36 Best Gifts For Vegans

Do you have a vegan loved one and you’re unsure what to gift them? Veganism is the practice of abstaining from animal products, mostly in their diet but also as a lifestyle. You may be confused about what would make a great gift for a vegan, so we have you covered!

There are so many great gifts for vegans; you just have to use your imagination a little. It’s about more than non-animal products. It’s about a lifestyle of cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly products.

The best vegan gifts are edible gifts (gift baskets), kitchen essentials (cookbooks and appliances), and great gift baskets.

We have a great list of the best gifts for vegans, so we can take the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Vegan Gift Ideas

36. Funny Vegan T-Shirt

Funny Vegan Tshirt

The best way to start a gift list is a graphic t-shirt.

If you know someone vegan and very proud, they will love this t-shirt.

There is no better way to get a conversation going about plant-based life than with this “Vegan AF” v-neck t-shirt.

35. The Kitchen Cube

The Kitchen Cube

The Kitchen Cube is a perfect gift for vegetarians. As many vegetarians cook their meals to ensure dietary adherence, a precise measuring tool is essential. The Kitchen Cube combines multiple measurements into one tool, simplifying the cooking process. For vegetarians who often explore diverse ingredients, this tool ensures accuracy and convenience. Gifting it signifies a thoughtful understanding of their culinary needs.

34. Vegan Happy Hour

Vegan Happy Hour

Do you know someone who loves to host parties? Now they can host their happy hour with Vegan options.

Tipsy Vegan showcases plant-based recipes using wine, beer, and vodka as the key ingredients. They will find recipes ranging from spiked apples, soups, and salads to main dishes and desserts.

This all-inclusive recipe book is a great gift for vegans that want to bring the bar to the kitchen.

33. Vegan Spa Gift basket

Vegan Spa Gift Basket

When it comes to spa gift baskets, Savvy Naturals does it right!

This amazing collection of all-natural soaps, body wash, body cream, hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner are made with the highest quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

With this basket, she will feel like she has gone to the spa. What a treat!

32. Vegan Mug

Vegan Mug

Our list of the best gifts for vegans would not be complete without a mug.

This mug makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, you can’t go wrong.

That morning coffee will taste even more delicious in their new favorite mug.

31. EZ Tofu Press

Ez Tofu Press

Tofu is an essential source of protein for those following a plant-based diet.

The EZ Tofu press will help to maximize the flavors in any meal by removing the excess water in tofu. This allows for better flavor absorption and improved texture.

Now stirfrys, chilies, and tofu steaks will taste a million times better. This handy kitchen gadget will make a great vegan present.

30. Duo Cover – It’s Much More Than Just A Microwave Cover!

Duo Cover

A groundbreaking microwave food cover designed for the modern kitchen. It promises tastier leftovers, a clean microwave without splatters, and protection from hot dishes, all without the use of plastics.

Duo Cover is a must-have for every kitchen aficionado. Its multifunctional design, eco-friendly materials, and innovative features make it a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone who values convenience and health in their cooking routine.

29. Vegan Baby Gift

Vegan Baby Gift

Do you know someone with a baby on the way?

If so, this next gift will be perfect. These little onesies are made from 100% organic cotton, (made without the use of fertilizers or pesticides) making them so soft on the baby’s skin.

Any vegan will get a kick out of these adorable (and witty) baby gifts.

28. Silver Vegan Necklace

Silver Vegan Necklace

If you have a special lady in your life, a beautiful necklace is always a great gift choice.

If she is a vegan, she will love this gorgeous sterling silver pendant even more. The V and the leaf are the official symbols of vegetarianism.

Not only is it a beautiful piece, but it is also a great conversation starter. It’s a great way to share the vegan lifestyle with the world.

27. Soft Serve Machine

Soft Serve Machine

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

With this soft-serve machine, anyone can easily make their own yummy vegan-tasting treats.

In just seconds they will have 100% vegan dessert that is healthy and delicious.

26. Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

This next gift is a delicious gift that keeps on giving.

Initially packed with delicious dried fruit, this gift is not only the fruit but the basket itself is gorgeous and will be used time and time again.

If you need a gift for a vegan, this is a great choice.

25. Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub

Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub

Do you know someone who always has dry lips?

This vegan lip scrub is perfect for just that. It is an all-natural exfoliator for dry lips.

Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it will also result in ultra sexy lips.

24. Vegan Cheese Wheel

Vegan Cheese Wheel

If you want a great gift for a vegan that loves the rich flavor of cheese, then this next gift is perfect.

Miyoko vegan cheese is not only gluten-free and dairy-free but also delicious.

Now they can make all the charcuterie boards, and fancy cheese spreads they like.

23. Funny Vegan Tank Top

Funny Vegan Tank Top

When you are stumped for what to gift a vegan, a funny tank top is a great choice.

These super soft tank tops are a great conversation starter and a great way to share with the world, they are a proud Vegan.

This funny vegan tank top makes a great gift for any occasion.

