26 Best Gifts For Zookeepers In 2022

Some say zookeepers have the best job in the world; others say they have the hardest. Either way, they deserve a gift once in a while!

The best gifts for zookeepers are either useful items they can use on the job or funny & personalized animal-related items they can keep as keepsakes.

There are over 1000 zoos in the USA, with hundreds of employees each. Want to surprise one of them with the perfect gift? Quickly check out this list of the 25+ best gifts for zookeepers recommended by Tia D, Zookeeper At The Wild Animal Park.

Gift Ideas For Zookeepers

In this article you will find:

26. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Penguin Cocktail Shaker

We start this list of the best gifts for zookeepers with the perfect item to end a long day of hard work at the zoo.

Just sit back and relax with a tasty cocktail made with this hilarious shaker.

The shaker is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean.

24. If Animals Could Talk Calendar

If Animals Could Talk Calendar

Looking for a hysterical item that zookeepers can proudly display in their office?

Check out this entertaining 2022 calendar.

Each month features an animal-themed work of art that will crack the entire team up.

24. Animal Paint By Numbers

Paint By Numbers Gift Set

Is the zookeeper in your life a creative soul?

Then gift him or her one of these beautiful paint-by-numbers giftsets.

You can choose among a wide variety of animals. Thanks to the easy color-coding even a beginning painter will create a masterpiece.

23. Stylish Lunch Box

Stylish Lunch

After all that hard work and taking care of the animals, a zookeeper deserves a proper lunch break.

With this nifty Bento lunch box, he or she will be able to do so in style.

It features multiple compartments and even comes with a handy set of cutlery.

22. Paw Socks

Paw Socks

OK, these big cat-themed paw socks are just too adorable!

Any zookeeper will be proudly showing them off to all his colleagues.

You can also gift a pair as a great gag gift or stocking stuffer.

21. Zookeeper Journal

Zookeeper Journal

Every zookeeper needs a journal to keep notes on the animals in their care.

This is one of the best gifts for zookeepers that makes them happy.

This journal is probably our favorite gift for zookeepers under $10.

20. Fashionable Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses

As zookeepers tend to spend most of their day outside tending to the animals, a pair of trustworthy sunglasses are indispensable.

But who said function and style could not go together on a job like this?

Gift a pair of these fashionable handmade wooden sunglasses. They’ll even match the zookeeper’s outfit perfectly.

19. Elephant Wine Holder

Elephant Wine Holder

Next on our list of best gifts for zookeepers, we have the perfect wine holder and home décor element.

This hilarious holder will give the impression the elephant is on the sauce. Not again!

A great housewarming gift and conversation starter for guests.

18. Funny Mug

Funny Zookeeper Mug

We can’t have a list of the best gifts for zookeepers without adding the traditional funny mug.

Unlike most cheap mugs out there, this one will stand out thanks to its premium colors and double-sided print.

A great gift idea for any occasion!

17. Animal Tea Infusers

Animal Tea Infusers

If you’re going to gift a funny mug, you might as well make the set complete by adding these hysterical tea infusers.

This set of 4 infusers has a variety of adorable and funny designs, including a cute squirrel, a platypus, and an elephant.

Shut up and take my money already!

TIP: Buy two pocket nannies in different colors. Like this, your favorite twin parents know immediately to whom each monitor belongs.

16. Heavy Duty Touchscreen Gloves

Touch Screen Work Gloves

When dealing with animals, a zookeeper will need to get his or her hands dirty daily.

That is why a pair of trusted work gloves that can even withstand the wear & tear of working with larger animals is a great gift idea.

To top it off, these bad boys are designed to still work on a touchscreen. So a zookeeper won’t have to constantly remove the gloves to operate a device.

15. Animal Cookie Cutters

Animal Cookie Cutters

Does the zookeeper in your life love to bake?

Then perhaps this animal-themed cookie cutter set is the perfect gift for you!

Each set includes 5 adorable cookie cutters as well as a handy little recipe book.

14. Animal Tote Bag

Zookeeper Tote Bag

Whether it is to go to work or the supermarket, a tote bag always comes in handy.

People passing by won’t be able to help themselves but chuckle when seeing this comical tote.

The bag is large enough to fit plenty of items and made of durable material.

13. Funny T-Shirt

Funny Zookeeper Shirt

We continue this list of the best gifts for zookeepers with a funny T-shirt.

A great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, or new zookeepers just starting on the job.

The shirt is available in over a dozen different colors.

12. Bear Salt & Pepper Shakers

Bear Salt Pepper Shaker

It’s a bear… holding salt and pepper shakers.

What’s there not to like?

You know what? Forget about the zookeeper in your life, just buy this adorable little bear for yourself!

11. Zookeeper Gift From Daughter

Zookeeper Gift From Daugther

Looking for a fun gift for your zookeeper-dad?

