36 Best Gifts For People with Arthritis

Activities that most people don’t think twice about doing, like getting out of bed, eating a meal, or sitting in the car, can be very painful for someone with arthritis.

Luckily, there are many tools to assist with daily activities no matter what kind of arthritis they have.

If you are looking for a gift for someone with arthritis, you may be stumped as to what to get them. If you do not suffer from arthritis, it could be difficult to imagine what kind of gift would be appreciated. You just need to think outside the box a little.

The best gifts for people with arthritis are gifts that will help make their daily activities easier (dressing aid), ease pain (pain relief patch), or promote healthy living (cookbooks).

Gifts For Arthritis Sufferers

In this article you will find:

36. Electric Jar Opener

Electric Jar Opener

Kicking off our list of the best gifts for people with arthritis is this very handy electric jar opener.

This kitchen tool is great for everyone, especially those who need a bit of extra help. It is compact and effortlessly opens jars of any size.

No more running those jars under hot water or using a knife to pop that seal. It might just be the best thing since sliced bread!

35. Pain Relief Patch

Kailo Pain Patch 1

Pain is the result of electrical signals being sent to the brain. Anyone with arthritis will attest to how much pain they can experience.

The patent technology in the Kailo patches uses nano capacitors to lessen the pain and provide instant relief. This offers 100% drug-free pain relief with zero side effects.

These patches are long-lasting, work anywhere on the body, and make very practical gifts for arthritis sufferers.

34. Yoga For Arthritis

Yoga For Arthritis

Arthritis makes movement difficult, yoga increases the range of motion. It’s a match made in heaven.

This comprehensive yoga program is designed for the management and prevention of arthritis. Although medication and surgeries can help with the pain of arthritis exercise is most beneficial.

If you are looking for a gift for arthritis sufferers, this book will make a wonderful choice.

33. Heated Knee Brace

Heated Knee Brace

For gift ideas for someone with arthritis in their knee joints, we recommend this next-level gift. This heated knee brace combines heat and soothing vibration massage to help relieve pain in the knees and legs.

It has built-in heat pads with 2 adjustable heat levels to soothe stiff muscles and increase circulation.

Along with the heat, this knee brace has a massager with 4 powerful massage motors that deliver a soothing massage to the muscles and tissues.

32. Ice Legs

Ice Legs

Cold patches are recommended to help reduce muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation. Ice baths can be messy and inconvenient. That’s why we bring you this next gift for arthritis sufferers.

Ice Legs is a cost-effective, convenient, and portable way to benefit from cold therapy.

The durable, reusable ice packs can be easily stored in the freezer. When needed, take them out, pop them into the sleeves and relax.

31. Tablet & Phone Holder

Tablift Tablet Stand For The Bed Post Surgery Gift

If you know someone with arthritis in their arms or hands, we bring you a very handy tablet and phone holder.

These portable device holders are compatible with most devices and come with adjustable legs so that devices can be propped and used while sitting, standing, or even laying down.

Relieving the hands from holding the devices will help prevent pain and stiffness due to arthritis.

30. No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoelaces

Simple tasks like tying shoes can be a struggle for someone with arthritis. That’s why we have this next gift idea on our list.

Lock laces make wearing any shoes with laces easier. They transform any tie-up shoes into slip-on shoes. Also, they make laced shoes more comfortable as lock laces have some stretch and give, unlike regular shoelaces.

They say great things come in small packages and these laces provide great comfort and convenience in a simple and small package.

29. Sleep Aid Device


Getting a good night’s sleep is difficult when you suffer from arthritis. Achy, stiff joints make getting comfortable, dozing off, and staying asleep truly a challenge.

The sleep aid is a very practical gift idea for people with arthritis. It uses mesmerizing lights to quiet the mind and shift the focus from the aches and pains to the possibility of getting a good night’s sleep. Also, the rhythmic lights help to slow down breathing and lull the user into a restful sleep.

The best gift you can give anyone is rest and relaxation.

28. My Happy Feat Socks

My Happy Feet Socks

A revolutionary solution designed to alleviate foot pain by gently aligning toes and reducing the strain caused by daily foot stress.

By doing so, they effectively relieve swelling and inflammation in joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves, providing much-needed relief to aching feet.

