27 Cool Gifts For 30 Year Olds

Insanely Cool Gadget

We absolutely love these gadgets and think any 30-year-old in your life will too.

This list contains the most trending, best selling devices. They all make for a great gift for people in their 30’s.

And to make this list EVEN better we’ve negotiated special discounts for our readers. Every product listed is under $60.

There is just 1 catch ….. they’re only available ONLINE. You won’t find them in-stores.

This is the last chance to take advantage of the new year blowout! So don’t hesitate if you see something you like. Treat yourself and buy the perfect gift for your loved ones!

27. PhotoStick – Instantly Back Up All Your Videos & Photos

Thephotostick Omni

Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you’ve lost some of your photos and videos? Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you’re missing precious photos and videos?

That’s why this neat gadget called the PhotoStick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don’t just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd).

With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected… It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free!

It’s a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC. You just open the program and click ‘GO’ and it’ll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick. That’s how simple it is.

26. FIXD – That ‘Check Engine Light’ Can Mean THOUSANDS of Things (This Year Solve The Riddle!)


There’s a reason why mechanics call your check engine light “the idiot light”. They know you and I have no idea what that little light means, and more importantly, that they can charge people nearly anything to “fix” the problem.

Introducing FIXD, the car performance monitor that alerts your phone to over 7,000 potential car problems! FIXD even tells you how severe the problem is, how much the repair should be, and where a trusty mechanic is near you to fix the problem. Plus, FIXD sends you maintenance reminders, mileage updates, and more!

It’s 2021, don’t let shady mechanics treat you like it’s 1979!

25. Bondic – So Powerful! So Versatile! So Easy To Use…It’s Making Glue Obsolete This Year (And Every Year After)!


It’s 2022 – throw away that old white glue and cement glue! Are you tired of wasting time and money on glues that do a better job of glueing your fingers together than the thing you’re actually trying to fix? Sounds like you need Bondic! With Bondic, you can be a hero by fixing virtually ANYTHING!

Broken glasses? Repaired. Leaky plumbing holes? Patched. Broken dishes? Not anymore! With Bondic, you simply apply the special liquid-plastic formula to the item you need repaired, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 SECONDS, and you’re DONE! Bondic is designed to last forever! Ensuring you get a long-lasting hold – which means once you fix it, it’s FIXED!

Bondic works on any surface, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and more. Bondic is NOT a glue, so it won’t dry out or get sticky and messy! Now you can be a hero by giving broken things a second (or even 3rd life) instead of throwing them away..with Bondic.

24. Chill Pill

The Chill Pill Device

A groundbreaking, drug-free device designed to combat stress and promote better sleep simply by being held. Using a unique signal pattern, the Chill Pill sends subtle stimulation from the hand to the brain, signaling the nervous system to relax. This innovative approach not only aids in falling asleep faster but also enhances the overall quality of sleep.

The Chill Pill offers a convenient, natural solution to these challenges. It’s not just a sleep aid; it’s a pocket-sized relaxation tool. For the busy 30-year-old always on the go, juggling multiple roles, the Chill Pill serves as a reminder to pause, relax, and prioritize self-care. It’s a thoughtful gift that promises better nights and more peaceful days

23. OlumiRing – Instantly Look Better On Camera


We all know that feeling when you have to deal with laptop issues. Repair companies and even device manufacturers will take you for a ride, leaving you computer-less for days while your RMA undergoes an unknown diagnosis. Even with a warranty, your repair can end up being pricier than you’d expected, especially when you find out there’s a simple solution to any virus-related complications.

This clever gadget can save your computer from cyber threats and clean it up for a better user experience. FixMeStick is trusted worldwide by over 1.3 million users, and it’s used by leading organizations including FedEx, Fermilab and CUNY.

Of the many innovations changing our lives today, this is a major money saver. Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars to replace your computer, you can protect up to 3 PC’s or laptops for less than $60 with the FixMeStick. Let your loved ones enjoy a clean computer that’s safer from cyberthreats.

