4 Tips For A Husband’s Best Birthday Surprise [2020 Review]

Best Birthday Surprise For Your Husband In 2020:

What Gift Does He Really Want?

a husband receiving a birthday cake on his birthday

This year you are looking to do something special and to really surprise your husband on his birthday. However, you don’t really have clue where to start, and you are wary about the testimonials you found about women organizing big surprise parties for their husbands?

Rightfully so!

For their birthday, most husbands actually prefer a comfortable & quiet night at home over a fancy surprise party. Although it might sound uncreative, they just want their favorite home cooked meal, a thoughtful gift, and followed by an extra romantic night in the bedroom.

As to the perfect birthday gift for your husband, you will surprise him the most with a gift that is truly just for him, even if it is something you yourself don’t like. Winners are tickets to his favorite team, activities he can do with his friends or other items & experiences linked to things he secretly enjoys.

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By: Peter, Updated 02/27/2020

If you have no clue where to start, have a look at the below 4 suggestions on how to surprise your husband on his birthday.

How do I plan the perfect Birthday for my husband?


Surprise Your Husband… by Staying at Home!

A common mistake many women make is to assume that in order for their husband to be pleasantly surprised on his birthday they have to organize one or more activities on location.

This is wrong.

Actually, if they could choose, most men would rather stay at home. After all, it’s their one special day in the year, and they would prefer to spend it relaxing in the comfort of their own home and in the company of his loving family.

You see, throughout the year a man will do his utmost best and work very hard to take care of his family and provide them with the best possible home. So it shouldn’t be a surprise he wants to take the time to enjoy it all as well.

Linked to this, you will want to think twice before you invite all of your husband’s friends and family for a surprise birthday party.

Although he loves these people, a party also brings responsibilities with it. He has to properly dress (no sweatpants), he needs to mingle, talk with everyone and thank them for coming, while afterward there will be a huge cleanup.     

Does this mean you shouldn’t plan anything at all during the day?

No, you can. But choose wisely.

Your husband would, for example, welcome a mix of the following birthday surprise activities:

  • Spend some quality family time and put your husband in the center. Break out the old photo albums and go relive some great memories. Everyone knows dads love to tell stories about their pasts. Or perhaps play that family board game he likes. Trust me, your husband will appreciate the quality time.
  • Let him have some “metime”. Think about those things your husband really loves doing but rarely finds time to do without feeling guilty, and set it up so he can do it on his birthday. Does he love to watch sports? Arrange that he can watch a game in peace. Is he into video games? Let him play for a couple of hours. Does he like to tinker around in his workshop? Tell him he can take all the time he wants that day.

Men lying in a hammock while a dog is watching: Husbands prefer to stay at home on their birthday


Surprise Him with the Perfect Home-cooked Meal

Although your husband would rather stay at home versus going to a fancy and expensive restaurant, it doesn’t mean he will not appreciate a dinner including his favorite dishes.

A man’s love goes through his stomach, and there is probably no one on this planet who knows better than you what kind of food he really likes. However, if you are having trouble deciding, note that the data shows that when asked, men say they prefer eating a good steak on their birthday.

Don’t forget about dessert! As you are probably well aware, men have a sweet tooth. And although the years might not have been kind to his six pack and he probably shouldn’t, he will definitely not say no to his favorite Sunday or a piece of pie.

Obviously, if you have no idea how to cook, just make a reservation at a nice restaurant in town.

A home-cooked steak: this is what men really want on their birthday


Add an Extra Dose of Romance in the Evening

Even if you have kids, your husband will really appreciate if you surprise him on his birthday with some romantic gestures in the evening. It also sets the mood towards a romantic ending of the evening.

For dinner, break out the good china and tablecloth, and add some nice candles. Continue the evening with a nice glass of wine in the living room. Again add some romance by adding candlelight and some nice music.

After all of this, you will have created the perfect atmosphere to take it to the bedroom.

