32 Gifts For Sketch Artists And People Who Love To Draw

So you’re looking for original, useful, or funny gifts for sketch artists or people who like to draw?

Great idea! Going for a gift that is related to someone’s passion is definitely the right call.

Although some people are better at it than others, drawing is a very popular hobby, and it is one where extra tools are always welcome.

That is why any sketch artist loves to receive gifts that will allow him or her to draw more.

We identified the 32 best gifts for sketch artists & people who love to draw that are bound to be a tremendous hit with any creative mind.

Curious to see the list? Let’s go!

Cool Gifts For Sketch Artists

In this article you will find:

32. Funny Artist Pun T-Shirt

Funny Artist Shirt

We start this list of cool gifts for sketch artists & people who like to draw with a classic gag gift.

The pun on this fitting T-shirt will probably make the recipient and his or her artist friends laugh, but that’s ok.

Available in a variety of sizes and as a hoodie as well.

31. Pro Drawing Board

Deluxe Artist Drawing Board

The Pro-Draft Deluxe Drawing Board is made of anti-warp aluminum for strength and stability, and its melamine-composite drawing surface adapts well to both pen and pencil.

But the number one reason this portable drawing board is so popular among sketch artists is that it has a five-position tilting mechanism that eases back strain by elevating the board to the most comfortable position.

A great gift for both beginning and more experienced artists!

30. Ultimate Drafting Table

Deluxe Drafting Table

Or perhaps you want to splurge and go for the real deal?

The Polaris is a deluxe drafting table and offers the ideal work surface for sketching and tracing.

It features a tempered glass top, and a durable, powder-coated steel frame, and you can adjust the tilt angle of the work surface up to 40°.

29. Personalized Pencils

Personalized Pencils

Someone who likes to draw can never have enough pencils.

But besides already being useful, you can make this gift also unique by adding a custom print on each pencil.

Go for the recipient’s name, some heartfelt words, or perhaps even a funny quote or expression. You can be…that’s right, creative!

28. Digital Sketching Course

Digital Sketching Course

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced sketch artist, you’re never too old to learn.

You can select from a range of online sketching courses.

Alternatively, you might also want to check out these courses on character drawing or digital drawing.

27. Optical Tracing Board

Optical Tracing Board

Next, we have a great gift for beginning sketch artists.

This optical board reflects any image from a tablet or phone onto a piece of paper.

This can be a great help for starting sketch artists as they can learn to draw more complex figures via tracing.

26. Leather Sketch Journal

Leather Sketch Journal

This breathtaking journal comes in a nice gift box and is perfect for any sketch artist or person who likes to draw or doodle.

Each journal is uniquely crafted from genuine water buffalo leather, so no two journals are identical.

Alternatively, in case there is still plenty of room in the current sketchbook, you can also give a leather cover to put around it.

25. Deluxe Art Portfolio

Deluxe Art Portfolio

For taking their work from and to art classes and exhibitions, sketch artists need a trustworthy portfolio.

Designed to provide many years of dependable use, this rugged Deluxe Art Portfolio is made of laminated nylon for exceptional durability and strength.

This handy gift also includes smaller zip pockets for little extras, protective chrome studs on the bottom, comfortable dual handles, and a detachable shoulder strap.

24. Portable Art Display

Portable Art Display

Getting his drawings safely from one location to another is one thing, but then an artist still needs a way to safely and prominently display his work.

This lightweight, portable, and versatile display system is available in a 3-panel single tabletop display, or as a taller 6-panel floor display.

Simply unfold, place, and your display is ready to go!

23. Artist’s Water Meditation Set

Buddha Water Relaxation Set

Create a calming oasis with this unique set that allows an artist to sketch with water, and see his work disappear.

Thanks to this gift, artists can finally sketch out any thought or frustration as the image, together with any stress, will evaporate with the water.

The ever-changing canvas also takes away the pressure of filling a blank page and lets the mind just wander.

22. Rotating Art Supply Organizer

Rotating Art Supply Organizer

Reach ultimate workplace tidiness with this bamboo rotating art supply organizer.

The bamboo desktop organizer is designed as a hexagon to maximize space. Simply spin this pencil holder to store or take out your things.

A useful yet original gift for sketch artists and people who like to draw.

21. Art History Hero Figurine

Artist Hero Figure

Are you looking for a more whimsical gift for someone who loves to draw?

Then what about giving one of these art history hero figurines?

You can choose from all the greats, ranging from Monet & Van Gogh to Monet & Dali.

