33 Best Gifts For Painters

So you’re buying a gift for a painter but you don’t know the first thing about painting materials?

The good news is that you’re definitely going in the right direction!

Painting is a great hobby, but it requires a lot of tools and equipment.

That is why any painter loves to receive gifts that will allow him or her to paint more.

And we already did the work for you and identified the 33 best gifts for painters that are bound to be a big hit.

Ready to get creative? Let’s check the list!

Best Gifts For Painters

In this article you will find:

33. Bob Ross Socks

Bob Ross Socks

We start this list of great gifts for painters with a great yet fitting gag gift.

Bob Ross is considered an icon in the world of painting, and his catchphrase “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” is nothing short of legendary.

These socks by “Oooh Yeah Socks!” are constructed to look good and built to last. Also available in yellow & blue for women.

32. Online Painting Course

Online Painting Course

Whether you are buying a gift for a beginner or an expert painter, you can’t go wrong with an online painting course.

You can choose the right course depending on the level and interest of the painter in question.

The best part? These courses can be taken from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you.

31. Le Voyageur Travel Brushes

Painter Travel Brush Set

At No. 31 on our list of best gifts for painters in 2022, we find this exclusive brush set.

Great for slipping into a pocket, backpack, or tote, these compact brushes have a cap that not only protects the brush head but securely fits on the end of the brush to lengthen the handle.

So if you are buying a gift for a painter who loves to paint in the outdoors, look no further!

30. Paint By Numbers Set

Paint By Numbers Gift Set

This colorful paint-by-numbers set is one of our favorite gifts for beginning painters.

The artist just needs to match the pre-printed numbers on the canvas with the corresponding labeled paint.

The result is an exquisite decorative painting that will add a funky touch to any home or office.

29. Artist’s Choice Sketch Pad

Sketch Pad

Before a painter starts on canvas, he or she first will first want to make some sketches & try some ideas.

That is why a quality sketch pad is always a useful & well-appreciated gift for any painter.

This brand hasn’t stolen its name, as it truly is a favorite among artists with more than 1000 5-star ratings on Amazon.

28. A Brush Organizer

Brush Organizer

Another simple yet very popular gift for painters is this paintbrush organizer.

An indispensable tool in case an artist wants to continue painting the next day and hence doesn’t want to put his brushes in a storage box.

Also very handy when a painter wants to let his or her brushes dry after cleaning.

27. Canvas Carrying Case

Canvas Carrying Case

Thanks to this gift painters will be able to carry their work safely from and to their next exhibition.

This versatile case can transport small to large canvases in safety and style.

The case features a pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and adjustable dividers that allow artists to carry their canvases in a variety of configurations.

26. Painting Studio Lamp

Painting Studio Lamp

When artists are creating a masterpiece they need the perfect lighting.

The Chromalux offers the closest possible incandescent simulation to daylight and is the perfect light source for mixing colors and for illuminating a canvas during painting.

This state-of-the-art lamp will strengthen the blue, green, red, and violet components without producing an imbalance of one color over another.

25. UprightGO Back Corrector

Upright Back Correcter For Painters

A passionate painter can spend hours working on his next masterpiece.

But did you know that most artists tend to have a bad posture, often leading to back & neck complaints?

No more posture complaints, thanks to the UprightGo. This handy gift is a tiny wearable device that helps correct a painter’s posture and strengthens his back muscles – providing a solid foundation to avoid any back or neck pain.

24. Painter ShadeBuddy Umbrella

Painter Umbrella

Next on our list of best gifts for painters, we have the ShadeBuddy

This high-quality umbrella is designed with a reflective silver outer shell to keep an artist cool while in the field and a non-reflective black lining to keep a painting’s colors looking true.

The ShadeBuddy is lightweight and comes with a sturdy ground stake, plus a convenient foot pedal that makes insertion a snap.

23. Painter’s Handy Bag

Work Bag For Painters

If an artist is planning on painting outdoors, he or she will also need a bag to carry all of the painting materials.

This stylish yet heavy-duty canvas bag comes with lots of compartments and pockets to hold just about anything, small or large.

It is designed to remain fully open when it is set down and has strong cotton handles and genuine brown suede accents.

22. Paint Fumes Air Purifier

Paint Fumes Air Purifier

Are you buying a gift for an artist that uses oil paint? Then he’s probably also using solvents that exude fumes that are bad for his health.

Choose this air purifier. This nifty device removes 99% of air pollutants, keeping the air in an artist’s workshop fresh and clean.

It can be placed easily on the ground or on a shelf near a painter’s easel.

21. Brush Beater Rack

Beater Rack

Talking about cleaning paintbrushes, a frustration many artists face is that they splash their workshop and clothes when trying to remove the last paint thinner.

But no more thanks to the brush beater rack you gifted the painter in your life!

