30+ Best Gifts For Kayakers in 2022

Looking for original, useful and funny gifts for kayakers?

But no clue where to start as you know nothing about kayaking yourself?

Don’t worry, you came to the right place for help!

Kayakers love receiving gifts that will enable them to enjoy their sport & passion even more.

In this list of 30+ best gifts for kayakers, you will find the latest useful kayaking gadgets, as well as some funny kayak-themed ornaments.

Ready to GO WITH THE FLOW? Let’s do it!

Title Infographic for our top 33 best gifts for kayakers

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By: Peter, Updated 10/12/2021

#33 best gifts for kayakers: Universal Waterproof Phone Case


7774 1089 8.0

We kick off this list of best gifts for kayakers with a very useful item.

Thanks to this handy novelty gift, a kayaker’s phone will stay nice and dry.

Moreover, he can take pictures with his phone without having to take it out of the pouch!

#32 best gifts for kayakers: Brush Gripper


6593 932 8.0

The brush gripper is a novelty gadget that allows a kayaker to safely secure his kayak to his surroundings.

Thanks to its unique tension design, the brush gripper will tighten its grip the more wind or current pull on the kayak.

One of our absolute favorite gadget gift ideas for kayakers!

#31 best gifts for kayakers: Wall Kayak Rack


2314 679 8.0

Especially spouses of kayakers will love this next gift idea.

Thanks to this sturdy suspended wall rack a kayak can be neatly & safely stored when not in use.

The metal hooks are covered with nylon covered foam padding as to not scratch or damage the kayak’s hull.

#30 gifts for kayakers: Kayak Baby Bodysuit


8745 1345 8.1

Is a kayak lover in your life about to become a mom or dad?

Then you might want to give him or her one of these adorable onesies. You can even choose from a wide variety of colors.

It is bound to be one of the kayak-themed hits during the baby shower.

#29 best gifts for kayakers: Lake Tahoe Wall Art


5674 988 8.1

Whenever a kayaker is not out there on the water he’s probably wishing he was.

With this beautiful Lake Tahoe canvas set, he can bring a touch of the wild outdoor into his home.

Each panel measures 16×32” and is already fitted with a hook so ready to be mounted on the wall.

#28 best gifts for kayakers: Personalized Female Kayaker Ornament


1984 575 8.1

If you’re looking for an original kayak Christmas tree ornament look no further.

This Christmas ornament is carefully hand-painted by an artisan and comes with a ribbon loop for easy hanging on the tree.

To top it off, you can personalize this kayak-themed gift with a name or message of your choosing.

#27 best gifts for kayakers: Kayaker Paddle Skull Sticker


21349 5655 8.2

Kayakers love to personalize their kayak and gear.

That is why kayak-themed decals are great gift ideas!

This cool skull decal is a great way to identify your kayak while clearly making your presence known to other river pirates!

#8 best gifts for kayakers: Transducer Mounting Arm


17841 1875 8.2

Next on our list of best gifts for kayakers, we have a high-quality transducer mounting arm.

It is a novelty gift that has been specifically designed for kayak anglers needing an easy way to install transducers for transport.

The mounting arm can also be used for other purposes such as, for example, adding a fish finder.

#25 best gifts for kayakers: Kayak Earrings


10394 2340 8.2

One of our popular Christmas gifts for kayakers is this lovely set of earrings.

They are made of surgical steel and come presented in a beautiful little gift box.

If she loves kayaking she can now accessorize accordingly when she goes out on the water.

#24 best gifts for kayakers: Kayak Drink Holder


4441 889 8.2

Our next novelty kayak gift is the Yakuzzi drink holder.

With all the movement you don’t want a bottle of water rolling around on the inside of the kayak.

This handy little gadget can be securely fastened on the side of the kayak and will keep a refreshing bottle of water at hand when needed.

#23 best gift for kayakers: Party Paddles Stir Sticks


12742 2001 8.3

When it comes to Christmas stocking stuffers for kayak lovers, we can’t think of anything more fitting than these stir sticks.

Shaped as little paddles, they are bound to make a kayak enthusiast enjoy his or her drink even more.

Each set contains 5 stir sticks, each in a different color. The sticks are washable & reusable.

#22 best gifts for kayakers: Wetsuit Changing Mat


7971 1655 8.3

Kayaking is fun and all, but what to do with all those wet clothes before getting back into the car?

Enter the opportunity for a novelty kayak gift!

This wetsuit changing bag and mat is a large portable bag that can easily hold one wetsuit and towel along with swimsuits. You can stand on it while changing, and when you’re done, you just pull the cords and the mat turns into a bag.

#21 best gifts for kayakers: LEGO Kayak Adventure


3045 1109 8.3

Next, we have one of our funny kayak gifts.

This fitting little LEGO set is not just a great gift for younger kayak enthusiasts.

It is also a nice little kayak-themed collectible that deserves a place on an office desk or shelf.

