make it a personalized police gift by having a name or badge number engraved on it.

#1 police officer retirement gifts: personalized decanter

25492 8840 9.6

At the very top of our list of best gifts for police officers we find a fitting item to celebrate the ending of a law enforcement officer’s career.

This beautiful decanter can be personalized with a carefully etched badge number & name.

Without a doubt one of our favorites when it comes to police officer retirement gifts.

What is a great police academy graduation gift?

The graduation ceremony is an important moment in a cadet’s life. After months of hard work, he or she is finally receiving that long-coveted badge. Celebrating this milestone with a great graduation gift is definitely called for.

Here are some tips to find the one gift that a police academy graduate will absolutely love:

  • You can never go wrong with buying some useful equipment or gear. Although a police officer will be issued certain items, there is much extra equipment that would be very useful. Great examples are a Patrol Ready Duty Bag, a Magnetic Mic Holder, or a Magazine Speed Reloader.
  • Mark this joyous occasion by giving a police academy graduate a personalized gift, such as an Engraved Pen.
  • An LEO’s uniform must always be immaculate, that is why useful cleaning items make for great police academy graduation gifts. A Boot Polish Kit, Shirt Stays, or a Handheld Clothes Steamer are all good gift ideas.
  • St Michael’s is the patron saint of Police officers, giving a small gift that relating to this reminds a new police officer that you are praying for them to stay safe while out on the job. That is why St. Michael’s Tokens or a Personalized Police Prayer are very popular police academy graduation gifts.

What is the best retirement gift for a police officer?

Like with any other profession, retirement is a big step for a police officer. Leaving the force after several decades of services is an emotional moment for any LEO and deserves a fitting gift.

The best retirement gift for a police officer is, therefore, a keepsake that reminds a retired LEO of the job, the comradery between cops, and all the good he or she accomplished throughout the years.

When it comes to retirement gifts for police officers, there are several routes:

  • Funny retirement gifts: it’s more than ok to take one last crack at your retiring colleague or beloved LEO family member. Go for the typical Hilarious Coffee Mug or a Personalized Police Bobblehead.
  • Personalized retirement gifts: give a retiring law enforcement officer a personalized keepsake that he or she can prominently display around the house. An example is this beautiful Engraved Police Badge Decanter
  • Non-police related retirement gifts: if you think a retiring LEO will already receive enough police-themed retirement gifts, you can also go for a completely unrelated item. We already talked in a separate article on how to find the best retirement gifts for men.

What is a good Christmas gift for Police officers?

When it comes to Christmas gifts for Police officers, an LEO would usually be happy receiving any of the gifts mentioned in our above list.

However, you can also go for the typical Christmas-themed gag gifts, such as this hideous but hysterical Police Navidad Xmas Sweater.

If you’re looking for small stocking stuffers, what about going for a box of Disposable Latex Gloves, so your LEO is fully equipped for his next full-body cavity search. Or perhaps some Purell Hand Sanitizer for the next call that ends up being a dirty job.

What is a great gift for female police officers?

Right of the bat, there is no reason why female police officers wouldn’t enjoy receiving the same gifts as their male counterparts. They need the same gear and share the same passion for the job.

That being said, there might be a chance a female LEO enjoys this delicious gift set including a Chocolate Gun & Handcuffs even more than her male partner.

Looking For More Useful Gifts For Police Officers?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for police officers useful, and you are now set to surprise the law enforcement officer in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more gifts? Have a look at our gifts for judges & gifts for real men.


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