30+ Best Fitness Gifts For Men – Spring 2020 Review

When a man decides to go to the gym, he usually gets quite passionate about it.

That is why workout gifts that can help him with his gym routine will be well appreciated!

Bottom line? If he’s into fitness, you can score points with health & fitness related gifts!

And in this top 33, list we already did all the work for you and gathered the hottest & best fitness gifts for him in 2020.

Are you pumped? Let’s do this!

Title Infographic for our top 32 best fitness gifts for men in 2019

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By: Peter, Updated 03/26/2020

#33 best fitness gifts for men: ultimate fitness progress tracker

47832 19401 8.0

We kick off this list of best fitness gifts for men in 2020 with an extremely popular progress tracker & motivator.

The FitTrack is a smart scale that tracks over 17 different health measures, ranging from fat & muscle mass to hydration levels. It also helps to understand which areas of the body need focus.

Thanks to this nifty gift, he will be able to reach his fitness goals over 8x faster!.

#32 best fitness gifts for men: dual shaker bottle

14541 3921 8.0

Is he trying to gain extra muscle by using protein shakes on top of his workout schedule?

Then this handy shaker bottle might be the right fitness gift for him.

It can hold 2 different liquids, allowing him to carry both his water as shake in one handy bottle.

#31 Gym fitness gifts for men: Magnetic Bottle Holder

9146 2009 8.0

Tiered of finding a spot to place your shaker bottle while you’re using a machine?

Thanks to this clever magnetic bottle holder you can make sure your bottle is within hands reach without hampering your movement.

These nifty gym gifts for men are available in several colors.

#30 best fitness gifts for men: Fat Gripz Ultimate Arm Builder

4953 984 8.0

Fat Gripz will make each exercise even tougher and help him build bigger, stronger arms.

They work by wrapping around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and exercise machine handles.

Because of the increased diameter of the grip, the different muscles in his arms will need to work harder for each lift.

#29 best fitness gifts for men: Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

3004 758 8.0

For the man who likes to work out at home these adjustable dumbbells are the perfect fitness gift.

Thanks to their smart & unique dial system they combine 15 sets of weights into one.

No more need for multiple dumbbells cluttering their workout space or home.

#28 workout gifts for him: Olympic Weight Clock

11995 3695 8.1

This weight-themed clock is a great gift for men who love to workout.

It is exact replica of an Olympic weight plate and will add that sporty touch to any living space or workout area.

Made of durable high-impact polymer resin and offering accurate quartz movement.

#27 best fitness gifts for men in 2019: Reflex Ball Set

8941 2211 8.1

Reflex balls make great fitness gifts for men of all ages.

They offer a fun way to train agility, reaction speed, and hand-eye coordination.

Each reflex ball headset comes with 4 different balls that represent different difficulty levels.

#30 gym gifts for him: Body Boss Home Gym

18702 6691 8.2

Looking for workout gifts for him but the person you are buying for is not really into going to the gym?

Well, with this next fitness gift he will be able to bring the gym to him.

The body boss home gym offers a full-body workout right out of the comfort of your own home.

#25 gifts for gym lovers: Motivational Canvas

13334 4005 8.2

Next on our list of best fitness gifts for men we find a motivational canvas about one of the most inspirational bodybuilders in history.

This stylish black & white canvas boasts some wise words by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

If he’s into bodybuilding, he’ll absolutely love this gift!

#24 best fitness gifts for men in 2019: Rx Black Ops Jump Rope

10332 1112 8.7

The Rx Black Ops is used by top CrossFit athletes and it even is the official jump rope of the USA boxing team.

It has ergonomic handles and smooth bearings, facilitating the perfect rep each time.

In short, the ideal rope for a killer workout.

#23 best workout gifts for him: Funny Fitness Themed Mug

3078 1080 8.2

We can’t have a list of best workout gifts for him without adding a funny mug.

It’s true, one of the nice benefits of going to the gym is that you’ll feel less guilty about indulging yourself with some sweets or fast food.

this hilarious mug will remind a gym lover on a daily basis that there’s only one way to combine that six-pack with unhealthy eating habits.

#22 best fitness gifts for men in 2019: Dumbbell Beer Glass

21404 8094 8.3

Is the man you are buying for not so much into coffee?

No worries, we also got your covered. Check out this original dumbbell-shaped beer glass.

One of our favorite fitness gifts for men who like to workout some more at the bar.

#21 gifts for gym lovers: Perfect Push Up Elite

15046 6808 8.3

Every man who loves to workout knows that push-ups are one of the best exercises to engage your full body.

