Gifts For Kids

Wilson A2000 Pitchers Glove

Wilson A2000 Pitcher’s Glove

The A2000 is a favorite amongst baseball fanatics. It provides good protection for any serious heat coming in, and looks darn nice doing it. A great gift for any son or daughter who loves the game.

Toyen Mini Drone

Mini Drone – Toyen

The perfect drone for a beginner as it is durable, not too big and affordable. Your teenager will have a lot of fun flying it around and taking pictures, while you do not need to worry about broken windows.

Lego Saturn V Rocket

Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Thanks to the recent accomplishments of NASA and Space X kids are dreaming of space exploration again. Let them discover the final frontier of their own imagination with this Lego scale model of the Saturn V.

Personalized Growth Chart

Growth Chart With Photos

Kids want to grow up as fast as they can. That is why they love to track their progress on a grow chart. This version with a beautiful flower print has 3 photo openings so you can add key memories.

Green Toys

Green Toys Airplane – 100% Recycled

Let your little aviator play with this high quality toy made from recycled materials. Green Toys works predominantly with recycled plastic milk jugs to create magnificent toys that are 100% BPA free.

Giant Giraffe

Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe

Every kid wants to have the biggest possible stuffed toy! Well, this is it. A huge, life-like stuffed Giraffe by Melissa & Dough. Ultra-soft and high quality, it is bound to be the favorite stuffed toy ever.

Lego Millennium Falcon

LEGO – Millennium Falcon Collector’s Edition

This ultimate collector’s edition Millennium Falcon is THE set for any LEGO and Star Wars fan out there. Unlike other versions, this one holds such a level of detail, builders usually spend days assembling it.

Fisher Price Game Controller

Laugh & Learn Game Controller

No more crying because he or she wants to play with daddy’s PlayStation controller. Exercising motor skills and learning numbers, this great gift will also keep your toddler entertained during longer car rides!

Huge Emmy Dinosaur Tattoos

Hugo & Emmy Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos

The brand Hugo & Emmy is known for its super-cute illustrations, and they do it again for this high quality temporary tattoo set. The tattoos are perfectly safe as only FDA approved colorants are used.

Tipi With Lights

Cotton Canvas Teepee With Lights

This quality teepee offers a personal cozy spot for 2 to 3 children to have fun. The battery-operated lights add extra atmosphere and you can even paint the canvas yourself or with the whole family.

Premium Headphone Stand

Bamboo Headphone Stand

Does he or she like to play video games? Then perhaps this premium headphone stand might be a great gift. It offers a stylish place for their headphones, while having them within reach when needed.

Huge Jigsaw Puzzle

18000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This massive waterhole puzzle is only for the brave. Consisting out of staggering 18000 separate jigsaw pieces, it poses quite the challenge. Guarantees hours of family fun, and the result is breathtaking!

Pull Back Vehicle Set

Soft Pull-Back Vehicle Set

A perfect toy for babies and toddlers to start developing their motor skills. The toys are squishy and soft and the wheels can be removed for easy cleaning. A trusted favorite by Melissa & Doug.

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag

A bean bag by Creative QT is both practical and fun. Fill this extremely soft yet tough bag with all his or her favorite stuffed animals or other soft items, and you create a stylish & comfy storage place!

Pony Cycle Smart Gear

Pony Cycle – Smart Gear

For those who always wanted a pony. This innovative PonyCycle by Smart Gear moves as if it is galloping, and can even make turns. Available in different sizes to accommodate both younger and older kids.

Little Red Riding Hood Velvet Cape

Litte Red Riding Hood Cape

Are you currently reading Little Red Riding Hood with your little girl? Then this cape is the perfect gift. She’ll love to dress up and feel even more as if she is part of the story. High quality velvet made in Canada.

Jurassic Park Hot Wheels

Jurassic Park Hot Wheels

Dinosaurs AND Hot Wheels? It’s like a dream come through for any boy! He will absolutely love this collector set of 5 unique dinosaur cars to add to his collection. Hurry up because it’s in high demand!