22. Vegan Cookie Gift Basket

Vegan Cookie Gift Basket

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a vegan with a sweet tooth, then look no further.

These delicious cookie towers are not only vegan but irresistible.

They will receive 3 boxes filled with California Snowballs, Kiss of Lemon and Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, Carrot Cake, and Zucchini Bread. What a great gift!

21. Vegan Beauty Box

Vegan Beauty

With this gift, everyone can see how amazing vegan and cruelty-free products can be.

Each box is carefully curated to cover skin and body care. This includes exfoliating cleaners, hydrogels, lip balms, and hand creams.

If you are in search of a gift to help your loved ones relax and revive, then this is it!

20. Avocado Slicing Gadget

Avocado Slicing Gadget

One of the best kitchen gadgets for someone following a healthy lifestyle is this avocado-cutting gadget.

If you know a vegan foodie, then this gift will make them very happy.

It easily slices and de-pits, so more time can be spent making great dips, salads, and dressings.

19. Funny Hoodie

Funny Vegan Hoodie

Next, up on the list of the best gifts for vegans is this vegan-inspired hoodie.

This very v-neck hoodie is printed with the cutest design encouraging the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Perfect for Spring and Fall, these hoodies are lightweight and great to throw on while out and about.

18. The Seitanic Spellbook

Seitanic Spellbook

If you are looking for a truly unique gift for a vegan, then this cookbook is exactly what you are looking for.

The Vegan Metal Chef combines his passion for cooking and making metal music to create a very out-of-the-ordinary cookbook. Delicious recipes are written as concepts rich in metaphors instead of detailed instructions.

It is also filled with tempting photos on every page and even a QR code that leads to a corresponding video on YouTube! If you know a real metal music lover, they’ll just love this gift.

17. Huusk Knives

Huusk Japanese Knives

The Huusk chef’s knife is more than just a tool; it’s an experience. For those who cherish the art of cooking, who understand that a knife is an extension of the chef’s hand,

Huusk is the ultimate gift. It promises not just efficiency but an elevation of the culinary journey.

Every slice, every dice becomes a dance, a testament to the chef’s skill and the perfection of Huusk. This Christmas, gift a piece of art, a symbol of excellence, gift Huusk.

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16. Vegetable Steamer

Vegetable Steamer

Our next gift is a kitchen essential for anyone who loves vegetables.

The BELLA HEalthy food steamer is designed with 2-tier stackable baskets. That means two times the vegetables!

Boiling vegetables causes the main nutrients to be released into the water, while steaming keeps the vegetables close to their natural raw state while heating the vegetables to steamed perfection.

15. Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

Need great vegan gift ideas? We all have a friend or family member with a sweet tooth. If that’s the case, then this next gift will be perfect.

Calling all chocolate lovers! Hu Chocolate is proudly vegan and creates delicious chocolates that are free from dairy, palm oil, emulsifiers, gluten, refined sugar, and sugar alcohols.

These chocolates make great gifts all year long. You could add it to a gift basket, throw it in a stocking, or gift it just because.

14. NutriBullet Blender Combo

Nutribullet Blender Combo

This blender is the master of all blenders. It will take your smoothie game to a whole new level with the functionality of both a multi-serving pitcher and a single-serve cup.

Three precision speeds, a pulse option, and a full array of programs all at the push of one button.

Now it’s easier than ever to make smoothies, soups, dips, nut butter, and more. A great gift for a vegan.

13. Reusable Food Storage Bags

Reusable Food Storage Bags

Part of the vegan lifestyle is to be earth-friendly, and that’s exactly what Colony Co and their reusable food bags are all about.

These certified organic cotton bags are unbleached and free of harmful chemicals. They are washable, come in a variety of sizes, and are perfect for shopping in bulk bins.

If you want an eco-friendly and very practical gift for a vegan, then this is it.

12. Coconut Bowl Set

Coconut Bowl Set

When deciding on a present for a vegan, you will want to consider something that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

These Balinese coconut bows by Bali Boo are so beautiful. They are handmade serving bowls that come in a set of 4 with 8 bamboo straws.

If you are looking for a great housewarming gift idea, you can consider something as useful and lovely as these bowls.

11. Funny Vegan Tumbler

Funny Vegan Wine Tumbler

This multi-purpose tumbler is just adorable. Take your coffee in the morning, then enjoy some wine at night.

The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages at the perfect temperature (hot or cold) for a long time. It’s stainless steel, spill-resistant, and portable.

Perfect to add to a gift basket, Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday, or just because you have a friend that’s “Vegan AF”.

10. Natural Soap Giftbox

Natural Soap

Starting off our Top 10 gifts is an all-natural soap gift box.

These soap bars are made from all-natural vegan ingredients and infused with essential oils.

These soap bars are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Your loved ones will feel so pampered when they receive this gift!

9. Vegan Place Street Sign

Vegan Place Street Sign

We love novelty gifts, and these street signs are such great gifts for a vegan with a great sense of humor.

These Vegan Place street signs are made from durable aluminum. They will look great in the family room, den, office, deck, and garage.

With this sign friends and family will know they have come to the right place.

