Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Him

Are you thinking about getting him a gift with a more personal touch?

Great idea! Men indeed love to receive gifts that have some form of customization.

Bottom line? You can make any gift even more special by adding a personal message or hook to it!

And for this top 10 list we went out and searched for the most original and unique personalized gifts for him.

Let’s have a look!

Title Infographic for our top 10 personalized gifts for him

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#10 Personalized Gifts for Him: Mens Accessory Station

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First on our list of great personalized gifts for him is this his little man-corner where he can place all his small personal belongings.

He’ll never lose his watch, wallet or wedding ring again.

To make it unique you can his name, a logo, or a personal message.

#9 Personalized Gifts for Him: Wallet With His Name

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Because they wear them in their back pockets, men tend to need a new wallet quite often.

Add his name to this beautifully handcrafted genuine leather wallet.

Add a personal touch to this traditional Christmas gift.

#8 personalized gifts for him: Laser Engraved Keychain

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With this laser engraved key chain he will always have a picture of his loved ones close by.

Your photo is etched on the keychain and not printed making it last forever.

Tip: use a picture of him with his son or daughter, he’ll love it!

#7 personalized gifts for him: Sound Wave Canvas

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Literally tell him you love him with a canvas. Or maybe just immortalize his best, or worst, dad joke?

Your message will be transformed into the matching sound wave, and printed on this stylish canvas.

He will definitely give this original gift a prominent place in his home.

#6 best personalized gifts for him: a personalized hammer

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Every man needs a hammer! To do manly stuff…

Why don’t you give him a piece he will cherish forever because it holds a personalized message?

Make it sentimental or funny, he will absolutely love it and use it every weekend while he’s up and about around his home!

#5 personalized gifts for him: push pin travel map

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Does he like to travel? Then this personalized travel map might be a great gift.

He can mark each location or country with a little pin after visiting it.

You can add a personal little text, as well as choose the color, size and frame of the canvas.

#4 best personalized gifts for him: Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

8841 1109 8.8

Does he enjoy a glass of whiskey once in a while?

Then he will love this personalized decanter and matching glasses. You can choose the engraving text and style, it can be the same for each item or different.

The bottles and glasses come presented in a premium wooden box, again with a nice engraving.

#3 best personalized gifts for him: toiletry bag

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Another great personalized gift for him is this artisanal genuine leather toiletry bag.

Although a traditional gift to give men, you can make this one more unique and original by adding his initials or name.

He is bound to be proud of this manly genuine leather bag wherever he goes.

#2 best personalized gifts for him: Your Own Cartoon Family Portrait

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A truly original and unique gift for a man who used to, or still loves, watching cartoons.

You just need to provide a picture each individual you want to have drawn, as well as the name of the favorite cartoon.

The artist will do the rest and create a truly unique personalized gift for him.

#1 best personalized gifts for him: Engraved Wooden Watch

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You can’t go more original and fashionable than this 100% ebony wooden watch with a personal engraving.

This remarkable watch, made almost entirely out of wood is nothing short of a work of art.

The engraving can be up to 5 lines long, with 3 words be line. A truly unique gift for him that he’ll wear every day!

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

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