20. Sketch Marker Set

Sketch Marker Set

We can’t have a list of best gifts for people who like to draw without a set of premium markers.

With this colorful set, an artist can make tiny details come alive with the 0.4mm fine tip, or flip the marker over to create thicker lines with the broader brush tip.

Just have a look at the customer reviews and you’ll understand why these markers are one the most frequently sold sets on the market.

19. 3D Printing Pen

3D Pen

With this cool gift, an artist can sketch, print, or doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces.

The pen is very easy to use, thanks to the OLED display which shows the types of material you’re using as well as the current temperature.

The adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you’re drawing.

18. Ultimate Work Surface Light

Ultimate Work Surface Light

When a sketch artist is in the creative zone, it is difficult for him or her to quit, even when it’s time for bed.

Yet thanks to this powerful gift he or she can continue just a bit longer.

This powerful light can be easily clipped to any drawing table and will illuminate an entire work surface with its extra-wide and super-bright Daylight Luminos LED Lamp.

17. Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil Sharpener

The PowerMe electric pencil sharpener gives you up to 3000 times of sharpening without wearing out.

Thanks to its heavy-duty, ultra-durable high-grade stainless steel helical blade it takes only 3 seconds to sharpen.

Any sketch artist will love this useful compact & lightweight gift, and will not be able to go without it anymore.

16. Drawing Hand Support

Drawing Hand Rest

This handy gift is probably indispensable for any sketch artist or the person who likes to draw.

Finally, no more unwanted smudges because your hand was resting on the drawing.

This nifty hand support can be placed at any angle over the drawing and will keep any skin from touching your work.

15. Sketched Photo Necklace

Sketched Photo Necklace

Next, we have a very cool personalized gift for a true sketch artist.

Upload any photo you’d like, and the image will be sketched by laser on a lovely necklace pendant.

You can even top it off by adding some heartfelt words. A fitting keepsake that he or she will cherish forever!

14. Sketching Wallet

Sketching Wallet

Sometimes, while on the go, a sketch artist will come across amazing things he or she would love to draw.

To be able to capture those spontaneous moments we offer this fully equipped portable sketching wallet.

This stylish & cool gift is small enough to fit in your bag and contains a selection of pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and a sketching pad.

13. Pencil Socks

Pencil Socks

About time we added a fitting gag gift to this list of cool gifts for sketch artists & people who like to draw.

This fashionable pair of comfy socks will let the world know in a hilarious way that this person is really into drawing.

A funny stocking stuffer or great art school graduation gift!

12. Scratch Art Gift Set

Scratch Art Gift Set

At No. 12 on our ultimate list of gifts for people who like to draw, we have this fun scratch art paper kit.

Unleash endless creativity with a selection of rainbow, gold, silver, and space patterned sheets.

Simply scratch the sheets and let your imagination do the rest as the brilliant, bright patterns are revealed.

11. Real Brush Pen Set

Brush Pens

These innovative brush pens offer a great way for sketch artists to also have a first go at painting.

Thanks to the flexible nylon brush tip, artists can apply a painterly touch to their work.

The pens use water-based ink and can be used to create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines when light pressure is applied.

10. Ultra-Thin Light Pad

Ultra Thin Sketch Light

This ultra-thin portable LED light box is an absolute bestseller in the world of drawing.

The tablet emits adjustable, flicker-Free, super bright yet eco-friendly LED lighting.

A cool gift for any sketch artist who likes tracing or just wants to properly illuminate his or her drawing.

9. Chalkboard Table Runner

Chalkboard Table Runner

Drawing is a useful skill, even when one wants to impress during dinner parties.

Whether a dinner conversation could use a little tic-tac-toe or the kids’ table needs some doodling time, this roll-up, chalkboard-inspired table runner offers a blank canvas for creative diners both big and small.

This cool gift for sketch artists comes with dustless chalk which won’t leave any vibrant seasoning on a tablescape.

8. How To Draw Faces

Book Drawing Faces

We won’t have a complete list of cool gifts for sketch artists and people who like to draw without a book.

And this book by Jane Davenport is an absolute bestseller among drawing & painting enthusiasts.

The instructions on how to draw a beautiful face are very detailed and there are loads of step-by-step photos of the processes.

7. Deluxe Colored Pencil Set

Deluxe Colored Pencils Set

The more tools an artist has, the better and more detailed the masterpiece.

And as far as color is concerned, no sketch artists will be left wanting, thanks to this deluxe pencils gift set.

It holds 72 vibrant colors, neatly packaged in a stunning presentation tin box, ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who like to draw alike.