Arthritis is characterized by inflammation and swelling in the joints, leading to pain and discomfort. My Happy Feet Socks directly address these issues in the feet, making them an ideal gift for those with arthritis.

By improving alignment and circulation, these socks not only soothe foot pain but also provide a sense of relief and comfort, making daily activities more manageable for arthritis sufferers.

27. Ultimate Grabbing Tool


The next gift on our list of the best gifts for people with arthritis is the ultimate grabbing tool.

When arthritis affects the joints in the hands it causes stiffness and makes simple tasks very painful. Typing on a keyboard or picking up a cooking utensil can cause great discomfort.

This tool can grab and hold items up to 10 lbs. It comes with a flashlight, and magnet and can reach very small spaces. This makes it a very useful gift.

26. Arthritis Therapy Mittens

Arthritis Theraphy Mittens

Gripping, holding, squeezing, or other actions we do with our hands are difficult when you are suffering from arthritis pain.

A pair of PhysioNatural mittens warmed in the microwave will help to relax stiff muscles and relieve pain.

These therapy mittens take relaxation further, releasing a lavender aroma subtly. For a full relaxing therapy experience. What a great gift for people with arthritis!

25. Key Helper

Key Helper

When it comes to handy tools for those with arthritis the Keywing Key Turner Aid is a great choice.

This can easily clip onto any key and give the user more leverage for turning it. This is especially helpful when there is joint stiffness or pain in the hands.

These gifts are simple, but they are incredibly helpful and will be well used.

24. Cold Socks

Cold Socks

Cold therapy is another way to relieve soreness, achiness, and pain.

These amazing socks almost instantly neutralize arthritis pain. They are padded with a chilled gel pack on the bottom of the foot, the top, and by the heel.

Within seconds, these cold socks chill the entire foot. This gives immediate relief from inflammation and swelling.

23. CBD Balm

Avida Pain Relieving Balm

You may be surprised to know that there is pain relief that you can get from a balm that goes beyond chapped lips.

The CBD Balm was formulated to provide fast-acting relief from muscle aches, discomfort, and inflammation. It is made from an all-natural combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Anyone suffering from arthritis will greatly enjoy massaging the balm on the skin for soothing, moisturizing pain relief.

22. Ridiculously Comfy Slippers

Ridiculously Comfy Slippers

Calling all sports fans! Gameday or every day these wildly comfortable slippers are a must-have.

Sports fanatics will enjoy how warm cozy and comfy their feet will be wrapped up in these slippers.

Achy feet or any feet, these not only make great gifts for people with arthritis and other muscle pain but anyone whose feet need a little extra love.

21. Gun Wine Opener

Gun Wine Opener

Where are all the wine lovers at?! If you know someone who loves wine and loves to entertain, then this next gift is a great idea.

Not only it is incredibly fun to use, but it is also very handy. Traditional wine bottle openers can be difficult for people with limited mobility in their hands or muscles in general. These gun-shaped bottle openers are the perfect solution.

With a single charge, they can easily open 30 bottles. The handle makes the whole process so much easier. We must say, this is an awesome gift for people with arthritis.

20. Multipurpose Gel Pack

Multipurpose Gel Pack

You can’t have enough pain relief options, and one that has multiple uses is even better.

For instant relief of back pain, sore shoulders, swollen knees, etc. These gel packs are designed to use cold therapy to treat pain. They are created to fit all body parts from head to toe.

If you are looking for a very practical gift idea for someone with arthritis, then these gel packs are a great choice.

19. Massage Gift Card

Couples Massage

What do you get for someone who has everything? A Gift Card! No matter how cliche it seems, a gift card for a great massage would be highly appreciated by anyone.

On the SpaFinder website, you can search for spas, purchase, and share the gift card from 1 place. If you have a loved one across the country, that’s ok! You can easily pick a spa that is in their backyard.

For someone who has chronic pain from an accident, sports injury, or arthritis, this is a great gift idea.

18. 24″ Shoe Horn

24 Inch Shoe Horn

Do not underestimate the power of the shoehorn!

These extra-long shoe horns are 24” long and will be great for anyone with any sort of back, hip, or knee pain. They allow for shoes and boots to be put on from a standing position.

Since no bending or reaching is involved, these make amazing gifts for sufferers of arthritis.

17. Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable Chopper

When it comes to great kitchen gadgets, this vegetable chopper is amazing!

If you know someone who loves to cook, they will greatly appreciate how they can chop large amounts of vegetables in no time! This means more stir-frys, sauces, soups, and casseroles will be hitting the table.

As a bonus, for people with joint or muscle stiffness in their hands or arms, this gadget will help to make the vegetable chopping process so much easier. Perfect gift idea for arthritis sufferers.

16. Easy-Grip Knife

Easy Grip Knife

This easy-grip steak knife is widely recommended by physical therapists for people with arthritis.

These high-quality knives cut through meat and vegetables with very little effort.

The ergonomic design helps to keep the wrist in a neutral position which takes the pressure off of the joints. This makes a fantastic gift for people with arthritis.

15. Leg Rest Pillow

Leg Rest Pillow

Getting great sleep is nearly impossible when you suffer from back or hip pain due to arthritis, slipped discs, or surgery.

By elevating the legs, the pressure is taken off of the back and hips and relieves pain. It also increases blood circulation.

The leg pillow is washable, breathable, and uses memory foam to ensure it is perfectly suited for them every time they use it.

14. Hand Massager

Hand Massager

If you are looking for a gift that is innovative and truly has a positive effect on the life of the recipient, then look no further. We bring you the Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager (even the name is slick!)

While many hand massagers have a one pressure fits all concept, this hand massager has 6 different pressure levels that combine pressure, heat, and vibration to suit the needs of the user.

To get rid of numbness, joint soreness, or pain relief from arthritis or carpal tunnel, this hand massager can be used to help relax the hands in seconds. It’s a spa treatment at their fingertips.

13. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti Inflammatory Diet

Dieting is difficult. Many foods have been proven to be the best foods for arthritis sufferers.

This book; The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners is a great guide to making an anti-inflammatory diet easy and accessible, rather than complicated and expensive.

You can help your loved ones improve their overall quality of life by giving them this amazing gift for people with arthritis.

12. Bottle & Can Opener

Bottle And Can Opener

Moving on up the list of the best gifts for people with arthritis is this bottle and can opener.

The Magic Opener is designed to open a variety of bottles and cans with ease. They are designed with a long handle to help anyone with limited use of hands, joint pain, or stiffness.

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, and even soup cans can now be opened with great ease.

11. Compression Socks

Compression Socks

If you are in search of a great gift for athletes with joint pain or stiffness then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

These comfortable compression socks are breathable and instantly relieve pain in the feet. They help to increase circulation and increase oxygen which reduces lactic acid build-up.

This is a great gift idea for people with arthritis, people who are on their feet for long hours, or those who have had injuries.

10. Utensil Padding Grip

Utensil Padding Grip

As arthritis progresses it makes daily activities nearly impossible. Grabbing and holding tools like utensils can be a challenge.

These utensil tubes easily slide onto pens, forks, spoons, knives, and brushes to increase surface area and make gripping them easier

They come in different diameters to fit nicely on any tool and the length is custom fit. This makes them a perfect gift for anyone with arthritis.

9. Rechargeable Handwarmer

Rechargeable Handwarmer

The next gift on the list of the best gifts for people with arthritis is this electric hand warmer.

For anyone who suffers from cold hands, this double-sided hand warmer is a must. It is small and light, so it is portable and can be used at home, at the office, or while waiting for the bus.

It heats up in a mere 3 seconds, has 3 levels of heat, and can be charged right from any cellular device.

8. Zipper Pull Helper

Zipper Pull Helper

Our next gift is a unique and unusual gift but very handy nonetheless.

Sometimes arthritis patients need a little extra help getting dressed. It can be challenging to zip zippers or to do up buttons on a shirt. That’s where this dressing aid comes in handy.

It hooks onto zippers and buttons easily with an easy-grip, non-slip handle to make getting dressed quicker and easier.

7. Happy Knees Garden Seat

Happy Knees Garden Seat

If you know someone who has a green thumb but suffers from knee pain, then this next gift will be a great choice.

This garden seat doubles as a kneeling pad. That’s 2 gifts in 1! It is perfectly designed to be sturdy, comes with pockets for tools, and folds for easy storage.

With this lovely garden tool, your loved ones can spend more time in the garden doing what they love most.

