25+ Best Gifts For Triathletes In 2020

Are you looking for original and useful gifts for triathletes?

Be aware of the challenges. For example, gifting triathlon clothing or expensive gear is often a bad idea.

For passionate triathletes, every detail that can make them go faster counts. Therefore, they prefer to buy some items themselves.

But this should not hold you back buying a triathlon related gift.

Triathletes love receiving gifts that will enable them to enjoy their sport & passion even more.

In this list of 25+ best gifts for triathletes, we selected great gift ideas that every triathlete will appreciate, no matter their level.

Ready, set, go!

Title Infographic for our top 26 best gifts for triathletes

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By: Peter, Updated 02/28/2020

#26 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Transition Mat

17841 1875 8.2

We kick off this list of best gifts for triathletes with a very useful item.

Nothing is more frustrating for triathletes than not finding your bike after an incredible swimming performance.

This highly visible transition mat has an easy-to-clean surface and is available in four different colors.

Best of all? The mat includes space for family and friends to add words of inspiration to give your favorite triathlete motivation for his or her best time yet!

#25 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Medal Hanger

10394 2340 8.2

Next up, a gift idea that allows your favorite triathlete to display their precious triathlon medals in the right way.

They trained so hard for it, so why not make their success visible to anyone who visits their home?

This stainless steel metal display hanger is very easy to install, and it was specially designed to attach firmly on to the wall but not touch it to prevent any damages!

#24 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Race Belt

4441 889 8.2

Another useful gift idea for triathletes is a professional race belt, as it makes switching race number sides between the bike and run easier.

Although there are many suitable race belts available, triathletes prefer some models over others.

For instance, a race belt can never be too tight, and triathletes will always appreciate loops to store their energy gels.

This Weiji running race belt is widely used by triathletes, as it has six gel loops and its excellent elasticity.

#23 best gift for triathletes: Triathlon Baby Onesie

12742 2001 8.3

Is a triathlete in your life about to become a mom or dad?

Then you might want to give him or her one of these adorable onesies. This cute body romper is available in pink and blue.

It is bound to be one of the triathlon-themed hits during the baby shower.

#22 best gifts for triathletes: Body Glide Lube

7971 1655 8.3

The next gift idea is great for beginning triathletes, and one of the best insider secrets. Professional triathletes widely use body-glide as a wetsuit lube.

‘Body Glide’ is handy for open water swimming, either in training or racing. You rub it on your neck, wrists, and ankles and it removes chafing, as well as making wetsuit removal much quicker.

This product will help your favorite triathlete to prevent wetsuit rash, and it will help to cut off valuable transition time.

#21 best gifts for triathletes: 100 Bedtime Stories For Triathletes

3045 1109 8.3

If you want to give your favorite triathlete some inspiration, look no further than this collection of short stories written by Alan Pitman.

This book ‘100 Bedtime Stories For Triathletes’ will help your favorite triathlete to focus and boost his or her performance. You’ll find insights that will help you hone your focus and boost performance.

This is hands-down one of the best books for triathletes. Coach Pitman is a no-nonsense type coach, and most of the stories will resonate very well with every triathlete.

#20 best gifts for triathletes: Ear Plugs for swimming

6699 1875 8.4

The next gif idea is very useful for those triathletes who the feeling of water in their ears. These Speedo earplugs will be miracles for their ears blocking out the water.

Their contoured shape provides a perfect fit and they are specially made for swimming. Your favorite triathlete will be able to insert and remove them very easy.

A very handy care box is included, so fewer chances the earplugs got lost on race day!

#19 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Ornament

3277 533 8.4

If you’re looking for an original triathlon Christmas tree ornament, look no further.

This Christmas ornament is carefully hand-crafted in the USA by an artisan and comes with a red ribbon loop for easy hanging on the tree.

To top it off, this triathlon-themed gift is safe for the environment, as it is lead and nickel-free!

#18 best gifts for triathletes: Swiftwick Socks

23855 5886 8.5

Giving socks is cliché. But triathletes are among the few who can appreciate a good pair of socks.

Triathletes run a lot, and these Swiftsocks will be the best socks they will ever wear! They are also specially designed for running and cycling.

The unique olefin fabric blend will hold tight to their feet and will help to prevent blisters. Unlike other socks, this pair will maintain their quality for years!

#17 best gifts for triathletes: C02 Tire Inflator

15553 2045 8.5

If your favorite triathlete does not use it yet, a CO2 canister set for punctures could be a nice gift.