8. Vegan Care Package

Vegan Care Package

Nothing says you care like a box full of the best vegan treats.

This vegan care package is full of all the favorite vegan snacks, including cookies, protein bars, chips, jerky, dried fruits, nuts, and more.

Whether you have a student going to college, a hard-working mom, a housewarming gift, a post-surgery gift, or really any gift, this care package will surely make anyone smile… and drool.

7. Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Cookbook

You may not know but there is more to a vegan diet than just raw veggies.

Recipes don’t have to be boring, and this cookbook of vegan comfort classics will ensure that meals are exciting, delicious, and nutritious.

This cookbook shares all the classic comfort dishes like Philly Cheesesteak and Friend Chicken in creative vegan ways.

6. Canvas Lunch Bag

Canvas Lunch Bag

This next is great for anyone, vegan or not.

Colony Co, canvas lunch bags are so durable and highly functional with their simple and basic design. No bells, whistles, or zippers.

It’s an amazing gift that anyone will enjoy using.

5. Vegan Bracelet

Vegan Bracelet

For a special lady, this next gift will make her smile.

These lovely vegan bracelets are made from environmentally friendly stainless steel with green cubic zirconia.

They are a very versatile item that can be worn out for a lunch date or anniversary dinner.

4. Plants Get Me Socks

Plants Get Me Socks

Need a fun, playful gift for a vegan?

You can’t go wrong with some fun socks to brighten your day.

It can easily be added to a gift basket or a care package, or it makes a great stocking stuffer.

3. Veggie Lover Gourmet Spices

Veggie Lover Gourmet Spices

Continuing down our list of the best gifts for vegans is this incredible spice kit.

Whatever their favorite vegetable is, they will find the perfect spice to pair with it. They will love Grill Master on zucchini, Citrus Pepper on asparagus, and Rosemary Lemon on broccoli.

What makes this gift extra special is that proceeds go towards the FreshJax Campaign to End Childhood Hunger.

2. Vegan Chocolate Giftset

Vegan Chocolate Giftset

Next, we have a classic gift that everyone will enjoy; a Vegan Artisan Gift Box.

These dark chocolates are made pure and simple with all-natural sustainable ingredients. They are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.

These chocolates make the perfect gift for any occasion.

1. Electric Air Fryer

Electric Air Fryer

Our number one gift is the GoWISE Electric Air Fryer with Dehydrator.

It has 3 stackable racks, an LED digital touchscreen with 8 Functions, and a book of 100 recipes.

If you know someone who loves fried foods but wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle then the air fryer is for them.

What to include in a great vegan gift basket?

When creating a great gift basket you will want to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What is the theme of this basket?
  2. What does the recipient love?
  3. How soon will the basket be received? Can I put perishable items in it?
  4. Do the items I am choosing reflect the culture and goal behind the vegan lifestyle?

What are good vegan subscription boxes?

There are so many subscription boxes that your vegan friends and family can enjoy. Here are some popular examples:

  • Vegan snack boxes
  • All natural bath and beauty boxes
  • Wine boxes
  • Cruelty-free makeup boxes
  • Vegan gourmet chocolate boxes

What are the best vegan gifts for her?

For a special woman in your life, the best vegan gifts would be ones that pamper her.

Whether she is a stay-at-home mom, a working woman, or a student there is no doubt that she will appreciate a little pampering.

Consider giving her gifts she can use for some “me time”.

  • Bath bombs
  • Soaps or body washes
  • Body lotions and butter
  • Exfoliating scrubs and cleansers
  • Lufas, dry rollers, and brushes
  • A great book on a topic she loves
  • A gift card for a massage

What are the best vegan gifts for him?

For a special vegan man, we recommend gifts that are practical and functional.

How about a great vegan leather wallet or laptop bag? He will love to show it off to all his friends. Especially if it’s personalized.

Another great idea is to gift him some high-quality wooden sunglasses. Be sure to get the wooden case too, because they are just the most beautiful combo.

If he’s into gadgets, you can find a whole list of cool gadgets he will love right here.

Our favorite funny vegan gifts

Do you know someone with a great sense of humor? Why not get them a gift that will tickle that funny bone of theirs?!

We have our Top 5 List right here:

  1. Funny Vegan T-shirt
  2. Vegan Apron
  3. Vegan Coloring Book
  4. Funny Vegan iPhone Case
  5. Home Decor

What are original vegan baby gifts?

Vegan baby gifts are really about what is being used to make those products.

It’s about being sustainable and eco-friendly for the most part. Using high-quality natural materials is essential also.

Consider products that are unbleached 100% cotton-like sleepers and onesies

Baby lotions that are made from all-natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils would be appreciated.

You may want to give wooden brushes, bowls, and spoons for feeding.

Also, don’t forget reusable canvas diaper bags and snack bags that can be easily washed and reduce plastic waste.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Vegans?

We hope you find this list of the best gifts for vegans useful, and you are now set to surprise your vegan friend with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Perhaps our collection of eco-friendly gifts might also be worth checking out.

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