A Push Present For Mom: 6 Great Ideas & Best Practices

Let me guess, your pregnant wife hinted that she would like a “push present”, but you have no idea what it is, let alone where to find one? Trust me, you are not the only one.

A “push present” is a present a partner gives to the birthing mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. In this post, we will deep dive into the best push presents, as well as how to get this important gift-giving experience right.

Right off the bat, push presents are a real thing. Although it might not be for everyone, many pregnant women actually do expect a push present, and even those that were not in favor upfront admit afterward they loved receiving a special gift from their husband after giving birth. The most traditional push presents are birthstone jewelry or pampering gifts to comfort the new mom. Besides a physical gift, a husband should take paternity leave or at least offer tons of help and support during the first months.

Push Presents

In this article, we will help you find the perfect push present for the mother of your child by answering for you the following questions:


What Is A Push Present & Where Did It Come From?

A push present is a gift that a mother receives to mark and celebrate the occasion of her giving birth.

Such a gift can be given in the days before the planned delivery, after the child is born, or sometimes even in the delivery room itself.

It has become an immensely popular habit and expectation among soon-to-be mothers in the last couple of years, and this is driven by word of mouth and peer pressure among mothers and fathers.

The thinking is that a woman deserves a little something for bearing the burden of carrying a child for nine months, getting sick, and ruining their body.

Where did the idea of a push present come from?

The idea of a push present actually reminds me of the concept of an eternity ring. It was a practice that was very popular in the ’80s but disappeared in the ’90s.

After a child was born, a man would give his wife a ring as a symbol to cement the relationship as a forever thing.

In the last couple of years, the idea of a push present has become immensely popular.

Experts believe that the combination of the increased assertiveness of women and the increased willingness of fathers to do their part in the household and childcare is at the root of the concept.

Push presents are becoming more and more popular

However, the reason why the practice got so popular so fast is the word of mouth and peer pressure.

Thanks to social media, mothers who just received a push present are able to spread the word to their friends & family instantly.

Add to this the fact that some celebrities took up the practice, and you’ll understand how the idea spread like wildfire. Two key examples

  • The Kardashians: After giving birth, Kylie Jenner received a Ferrari from her boyfriend, Travis Scott, while Kim Kardashian took it one step further and developed her own $10.000 push present. The Kardashians are currently considered the most influential celebrities on social media.
  • The British Royal Family: There has actually been a long tradition of extravagant royal “birth presents” over the generations. But when Prince William gave Kate a push present for the birth of Prince Louis, the entire world was watching, and you bet they noticed.
Travis Scott Kyle Jenner Push Present Ferrari


What Should I Give As A Push Present? Ideas & Examples

OK, so you’ve understood that with all of her friends and family receiving push presents when they gave birth, there is not really a choice for you. You have to do it.

But what is the right push present to give to a new mom?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this gift, as a new mom will also share her present via social media and word of mouth. So no quick fixes or shortcuts, you need to get this right!

Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

There are basically 2 main routes to follow when it comes to pushing present ideas: jewelry & non-jewelry, and we’ve grouped them into 6 categories:

Why jewelry as a push gift?

It’s simple because it is one of the most popular keepsakes. Giving birth is probably the most intense and most emotional experience a woman will ever have in her life.

From extreme pain to extreme joy in just a matter of hours. Having a precious keepsake that reminds her of this wonderful moment will mean the world to her.

And a beautiful piece of jewelry is a keepsake she can carry with her wherever she goes.

OK… But there is so much choice! What kind of jewelry should I buy? 

The most important question that you need to ask yourself is which piece of jewelry will hold sentimental value for her.

Remember, it’s all about cherishing that beautiful memory of giving birth, so you need to find a piece of jewelry that enables exactly that.

Here are some very popular push present jewelry ideas to give you some inspiration:

1. Birthstone Jewelry

A What to the who now? A birthstone is a gemstone popularly associated with the month or astrological sign of a person’s birth.

For example, amethysts are associated with February, diamonds with April, and emeralds with May.

So giving her a piece of jewelry that includes the gem associated with the month of the birth of her child makes the perfect keepsake and thus pushes her present.