This tool will make changing tires after a puncture so much easier. He or she will be able to Inflate a tire in seconds with Pro Bike CO2 Inflator.

Unlike other models, the Pro Bike Inflator has a control lever to regulate the speed of CO2 release for precisely controlled inflation and a rubber foam sleeve to avoid frozen fingers.

Make sure you get a few spare canisters so they can practice in case they also want to use it on race day.

#16 best gifts for triathletes: Runner Multivitamin

5883 1150 8.5

Next up, another insider secret that makes a great gift for beginning triathletes. Vitamin B-complex is essential to the body’s energy product system – something that is very important for triathletes as they run a lot!

This runner multivitamins will drastically improve the performances of your favorite triathlete.

This vitamin product is also widely used by professional triathletes and is the most complete B vitamin supplement on the market, as it also contains B4, B8 and B10!

#15 best gifts for triathletes: Anti-Fog Goggle Solution

2389 400 8.5

If you are looking for a very practical triathlon gift, you should consider anti-fog goggle spray.

This product cleans swimming goggles and resists fogging for up to 90 minutes, which is long enough for any race or swim training.

This solution absolutely works, you just must rinse carefully after you applied the product.

#14 best gifts for triathletes: Lightweight Running Visor

9983 1450 8.6

Next on our list of best gifts for triathletes, we have a lightweight running visor.

There are a couple of factors that define a great running hat for triathletes. It must be light weighted, keep your head cool, washable, and always fit.

A lightweight visor checks the box on all four factors, especially if they have a comfortable Velcro strap on the back like this model.

#13 best gifts for triathletes: Compact Bike Tool

6064 1102 8.6

The next gift idea is a very handy bike tool that triathletes can place in their saddle bag during bike training.

It is very light weight and it has all the tools in case of a bike emergency. This is a very handy gift that will last a long time

It’s small, it’s handy, it’s durable, and it’s perfect for what it’s used for!

#12 best gifts for triathletes: Ironman Decal Sticker

4503 887 8.6

If you are looking for an ironman triathlon gift, you should consider this 5.5” x 1.5” Ironman decal.

Let them proudly show the world what a fantastic athlete they are and let them do it in style! This decal is easy to affix and stays on in even the worst weather.

This decal is not gaudy at all, and it is pretty classy! If your favorite triathlete has more than one car, chances are he or she will buy a second one!

#11 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Heartbeat T-shirt

23982 6958 8.7

Triathlon is a passion for almost every triathlete. What could be possibly better to show this passion to the world than this heartbeat triathlon t-shirt?

This stylish t-shirt is available in five different colors and makes a great gift for any occasion. Don’t be surprised if he wears this t-shirt all the time!

#10 gifts for triathletes: Backpack For Swim Trainings

16444 3095 8.7

Triathletes spend a lot of their time at the pool. Why not gifting them a professional backpack for their swim trainings?

This speedo backpack is perfectly fit for the job and it has some very useful features like a removable dirt bag to keep dirty/wet gear separated from clean garments and a water-repelling bottom.

The bag is also large enough to fit all swim training equipment like paddles, pull buoy, training fins and kick boards.

NOTE:  This is not the ideal transition bag for triathlon as the bottom compartment on the front is not large enough to hold shoes- a feature common to most transition bags.

#9 best gifts for triathletes: Travel-sized Torque Wrench

6758 984 8.7

Next up, another useful bike tool for triathletes: a travel-sized torque wrench.

Torque wrenches are crucial to triathlon bike maintenance, since carbon frames and seat tubes, and complex headsets require a specific measure of Newton meters for tightening.

This Pro-Bike tool has a torque range with micro-adjustment to 0.1 and will be any triathletes best friend on a race day.

No more guesswork and it will help to prevent expensive bike damage from over-tightening bolts by unexperienced race mechanics.

#8 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Silver Necklace

8666 1503 8.8

One of our popular Christmas gifts for triathletes is this lovely sterling silver necklace with rhodium finish.

She will be surprised to see a necklace/pendant related to her sport! She will love this unique design without a doubt!

If she loves triathlon, she can now accessorize accordingly when she goes out training.

#7 best gifts for triathletes: Ironman License Plate Frame

1294 230 8.8

Another Ironman triathlon gift idea is this Ironman license plate frame.

Comprised of striking 3D graphics, this is easily the most eye-catching triathlon license plate frame on the market.

