Top 40+ Personalized Gifts For Him

Are you thinking about getting him one or more gifts with a personalized touch?

Going for personalized gifts for him is a great idea for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.

Bottom line: You can make any gift more special by adding a personal message to it!

And for this top list, we went out and searched for the 40+ most original and unique personalized gifts for him.

Let’s have a look!

Best Personalized Gifts For Him Unsmushed

In this article you will find:

41. Personalized Leather Cable Pouch

Cord Organizer Pouch Unsmushed

Thanks to this stylish pouch, no more wasting 5 minutes untangling power cords and earbuds.

This vintage roll-up cord traveler will organize all his cables while being very compact and easy to carry.

The pouch is made from real high-quality leather and a personalized engraving can be added.

40. Personalized Man Cave Neon Sign

Personalized Neon Sign Unsmushed

We present the ultimate must-have gadget for the man cave.

This company makes custom neon signs. You just provide the wording and your preferred neon color and they will create a unique sign.

This sign is one of our bestselling personalized anniversary gifts for him.

39. Engraved Compass

Personalized Compass

If you’re looking for meaningful engraved gifts for him, look no further.

This beautiful compass can be engraved with a touching message of your choosing.

A unique keepsake that will receive a premium spot on his desk.

38. Custom Engraved Whiskey Barrel

Custom Engraved Whiskey Barrel

Meet one of our favorite personalized gifts for a husband.

This artisanally made oak whiskey barrel can be custom engraved with any text, logo, or image.

You can use this barrel to age your whiskey, beer, wine, bourbon, tequila, rum, hot sauce, and many more.

37. Personalized Fishing Lure

Custom Engraved Fishing Lure Unsmushed

For those of you looking for smaller personalized gifts for men, check out this laser-engraved fishing lure.

You can choose whether to add a name, some touching words, or even an image.

This personalized lure comes presented in a lovely gift box, ready for gift-giving.

36. Personalized Bobblehead

Personalized Bobblehead

Next on our list of best-personalized gifts for him, we have a hilarious gadget.

Give a man his very own personalized bobblehead and he will cherish it forever.

You can choose from a wide range of hilarious themes, or ask the producer to create one specifically for you.

35. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls Unsmushed

If you’re buying a gift for a golfer, you might want to consider this customized golf ball set.

You can personalize each ball with a name or other text.

Some recipients use them on the green, others proudly display them in their study or office. Either way, golfers love this original gift.

34. Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized Passport Cover Unsmushed

Does he love traveling, or is he about to take a big trip?

Gift him one of these unique personalized passport covers.

It will protect his passport and give him a touching memento of his loved ones at home.

33. Engraved Wooden Luggage Tags

Engraved Wooden Luggage Tags

Besides gifting a personalized passport cover, you might want to complete the set by adding some customer-engraved wooden luggage tags.

Choose from 2 design options and engrave any monogram and optional name in a font choice on the front side and any 4 line personalization on the reverse side.

These tags are one of our most popular engraved gifts for men who love traveling.

32. Personalized Beverage Tub

Personalized Beverage Tub Unsmushed

There is no better way to keep his favorite drinks cool on a hot day than with his very own beverage tub.

The tub is made from galvanized steel and can be customized with a name or message.

For the thirsty man on the go, you can also consider this Personalized Cooler Bag.

31. Embroidered Garment Bag

Embroidered Garment Bag Unsmushed

Our list of best-personalized gifts for him wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully embroidered item.

This unique high-quality garment bag will keep his suits protected in style wherever he goes.

The recipient’s initials are skillfully embroidered by experts and the result just looks amazing.

30. Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug 1

Looking for hilarious personalized gifts for a boyfriend or husband who won’t function in the morning without his cup of coffee?

Then this prescription coffee mug is the gift for you.

Just like with any prescription drug, the recipient’s name will be added, as well as the recommended dosage and usage.

29. Personalized Business Card Holder

Personalized Business Card Holder

Instantly upgrade any businessman’s flair with this stylish business card holder.

It is skillfully made from leather and the engraving is added with a laser.

These personalized business card holders are very popular engraved gifts for men who just graduated from business school.

28. Engraved Lighter

Engraved Lighter Unsmushed

A man can always use a lighter, even if he doesn’t smoke.

That is why this engraved lighter deserves a spot on this list of best-personalized gifts for him.

These are high-quality lighters, as Zippo is the world’s leading producer. Do avoid cheap Chinese knock-offs elsewhere on the internet if you want this gift to last.

27. The Chef’s BBQ Apron

Personalized Bbq Apron Unsmushed

One of those stereotypical personalized gifts for husbands is, of course, the BBQ apron.

A stylish garment that he will proudly wear during any BBQ with family or friends.

Just read the reviews and you’ll see how much this gift is appreciated by men everywhere.

26. Personalized Grill Set

Personalized Grill Set

And if you want to complete the set, you might also want to give him this personalized grill set.

A custom engraving can be added to the hilt of each tool.

The set comes presented in a beautiful wooden box, perfect for gift-giving.