The perfect push up elite grips are designed to rotate slightly, engaging even more muscles, and resulting in increased strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs.

One of those must-have fitness gifts men can use both at the gym as at home.

#20 gifts for fitness guys: Nike Metcon 4XD

6596 2477 8.3

Although often overlooked, wearing the right shoes can actually positively impact your workout.

If he’s into CrossFit, or if he likes to hit the gym and only lift weights, a pair of Nike Metcons is the perfect fitness gift for him.

The grip is extra tough and will help him crush sled pushes and pulls without slipping.

#19 gifts for gym lovers: Natural Deodorizer Bags

23458 9894 8.4

Nobody likes a smelly gym bag.

That is why deodorizers, even though there not super sexy, have to be part of this list of best gym gifts for men.

These mini Moso natural bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags are the perfect odor absorbers for stinky shoes, gym bags, boxing gloves, and many more.

#18 gym gifts for men: Gold Standard Proteins

14560 7665 8.4

Is he trying to gain muscle weight?

In that case, he will love receiving a tub a Gold Standard Whey Proteins.

The brand chose its name wisely as it is considered one of the best whey protein powders out there. And as a bonus, this muscle stimulating workout gift comes in several yummy flavors.

#17 health & fitness gifts for him: Justice League Blender Bottle

9840 3416 8.4

If he’s using protein shakes, he’ll need the right bottle to take it with him to the gym. Preferably one with a little blender ball to mix the powder.

And can you think of a more fitting theme than superheroes?

As boys will always be boys, these justice league themed fitness gifts are immensely popular with men. Just check out the product reviews!

#16 best fitness gifts for men in 2019: Ultimate Elbow Brace

11555 4906 8.5

When lifting weights, a man’s elbows do have to endure a lot of stress and sometimes this can lead to injuries such as a tennis elbow.

The Kunto elbow brace is celebrated by gym lovers allover for its extreme comfort and support.

Elbow braces are well-appreciated gifts for most fitness guys, whether he’s currently struggling with an injury or as precaution.

#15 gym gifts for men: smart hydration reminder

8763 3491 8.5

Next, we have one of our expected bestselling fitness gifts for men in 2020.

The Ulla smart bottle attachment is used and loved by over 280,000 people worldwide!

It provides you with timely drinking reminders so you stay at peak hydration levels, both during as after your workout!

#14 workout gifts for men: Resistance Band Set

15684 5551 8.5

For men who love to workout, skipping a gym day is unacceptable.

But what to do when your traveling or can’t make it to the gym for some or other reason?

Thanks to this compact resistance band gift set he’ll be able to get a full workout done no matter where he is.

#13 gifts for fitness guys: Stylish Tank Top Set

17840 7843 8.6

Everyone loves looking good, even when they’re at the gym.

With this stylish set of tank tops he’ll always have a clean shirt at hand that will make him look at his best.

Perhaps one of our more simple, but nonetheless highly appreciated fitness gifts for men.

#12 best fitness gifts for men: Sweat Activated Shirt

16953 5599 8.6

Looking for gym gifts for him but want to add a humorous touch?

Say no more and check out this hilarious shirt.

Once he has built up a proper sweat, the text “you can go home now” will appear on the shirt. A funny and practical gift for men who love to workout!

#11 gym gifts for him: Elite Workout Gloves

1321 4732 8.6

A trustworthy pair of workout gloves are a must-have for any man who loves lifting weights.

However, most brands on the market are not of great quality and usually won’t last that long.

The elite gym gloves are infamous for extreme durability and comfort. Don’t believe us? Just read the product reviews of this immensely popular gym gift for men!

#10 gifts for gym lovers: Bestselling Fitness Book

3653 1765 8.6

As you were probably already expecting, we had to add a book to this list of best fitness gifts for men in 2020.

This #1 Amazon bestseller by Michael Matthews is a must-read if you’re interested in getting a more lean, muscled and strong body.

A great stocking stuffer when it comes to workout gifts for him.

#9 best fitness gifts for men: Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

8993 1603 8.7

Although this may look like a funny contraption, the TriggerPoint grid foam roller is a trusted device for physical and massage therapists, coaches, trainers and athletes, in need of muscle recovery, pain relief and improved flexibility.

It comes in different colors and the brand offers free instructional videos on its website.

#8 health & fitness gifts for him: Ultimate Body Massager

5332 1112 8.7

For the heavier work, a foam roller might not do the trick.

This shiatsu back & neck massager will offer men the ultimate relief if they’re suffering from sore muscles after a tough workout.

Bonus: the rest of the family will also be able to enjoy this versatile gift for fitness guys.