Uno Frozen

UNO – Frozen

The immense popularity of Disney’s Frozen continues also throughout 2022. Combine this with the all-time classic game of UNO and you have an absolute winner gift for any kid aged 6 to 12 years old!

Cooky Teething Toy

Cookie Teething Toy

This piece of baby “Chewlery” is stylish as it is functional. It effectively helps at soothing teething pain, while looking adorable and cute. Mom and dad will almost want to have a taste, that’s how good it looks!

Life On Earth Memory Game

Life On Earth Memory Game

A classic memory game yet with absolutely stunning illustrations. Each individual piece is made of high quality, thick cardboard, making sure the beauty lasts through endless hours of matching fun.

Lego Angry Birds

LEGO Angry Birds

The building fun of LEGO combined with the popular Angry Birds game. After assembling the Piggy pirate ship with all of its features your boy or girl can practice his or her aim using several Angry Birds.

Little Hands Card Holder

Little Hands – Card Holder

Though your toddler might already enjoy his first card games, holding those things is not so easy at that age. With this neat little device littles one can play hassle-free as it does the holding for them.

Magformers Magnet Building Set

Magformers – Magnet Building Set

A premium 62 piece set with magnetic triangles, squares and pentagons in a variety of different colors. Besides building anything that your child can imagine, the set also comes with a nifty idea booklet.

Solar System Puzzle

Solor Sytem Floor Puzzle

This 48 piece puzzle set by Melissa & Doug is both fun and educational. He or she will have a great time assembling the puzzle, while learning about the planets of our solar system at the same time!

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks – Melissa & Doug

In the high tech world we live in today, sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. These wooden blocks will provide your little man or girl with hours of fun, while stimulating their creativity.

Peek A Boo Elephant

Peek-A-Boo Singing Elephant

This incredibly soft and cute elephant will entertain your baby for hours with its singing and peek-a-boo routine. Made from high quality material which is washable, so this toy is 100% hug-approved.

Spot It

Spot It!

This classic will make game night a thriller! Who will be the first to spot the matching symbol? An award-winning game that develop focus and visual perception, as well as being fun for the whole family.

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets – Card Game

This best-selling family favorite is bound to make family night even more entertaining. Who will be the millionaire and who will lose it all? Easy to learn yet highly competitive and super fun!

Mind Blowing Science Kit

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Let a child explore and learn the basics of science with this fun starter kit. Using very basic chemical reactions, he or she can experience first-hand the wonders of science. Let those volcanos erupt!

Mega Blocks

Mega Bloks – Fisher Price

Encourage your child to be creative and start building anything it can image with this 80 pieces building block set by Fisher-price. Compatible with all other Mega Blok products.

Sketch Tablet Kids

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2

Remote learning and working is an inevitable trend in the times we live. The XP-PEN deco 01 V2 graphics tablet helps sparks creativity and creates a progressive, interactive learning atmosphere for remote learning kids or teachers. It comes in a comfortable size and at a reasonable price.

Kiwi Discovery Crate

Discover The World Crate

With these hands-on discovery creates from Kiwi a child can discover the wonders of science, arts or creativity. You can choose the age, topic and go for a single create, or a couple of months subscription.

Rotating Art Frame

Li’l Davinci Art Frame

Kids love to draw, and parents like to give these works of art a prominent place around the house. As the fridge can only hold so much, there is this stylish frame which easily opens to rotate the art.

L.ol Surprise Package

L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Surprise Package

This fun L.O.L Surprise! ball includes themed gifts such as a stickers, a water bottle, an outfit & shoes, a fashion accessory and an interactive glam glitter doll. A holiday best-seller!

Personalized Search Find Book

Personalized Search & Find Book

A personalized search-and-find book, where a child can spend hours looking through different universes for… him or herself! You just provide a picture and a personalized book is created.