Here is a complete overview of which birthstone is linked to each month. So can choose the correct gem for your birthstone jewelry present.

Birthstones By Month Birthstone Jewelry

Personally, I really like this Birthstone Bow Necklace as you can fully customize it to your specific case & taste.

You can choose the kind of gold, as well as which gems to add (genuine or not depending on your budget).

The interface also immediately tells you which stones represent which months, so you can’t get it wrong!

Is this already your second or third child? Then you can create a necklace holding multiple different stones linked to each child.

Birthstone Jewelry
Customize your birthstone necklace
Birthstone Bow Necklace
Birthstone Bow Necklace

2. Lockets

A more classic keepsake is, of course, the locket. Give her a beautiful necklace that secretly opens up and holds a picture of her child or her family.

She can wear it around her neck all day long, but only she will know what treasure it holds inside. A keepsake she can literally always keep close to her heart.

A very popular one is this Heart Locket in sterling silver. It features an intricate floral filigree top studded with glistening diamonds. The sterling silver locket opens to reveal space for a tiny photograph or two.

But if budget is not a constraint, this gorgeous & unique heart-shaped Envelope Locket is bound to instantly melt her heart. Hidden inside this lovely 10K rose gold locket is a heart-shaped note with the engraving “I heart U.”

Silver Heart Locket
Heart locket in sterling silver
Heart Envelope Locket
Heart Envelope Locket

3. Engraved Bracelet or Necklace

Another route to giving jewelry as a push present is to go for an engraved bracelet or necklace.

The inscription can be the name of the child, the date of birth, or both.

Try to start from a piece of jewelry you know she would like (her favorite kind of metal, a style that fits the jewelry she already has), and add a meaningful inscription.

Again, it’s ok if the engraving is only on the back or not prominently visible. It allows her to wear that piece of jewelry every day and with every outfit, while still holding a special meaning for her. 

A great example of an engraved necklace that I think stands out is this rose gold bar necklace. Although it has important engraving, it is still sober and can be combined with most outfits. This means she can carry it when she wants.

Or perhaps your wife would enjoy a lovely personalized bracelet?

This design combines a high-quality silver rope chain with a slightly bent engraved bar, creating a beautiful and smooth piece of jewelry.

Engraved Bar Necklace
Engraved rose gold bar necklace
Engraved Birth Bracelet
Personalized silver bracelet

4. Nest Eggs

Besides the obvious picture or engraving, a piece of jewelry can also remind her in a more indirect way. A lovely example is a piece of jewelry with a nest of eggs.

Basically, it consists of a nest or larger egg that holds one or smaller eggs inside, one for each child she has.

This is also a great “push present” for those women who are giving birth to their second or third child.

A bestselling favorite is this handmade nest egg necklace. A warm, textured copper interior cradles the precious eggs, while a hand-stamped bird silhouette completes the motherly display.

Sentimental Nest Egg Necklace
Handmade Nest Egg Necklace

To end the jewelry options, I have some final guidance.

Useful tips when choosing jewelry as a push present for your wife:

  • Choose a style of ring, bracelet, or necklace based on the kind of jewelry she already has.
  • Watch out with rings, as her hands might still be swollen. Use one of her other rings to get the size right.
  • Go for meaning and sentiment. It’s supposed to be a keepsake.
  • Make sure you can afford it. You know your financial situation best, and you will have a lot of expenses with the baby. Your wife will also not be happy if you go overboard.

5. Sentimental or Personalized Gifts

Maybe your wife doesn’t wear jewelry that much, or maybe another person in her life just gifted her a great & meaningful piece.

For those people, let’s have a look at some other interesting push-present ideas.

You can give a woman a keepsake push present that reminds her of this beautiful moment without it being a piece of jewelry.

A great example is this family photo frame puzzle. Visualize how this new baby completes the family, and add personalized messages to make this a unique piece that deserves a special place in your home.

Puzzle Pieces Photo Frame
Family Photo Frame Puzzle

For more inspiration, you can also have a look at our other posts on sentimental gifts and personalized gifts for her.