Here are some additional birthday surprise ideas your husband will love:

  • Build up the tension. What about secretly sending your husband some naughty text or leave him notes throughout the day? Even if you haven’t done such things in years, I guarantee you he will not only be happily surprised, but it can also build tension that can lead to an extra passionate night.
  • Sexy lingerie: if there is ever a moment to wear that sexy negligée your husband loves so much, it has to be his birthday. Or perhaps surprise him by buying a whole new set?
  • Roleplay: though admittedly not for everyone, roleplay is something that will definitely spice things up in the bedroom. Especially if you have never done it before, this might be your husband’s favorite birthday surprise of them all.
  • Take the lead: sometimes a man loves to be told what to do. You taking the lead will leave your husband guessing what you have in store for him, and will absolutely be appreciated.

PRO TIP : Surprise him with a sexy see-through lace robe on his birthday. It will give your favorite set of lingerie an extra dimension and it will totally surprise him in the bedroom! 

Sexy long lace gown on valentine's day

A Sexy Long Lace See Trough Gown


Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Husband!

If you truly want to surprise your husband with the perfect birthday gift, get him something that not only shows how well you know him, but that is also linked to a hobby or passion he truly loves. Even it is something you aren’t necessarily a big fan of.

Here are some birthday gift surprise ideas your husband would love:

  • Tickets to his Favorite Game
  • Time with his Friends
  • Cool Gadgets or Gifts linked to his Hobbies 

1. Tickets to his Favorite Game

Usually, sports is a topic that rather causes friction in a household as in general women are not too eager to watch football games on TV. So why don’t you surprise your husband by giving him tickets to go see his favorite team in person?

He will probably not expect such a gift coming from you, and love it even more as he knows you’re not a fan. If you have never done this before, you can easily find & order tickets to pretty much any game or sporting event on the StubHub platform.

Just enter the city and preferred date range and it will tell who is playing when & where, and you can order tickets with the click of a button.

Footbal Game of Penn State

2. Time with his Friends

As we get older, friendships unfortunately often fade as we are too busy with work and family. That is why your husband will be utterly surprised if his birthday gift is some quality time with his buddies. 

He’ll already be happy if you arrange with his friends for them to take him on a little fishing trip or just a night out with the boys. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you can gift a unique experience for him to do as well.

Perhaps he has been talking for years about wanting to try skydiving or race around the track in a Ferrari? He’ll love the fact that he can do his manly bucket list item with his buddies around him.

In case you are looking for some concrete activities for him to do, you can check out this adrenaline platform. It lists the activities available near your home, and you can book them online.

Nascar Driving: An experience your husband will never forget

3. Cool Gadgets or Gifts linked to his Hobbies

Only you have the answer to what the best gift for your husband would be, as you know his hobbies better than I do. Here are some examples:

magnetic wristband for holding screws & nails.

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws & Nails

  • If he is into sports or fitness, give him a cool gadget that helps him get a better workout. A best seller and favorite gift for sporty men are these wireless headphones by Bose. They allow him to this workout without any dangling cords hindering him. Or for more sporty Birthday day gift ideas for your husband check out this post on top fitness gifts for him
Bose Wireless Headphones

Bose Wireless Headphones

  • Boys will always be boys, and that includes their love for video games. He might not have time for this in his busy life trying to provide for his family, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it anymore. So surprise your husband on his birthday by giving him exactly that. If you have no clue about video games and wouldn’t know which game or console to possibly buy him, I would recommend this Virtual Reality Headset. It is the latest frontier in gaming and allows a user to experience a digital world first-hand. Trust me, he’ll love it!
An Occulus Rift VR Headsets: A great Birthday gift if your husband likes gaming

Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Did you get the point?

Zoom in on your husband’s favorite hobby and you will find the answer on what to get your husband on his birthday!

PRO TIP : Personalize your birthday gift. Check if it is possible to add his name or a nice message on the item you want to give.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter and matching glasses

Personalized Whiskey Decanter & Matching Glasses

So there you have it!

I hope you find these suggestions on how to surprise your husband on his birthday useful, and you are now fully set to give your man that one very special day he deserves.


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