40+ Cool Tech Gifts For Women In 2022

Whoever says that women are not into tech gifts or gadgets is just plain wrong.

Our surveys show that almost 7 out of 10 women would like to receive a tech gift! Even more so if they are below 30 years old.

Bottom line? Don’t trust the stereotypes, if you’ve seen her with gadgets before, she might even be a techie!

For those of you that don’t have time to go and check out CES for the latest gadgets for 2022, we made this ultimate list of cool tech gifts for women.

Ready to get your mind blown with the latest tech? Here we go!

Title Infographic for our top 35+ cool tech gifts for women

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By: Kristof, Updated 02/21/2022

#41 top tech presents for women: GPS Tracker Tag


705 198 8.5

When traveling, is she always afraid of not seeing her luggage appear on the airport conveyor belt?

Or perhaps she just wants to know where her loved ones are at any time?

This ultra compact GPS tracker is one of our favorite tech gifts for her that bring ease of mind! With it, she can track literally anything, anywhere…

#40 tech gadgets for women: VLOG Phone Stabilizer


705 198 8.5

Especially among younger women, VLOGGING is extremely popular.

With this handheld phone stabilizer, her VLOG or live stream will look like it is shot by a professional film crew.

This nifty little gadget has over 8 hours of battery life and comes with a mini tripod and portable bag.

#39 gadget gifts for tech women: upright go posture trainer


16652 4977 8.0

Thanks to the Upright Go she will be strolling up and down the office and street more elegant than ever.

This nifty little gadget will monitor her posture and give her instructions directly on her mobile.

Also, a healthy upright posture strengthens back and core muscles, stimulates better blood flow, and promotes overall well-being.

#38 gifts for tech-loving women: Nebula Mini Projector


994 332 8.0

We continue this list of cool tech gifts for women with a gadget that enables her to project media files wherever she goes.

Whether it is a presentation for work or a movie to watch with friends, the Nebula mini projector & speaker will deliver crystal clear image and sound.

She can stream directly from her phone or laptop using Bluetooth, or connect this cool tech gadget via a traditional HDMI or USB cable.

#37 gadget gifts for tech women: portable blender


994 332 8.0

Does she just love fresh smoothies and shakes?

With this cool gadget she can finally make her favorite drink wherever she goes.

Despite being very compact, this cute little blender is powerful enough to grind ice cubes. It can be charged by USB and can blend 20 to 30 times on just one charge.

#36 tech gadget gifts for women: Instant Photo Backup Drive


12055 4844 8.0

The worst thing about losing your phone is that you also lose all those great pics & videos that were on it.

But no more thanks to this handy gadget gift!

She just needs to plug the PhotoStick in her phone once in a while, and the thumb drive will instantly find and backup all the photos & videos on the device.

#33 gadget gifts for tech women: deep vibration massage mask


20399 6856 8.0

This high-quality massaging eye mask will help her recover from daily stress.

It offers a multi-frequency deep vibration massage, and can even play music via Bluetooth for full relaxation.

A cool gadget gift for her that combines design & performance and is practical for traveling.

#34 tech gadget gifts for women: Insect Repellant bracelet


7333 2129 8.0

Finally put an end to the mosquito nightmare with this stylish bracelet.

The bracelet works via a simple yet effective trick: it emits an ultrasonic sound (not perceivable by humans) that mosquitos hate.

To top it off, this nifty gadget is also waterproof so you can even wear it while in the pool!

#33 gadget gifts for tech women: makeup & skincare fridge


493 382 8.0

Next on our list of best gadget gifts for her, we find this handy beauty product fridge.

Store your expensive beauty and skincare products at just the right temperature and extend their shelflife.

The inside door features a mini basket, perfect for face masks, rollers, stones, ice packs, and many more.

#32 tech gadget gifts for women: EyeQue home vision test


21495 2249 8.0

The best gadgets are those that make our lives easier.

And as nobody likes going to the eye doctor, the EyeQue is a great tech gift for any woman.

Thanks to its patented technology, this ingenious little device is considered to be the world’s only accurate, affordable, and easy to use, at-home vision test.

#31 gifts for tech-loving women: Phone Wallet


994 332 8.0

Whether she’s going out or to the gym, she never likes to have bulging pockets.

Thanks to this nifty magnetic grip she can leave her wallet at home.

It can easily be attached to her phone and offers 2 slim pockets that can securely hold credit cards, IDs, metro cards, cash and more.

