What To Get My Husband For Valentine’s Day: The Gift He Secretly Wants

What To Get My Husband For Valentine’s Day

The Gift He Secretly Wants

A men with flipflops lying on the beach representing the real gift your husband secretly want for valentine's day

It is very hard buying Valentine’s day gifts for a husband… Unlike women, men, unfortunately, are not that vocal as to what exactly they want. They don’t drop any subtle hints or tips, and just outright asking them would, of course, spoil the surprise.

The best Valentine’s day gift for husbands is not just about the gift itself, but also the small things you plan around it. He wants to spend time with you alone, so no kids. Have a romantic night at home where you cook his favorite food during a candlelight dinner, and add a gift that means something to your relationship or shows him why you love your husband. End the evening with romance in the bedroom. Alternatively, if he loves traveling you could go on a romantic trip without the kids.

If you have no clue where the start, you can follow the guide with Valentine’s day ideas for husbands below.

How do I plan the perfect Valentine’s day for my husband?

Alternatively: Two birds, one stone: book a romantic trip


Make Sure Valentine’s Day is Fully Yours: No Kids

Although your husband might seem tough on the outside, he is actually also very much looking forward to spending some quality romantic time among just the two of you. So if you have kids, you will want to find a solution that ensures the night will be fully yours.

So, if you wish to plan the perfect valentines day, always start with the following: 

  • Ask your parents (in-law) to help: Feb 14th might be the perfect day to organize a little sleepover at grandma & grandpa’s. The kids always love it and your parents will appreciate the opportunity to spend time with them while helping you out at the same time. 
  • Find a babysitter: yet note that it’s Valentine’s day for everyone. So make sure you book a sitter well in advance or you might have trouble finding one.

In case your family is unavailable, and your regular babysitter is already booked or has other plans, you can find quality help on this online babysitting platformYou can see the ratings & reviews of each potential babysitter, and the company runs several background checks of its caregivers, including the same service the U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses. So you are sure to find an experienced and trustworthy person.

a young kid trying to walk as they hold her by her hand to represent a babysit on valentines day


Surprise Him with a Delicious Home-cooked Meal

A man’s love does run through his stomach. So a first Valentine’s day gift your husband will definitely appreciate is if you surprise him by planning a delicious home-cooked meal.

Even if you usually do the cooking, there are several ways in which you can surprise your husband with this gesture.

  • A multi-course meal: don’t make chicken with mashed potatoes like you do every Thursday. Instead, make a lavish multi-course meal. He won’t just love the fact that he can try several delicious courses, but on top, you both will spend some quality time together while devouring them.
  • Go for his favorites: don’t assume the dinner part of your husbands Valentine’s day gift has to be a super fancy multi-course meal. It doesn’t have to include escargots and other traditional culinary delights in order to be appreciated. Just go for the dishes and ingredients he loves, and spread them out across different courses. For example, if he loves tacos, make the first course with mini-tacos.
  • Set the scene: Valentine’s day is a great occasion to break out the good china. Set the table with a nice tablecloth and add some candles to set the mood.
  • Bring out your husband’s Valentine’s day gift at the right time: you’ll have your hands full with cooking while also trying to enjoy the dinner yourself. So you don’t want to further complicate things by trying to quickly exchange gifts while your main course is getting cold. To perfect moment to give your husband his Valentine’s day gift is either before the first course or during dessert.

Obviously, if you have no idea how to cook, just make a reservation at a nice restaurant in town.

A home-cooked steak: this is what men really want on valentines day


Find the Right Valentines Day Gift for Your Husband

So at this point, you have a great day planned. But there is still the big question of what gift you are going to give your husband for Valentine’s day. Unlike you, he didn’t drop any hints or tips, so it is much more difficult to find the right gift.

However, here are some insights on how to find those gifts he secretly wants:

  • Sentimental Gifts
  • Gadgets
  • Funny yet thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts

1. Sentimental Gifts

Although it might seem odd, most men actually do like to receive a sentimental gift on Valentine’s day.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean he is hoping to get an “I Wuv You” teddy bear, flowers or jewelry.

However, he will love something that shows him why you love your husband and why you are thankful for him. Something he can cherish in his study, workshop or office.

Go for a nice scrapbook or photo frame holding pictures with memorable moments of you two. Add a personal note with heartfelt words and although he might not voice it out loud, he will cherish it dearly.

If you don’t believe me? Watch the movie “Up” with your husband and keep an eye on him during the scene where the old man goes through that scrapbook his deceased wife left him… #whererealmencried!

Actually, for the fans, you can buy that exact scrapbook from “Up”. If you read the reviews people are extremely positive about it. So this might just be a potential Valentine’s gift for your husband!

Adventure Scrapbook from the Movie Up: A great sentimental Valentines Day Gift Idea For Your Husband

2. Gadgets

Men also consider Valentine’s day as another opportunity to get cool gifts, just like on Christmas. So you will definitely also please your husband by giving him one of the latest gadgets or must-haves.

However, don’t just go for the latest Apple or Google trinket and call it a day. Think about his hobbies and passions and try to find something around it for maximum effect.