6. Arthritis Pain Relief Roller

Arthritis Pain Relief Roller

Everyone’s hands need some extra love sometimes. This is especially true for anything with chronic joint pain like arthritis.

These “handy” pain rollers use acupressure massage to help stimulate acupressure points and nerves as well as improve circulation to the affected area. On the other end, there is a magnetic ball that helps to relieve pain also.

Although this makes a great gift for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or those who have had hand surgery, it can also be used on other areas of the body for the same great result.

5. Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener

If Hamilton Beach makes it, you know it’s good!

With these amazing kitchen gadgets, tins can are easily opened with one hand. Also, it eliminates sharp edges by cutting into the side of the can.

If you still haven’t found a great gift for someone with arthritis, then this is a great choice.

4. Sons Of Arthritis Shirt

Sons Of Arthritis Shirt

For those with a sense of humor, these graphic t-shirts make a great gift.

These t-shirts are especially great for “Sons of Anarchy” lovers.

A great t-shirt is always a great go-to gift for birthdays, Father’s Days, Christmas, or anniversaries.

3. Easy-Grip Coffee Mug

Easy Grip Coffee Mug

Nobody wants to miss out on that morning coffee because their joints are stiff. When holding a mug is a challenge, easy-grip mugs make a world of difference.

These unique mugs are made from clay and can be either left or right-handed. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

We love gifting mugs and we love ergonomic mugs even more.

2. Arthritis Compression Gloves

Arthritis Compression Gloves

Comfortable enough to wear all day long, these compression gloves make an amazing gift for people with arthritis.

Made of high-quality cotton spandex and an almost seamless design, these gloves help relieve pain, increase hand dexterity and improve blood circulation.

With open fingers, these compression gloves give relief without sacrificing the ability to have full use of hands and fingers.

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis Cookbook

Rheumatoid Arthritis Cookbook

There are so many health solutions that you can find right in the kitchen. If you know someone who is looking for a more natural way to relieve joint pain and stiffness then this book will make a lovely gift.

This comprehensive recipe book includes 100 delicious recipes and a 2-week meal plan to get them started.

From breakfast to dinner; chia-coconut porridge to chicken souvlaki this book is packed with recipes that will prove that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad.

What are great gifts for people with arthritic hands?

When arthritis is in the hands, it makes even the simplest of daily activities a challenge. Holding a fork, drinking a cup of coffee, putting on shoes, or just getting dressed.

If you are looking for a gift for someone with arthritis in their hands, there are a few key pieces of information that will greatly assist you in your search:

  • How severe is their arthritis?
  • What tasks or activities do they struggle with?
  • Do they need help with pain management?
  • Have they had surgery or other procedures for their arthritis?
  • Would they benefit from a tool that would assist them with daily tasks?
  • What do they already have and use?

Many “handy” gadgets can assist someone living with arthritis to complete daily activities and tasks. Also, as you can see here on our list, we have many gifts that can help to reduce and manage pain.

What are the best anti-inflammatory items for arthritis?

There are two main types of arthritis: inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

Non-inflammatory arthritis can result in some inflammation but much less than inflammatory arthritis. This type of arthritis is most commonly found in the knees, hips, spine, and hands. It is the result of the breakdown of cartilage.

Inflammatory arthritis, better known as rheumatoid arthritis is much more complicated. It is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system breaks down the healthy tissues in the body. This is most commonly found in hands, wrists, elbows, knees, hands, and feet.

If you know someone who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis there are many ways to reduce inflammation.

  • Foods
  • Topical creams and gels
  • Drugs
  • Herbs
  • Supplements

Can I gift anti-arthritis Food?

Many foods are great to eat if you suffer from arthritis. These include fatty fish, garlic, broccoli, and walnuts.

If you are looking for a gift that encourages using natural paths such as food to help with arthritis it might be tricky to gift anti-arthritis foods.

You may want to opt for a gift card to a natural food store or you could gift one of the amazing books we have right here on our list which can help your loved ones to purchase, cook and most importantly enjoy foods that will be best for their arthritis.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Arthritis Sufferers?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for people with arthritis useful, and you are now set to surprise him or her with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Then have a look at our list of gifts for elderly people. Or perhaps you want to let her relax those painful joints with some pampering gifts?

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