#20 best gifts for kayakers: USA Bone Fish Sticker


6699 1875 8.4

At No. 20 of our list of best gifts for kayakers, we find a patriotic & cool American flag fish decal.

It measures 2.5×6” and is printed in high-quality 3M vinyl.

The stickers are laminated and designed to withstand years of outdoor use.

#19 best gifts for kayakers: Santa On A Kayak Ornament


3277 533 8.4

Another popular kayak Christmas tree ornament is this little kayaking Santa.

It is made of resin and hand-painted to perfection by artisans.

Thanks to its eye-catching colors it is bound to stand out in any Christmas tree.

#18 best gifts for kayakers: Kayak Roof Rack


23855 5886 8.5

Owning a kayak is a great first step, now you just need to get it to the water and you’re all set!

The Malone kayak rack is an absolute bestseller among kayakers, and for good reasons.

The hooks are padded as to not damage the kayak, and their corrosion-resistant steel construction holds up to years of abuse.

#17 best gifts for kayakers: paddle grips


15553 2045 8.5

We continue our list with some more novelty kayak gifts.

These high-quality, patented design cushioned paddle grips make paddling more enjoyable because they conform to the curves of your hands.

The padding reduces pressure on your palms, tendons, and fingers, allowing you to get a better grip for more efficient paddling.

#16 best gifts for kayakers: Kayak Trolley Cart


5883 1150 8.5

For those kayak enthusiasts that are tiered of carrying or dragging their kayak from the car to the water, we have the perfect gift.

This handy little trolley cart allows you to easily roll a kayak right into the water.

The wheels have a high-grip rubber tread design and cannot get punctured by sharp rocks.

#15 best gifts for kayakers: Cushioned Seat Pad


2389 400 8.5

Most kayaks have hard, uncomfortable seats. But there isn’t a rule that says you have to be uncomfortable why enjoying the sport, right?

This cushioned seat pad is designed to offer maximum comfort and lumbar support when you’re out on the lake in your kayak.

A great gift idea for older kayakers, as well as anyone recovering from an injury.

#14 best gifts for kayakers: Inflatable Fishing Float Tube


9983 1450 8.6

Kayakers that also love to fish know that their kayak isn’t always the easiest & most comfortable vessel for fishing.

That is why they might love this next novelty gift!

The fishing float is a backpackable float tube with adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying. It is ultra-comfortable and designed for superior tracking & steering on the water.

#13 best gifts for kayakers: Garmin Fishfinder


6064 1102 8.6

At lucky No. 13 of our list of best gifts for kayakers, we find the Garmin fishfinder.

Its high-frequency sonar gives near-photographic images with detailed representations of objects, structure, and fish.

It has a staggering maximum depth of 1,600 feet in freshwater, and 750 feet in saltwater.

#12 best gifts for kayakers: Aluminum Fishing Pliers


4503 887 8.6

Another great gift for kayakers who love to fish is this pair of fishing pliers.

They are designed to easy remove fishing hooks from the fish.

The pliers are made of aluminum and available in a range of different colors. It comes with a handy nylon sachet which can be easily connected to a belt.

#11 best gifts for kayakers: Quick Dry Water Shoes


23982 6958 8.7

As we’re getting closer to the top of this list of best gifts for kayakers, it is time to start talking the indispensable gear & equipment.

A kayaker needs footwear to protect his feet from sharp rocks while in the water. But regular shoes will stay wet for hours.

That is where this quick-dry water shoe comes in. Just read the reviews of more than 2000 happy customers.

#10 gifts for kayakers: Paddle & Rod Leash


16444 3095 8.7

A kayaker needs a paddle leash so he doesn’t lose his paddle when his kayak tips over.

The paddle leash is lightweight and can double as a kayak wading leash. Each set also comes with a carabiner.

This novelty gift is both designed & built by expert kayakers.

#9 best gifts for kayakers: Bilge Pump


6758 984 8.7

What to do when a kayak is catching water in rapids or near a waterfall?

Thanks to this novelty gift a kayaker can easily pump out any water that made its way to the interior of the kayak.

The bilge pump is made from buoyant materials so it will float if it goes overboard.

#8 best gifts for kayakers: Insulated Camelback


8666 1503 8.8

Kayaking is a sport that demands a lot of the human body.

During all that physical exertion, it’s important to stay hydrated.

This camelback water pack can hold up 3L of water while being ultra-compact as to not inhibit any movement. Available in different colors.

TIP: Tell you favorite kayaker to fill this bag with ice during the summer, and he or she will have all day long cold water!

#7 best gifts for kayakers: Kayak Anchor


1294 230 8.8

Our next gift idea for kayakers is a handy tool for those who like to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

With this portable anchor, a kayaker can keep his kayak stationary without having to constantly paddle against the current.

The galvanized anchor is resistant to rust, and it comes with 40 feet long anchor line. It also includes a nylon storage bag, a buoy ball, and a stainless steel carabiner.