#31 best tech presents for her: Portable Wireless Keyboard


3094 1204 8.0

When she’s on the go and only has her phone or tablet with her, it can be a hassle to write long emails or to finish an important document.

That is when this Bluetooth foldable keyboard is a great tool to have at hand.

This cool tech gift is available in 3 dashing colors, so choose the one you know she’ll love.

#29 gifts for tech-loving girls: Designer Ear Buds


16751 4677 8.0

Next in our top cool tech gifts for women we have this pair of designer ear buds.

Master & Dynamics have really outdone themselves this time with these handcrafted, legitimately stylish, and high-performance ear buds.

Available in catchy colors such as coral pink, tortoiseshell, and white marble, and presented in a hand-polished stainless steel charging case.

#28 cool tech gifts for her: Smart Plant Sensor


7856 1564 8.1

For the girl that loves beautiful plants or flowers around the house, yet for some reason always fails to keep them alive…

This smart sensor keeps a close eye on the moisture, light & PH levels, and will tell her exactly what to do to ensure the optimal conditions.

This tech gift is connected with a very user-friendly app so she can check on her little green friends wherever she is.

#27 top tech gifts for women: Rechargeable Hand Warmer


8994 2558 8.1

This next tech gift for women is a handy gimmick she can carry in any pocket or bag while going sporting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing.

This cute little hand warmer offers double-sided heating in 3 different settings at the touch of a button.

Now here’s the kicker, she can also use this device as a portable battery charger. Take my money already!

#26 cool tech gifts for her: Window Cleaning Robot


15331 5032 8.1

Everybody hates cleaning windows… It is a dreadful chore that makes you lean out of windows and gets water everywhere.

No more thanks to this fully automated window cleaning tech gimmick!

This little robot basically works like a rumba vacuum cleaner but for windows.

#25 top tech gifts for her: anti-electromagnetic waves gadget


1005 356 8.2

At No. 25 of our list of cool tech gadget gifts for women, we find the EMF protector.

Basically, it is a small chip that absorbs and neutralizes the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones.

Although the debate about the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body is still ongoing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

#24 gifts for a tech-loving woman: Phone Dyson Air Purifier


3543 1090 8.2

Dyson has done it again with its latest Wi-Fi-connected home air purifier and heater.

This tech gift automatically senses air pollution events, initiates purification, & reports air quality levels on an LCD display.

A real techie will love the real-time reports, remote control via the app, and option to create automatic schedules throughout the day.

#23 top gifts for tech-loving women: Magnet Balance Lamp


16554 4094 8.2

We can’t have a list of cool tech gifts for her without including a home deco item.

With just a small nudge of the magnet, this ingenious and beautiful lamp will be turned on and off.

Simply lift the lower sphere to switch the light on. It will be attracted to the upper sphere and will stay put in midair creating a unique visual effect.

#22 cool tech gifts for women: Pulse Muscle Massager


459 101 8.0

Are you looking for tech gadgets that can help a woman relax? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Meet the Pulse. This high-tech massager combines smart technology with electrical mini-stimuli to stimulate certain muscle groups. The result is a sensation of deep relaxation and pain relief.

Just read the 21000 (!) positive reviews of users.

#21 best gift for tech-loving women: Space Saving Monitor


6874 2103 8.3

A clean and tidy desk just looks much better.

With this smartly designer computer monitor from Samsung she will create extra space and get rid of ugly cables.

It, of course, has Samsung’s latest technology, offering top-notch 4K resolution.

#20 gifts for tech-loving women: Stay Hot Mug


726 189 8.4

Next on our list of cool tech gifts for women we have a simple yet very popular gadget.

Besides looking very stylish, this mug will keep her drink nice and warm, at just the right temperature she wants it to be.

To top it off, she can also choose the color of the soothing LED lights at the bottom of the mug.

#19 best tech presents for her: Smart Makeup Mirror


901 288 8.4

Thanks to this tech gift she can take her makeup routine to the next level.

It helps you assess your skin‘s condition including wrinkles, fine lines, clarity, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas.

This innovative gadget also features 5 different LED light settings, so you can check your look in different lighting scenarios.

#18 top tech gifts for women: Drawing Pad


2014 664 8.4

If you’re looking for cool tech gifts for women who love to draw, look no further.

With this drawing tablet she can draw wherever she goes.