This license plate frame will let your favorite triathlete show the world they are an Ironman finisher!

#6 best gifts for triathletes: Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook

25094 5042 8.9

If the triathlete you are buying the gift for loves cooking or is obsessed about what to eat and drink on race day, the next gift might be just what you are looking for.

Fueling your body is just as important as training it, but different phases of training and racing require different combinations of nutrients.

Written by one of the world’s leading triathlon coaches, The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook includes in-depth advice to boost your performance and seventy recipes that will help you reach your personal best.

#2 best gifts for triathletes: Elastic Shoe Laces

7841 1283 8.9

Next up, the best gift for beginning triathletes: elastic shoelaces!

Elastic laces decrease transition time significantly as putting on shoes goes so much faster and easier.

All triathletes who take themselves seriously have elastic shoelaces, so if he or she does not have a pair yet, you can welcome them to the pro club!

#4 best gifts for triathletes: Normatech Recovery Sleeves

9667 1751 9.1

Does your favorite triathlete has already NormaTechs recovery pumps?” If not, it is one of the best expensive triathlon gifts you can buy, without you having to worry whether they will like it or not.

These portable recovery pumps will help your favorite triathlete recover their entire legs by delivering an intense and scientifically-controlled measure of compression.

This gift is like a gift cert for a massage, only this one doesn’t need to be scheduled, and it lasts forever. Triathletes love these recovery pumps, as they can recover and doing other things, like watching TV at the same time!

#3 best gifts for triathletes: Triathlon Transition Bag

37841 6683 9.3

There are only a few items more critical for a triathlete than a transition bag on race day! Buying a good transition bag is one of the best gift ideas for triathletes.

Why? You can buy it without their consent, and they will always carry it just before the race!

There are many great transition bags, but the Speedo Tri-Clops backpack is by far the most useful one for triathletes.

This bag has great features like a helmet pocket, a shoe pocket, and a dirtbag to keep clean or wet or dirty or clean contents separated.

#2 best gifts for triathletes: Calf Foam Roller

10485 2221 9.4

Triathletes must stretch a lot, and one of the most useful tools to assist them is a calf foam roller.

Every triathlete most probably knows the basic stretches, but some stretches are specifically handy for triathletes. Calves are muscles that can be particularly tight among triathletes.

A calf foam role will do wonders for any triathlete!

#1 best gifts for triathletes: Garmin Forerunner 935 Gift Box

12044 2984 9.4

Topping our list of best gifts for triathletes, we have this Garmin Forerunner 935 Gift Box.

This Garmin computer is by the best triathlon computer on the market and can be used for all three sports. It monitors almost everything you can imagine, from lactate threshold to VO2 max.

The software of this forerunner 935 also allows you to keep track of your training data, discover training tracks over other athletes, and challenge friends. 

We know this gift might be expensive, but your favorite triathlete will be blown away and enjoy this gift for years to come! This gift box presents nicely and is an unbelievable value for money!


What are useful gifts for triathletes and what NOT to buy?


The best useful gifts for triathletes are items that will help them during training, support them during their races or motivates them ahead of the race.

We do NOT recommend to buy race gear like wetsuits, bikes, running shoes, cycling shoes, a helmet or a triathlon outfit. In general, triathletes either have those items already or prefer to buy them. 

Here are our favorite useful gifts for triathletes:

What are the best gifts for beginning triathletes?


The best gifts for beginners are those who help them avoid some valuable time loss during races.

Here are our personal favorites and how they can help beginning triathletes:

Gift ideas for triathletes who have it all?

Many experienced triathletes will probably already have most of the basic gear. But that doesn’t mean you cannot surprise them with a useful gift.

For those kayakers who have it all, we recommend to go for novelty gadget gifts:

  • NormaTechs recover pumps: Professional recovery is now more accesible than ever with these recovery boots. Your favorite triathlete could perfectly multitask while relaxing with those boots on!
  • Jet Black Smart Trainer: Though most triathletes may not have heard of JetBlack or the WhisperDrive Smart, true pros should recognize both names. This is an indoor cycling trainer that does not require a power plug! It great for pre-race warmups or if you would like to train indoor without a power plug.


Looking for More Gift Ideas For Triathletes?

We hope you find this list of best gifs for triathletes useful and you are now set to surprise him or her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more gifts to help the triathlete in your life stay in shape? Check out our top fitness gifts for him and her in 2020!



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