#6 best gifts for kayakers: Drill Brush Set For Kayaks


25094 5042 8.9

Kayaks are expensive, and enthusiasts will want to keep them nice and clean.

This versatile drill brush is an effective tool for fast and efficient cleaning of kayaks.

It is a handy novelty gift that will allow a kayaker to easily remove pond scum, algae, oily residue, and oxidation.

Note: Make sure to order the BLUE set, as the other colors are not suitable for kayak cleaning!

#2 best gifts for kayakers: Headlamp Flashlight


7841 1283 8.9

As we enter the top 5 of our list of best gifts for kayakers we find this handy headlight.

This small, compact and powerful headlight casts an impressive high beam the length of a football field.

The perfect gift for kayakers that love to be out on the water, even after dark.

#4 best gifts for kayakers: Cockpit Seal Cover


9667 1751 9.1

Whether you’re transporting your kayak or keeping it in storage, you will want to protect the inside from wind, dirt, water, and insects.

That is why protective cockpit seal covers are great gift ideas for kayakers.

Each cover is made from heavy-duty, tear-resistant material, and comes with a handy transport strap.

Note: Find your seals cockpit cover SIZE you need via this link. Without the correct size this amazing gift idea is useless.

#3 best gifts for kayakers: fingerless gloves


37841 6683 9.3

It won’t be a surprise to hear that kayaking puts quite some strain on the hands.

Thanks to these protective gloves a kayaker can protect his hands from blisters and muscle pain.

Because of the fingerless design, he will also be able to easily use his phone or handle any equipment.

#2 best gifts for kayakers: paddle sports life jacket


10485 2221 9.4

If you’re looking for gifts for beginning kayakers, what about the most important piece of equipment?

A smart kayaker will always wear a life jacket. Rivers can be treacherous, and your safety should always come first.

The Onyx is probably the golden standard when it comes to sports life jackets. As a consequence, it received a perfect 5-start score on Amazon.

#1 best gifts for kayakers: dry bag


12044 2984 9.4

Topping our list of best gifts for kayakers, we have the dry bag.

A kayaker can’t leave his wallet, keys, and phone in his pockets. They’ll get soaked.

That is why a trustworthy waterproof dry bag is an absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for any kayaker. Available in a wide range of flashy colors.


What are useful gifts for kayakers?


The best useful gifts for kayakers are items that will help them transport and store their kayak.

Here are our favorite useful gifts for kayakers:

  • Car Rack: although you will find tons of cheap car racks on the market, a kayaker needs high-quality equipment. In the end, you are driving around with a large pointy object on your roof, so you want it to be safely secured. The Malone is considered one of the very bests car racks on the market, and hence a great gift idea for kayakers.
  • Wall Rack: but also at home, a kayak deserves a safe and secure spot when it’s being stored. This high-end wall rack is even coated with padded foam to protect a kayak from scratches.
  • Trolley Cart: despite its lightweight design, a kayak is still quite heavy. This trolley cart is a great gadget gift that will enable kayakers to easily transport their kayak to and from water.

What are the best gifts for kayakers who also like to fish?


Many kayakers, unsurprisingly, also love fishing. That is why they will love gifts that will allow them to combine their two passions.

Here are our personal favorites:

  • Transducer Mounting Arm: once the arm has been installed on a kayak, it can be used to easily mount several items. One example is a fish finder.
  • Aluminum Fishing Pliers: a kayaker can easily carry this pair of pliers in a pouch on his belt. He can use it to remove fishing hooks in a jiffy.
  • Inflatable Fishing Float Tube: for those kayakers that feel their kayak is not the most comfortable vessel for fishing, we present this portable floating tube backpack. It inflates in a matter of minutes to become a fully equipped and ultra-comfortable fishing vessel.

Gift ideas for kayakers who have it all?

Many experienced kayakers will probably already have most of the basic gear. But that doesn’t mean you cannot surprise them with a useful gift.

For those kayakers who have it all, we recommend to go for novelty gadget gifts:

  • Insulated Camelback: although a kayaker probably already has a water bottle, he might not have this camel backpack. This ultra-compact pack can hold up to 3L of liquid and is fully insulated. A trick that many kayakers do during summertime is fill it up with ice before they leave. The ice will only melt very slowly, providing a kayaker with a refreshing drink all day long.
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch: most kayakers will put their phone in their dry bags. This will keep them safe and dry, but it also means you have to re-open your dry bag every time you want to check your phone or take a picture. With this novelty gift, a kayaker can read texts or take pictures right through the pouch.
  • Wetsuit Changing Mat: after a fun day out on the water, there’s always that 15 minutes of mess undressing and packing those wet clothes. This handy gadget offers a comfortable changing mat which can be turned into a carrying bag with one single movement.

Looking for More Gift Ideas For Kayakers?

We hope you find this list of best gifs for kayakers useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. For more sporty gift ideas, check out our articles on great fitness gifts for men & must-have gifts for triathletes.


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