It can be easily connected to the WiFi network to transfer her masterpieces to any other device.

#17 best tech presents for her: Phone Camera Lens


8543 2560 8.4

These days we take photos with our phones, right?

Thanks to this tech gift she wan will able to capture even more details with a 15x magnification as well as 45% more of her surroundings with the wide angle lens.

The GlowClip LED light will also illuminate the subject and surroundings with warm continuous light which is superior to your smartphone’s built-in flash.

#16 top tech gadgets for women: Portable Washing Machine


705 198 8.5

Next, we have a handy gadget gift for young women who are off to college.

Thanks to this foldable washing machine, she will be able to do her laundry from the comfort of her dorm.

On top, because of its smart eco-friendly design, it will use much less energy and water as compared to traditional washing machines.

#15 top tech presents for women: Phone Sanitizer


1259 401 8.5

At number 15 of our top tech gifts for women we find a must-have gadget for any girl.

As we use our phones countless times a day, these things must get quite dirty.

But finally she will able to give it a proper cleaning with this nifty gimmick! The ScreenKlean is compact & easy to carry in a small purse.

#14 cool tech presents for women: Google Home Hub


3409 1112 8.5

Unfortunately, even in 2021 the world can be a dangerous place sometimes for a woman.

But thanks to the Hootie’s ultra-loud 130db siren (as loud as a jet engine), other people will be alerted immediately and attackers will be sent running.

This little gadget offers all the protection without the danger of hurting yourself or others.

#13 top tech presents for her: Protable Design Speaker


9849 3084 8.5

When it comes to tech gifts for women, high-end design Bluetooth speakers are an absolute favorite.

And if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to both design and performance, you just can’t beat Bang & Olufsen.

The Beosound A1 2nd Gen is small enough to fit in her pocket, yet delivers an unparalleled sound quality. All while looking absolutely dashing.

#12 best tech presents for women: Toothbrush UV Light


690 252 8.6

Did you know that scientific research has shown that most toothbrushes are actually covered with millions of germs?

Bril is a portable toothbrush case that uses natural UV light to kill germs and viruses on the head of your toothbrush.

After every use, this little gadget sterilizes your toothbrush head from all sides to remove even the most stubborn germs.

#11 best tech gifts for her: Wireless Charging Pad


3023 974 8.6

You’ve probably been expecting to see a phone charging station somewhere on this list of cool tech gifts for women.

The unique one we’ve chosen combines functional with smart design.

This sleek mousepad will keep her desk nice and tidy and her phone charged.

#10 cool tech gifts for women: Amazon Echo 4th Generation


28930 4520 8.7

Ask Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, and she will give you the answer!

With this handy, but also trendy voice activated gadget she can easily play music, set timers and alarms, make calls, ask any question, check the weather, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more.

The 2022 gimmick for any female techie to have!

#9 cool tech gifts for women: what's wrong with my car gadget


1294 489 8.8

It’s a well know stereotype scam: women getting ripped off by mechanics because “they anyway don’t know anything about cars”.

No more thanks to this little gadget!.

The FIXD is a small device that can be easily connected to your car, and that monitors all activity while telling you exactly what is wrong and what repairs are needed.

#8 cool tech gifts for women: E-reader Amazon Kindle


6112 2893 8.8

If she is into reading as well as a techie, she will love this latest Kindle Oasis E-reader as a gift.

Besides having a very slick and premium look and feel, this e-reader has a 7″ screen delivering a staggering 300ppi resolution.

It reads like a real paper even in bright sunlight, and on top it is waterproof.

#7 cool tech gifts for women: XY Keyring Finder


6775 1293 8.8

Is the woman you are buying a gift for constantly losing her keys, phone or handbag?

Then you will save her a lot of frustration each morning with this Tile Bluetooth tracking device. She can use this tech gift in two ways. Or she attaches the tile to the item she tends to lose (f.e. keys), and with her phone, she can make it ring.

Or, if she always loses her phone, she can tap the tile to make her phone ring.

#6 cool tech gifts for women: A Shower Speaker


13492 2773 8.9

Does she love to sing? Then there is a high chance she might be doing it in the shower as well.

Thanks to this fully waterproof blue tooth speaker she can sing along to her favorite tracks while in the shower.

This speaker is also the perfect tech gift for her to take with when she goes to the beach as it is portable and its silicone case is dustproof.