Brushes can be ‘beaten’ back and forth to quickly remove excess thinner between color changes. Put this bad boy in a trash can and you beat the devil right out of those brushes like a champ.

20. Paint Remover Wipes

Paint Remover Wipes

Cleaning up is actually not the fun part of the painting process.

For those painters that just hate playing around with paint thinner and dirty pieces of cloth, we have the perfect gift: paint remover wipes.

These disposable wipes make cleanup easy for any medium paint such as acrylic, watercolor, oil, gouache, etc. Also very handy for when painting outdoors!

19. Special Effects Palette Knives

Pallet Knives

Painters use palette knives to mix different colors or to transport paint to a palette.

But this set of unique palette knives goes even further. Each knife can also be used to create a unique texture and composition on the canvas itself.

One of the best gifts you can give creative painters who want to explore new styles of painting.

18. Cat Brush Rest

Cat Brush Rest

While creating a masterpiece, an artist will need to stop and take a step back once in a while to look at his or her work.

However, as the brush still holds paint, it cannot be put back with the rest. And holding it for a long time is unpractical.

Enter the opportunity for a thoughtful and original gift for painters: this elegant and super cute cat brush rest.

17. Blank Canvas

Blank Painters Canvas

You might think this is a boring or unoriginal gift for painters.

Don’t forget that a canvas can only be used once, and without it, there is no more painting.

That is why many artists will actually love to receive a new batch of canvas as a gift so they don’t have to make tough choices on which creative ideas to paint next.

16. A Painter’s Apron

Painter Apron

Painting can get quite messy.

That is why any painter needs a trustworthy apron to protect his or her clothes from splashes or accidental brush strokes.

This apron is a very popular gift for painters as it’s quality fabric and comes with a lot of useful pockets. Even if he or she already has one, these things tend to wear out fast!

15. French Painter Costume

French Painter Costume

While we’re talking outfits, perhaps time for another great gag gift for painters.

With this funny costume, the artist in your life can feel like a genuine French painter.

You can choose from more than 10 different colors, so you’re bound to find the beret and scarf that matches her style!

14. Deluxe Oil Paint Set

Deluxe Oil Paint Set

A painter can always use more high-quality paint to create more art.

This set comes in a beautiful gift box and contains 48 x 12ml tubes of professional artist-grade paints for canvas, pads, boards, panels, or paper.

In case the painter in your life prefers to work with acrylic paint, here is an equally nice acrylic paint set.

13. Clip-on Brush Holder

Clip On Brush Holder

A useful gift for painters who like their brushes at hand is this clip-on brush holder.

It attaches easily to an easel by rubber strap or Velcro, can be rotated to the ideal position, and holds and separates up to 8 paintbrushes.

It is particularly helpful when painting in a small space and you don’t have much room to place all your tools!

12. Color Wheel

Color Wheel

One of the best and most practical gifts you can give beginning painters is a color wheel.

It is a must-have tool for any painter if he or she wants to create the perfect color or shade on a canvas.

The wheel is very easy to use and has descriptions of every category for different types of color combinations (primary, triad, complementary), value scales, and much more.

11. Detail Paintbrushes Gift Set

Detail Paintbrushes Set

A painter can never have enough brushes!

These fine-tipped miniature brushes allow to do fine detail painting precisely to reach tight, small spots and tiny points such as wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, illustrations, model car, ships, airplanes, or micro detailing fantasy figurines.

The ergonomic handles of the brushes allow for better control and less hand fatigue. The perfect gift set for painters who like detail!

10. LEGO Painter Figurine

Lego Painter

Give a painter a fitting mascot that deserves a prominent place in the workshop.

The Painter LEGO figurine is a collector’s item and a fun way of showing an artist you know his or her passion.

Also great to place on top of his or her birthday cake as a finishing touch!

9. Portable Easel

Portable Easel

A great gift for painters who love to paint sceneries is this portable easel.

This nifty device comes in a small portable bag, enabling an artist to go and paint in the outdoors hassle-free.

The telescopic legs can be adjusted from 25 to 73 inches, and each leg can be adjusted individually to provide an even surface, even on uneven terrain!

8. Clean Up Kit For Painters

Clean Up Kit For Painters

He or she is a great painter, but does tend to get paint all over the place while in the zone?

Give him or her this gag gift that makes fun of their mess, while still being very useful.

The brush cleaner paste will help clean their brushes and preserve them longer, and a bar of soap also always comes in hand.

7. Porcelain Paint Palette

Porcelain Paint Palette

Made from premium white eco-friendly ceramics material, this stylish palette cleans up easily and is sure to delight any painter.

The design has multiple little areas to add your watercolors, oil, or gouache paint.

A great gift for painters with a strong sense of style!

