25+ Best Gifts For First Time Dads [2022 Update]

So someone in your life is about to become a father and you’re looking for the best gifts for first time dads?

He’s about to face the biggest change in his life ever, so he’ll definitely be able to use any help he can get…

That is why a useful gift will be very much appreciated!

But you have no clue about babies, let alone what are the best gifts for first time dads?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Below you can find the 25 very best gifts for first time dads in 2022.

Ready to dad-suit up? Let’s check the list!

Infographic top 25+ best gifts for first time dads

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By: Peter, Updated 10/11/2021

#25 best gifts for first time dads: Portable Foldable Changing Pad


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We start this list of best gifts for first time dads with an indispensable item for when on the go.

This lightweight Portable Changing Station is waterproof, stain resistant, and can hold a full diaper changing kit.

The pad is very neutral so it can work for a baby girl or baby boy. A great gift for a style-savvy first time dad!

#24 best gifts for first time dads: Instant Photo Backup Drive


27723 6950 8.1

Every new parent loves taking pictures of their newborn.

However, between taking care of the baby, going to work, and barely having time left to sleep, all those great photos never get transferred to a computer or hard drive.

That is why the PhotoStick is a great gift for first time dads. Just plug the drive in your phone and it will instantly find & download all photos on videos that are one there.

#23 best gifts for first time dads: Dodow Maximize Every Nap Device


31039 15458 8.1

Perhaps the best gift you can give any first time dad is a good night’s sleep.

The Dodow is an ingenious therapeutic device that helps you fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

Trust us, he will thank you once the baby has been born and he needs to maximize any nap time he can get.

#22 best gifts for first time dads: New Dad Kangaroo T-Shirt


26541 3830 8.1

Next, we have a great gift for first time dads who like to create a strong bond with their son or daughter.

This sporty v-neck kangaroo design with slim fit and short sleeves. No wrapping, adjusting, or tying of harnesses needed, just slip baby in the pouch.

The pouch is very effective in calming babies down, while helping a new dad create a bond with his baby.

#21 best gifts for first time dads: Stainless steel soap


690 123 8.1

A steel bar of soap you say? And it’s even one of the best gifts for first time dads?

Well, the thing works, no matter how silly it sounds, looks, and feels.

New dads have to clean a lot of diapers and will want to clean their hands often and good. This bar is really effective at getting rid of unwanted odors on hands.

#20 best gifts for first time dads: A sturdy classy baby carrier


884 263 8.2

For those men who like a stylish yet classic baby carrier, the BabyBjörn remains a bestselling favorite.

This ergonomic carrier is designed with newborns in mind. It has adjustable support and mindful hip and leg position as recommended by pediatricians.

To top it off, this great gift for first time dads comes with an all-weather which can withstand wind and rain.

#19 best gifts for first time dads: Portable Photo Printer


1866 979 8.2

He will probably have his smartphone at hand most of the tile to take pictures of his new little kid, but by doing so the memory card of his phone will constantly be full.

Having a printable photo camera on hand will help him to print the best ones immediately, and create keepsakes the family can cherish forever.

One of those great gifts for first time dads they will thank you again for a few months down the road.

#18 best gifts for first time dads: Dad's playbook


7942 1265 8.3

Having a baby is a whole new ball game, and this game-changing book is filled with inspirational sports quotes for rookie dads.

The book is full of quotes and insights gathered from dozens of sports’ greatest coaches as.

A great gift for the new dad that learns best via sport or motivational pictures.

#17 best gifts for first time dads: Skin-to-Skin bonding T-shirt


11343 4003 8.3

This revolutionary skin-to-skin shirt promotes active bonding between father & child.

Skin to skin contact helps stabilize heart rate, crying & improve breathing patterns. If due to a c-section the mother is not able to provide skin to skin contact, the new father can take over right there in the hospital thanks to this shirt.

These high-quality, easy to wear shirts are the most comfortable baby wraps/t-shirts on the market, and therefore one of the best gifts for first time dads!

#16 best gifts for first time dads: Bedtime for Batman Bedtime book


16521 5032 8.4

It’s proven that when both parents read out loud for the baby the baby learns languages better & faster. but most reading books for babies are boring or very typical.