22. Flex Safe – Anti-Theft Portable Beach Chair Vault and Travel Safe. Packable, Lightweight & Slash Resistant


Give your loved ones some peace of mind while they travel with the FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe from AquaVault. As the name suggests, this safe is totally flexible so you can pack it in any suitcase.

This system is perfect for anything from beach vacations to golfing. The FlexSafe features a cut-resistant nylon exterior as well as a programmable 3-digit lock with a magnetic closure.

In addition to this security, the FlexSafe is also water-resistant and has a vertical zipper for enhanced accessibility. The unique fold-over top can loop around objects such as beach chairs, poles, or even your bike. Simply wrap the top and secure it shut with the heavy-duty lock.

The FlexSafe will stay in place for as long as you need while you get the most out of your vacation. Super convenient, the exterior features a strong carrying handle and mesh pockets to store your accessories.

21. TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Cap – Naturally Relieve Headaches In Minutes

Theraice Headache Relief Hat

Does a loved one suffer from severe headaches regularly? We all have experienced a headache at least once in our lifetime, so I think we can all agree that having those, or even migraines, on a regular basis SUCKS!

The next gift idea will be a complete game-changer for them! The TheraI ICE Mask is a cold therapy migraine relief mask with NO Velcro and NO hard Ice.

It’s comfortable & stretchable, which makes it the perfect ice pack for headaches and migraines. It helps relieve tension, sinus pressure & provides stress relief.

Made with cutting-edge material and expert-grade gel, this one size fits all stretchable compression mask is exactly what they need when they’re in pain. It’s dark material also helps block the light to alleviate sensitivity while wearing.

20. The Kitchen Cube

The Kitchen Cube

A revolutionary all-in-one measuring device that simplifies your culinary experience by consolidating 19 different measurement tools into one sleek cube. Designed to save space, increase organization, and reduce clutter, the Kitchen Cube is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook or bake. With both metric and U.S. measurements clearly labeled, it’s versatile enough to be used for measuring powders, liquids, and grains

The 30s are often a time of establishing oneself, be it in career, home, or hobbies, and cooking is a common interest that many delve into during this stage. The Kitchen Cube offers a blend of practicality and innovation that resonates with the multitasking, efficiency-seeking lifestyle of 30-year-olds.

Whether they’re experimenting with new recipes, hosting dinner parties, or meal prepping for the week, this all-in-one measuring cube adds a touch of convenience and modernity to their kitchen endeavors. It’s a thoughtful gift that combines functionality with a dash of style.”

19. Bril – Kill Up To 99.9% of Germs On Your Toothbrush


Would you ever use a stranger’s toothbrush to brush your teeth? Or use your toothbrush on your dog? Newsflash: Your toothbrush carries just as many slimy germs as anyone else’s every day.

Most people would never consider using someone else’s toothbrush to brush their own teeth each day. However, what many don’t realize is that their own toothbrush carries germs that sit and grow in between brushes. In fact, your toothbrush can have millions of germs crawling over it every day!

Bril is a new ultraviolet sterilizer for toothbrushes, which is portable, small, and has been designed so that you can use it wherever you go without any hassle or loss of time. Ideal for travel, or for the day to day if you move and brush your teeth outside the home.

18. Lumenology


A versatile and innovative lighting solution that offers the brilliance of professional lighting without the associated costs or complexities. With its wireless design, Lumenology ensures quick setup and delivers exceptional brightness coupled with advanced motion detection. Its adaptability is showcased in its easy mounting options, from using the built-in magnet to setting it up on fences or tree branches with its tripod legs.

As individuals in their 30s often find themselves setting up new homes, hosting gatherings, or diving into DIY projects, Lumenology serves as a perfect companion. It’s not just a lighting tool; it’s a symbol of independence and adaptability. Whether they’re hosting a backyard BBQ, working on a car, or setting up a patio for evening relaxation, this portable light ensures they’re never left in the dark.

Plus, its detachable and portable nature makes it ideal for adventures like camping or even for emergencies on the go. For the dynamic and multifaceted life of a 30-year-old, Lumenology is a gift that promises convenience, safety, and ambiance.

17. Screen Klean – The Nanotech Pad That Cleans Screens In Seconds


Over $100’s and $1000’s are spent on hi-tech gadgets that have very high megapixels because we need clear images of moments and pictures captured.