25. Custom Engraved Wine Opener

Customer Engraved Wine Opener Set Unsmushed

For the wine-loving man, we present this gorgeous custom engraved wine opener set.

It features a rabbit-style corkscrew, a replacement screw, a drip collar, a decanting pourer, a stopper, and a plastic foil cutter.

The case is available in a wide range of classic but also more flashy colors.

24. Touching Wallet Card

Engraved Wallet Card

Next, we have one of our favorite personalized gifts for husbands.

Let him know exactly how much he means to you wherever he may go.

This card will fit in his wallet and can be engraved with personal text.

23. Picture Dog Tags

Engraved Dog Tags

Or perhaps you prefer to gift him a more visual keepsake of his loved ones?

Then check out this unique pair of laser engraved dog tags.

Just provide a fitting photograph and it will be carefully etched on the steel tag.

22. Personalized Wine Gift

Engraved Wine Gift Box Unsmushed

At No. 22 on our list of the best-personalized gifts for men, we find a classic wine gift.

As they say, you can never go wrong by gifting a good bottle of wine.

But you can make it even more special by placing it in a gorgeous oak cask and adding a custom engraving.

21. Personalized Tech Sleeve

Vintage Envelope Laptop Sleeve Unsmushed

Looking for tech-related personalized gifts for a boyfriend?

Have a look at this stylish retro laptop sleeve.

It’s shaped like an old-school envelope and can be personalized with engraving at the bottom.

20. Personalized Ammo Box

Personalized Ammo Box Unsmushed

For the second amendment-loving man, we have this personalized ammo box.

It’s an original personalized storage box that is bound to receive a prominent place in his garage or man cave.

You can choose between a .30 or a .50 caliber type ammo box.

19. Custom Engraved Cufflinks

Custom Engraved Cufflinks Unsmushed

We can’t have a list of personalized gifts for men without adding a pair of cufflinks.

These stylish cufflinks feature a round stainless steel engravable surface with genuine onyx stone finishing around the side.

A great idea if you’re looking for personalized anniversary gifts for husbands.

18. Personalized Vintage Garage Sign

Personalized Garage Sign Unsmushed

This personalized garage sign is probably one of our most popular customized gifts for him under $25.

A man’s garage is his sanctuary. That is why he will love the vintage sign that marks his territory.

Perhaps a more simple personalized gift, but nonetheless a highly appreciated one.

17. Laser Engraved Money Clip

Laser Engraved Money Clip

This stainless steel money clip is a great personalized gift for men who have just graduated.

The engraving is done on the backside and can consist of up to 15 characters.

The clip has a strong body with a spring tension grip to hold up to 10 currency bills.

16. Engraved Leather Golf Log

Personalized Golf Log Unsmushed

Help your favorite golfer beat his personal best with this beautifully engraved golf log.

The journal is made of genuine leather with a custom engraving placed on the cover.

Small enough to fit in a golf bag, yet big enough to record and keep track of scores, this sophisticated gift is a must-have for golfers of all ages.

15. Personalized Italian Leather Briefcase

Personalized Italian Leather Briefcase

If you are looking for classy personalized gifts, you can’t go wrong with the attaché briefcase.

Aluminum die letters are heated and pressed onto the leather to personalize the case in a premium way.

The perfect gift idea for a loved one on their birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, or Christmas.

14. Personalized Watch Case

Personalized Watch Case Unsmushed

One of the most popular engraved gifts for men during the holiday period is, unsurprisingly, the watch case.

This luxury case is made of premium wood and tempered glass and can hold up to 6 watches.

A custom laser or sandblasted monogramming creates a unique look while keeping with the modern aesthetic.

13. Monogrammed Leather Journal

Monogrammed Journal Unsmushed

This refillable bucksaw leather journal cover is the perfect gift for any frequent note-taker or writer.

The inside is lined with a beautiful herringbone pattern and features four card slots, one large note pocket, and a pen holder.

The cover is made from full-grain cow leather and finished with a personalized monogram.

12. Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Knife Unsmushed

We highly recommend his beautiful engraved pocket knife if you’re looking for personalized anniversary gifts for him.

Brass Honcho is a family-operated, veteran-owned company in North Carolina that takes pride in creating only high-quality knives.

The top it off, the blade comes presented in a premium wooden box, available in three different colors.

11. Monogrammed Overnight Bag

Monogrammed Weekend Bag Unsmushed

If we can add one item which is more expensive to this list of best-personalized gifts for him, we have to choose this stylish overnight bag.

It is handmade in Italy by skilled artisans with full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather sourced from one of the most prestigious tanneries in the world.

The producer can emboss up to 5 initials in either gold, silver, copper, or blind (no color) in a place of your choosing.

10. Men’s Accessory Station

Personalized Mens Desk Organizer

First on our list of great personalized gifts for him, is this his little man-corner where he can place all his small personal belongings?

He’ll never lose his watch, wallet, or wedding ring again.

To make it unique you can his name, a logo, or a personal message.

9. Personalized Men’s Wallet

Personalized Wallet For Him Unsmushed

Because they wear them in their back pockets, men tend to need a new wallet quite often.