This book will get every first time dad enthusiastic as it’s about his own favorite childhood superhero.

The child will also learn to pick up his toys, take his bath, put his pajamas on, and brush his teeth, as in the book Batman is also doing these everyday superhero activities.

#15 best gifts for first time dads: Ultimate relaxation mask


940 268 8.4

Next on our list of best gifts for first time dads we have the perfect present for the most difficult part of being new parents, the lack of sleep & relaxation.

When the baby finally sleeps, it’s important the parents also relax and get some sleep as fast as possible as they will only have a couple of hours before the baby wakes again.

This nifty relaxation mask is a great partner to achieve exactly that as it offers a multi-frequency vibration massage.

#14 best gifts for first time dads: anti colic baby bottle Beginner gift set


11391 2653 8.4

Men feel useless while the mother is giving breastfeeding, but sooner or later there will come a time a dad can step up to the plate and help to feed the baby.

Therefore a baby bottle set will come up very handy as he can take actively participate in giving milk to the little one.

Philips Avent is the #1 brand recommended by moms worldwide. This deluxe beginner baby bottle set is designed to reduce most common feeding issues: colic, gas, and reflux. A perfect gift for first time dads!

#13 best gifts for first time dads: Bose Noise Canceling Headphones


1322 482 8.5

There is no shame in giving first time dads also some slightly more selfish gifts.

It will be hard for him to concentrate when working from home but the baby is making noise. Also, once in a while he will crave some silence, sit back and just carve out 15minutes to himself.

This is why noise-canceling headphones can be a highly appreciated gift, and the Bose QuietComfort is still the best you can get.

#12 best gifts for first time dads: Premium baby carrier backpack for hiking with kids


15047 5782 8.5

Next, we have one of those must-have gifts for first time dads who love hiking & the outdoors.

Thanks to this baby backpack he can take his newborn on his next adventure in all safety & comfort.

The baby will be carried safely in his padded cocoon with safety straps, stirrups, and rain cover. The carrier also includes a foldable diaper pad, as well as several pockets for all the other baby stuff.

#11 best gifts for first time dads: All in one multifunctional phone Mount


2493 550 8.5

This multifunctional smartphone gadget can be mounted on a variety of locations and surfaces.

If you have a newborn a couple useful locations are the headrest of a car so the baby can watch your smartphone and stay entertained while you’re driving.

Alternatively, a dad can fix it to the crossbar of the stroller so he can easily check his phone himself while pushing the baby.

#10 best gifts for first time dads: 4-in-1 Stroll-N-Trike


14501 2499 8.6

One of the most rewarding moments for a father is to teach his kid how to ride a bike. And with this gift, they can start early on

It can be used in 4 different ways, as an infant trike, steering trike, learn-to-ride trike, and classic trike.

A multifunctional gift for first time dads that will be an instant hit!

#9 best gifts for first time dads: Swaddle Sack


7764 1603 8.7

A Swaddle what? As a first time dad, you will learn very fast that getting your baby to sleep is one of the toughest tasks there is.

This is where a swaddle sack can do wonders and is, therefore, one of our favorite gifts for first time dads.

The secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake your infant.

#8 best gifts for first time dads: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


1301 604 8.8

Being a first time parent is great, but for the foreseeable future, it will be almost impossible to keep the house clean. The baby makes a mess and you will have less time for cleaning.

Enter the opportunity for a truly useful gift for new time dads.

The ultra-quiet robotic vacuum cleaner does the work for you and can easily reach under furniture and chairs along with every nook, cranny and sticky mat, and this WITHOUT WAKING THE BABY!!!

#7 best gifts for first time dads: Ice Blue Instant Camera


16523 5404 8.8

In a world of smartphones and photographs only existing in a digital environment, this Instant Camera can add a vintage touch to the lives of millennials.

It’s easy to use and adds a quirky quality to the great photos that are printed instantly.

Create keepsakes to showcase around your home, or to add in a nice scrapbook for later.