We do not mind the cost that comes with it as long as the pixels are of high quality. However, what measures have we put in place for cleaning the screens?

Yes, the devices give ultra-clear and very vibrant gorgeous images, but how are they cleaned? By the use of cheap sprays and drying rags. 

There is a need to improve on that. In essence, ScreenKlean, a patented carbon molecular cleaning technology that attracts, seizes and eradicates dirt, lubricants and fingerprints is now available in the market.

It is multi-purpose, hence can be used on all types of screens, leaving them spotlessly clean. It also fights bacteria, and NASA extensively uses it to clean their technology.

16. Peeps Klean – This Year Clean Your Glasses Using Futuristic Carbon Cleaning Technology (Used by NASA)!


Reading glasses, sunglasses, heck, even monocles are a pain in the rear to keep clean. But why keep wasting money on old, archaic cleaning supplies that don’t get the job done, or that cause scratches and abrasions on expensive lenses? It’s 2021 – it’s time to clean your lenses the right way!

That’s why 1.5 MILLION people have trusted Peeps to keep their glasses crystal clear…and why the U.S. Military and NASA rely on the Peeps Carbon Cleaning technology too!

With a revolutionary and patented invisible carbon formula, Peeps is the only way to safely and easily get glasses crystal-clear. The soft brush, soft carbon microfiber pads and carbon formula remove particles, fingerprints and more to give you lenses as crystal clear as the day you got them.

15. Trigger Point Rocker

Trigger Point Systems

A cutting-edge solution designed to address the common yet often overlooked issue of back and neck pain resulting from poor posture, prolonged inactivity, and daily stress. This innovative tool targets and alleviates pain from “trigger points” in mere minutes, offering a drug-free alternative to traditional pain relief methods.

As individuals navigate their 30s, they often find themselves balancing demanding careers, active social lives, and personal responsibilities, which can lead to prolonged periods of sitting, stress, and inevitably, muscle tension.

The Trigger Point Rocker is not just a pain relief tool; it’s a symbol of self-care and proactive health management.

14. Nuubu – Deep Cleansing

Nuubu - Deep Cleansing

Drawing inspiration from age-old Asian traditions, Nuubu offers a natural and holistic approach to well-being. Crafted from natural herbs and herbal extracts, this detox foot patch harnesses the power of nature to promote detoxification without the use of harmful chemicals. By focusing on the root cause rather than just the symptoms, Nuubu aims to enhance overall well-being by helping the body naturally eliminate toxins.

As individuals step into their 30s, they often become more conscious of their health and well-being, seeking holistic and natural ways to maintain balance in their busy lives. Nuubu offers a unique, easy-to-use detox solution that aligns with this mindset. It’s not just a wellness product; it’s an experience of rejuvenation and a nod to ancient wisdom. For the health-conscious, eco-friendly, and those intrigued by traditional remedies, Nuubu is a thoughtful gift that combines modern needs with timeless knowledge

13. Soul Insole – Insoles that relieve pain in minutes

Soul Insole

Designed to improve balance and support, this comfortable insole will fit in every shoe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing boots, high heels, or sandals, this insole will work. Moreover, it can be used by men, women, and kids.

This insole is made of non-porous, soft medical-grade memory gel, which is friendly to your skin. As such, the insole will not stink even if you wear it daily. The insole also features premium quality construction to make sure it provides you with arch support while maintaining its shape.

Apart from having a lightweight design, the insole also provides front foot relief. The best part is that it does not crowd your shoe. The insole works great for people with flat feet and high arches to promote good balance and alignment.

The insole will also stay in position when you place it in your shoe, thus guaranteeing comfort. Moreover, it is easy to wash.

12. React – The 7-in-1 Car Charger That Could Save Your Life


Do your loved ones have to drive around a lot, and go on long drives for work, vacation, or other events? Have they gotten stuck by the roadside before? Are they worried that they may get stuck on the road in the future? If yes, then React 7-in-1 car charger is the perfect gift for them.

More than 5 million people are faced with car accidents and roadside accidents every year in the United States of America alone.