6. Fun Drawing Game

Doodle Face Drawing Game

So they call you Quick-Draw around here? Well, hold on to your pens! It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

In this fun-filled game contestants have to draw the hilarious topics that are written on the cards, and this while the clock is running.

The perfect gift for a group of artists who like to draw and have fun.

5. Vintage Paper Sketchbook

Vintage Paper Sketchbook

We enter our top 5 cool gifts for sketch artists & people who like to draw with a vintage item.

This unique leather-bound sketchbook is filled with handmade vintage paper.

Thanks to this unique gift, a sketch artist can make his sketches look like the work of Leonardo DaVinci himself.

4. Roll Up Pencil Case

Roll Up Pencil Case

This beautiful, genuine leather roll-up pencil case is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any artist who likes to draw.

This stylish case is handmade from the finest cow leather and is big enough to hold all the necessary tools while being very compact.

The roll-up pouch is available in several different colors.

3. Hand Massager

Hand Massager

You know that painful feeling you get in your fingers and hands when you have to write a lot? Well, imagine what a sketch artist must feel after hours of highly focused drawing.

That is why this relaxing hand massager is a well-deserved gift for any person who likes to draw a lot.

It is compact, portable, and even has a heat function to further reduce pain and swelling.

2. Sketch Artist Starter Kit

Sketch Artist Starter Kit

Are you looking for a gift for a beginning sketch artist? Look no further!

This complete starter kit holds all the professional tools a person who likes to draw will need for his or her next masterpiece.

A truly versatile and high-quality art set that rightfully gets a perfect score and very happy customer reviews.

1. XP-PEN Graphic Drawing Tablet

Digital Tablet Sketch Artists

We live in a digital age, and that is why at the top of our list of cool gifts for sketch artists and people who like to draw, we find this tablet.

The XP-PEN Artist Pro is the latest state-of-the-ART graphics drawing tablet featuring an impressive 8192 pen pressure, up to 60 degrees pen tilt, high color gamut coverage, and much more.

A great gift for any beginner or professional artist!

What are the best gifts for sketch artists & people who like to draw?

The best gifts for sketch artists and people who like to draw are any gadgets that facilitate the drawing process. Great examples are a new set of pencils, extra sketchbooks & sharpeners, or professional lighting.

These gifts will help them do more of what they love, which is drawing while showing them that you are aware of their passion and hence are involved in their lives.

Alternatively, you can also give a more humorous gift. An example is giving an artist who loves to draw this pair of funny socks.

What are the best gifts for beginning sketch artists?

The best gifts for beginning sketch artists are those items that get them to draw as fast as possible. Drawing is an art & hobby that requires both a lot of tools, expertise, and skill. So giving a gift that helps on either of these fronts is highly appreciated.

Great gift ideas for beginning painters include:

  • An informative book that shares tips and tricks on how to draw faces.
  • stylish pencil case that will hold all his or her pencils in a fashionable and compact way.
  • A complete starter kit holding all the tools he or she might need while drawing.

For more great insights & tips for beginning sketch artists, have a look at this interesting article on what is needed to start drawing.

Are pencils an unoriginal gift to give to an artist who likes to draw?

Absolutely not!

Pencils get used up, it’s as simple as that. Even more so when an artist keeps his pencils as sharp as they can be and hence sharpens them a lot.

So giving a person who likes to draw more pencils is always a useful and well-appreciated gift.

A great gift idea is this deluxe-colored pencil gift set. It’s a beautiful tin gift box holding over 72 quality colored pencils.

Alternatively, you can also give regular pencils, and even make them more special by personalizing them.

What are cool gifts for artists who like digital drawing?

Artists who like digital drawing actually combine two elements in their passion: drawing & electronic gadgets.

Some cool digital drawing gifts are:

  • A premium drawing tablet or digitizer that will allow any enthusiast to experience top-notch digital equipment.
  • protective glove that shields any tablet or screen from greasy fingers or scratches.
  • 3D printing pen that will allow any artist to literally bring to life any creative design.
  • If the artist you are buying for is just a beginner, you can also gift a digital drawing course.

Perhaps the person you are buying a gift for is more into painting or crafts than drawing itself? In this case, also have a look at our lists of top gifts for people who like to paint and top hobby & crafts gifts.

Looking for More Gift Ideas For Sketch Artists?

Hope you find this list of best gifts for sketch artists & people who like to draw useful and you are now set to surprise the creative mind in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Finally, also check out our list of top gifts for painters, or have a look at our assortment of personalized gifts.

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