  • If he is into DIY, give him something that will help him and he can play around with. If you need concrete inspiration, we actually gathered some great ideas in this list of gifts for DIY men.
  • If he is into sports or fitness, give him a cool gadget that helps him get a better workout. A best seller and favorite gift for sporty men are these wireless headphones by Bose. They allow him to this workout without any dangling cords hindering him. Or for more sporty Valentine’s day gift ideas for your husband check out this post on top fitness gifts for him
  • If he is into video games, surprise him with the latest piece of technology that you might even enjoy together. For example, the latest must-have thingamajig is a virtual reality headset. You can explore a virtual world and play all sorts of fun games together.
Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws & Nails: A perfect Valentines Day gift for a handyman husband

for the handyman husband

Bose Wireless Headphones: an ideal Valentines day gift for if your husband is into sport or fitness

if he is into sports or fitness

An Occulus Rift VR Headsets: A great Valentines Day gift if your husband likes gaming

if he is into video games

3. Funny yet Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

Although Valentine’s day is all about romance, adding some humor is never a bad idea. Especially if it is based on an insightful truth.

One direction could be to give your husband a Valentine’s day gift that reminds of a funny moment or mishaps in your past. Did he try to fix something around the house but ended up making things worse?

Perhaps give him a personalized hammer holding a loving message that commemorates this great handyman moment.

Another way to go could be to give your husband something he secretly wants but is too embarrassed to ask for. An example that often comes back in research is the fact that men would still enjoy playing around with LEGO!

If you think your man fits this profile as well, perhaps one of the all-time Lego builds could be a fun yet secretly thoughtful gift.

A personalized Hammer: A great funny gift for your husband on Valentines Day

A Personalized Hammer

Star Wars millennium falcon made of Lego: A valentines gift your husband might be too embarrassed to ask for

Lego Star Wars Falcon


Set the Scene for Some Romantic Love Making

You already found the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your husband and planned most of the elements around it. Well done!

However, Valentine’s day wouldn’t be Valentine’s day without a proper dose of romance. And make no mistake, he is really looking forward to this part.

So how can you make it even more romantic?

No matter whether you are staying at home or in a hotel, try to set the mood by adding some lovely candles and romantic music. Although he doesn’t want to receive any flowers, he will appreciate some rose petals delicately spread across the bed, or even leading the way to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, surprise him by wearing that lingerie he loves so much, or buy a sexy new set. Have some massage oil ready in the room, chances are high he will use it one you to get things started.

PRO TIP : Surprise him with a sexy see-through lace robe. Wear it on Valentine’s night as a lingerie gown and wear it again in the summer as a casual cardigan or as a bikini cover up dress on the beach. Like this, he will have some Valentine’s day memories all year long! Sexy long lace gown on valentine's day

A Sexy Long Lace See Trough Gown

Finally, for those of you who are looking to be a bit more cheeky, perhaps look up some new positions you can try together. No matter what age you are, you will both love it. Not sure where to find some extra advice in that last department?

This Kama Sutra book by Rachel Huges is probably one of the best books on the topic. It reads very easy and its focus on fueling intimacy is inspiring. The fact that the book is written by a woman also makes it more approachable for the slightly more shy women out there.  

Kama Sutra Book Rachel Hughes

Kama Sutra Book By Rachel Hughes


Two Birds, One Stone: Book a Romantic Trip

Let’s face it, unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the talents of a chef. Or, you might just be too busy with work and other chores to plan and make a sumptuous home-cooked meal.

On top, Valentine’s day is also a special day for you, so the idea of spending several hours in the kitchen might not be sounding too appealing.

Enter: the opportunity for a great Valentine’s day idea your husband and you will both love.

By organizing a little trip you will outsource all the hard work while creating the perfect scene for some romance featuring only the two of you.

Ideas for planning the perfect Valentine’s day trip with your husband:

  • Choose a romantic venue. This doesn’t have to be a 5-star resort on Fiji. A small romantic B&B will suffice. If you want to make it extra special, go for a place that holds extra meaning. That little cottage you went to when you first start dating, or a lovely inn in that town where you made great memories together.
  • Arrange dinner upfront: again, don’t forget most restaurants will be fully booked way ahead of Feb 14th, so make sure you make a reservation in time. Of course, you’ll want to go for a nice and more romantic place (no Denny’s unless you had a really meaningful memory there like your first kiss). However, make sure the restaurant is not too far away from where you are staying. The ideal would be to find a place that is just a short romantic walk away from your hotel.
  • Dress for the occasion: if you are going out, surprise him by dressing up. Wear that sexy little black dress he loves, wear the jewelry he got you last Christmas, and break out the makeup. Him dropping his jaw when you come out bathroom will make it as fun for you is it is for him.
  • Bring out your husband’s Valentine’s day gift at the right time: also when you are eating out you will want to plan the gift exchange before the first course, or during dessert. This to avoid any dishes getting cold or lack of room at the table spoiling the moment.
A couple kissing at sunset on the beach representing a romantic trip on for valentines day

So there you have it, I hope you found these tips & Valentine’s day ideas for your husband useful and you are now fully set to find the perfect Valentine’s day gift, as well as plan a memorable and romantic day around it.


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