So, if they are ever stuck inside their car at nighttime, this safety device and car charger from React can easily help them free themselves and others around them.

This car charger and safety device is filled with seven powerful tools:

  • Extremely Sharp Cutter for Seat Belts
  • Window Smasher with a Powerful Steel Tip
  • Car Charger with SmartSpeed Technology for Ultra-Fast USB Charging
  • 2200mAh Powerful Power Bank
  • LED Flashlight with powerful 140 Lumen Power
  • SOS Beacon with Red Light for Long Distances
  • Loud Safety Siren for Long Distances

11. AirPhysio – Naturally Improve Your Breathing (Medically Cleared!)


The next gadget offers a proven and effective way for athletes, smokers, and others who wish to clean and strengthen their lungs.

You bring the mouthpiece of the AirPhysio to your mouth, then breathe through the system in and out. It provides air resistance, and it makes it slightly harder for the body to breathe. Over time, it progressively trains your lungs, making your lungs and diaphragm stronger and making your breathing capacity better overall.

AirPhysio Natural Breathing, unlike other treatments, operates without medications, surgery, or invasive procedures. It takes 5 minutes, 1-2 times a day, at least. It allows children, teenagers, smokers, the elderly, athletes, and swimmers to breathe easier.

10. Bed Scrunchie – Don’t let the Fitted Sheet Ruin Your Day!

Bed Scrunchie

If your loved ones are annoyed by the way they have to find their sheets all over the floor upon waking up? They won’t be anymore if you give them the Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps!

This wonderful gadget keeps the mattress close to the sheets so that it stretches out. The fit is so ideal that it removes the wrinkles entirely, giving you a smooth bed that could easily be featured in a home decor magazine or fancy hotel. However, it is still incredibly comfortable to rest on.

The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps can work for almost anyone. With the wrinkle-free tautness of a fitted sheet, they avoid a messy bed in the morning, which means less time spent making the bed. Plus, since the sheet won’t fall on the floor anymore, they won’t have to wash it nearly as much as before.

9. ChargeHubGO+ – Patented SmartSpeed Technology Makes This Portable Charger A MUST HAVE For 2022!


Have you ever found yourself with a phone that has 10% battery life and is suddenly about to die – right when you need it most? Who has time to wait around for a charge when you need to make an emergency call now? NO ONE!

That’s why this year you need ChargeHubGO+, the new all-in-one portable charger that’s unrivalled when it comes to versatility and charging speed!

Built with patented SmartSpeed technology, ChargeHubGO+ automatically detects the device you’re charging and provides the maximum charging speed capable. Plus, you can charge not 1, not 2, but FOUR devices at once! E

ven better is it has built-in charging cords and a cordless charging pad – so you’re always to charge anything when you need it most. ChargeHubGO+ is the only portable power bank you’ll ever need!

8. KelvinTools – 17 Tools In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Kelvin 17

Man or woman, old or young? The Kelvin Tool makes a great gift. They will love the flexibility of having the perfect tool with them all the time.

The powerful designed tool from Kelvin Tools has 17 essential tools in one compact device: a carbon steel hammer, a liquid level, a LED flashlight, and a three-foot flexible tape measure.

Plus, a flip-action screwdriver with a 180-degree or a 90-degree locking mechanism with three extra Phillips heads and three flathead bits.

This amazingly convenient tool also has 3 Allen key bits and three Torx bits. All this packed compact into a tool you can hold in your hand.

7. FlipFork – The Only Grilling Tool They’ll Ever Need


Buying a gift from someone who loves having a cookout to connect with friends and family? The right cooking tool can make their grilling experience go smoothly and produce the quality foods they want. The FlipFork is a five-in-one tool that lets them flip, slice, and spear the foods with a single, high-quality tool.

Along with being able to flip, poke, and slice meat, they can also tenderize it using a serrated edge, or pop a bottle top using the bottle opener, so they can enjoy a drink when they are through. The BBQ tool is multiple things, so they won’t need to have five tools around them as they cook, and everything will always be right at their fingertips.