6. Painter’s Tool Box

Painters Tool

The moment a painting is finally finished is magical. But it’s usually also the moment where an artist realizes what a mess he made in his workshop.

With this beautifully crafted gift, a painter will be able to store all his tools in an orderly and stylish way.

Each pencil and paint tube will have its very own place!

5. Kids Painting Set

Kid Painting Set

We enter our top 5 best gifts for painters with clever insight.

Parents always like it when their children follow in their footsteps and adopt the same hobbies and passions.

So for the painters that have kids, we offer this kids painting set. It’s never too early to start, right?

4. Book On How To Draw Faces

Book Drawing Faces

Of course, our list of best gifts for painters has to include a book.

And the internet agrees, if you’ve never painted a face before, this is the book you absolutely need to read.

Author Jane Davenport is a beloved artist and popular international workshop instructor known by her students and fans for her effervescent, enthusiastic, happy, and encouraging style.

3. Hand Massager

Hand Massager

You know that painful feeling you get in your fingers and hands when you have to write a lot? Well, imagine what an artist must feel after hours of highly focused painting.

That is why this relaxing hand massager is a well-deserved gift for any painter.

It is compact, portable, and even has a heat function to further reduce pain and swelling.

2. Artist Hero Figure

Artist Hero Figure

In a deserving second place, we find an original gift that will keep a painter’s inspiration flowing all night long.

These hilarious figurines represent some of the greatest painters in history: Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Magritte, and many more.

Each figurine also comes accompanied by a fact sheet which ups the fun factor even more!

1. The Complete Starter Kit

Painter Starter Kit

At the top of our list of best gifts for painters, we have this complete starter kit.

The solution in case you cannot choose from all the items above, or if you just want to go all out.

This deluxe set just has it all: an easel, paint, sketch pads, brushes, canvas, a palette, etc. The perfect gift for any beginning painter!

How to choose the best gifts for painters?

The best gifts for painters are those that help them do more of what they love, which is painting while showing them that you are aware of their passion and hence are involved in their lives. This includes a new set of paintbrushes, extra canvas material & tubes of paint, a new easel, or gadgets that facilitate the painting process.

Alternatively, you can also give a more satirical gift, that is built on the insight of love for painting but gives it a humorous twist. An example is giving a painter this French artist’s costume. It’s a funny outfit, but still shows you know the recipient loves painting.

What are the best gifts for beginning painters?

The best gifts for beginning painters are those items that get their painting as fast as possible. Painting is a complex hobby that requires a lot of tools, expertise, and skill. So giving a gift that helps on either of these fronts is highly appreciated.

Great gift ideas for beginning painters include:

  • An informative book that shares tips and tricks on how to paint.
  • quality apron, as with the long list of tools needed a painter often forgets this item. And paint does tend to get quite messy.
  • A full-fledged starter kit holds all the tools he or she might need.

Are brushes a stupid gift to give to a painter?

Absolutely not!

Even with the best of care cleaning and maintaining them, even the most expensive brushes will need to be replaced after a while. That is why a painter can never have enough paintbrushes.

Also, note that there are many different kinds of paintbrushes. Although the painter in your life might already have a standard set, you could open a new world for him or her by gifting specialty brushes.

An example is these detailed paintbrushes. They are used to add the tiniest details to sceneries or portraits.

Which paint should I buy as a gift for a painter?

When buying paint as a gift, the best thing you can do is first to try and figure out which painting medium the painter usually uses. You can check with family or friends, or, if you happen to see his workshop, keep your eyes open.

In case you are buying paint for a beginning painter, here are some tips:

  • Acrylic paint is the most commonly used and popular paint for canvas. This is because it is easy to work with and dries fast. You have a variety of thicknesses, yet the thicker kinds are best for canvas. Here is a nice acrylic paint gift set.
  • Oil paint is the historical favorite and has a unique thick viscous texture that also works very well on canvas. Some people prefer acrylic because of the lack of oil used in the production process. You can buy very nice oil paint gift sets.
  • Gouache is something in between watercolor and acrylic paint. Although it can be used on canvas Gouache is often not the preferred paint as it is more opaque and hence needs quite a thick layer.
  • Tempera. Right off the bat, don’t buy tempera paint as a gift if the painter paints on canvas. It is too liquid and often drips downward.
  • Watercolor has the same issue as tempera. Although you can make stunning things with it on paper, it’s terrible on canvas. So again, not the best gift for canvas painters, but if you’re looking for a gift set for watercolor painters we recommend Arteza.

Perhaps the person you are buying a gift for is more into crafts than painting? In this case, also have a look at our list of top hobby & crafts gifts.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Painters?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for painters useful and you are now set to surprise the artist in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you are looking for more gift ideas for a creative soul, perhaps you also want to check our list of best gifts for sketch artists and people who like to draw.

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