Add his name to this beautifully handcrafted genuine leather wallet.

Add a personal touch to this traditional Christmas gift.

8. Laser Engraved Keychain

Laser Engraved Keychain Unsmushed

With this laser engraved key chain, he will always have a picture of his loved ones close by.

Your photo is etched on the keychain and not printed making it last forever.

Tip: use a picture of him with his son or daughter, he’ll love it!

7. Personalized Sound Wave Canvas

Personalized Sound Wave Canvas Unsmushed

Literally, tell him you love him with a canvas. Or maybe just immortalize his best, or worst, dad joke?

Your message will be transformed into a matching sound wave and printed on this stylish canvas.

He will definitely give this original gift a prominent place in his home.

6. Personalized Hammer

Personalized Hammer

Every man needs a hammer! To do manly stuff…

Why don’t you give him a piece he will cherish forever because it holds a personalized message?

Make it sentimental or funny, he will absolutely love it and use it every weekend while he’s up and about around his home!

5. Push Pin Travel Map

Personalized Push Pin Travel Map Unsmushed

Does he like to travel? Then this personalized travel map might be a great gift.

He can mark each location or country with a little pin after visiting it.

You can add a personal little text, as well as choose the color, size, and frame of the canvas.

4. Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set Unsmushed

Does he enjoy a glass of whiskey once in a while?

Then he will love this personalized decanter and matching glasses. You can choose the engraving text and style, it can be the same for each item or different.

The bottles and glasses come presented in a premium wooden box, again with a nice engraving.

3. Personalized Leather Toiletry bag

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag For Men

Another great personalized gift for him is this artisanal genuine leather toiletry bag.

Although a traditional gift to give men, you can make this one more unique and original by adding his initials or name.

He is bound to be proud of this manly genuine leather bag wherever he goes.

2. Custom Cartoon Family Portrait

Cartoon Portrait

A truly original and unique gift for a man who used to, or still loves, watching cartoons.

You just need to provide a picture of each individual you want to have drawn, as well as the name of their favorite cartoon.

The artist will do the rest and create a truly unique personalized gift for him.

1. Engraved Wooden Watch

Personalized Wooden Watch For Men Unsmushed

You can’t get more original and fashionable than this 100% ebony wooden watch with personal engraving.

This remarkable watch, made almost entirely out of wood, is nothing short of a work of art.

The engraving can be up to five lines long, with three words in a line. A truly unique gift for him that he’ll wear every day!

What are the best-personalized gifts for a boyfriend or husband?

The best-personalized gifts for a boyfriend or husband are meaningful keepsakes he can use or keep close to him every day.

Here are some tips to help you find the best-personalized gifts for your boyfriend or husband.

  • Ask yourself which everyday items are up for replacement and look for versions you can engrave or otherwise customize. You can, for example, add a meaningful text or image to a Personalized Men’s Wallet, an Engraved Wooden Watch, or a Leather Toiletry bag.
  • If he has a study at home or a personal office at work, you can surprise your boyfriend or husband with touching keepsakes such as this engraved compass.
  • Other work-related personalized gifts for a boyfriend or husband are a Personalized Leather Briefcase and a Personalized Business Card Holder.
  • You can also use personalized gifts to announce a big trip surprise. Gift him a Personalized Passport CoverEngraved Wooden Luggage Tags, or a Push Pin Travel Map and tell him he will be needing it as you will be going on a big trip together.

What are the best personalized Valentines gifts for him?

The best personalized Valentine’s gifts for him are small keepsakes that show him how much you care about him?

Our favorite personalized Valentines gifts for men in 2022 are:

  • An Engraved Wooden Watch: Besides being extremely stylish, this watch also features a personal engraving on the back. Add a small poem or some meaningful words that he can carry with him all day long.
  • Custom Engraved Cufflinks: You can customize these exclusive cufflinks with initials, a few words, or even an image. As a tip, stay away from cheap cufflinks. You don’t want your man to look cheap while at work or at other important events.
  • Touching Wallet Card: This credit card-sized metal plate can be engraved with a small text of your choosing. Some touching words and he will never take them out of his wallet.

What are some original personalized anniversary gifts for him?

After all those birthdays, Christmasses, and Valentines’ days, it’s often difficult to also keep coming up with original anniversary gifts for your husband.

Add to this that expectations are always high for this once-every-few-years occasion, and it’s easy to start panicking.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Give your husband one of these personalized anniversary gifts for him and he will cherish it forever.

Our all-time favorite engraved gift for men?

There are many great engraved gifts for men on this list. But if we had to choose the top 3 engraved gifts for men, they would be:

  • Engraved Wooden Watch: The engraved watch is probably a very common personalized gift, yet this unique piece is entirely made out of wood, making it a stylish and distinctive accessory.
  • Engraved Luxury Watch Case: A useful item and a breath-taking centerpiece that will protect and display a man’s watch collection in style.
  • Engraved Wallet Card: A small yet very meaningful token a man can carry with him wherever he goes.

Looking for More Personalized Gifts For Men?

I hope you find this list of best-personalized gifts for him useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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