6. ForeverPen

Forever Pen

As individuals transition into their 30s, they often find themselves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, both personally and professionally. The ForeverPen is a symbol of adaptability, resilience, and innovation – qualities that resonate with this dynamic phase of life. Its multifunctional nature ensures it’s always handy, whether signing important documents, jotting down ideas, or opening packages.

For the on-the-go, multitasking 30-year-old, the ForeverPen is not just a writing tool; it’s a reliable companion that simplifies and enhances daily tasks, making it a thoughtful and practical gift.”

5. Dodow – Has It Been Years Since They Slept Well? Sleep Better Than Ever This Year With THIS device!


Trouble falling asleep? Can’t stay asleep? Tired of spending money on products or meds that don’t work or actually make the problem worse? With new technology comes a solution that’ll have you sleeping like a baby in 2022!

For people who can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, Dodow is like magic. Simply place the Dodow device on your nightstand, turn it on, breathe in and out with its rhythmic glow — and marvel the next morning at how quickly you fell asleep.

Built by insomniacs, Dodow doesn’t just help you fall asleep once: It actually retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own — and with ZERO side effects. If you or someone in your life is one of the millions of people suffering from some type of sleep issue, then get a sleeping solution that’s suitable for the 21st century – get Dodow!

4. Hootie – The #1 Personal Safety Alarm For Women (Piece of Mind – No matter Where They Are!)


As much as we would like to believe we live in a safe world, there is still a need to arm ourselves with safety measures when we head out. You never know when danger may be lurking around the next corner. For some, they go as far as purchasing a handgun, pepper spray, tasers and other offensive items.  

But what about something defensive? The next gadget is a small device that you can carry on your person and can be easily concealed for discretion. The Hootie Alarm has a pull pin on the top that, once pulled, will emit an alarm sound loud enough to alert people within a 100-foot radius. At 130db (as loud as a jet engine), it will be impossible to miss this sound.

The Hootie will also begin flashing a bright strobe light for the center of it to help people spot where you are during the brightest of days and darkest of nights. It acts like a beacon and is visible whether you are in a large crowd or in the middle of the forest. 

The alarm and strobe light will continue to sound for 30-40 minutes, which is ample time to get help. You can purchase clips to attach the device to anywhere you’d like: your belt loop, your purse, or your keys so it is easily within reach.

3. Miracle Detergent Sheets

Laundry Detergent Sheets

A revolutionary approach to laundry, these sheets pack a punch with their potent cleaning capabilities, all while being gentle on the skin. Made from just four natural ingredients, they promise to tackle stubborn stains and odors without resorting to harsh chemicals. Plus, their compact design ensures a clutter-free laundry space and eliminates the mess of spills.

As individuals enter their 30s, they often seek a balance between efficiency, eco-friendliness, and self-care. The Miracle Detergent Sheets cater to this by offering a sustainable laundry solution that’s both effective and skin-friendly.

Gifting these sheets is like gifting a blend of convenience, sustainability, and modern living – perfectly tailored for the contemporary 30-year-old

2. The Wand – Let Them Enjoy Their Wine Without The Headache

The Wand

If your loved ones often get hangovers after taking a glass of wine, the wand filter makes a great gift.

The tool efficiently filters out sulfites and histamines, and the process takes only three minutes.

They will finally be able to enjoy their wine without headaches, stomach upset, or other side effects. But even with the wand, ensure that they don’t take more wine than their body can handle.

1. Aculief – Safely & Effectively Treat Headaches & Migraines In Minutes This Year…NATURALLY!


If going natural and drug-free is your thing this year, then listen up. Introducing Aculief, the safe, natural way to make painful headaches and migraines disappear in just minutes.

This doctor-approved and recommended self-treatment works by applying pressure to the LI4 (short for Large Intestine) pressure point located between the thumb & forefinger. According to Johns Hopkins University, applying pressure to LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, eye pain, toothaches, and more! Aculief works right out of the box, comes in various colors, and lets you enjoy drug-free relief night & day – for life!

  • Feel Relief In Minutes
  • No more Over-The-Counter Drugs
  • Lasts Forever
  • Fits Any Hand Size

With a 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose…except those nasty headaches!

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