6. Pamper & Relaxation Gifts

The new mom just went through the most painful experience in her life by giving birth and the following 9 months of back pain, swollen feet, and a constant need to pee.

She also deserves a little something that allows her to finally relax, don’t you think?

Enter, the opportunity for a great push present.

Giving her a nice gift to pamper and treat herself will be highly appreciated. With the pregnancy, it’s been a long time since she felt like a beautiful woman, and now that it is finally all over, she will love some pampering and relaxation.

Bestselling pamper & relaxation push presents include:

  • Body scrub: Her skin has been through a lot, so the first thing she will want to do is give it a good scrub. Coco Rose by Herbivore is a favorite as it combines very gentle exfoliation with a unique & lovely scent.
  • Revitalizing beauty products: Give her the means to pamper every inch of her body with high-quality beauty products and creams. An example is this Clarins Double Serum Youthful Radiance set. It is an exceptional skincare collection with products inspired by nature and refined by science to help visibly rejuvenate and revitalize skin. Just what she needs!
  • A comfy robe: not only will she love to wear an ultra-comfy robe, but it will also come in handy during breastfeeding sessions.
  • Bath bombs: Another great angle is to gift her a set of premium bath bombs, accompanied by the promise that you will take care of the baby for an hour so she can soak and relax.

If you believe she will be extremely happy with a pampering & relaxation gift, I would recommend you also have a look at our top 10 pampering gifts for her for similar gift ideas.

Coco Body Scrub
Exfoliating Body Scrub
Ugg Robe
UGG Women’s Blanche
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs Gift Set


How To Complete The Push Present Experience?

You found the perfect push present for her, that is great. But you’re not out of the woods just yet.

You see, besides giving her a physical gift, more than anything she is looking for your support and the promise that you will be there for her to raise this child.

That is why you want to build on this great moment to not just hand her the present and tell her why you chose that specific gift but to also promise and reassure her you will help her at every step.

If you can, take parental leave immediately after the baby is born.

The first few weeks are the most hectic as you are still new to being parents, while you also have to deal with visits, administration, and other stuff.

Also don’t forget your wife is still going to be in significant physical pain these first weeks, so your full-time presence will be a very welcome gift.

Be proactive and tell her you will take care of the administration, you will clean the house, and prepare for the baby’s arrival while she and the baby are still in the hospital, etc.

Do this part right, and you will score more points as a husband than any push present itself could ever give you. 

Parents With Baby


When Not To Give A Push Present?

The answer is that it’s always a good idea to give her a push present, as every new mom likes a special present right after she gave birth to her child. (even those who were against push gifts)

When doing the research, the sole valid argument I came across was that money was tight, and that there wasn’t any room to splurge on unnecessary gifts.

However, if you think back about what we covered in the previous points, it’s not about the money, it’s about the idea.

You don’t need to spend big to give your wife a meaningful gift. You can even go the DIY route and make something small yourself!

Here are some simple but thoughtful DIY push present ideas:

  • Bring or prepare her favorite food she couldn’t eat before. (like sushi, etc.)
  • Give her a foot rub or back massage. It doesn’t cost you anything.
  • A self-made hamper with a nice bottle of wine and chocolates. 
  • Hire a house cleaner or clean the house. She will be exhausted and coming home to a fully clean space will do miracles.
  • Write a personal message on a nice card. Tell her you feel so blessed to have such a wonderful child and wife in your life!
  • Split the wake-ups, baby duties & household tasks
Home Cooked Sushi Push Present

Is a push present the only gift I should give to my wife?

No! Besides a push present, you are wise to also give her a little something during the pregnancy.

She will face a lot of inconveniences during these tough 9 months, and you can actually give her some very considerate small gifts that can lighten her burden significantly.

Check out our post on gifts for expecting moms to read all about it. 

Last but not least, if you would like to splurge on the mother of your kid(s) with a great gift on a special occasion like an anniversary or Mother’s Day, you should definitely check out this article on what kind of gifts are new moms really want.

So there you have it!

I hope you found these steps to finding the perfect push present useful, and you are now fully set to make that magical moment of birth even more memorable and special for her!

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