Top 10 Unique Yoga Gifts for Her In 2022

No matter what stage of Yoga practice she’s in, she will love a yoga related gift! 

In fact, 81% of the women who indicated in our surveys they practice yoga, said they would be thrilled to receive that unique yoga gift! On the other hand, if she’s not into yoga, you better stay away from yoga related gifts.

Bottom line? A yoga gift will put a big smile on the face of any Yogi.

So, if you are trying to figure out what to give someone who loves yoga, we will help you in the guide below to discover some unique yoga gifts for her!

Top 10 Unique Yoga Gifts for Her In 2022

10. Vibrating Foam Roller & Massager

If you ever tried it yourself, you’ll know that yoga is hard and physically extremely demanding.

Allow her to fully recover from each session with this 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller.

Due to the high Intensity vibrations it’s excellent for recovery, mobility, pliability training as well as deep tissue trigger point sports massages.

9. Lululemon Throw & Go Tote Bag

With this beautiful tote bag she can head to and from her yoga class in style.

Its fabric is water repellent and easy to wipe clean, and has both quick access exterior pockets to hold your phone and sunglasses, as well as interior ones to keep everything organized.

This bag is just the right size and material for a gym bag and it has the strap, so she can secure her yoga outfit if needed!

8. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Does she love yoga but is she also trying to do her part for the environment?

Then this eco-friendly yoga mat made from recycled materials might be a useful and thoughtful yoga gift.

It shows you are aware about both her passion for yoga as her environmental engagement.

7. Yoga Pants with Pockets

On every girl’s yoga gift wish list, you will find a pants with side pockets. Nothing more annoying for her than having to worry about where to leave her essentials like her phone or her credit card.

These lightweight non-see-through yoga pants combine fashion & function. They are made from the highest quality, and perfect for practicing yoga or any other type of exercise.

6. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle

H2OPal is a smart water bottle that automatically tracks her hydration.

It improves her workout by helping her take in more water and improve productivity and focus by avoiding dehydration.

During Yoga she might be so caught up in concentrating on a pose it is easy for her to forget to drink.

5. Lululemon Feeling Balanced Sweater

Now she can head to and from her sweaty pursuits in style with this tight fit, hip length trendy sweater from Lululemon.

It is made from Merino wool, a naturally thermo-regulating fabric which allows your skin to breathe while feeling incredibly soft.

The perfect match for before and after yoga class!

4. Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga class is fun, but she needs to get there…with her own yoga mat.

The LISH Yoga Mat Bag is an all-natural, lightweight and durable bag that will enable to easily bring along her yoga mat in style.

A simple yet stylish and thoughtful gift that shows you know her passion for yoga.

3. Micro-Fiber Cooling Towel

Nothing more pleasant than cooling down after a long Yoga session.

This high-quality towel begins to cool the second it touches water! It is made of hyper-evaporative silky-soft breathable material and is ECO friendly and anti-bacterial. 

You can buy this unique yoga gift with confidence because the manufacturer offers a Lifetime Guarantee!

2. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Considered to be the best back opener & stretcher you could have, this yoga wheel will open her up to new sequences and forms.

The perfect accessory for stretching and improving backbends in comfort.

This yoga gift is available in different stylish and snappy colors.

1. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

Hydroflask water bottles are trendier than ever! They have an easy-access wide mouth and a very sleek design.

This bottle has vacuum insulation, which ensures her beverage maintains its temperature for many hours to come. Hot drinks up to 6 hours, and cold drinks up to 24 hours!

You can choose a wide variety of colors going from the standard black to flashy pink. Just pick her favorite color and you have the perfect yoga gift for her!

Looking for More Yoga Gift Ideas?

We hope you find this list unique yoga gift ideas for her useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. For more sporty gift ideas, have a look at our related articles below.

Last Updated on May 26, 2022 by Emily Scott