#7 best fitness gifts for men: Iron Gym Workout Bar

32341 6055 8.8

With this iron gym workout bar he will be able to build his entire upper body from the comfort of his own home.

The ideal all-in-one tool for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more.

It installs in just seconds so he can remove it when he finished his workout.

#6 gym gifts for him: Lower Back Support Belt

10332 1112 8.8

Anyone half-serious about working out will know that taking care of your back is absolutely crucial.

The BraceUp stabilizing belt offers the ultimate support for the lower back.

This fitness gift permits a full range of movement while providing comfortable support and releasing excess heat through mesh panels.

#5 gifts for fitness guys: Microfiber Cooling Towel

15366 5998 8.9

At number 5 of our list of best fitness gifts for men in 2020 we find the microfiber cooling towel.

This ultra-compact cooling towel is made of super hyper-evaporative breathable material, guaranteeing instant cooling.

These refreshing gym gifts for men are available in a wide variety of flashy colors and 3 different sizes.

#4 best fitness gifts for men: Ab Carver Pro Roller

20491 4888 9.0

The Ab Carver Pro Roller is the right tool for the man who wants to get the perfect six pack.

Its ergonomic handles and interior kinetic engine using a carbon steel spring to provide resistance will maximize the results of any ab roll-out exercises.

This is one of those innovative fitness gifts that astonishes with its fast results!

#3 best fitness gifts for men: Fitbit Heartrate & Fitness Wristband

41341 8942 9.1

Thanks to the Fitbit Heart Rate & Fitness wristband he will be able to maximize each workout.

It will guide his program based on his objective: burn fat, build stamina, etc.

But it also tracks everyday movements such as steps taken and floors climbed, and it will send all the stats automatically to his smartphone.

#2 best fitness gifts for men: adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

29677 7002 9.1

Let him head to and from the gym in style with by giving him a fashionable new gym bag.

This best-seller duffel bag from adidas holds 4 outside zippered compartments and easy access mesh pocket to organize all his gear.

To top it all, it’s available in different sizes and colors.

#1 best fitness gifts for men in 2019: Bose Wireless Headphones

25553 4995 9.2

Nothing pumps you up during sport like music does.

However, aren’t those swinging cords are really annoying? No more of that thanks to these high quality wireless headphones from Bose.

Great audio and zero hindrance, the perfect fitness gift for him.

How do I choose the right fitness gifts for him?

Men will appreciate any fitness-related gift that will help them get a better or easier workout. However, here are some tips on how to pick the very best ones:

  • Try to figure out details about his workout routine. Is he into weightlifting or more into cardio? You will want to get him a gift that fits his routine best. Tip: ask his gym buddies for help and insights.
  • If you’re thinking of buying him gym clothing or other fitness-related items that tend to wear, don’t worry too much about what he already has. He can always use a new shirt or extra protein shaker.
  • Gadgets are a great option as men love receiving them and chances are lower he will already have one. Great examples are the Bluetooth Body Fat Scale and the Ultimate Body Massager.
  • In case you really have no clue, fitness guys can always use consumable gifts such as protein powder or deodorizer bags.

Are funny fitness gifts for men a good idea?

Absolutely! If working out is his passion he’ll love a hilarious gag gift he can show his gym buddies. Men love goofing around in between their workout sets.

Here are some funny gym gift ideas for men:

  • A beer glass shaped like a dumbbell. Men love joking around they are planning to lift some ‘extra weights at the bar’ after the gym. He’ll love this hilarious glass.
  • A coffee mug that reminds him that thanks to rigorous workout routine he’s allowed to eat fast foods or sweats without worrying about those love handles.
  • A sweat-activated shirt that will tell him exactly when he has worked out enough and he’s ‘allowed’ to go home.
  • A Justice League protein shake blender bottle. Why? Because boys will always be boys…

Looking for workout gifts for him for at home?

Not every guy has time to spend several hours a week in the gym. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a good workout.

That is why workout gifts that can be used at home can be a great idea.

  • A pull-up bar is probably one of the most effective and easiest ways to exercise the upper body.
  • With the Body Boss Home Gym he can get a full workout done wherever he is. Thanks to its smart design it is also very compact so easy to store.
  • But you don’t have to go big or expensive. If he loves a good workout he’ll probably love this Black Ops Jump Rope. Simple yet one of those must-have gifts for fitness guys.

Looking for More Fitness Gifts For Men?

We hope you found this list of fitness gifts for men useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gym gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Finally, please feel free to check out more gift ideas for him or have a look out our related articles below.



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