#6 best gifts for first time dads: Gyroscopic Cordless Screwdriver


1003 289 8.8

With a baby on the way, many DIY tasks will have to be completed. A new crib, new wardrobes for the baby, babyproofing pretty much everything, etc.

That is why this cool gadget is a must-have gift for first time dads.

It’s pretty much the best on the market, with its adjustable 2-position handle which allows for operation in either a straight or pistol-grip position.

#5 best gifts for first time dads: superhero teething pendent


8440 1905 8.9

Babies cry a lot when teething. A great way to calm them down and help them stop crying is if they can bite on a teething pendant or necklace that the mother wares.

This superhero teething pendant is one that also a dad can wear, without losing his cool.

Just pick his favorite superhero and you have found a very useful and original gift for first time dads.

#4 best gifts for first time dads: The Baby Owners Manual


19383 3492 9.0

A funny and useful gift for any father-to-be, or just a great gift for a clumsy person who has never been much around babies.

The Baby Owner’s Manual holds operating instructions, troubleshooting tips, and advice on first-year maintenance in a way every man can understand.

One of our best gifts for first time dads under $20!

#3 best gifts for first time dads: Dress Pants Sweatpants


1758 459 9.1

Being a first time dad will have a huge impact on your life, you will be more tired and you will have time for less. You will have to work harder and have no sleep, so sweatpants are the solution, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t look classy?

The answer? Dress pant sweatpants!

They offer ridiculously comfortable 4-way stretch fabric in a tailored style. He can even wear them to work!

#2 best gifts for first time dads: Baby Rest Night Light Sound Machine


1126 294 9.4

For first time dads that love cool gadgets and that want to give their baby the perfect night rest.

This gift combines nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert in one easy-to-use device that you can control from your phone!

Customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level to create the ideal sleep environment for your child, or choose from preset sound and color combinations recommended by sleep experts!

#1 best gifts for first time dads: Diaper Bag Backpack for Men


14504 2492 9.5

At the very top of our list of best gifts for first time dads we find something that allows him to feel more like a man and less like a nanny.

This backpack looks nothing like a traditional diaper bag most mothers wear but is still designed to hold all the stuff a parent might need when on the go with a newborn.

Nothing more manly than the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack, which has even been tested and evaluated beyond the normal rigors of a diaper bag by members of the United States Military in urban and field and tactical environments.

How to choose the best gifts for first time dads?


The best gifts for first time dads are those useful items that will help him take better care of the baby. As there are many things out there that parents can use, but few of them are cheap, you can definitely please a father-to-be by gifting him one.

In order to avoid any duplication with other gift givers, it might be a good idea to align with friends & family up front who gives what, or to check with the mom.

What to give first time dads at the hospital?


The best gifts for first time dads when the family is still at the hospital are those items he can use immediately.

Although all gifts will of course be appreciated, some items might stand in the way in the small hospital room as they are not needed just yet. That is why your gift will be an even bigger hit if it comes in handy immediately.

Great gift ideas to give at the hospital include:

  • A Kangaroo T-shirt so the dad can bond with his newborn while mom is taking a breather.
  • If mom had to undergo a c-section, a skin-to-skin shirt will even be better as the dad can take care of the crucial skin-to-skin contact with the newborn baby.
  • A sleeping mask so mom and dad can close their eyes for a few hours those first nights in the hospital.

What to give my husband who is becoming a first time dad?


The best gifts to give your husband when he’s becoming a first time father are those items that will help him bond with his child, useful gadgets that will come in handy, or other things that are related to his passion.

An example of the last is this dad’s playbook that holds useful quotes and references from famous sports’ coaches.

What are funny gifts for first time dads?


In case you are looking for funny gag gifts for first time dads, you will want to check our top 17 funny new dad gifts. Each and every one of the gifts on that list will crack you up, as well as everyone else in the room.

Looking for More Gift Ideas For First Time Dads?

Hope you find this list of best gifts for first time dads useful and you are now set to surprise the father-to-be in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more gift ideas for him? Maybe you should give the new father a hilarious gag gift? Or what about giving him a touching personalized gift to mark this important moment in his life?


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