Any dad will love receiving one of these comical mugs from his little girl.

This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

10. Zookeeper Gift From Spouse

Zookeepers Wife Mug

Or perhaps you’re a zookeeper couple and are looking for some fitting gifts to give each other?

Well, check out this bad boy.

Living the dream indeed!

9. Monkey Tissue Dispenser

Monkey Tissue Dispenser

Whether it is at home or at the zoo, tissues will always come in handy.

And a zookeeper won’t help but smile every time he or she takes a tissue from this hilarious dispenser.

Unsurprisingly, this gift is also always a big hit with the kids.

8. Giraffe Tea Kettle

Giraffe Tea Kettle

At No. 8 on our list of best gifts for zookeepers, we find our favorite housewarming gift.

This beautiful giraffe tea kettle is as much a comical gift as it is a work of art.

Tea time has never been so much fun before!

7. Koala Necktie

Zookeeper Tie

A zookeeper might not wear a tie most days at the office, but for those occasions that he does, he deserves a special tie.

This lovely tie features koalas, but they are available with a wide variety of animal prints. So choose the animal your zookeeper is responsible for.

Only the best for a zookeeper, as each tie is 100% handmade.

6. Zookeeper LEGO

Lego Zookeeper Figurine

This little LEGO zookeeper figurine might be small, but it is one of our most popular office decoration gifts.

It is a cute female zookeeper with her chimpanzee friend and his little banana treat.

A great stocking stuffer or a little extra to add to a bigger gift.

5. Animal Planters

Animal Planter Set

This cute animal planter set makes it into the top 5 of our list of best gifts for zookeepers.

Each set consists of a penguin, koala, tiger, elephant, kangaroo, and panda.

The planters go particularly well with succulents but can hold a wide variety of plants.

4. Key Organizer


Your average zookeeper will probably have a bunch of keys on him or her while working.

Whether they are tool sheds or animal cages, they all have a lock.

Thanks to this nifty key organizer, a zookeeper can easily carry countless keys as well as immediately access the right one.

3. Bear Claw Oven Mitts

Bear Claw Mitts

Cooking just got a whole lot more fun thanks to these hilarious oven mitts.

These grizzly-sized oven mitts are made from insulated cotton, and the “paw” pads are constructed from heat-resistant silicone.

Just look at those adorable tiny claws!

2. Rhino Bookends

Rino Bookends

It’s easy to see why these bookends are one of our most popular gifts for zookeepers.

They are classy enough to fit any study, yet amusingly hint towards this great and noble profession.

Pro tip: combine this gift with some great books to complete the set.

1. Rugged Outdoor Watch

Rugged Outdoor Watch

At the very top of our list of the best gifts for zookeepers in 2022, we find this Garmin smartwatch.

Working with animals can get rough and dirty, and that is why a rugged watch is needed.

This watch is filled with tons of features and even a GPS. It is a great gift idea!

What are great funny gifts for zookeepers?

Thinking about gifting the zookeeper in your life a funny gag gift?

Great idea!

Everyone loves a comical gift that is linked to their job or passion.

Here are our favorite funny gifts for zookeepers:

 What are great personalized gifts for zookeepers?

You can always make a gift even more special by personalizing it to its recipient.

This is because it shows you went out of your way to find a meaningful and tailored gift.

The same applies to zookeepers.

But no clue where to find the perfect personalized gifts for zookeepers?

Don’t worry, The Gift Hacker has got your back!

Here are some helpful tips for identifying the perfect personalized gift for a zookeeper:

  • You can take any of the gift ideas above, and add an extra touch by personalizing them.
  • The best gifts to personalize are either those items a zookeeper uses every day or keepsakes he can display in a prominent place like his desk.
  • What are the hobbies or passions of the zookeeper in your life? Besides giving a work-related item, he will also be very happy with a personalized hobby gift.

Would you like to see more concrete gift ideas? Then have a look at our lists of personalized gifts for him and personalized gifts for her.

Alternatively, you might also want to check out our top sentimental gifts for women.

Other best gifts for zookeepers:

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the above list?

No worries, we got you covered!

Here are some alternative gift ideas a zookeeper might also enjoy:

  • Cool gadgets: That’s right, who doesn’t like to receive the latest gadget as a gift?
  • Travel gifts: Life isn’t just about work. Give a gift that your zookeeper can use while on vacation.
  • Relaxation gifts: If a zookeeper doesn’t have any vacation coming up, you can bring a little R&R to him or her with the right pamper and relaxation gift.
  • Retirement gifts: Are you looking for a great retirement gift for a zookeeper? Check out these awesome gifts.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Zookeepers?

We hope you find this list of the best gifts for zookeepers useful, and you are now set to surprise your animal guardian with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Didn’t find what you were looking for? You might also want to have a look at our list of the best gifts for a handyman!

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