#5 cool tech gifts for women: Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Smart Watch


24577 3892 9.0

For the techie girls that love to receive jewelry gifts, we chose this beautiful rose gold SmartWatch from Samsung.

With this digital watch she can send and receive texts, calendar notifications, news updates and much more, and all of this with a stylish accessory.

A bound-to-be bestseller tech gift for women in 2022!

#4 cool tech gifts for women: Canon IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer


24981 3744 9.1

We tend to capture most of the great moments in life with our smartphones. But sometimes, these memories are so important, she will want to print them and display them in a prominent place.

Thanks to this handy, but also very stylish mini printer she can do exactly that!

Available in a trio of eye-catching color combinations, this tech gift is capable of printing 2-by-3-inch photos, all directly via an app she can put on her phone.

#3 cool tech gifts for women: Ring Light Gadget


8932 1399 9.3

For those girls that just love to look their best on camera, this new ring light is the gadget to have.

The OmniRing offers warm and natural yet studio-quality light that will allow her to create the pictures and videos in the best possible light.

No need for any bulky tripods or light stands. Thanks to the OmniRing’s built-in clip it easily attaches to any phone, tablet, camera, laptop, or desktop.

#2 cool tech gifts for women: Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Dispenser


32444 1993 9.4

This great gadget, which by the way even made it on the “Ellen” show, is a truly original tech gift for any girl that owns a dog.

The Furbo does not only allow her to speak to her little baby via her phone (thanks to a 2-way camera) but with a push of the button she can also let the device dispense small treats!

The perfect gift for any techie dog lover.

#1 cool tech gifts for women: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


29301 5966 9.5

Enable her to enjoy her favorite music in absolute silence, whether it is while studying, traveling or just in the comfort of her own room.

Enter our top pick tech gift for women: these brand new & limited edition Soapstone noise-canceling headphones from Bose.

Bonus: these headphones have built-in voice control for Google or Alexa. So she can ask any question she has on the go.

How do I choose the right cool tech gifts for women?

Firstly, you do want to double check she is indeed a techie. Our research did show that if you give a tech gift to a woman who isn’t into technology ar gadgets, she will probably be disappointed.

Do the this, you can ask around with her friends or family members. Or, if you have already seen her playing the latest gadgets or must-have thingamajigs, you’re probably on the right track.

The best & coolest tech gifts for women are those that built on a certain passion she has. If she likes music she will enjoy a gadget that enables her to listen better or more often to her favorite tracks. If she is a fashionista, she will be happy with any fashionable yet useful tech gift. By mentioning this insight when you hand her your tech gift, she will appreciate it even more as she will feel like you are involved in her life and passions.

Finally, make sure you don’t buy her any tech gifts she already has. Again, try to check upfront with friends or family members whether she already has that gadget you were thinking of buying her. Or, ask for tips on which tech items are on her wish list.

What are cool tech gifts for women who travel?

If the woman you are buying a gift for is planning to take a trip, giving her a cool tech gift or gadget can be a great idea.

Traveling itself is a very exhaustive undertaking. This as you are stressed about missing flights or trains, you have to carry a lot of stuff around, and even when you are finally in your seat you are probably not comfortable and you find it hard to sleep.

Enter the opportunity for a thoughtful & cool tech gift!

Very popular tech gifts for female travelers include:

  • A pair of noise-canceling headphones so she can have some peace and quiet.
  • A travel pouch to store all the cables of her electronics devices in an orderly fashion, while having them at hand when needed.
  • Gadgets to make the transport of luggage easier, such as a travel luggage scale or a vacuum pump.

If you are indeed looking for cool tech gifts for a female traveler, have a look at our list of top travel gifts for her.

What are cool tech gifts a woman can use for work?

Although it might sound strange, you can make a female techie very happy by giving her a gadget that she can use for work.

Don’t forget she will spend 60% of her time at work or commuting back and forth to it. So a useful tech gift will actually be used very often.

Ideas for cool work-related tech gifts for women include:

  • A stylish power bank, so all her favorite devices & gadgets will not run out of battery, even when she is on the move.
  • A tracking device, that helps her immediately find back her keys or other items she tends to lose often.
  • A useful yet also stylish phone magnifier screen, so she doesn’t have to exert her eyes trying to read small messages or images on her tiny phone screen.

Want to get even more inspiration? Have a look at our list with top 10 useful tech gifts & work-related gadgets for her.

Looking For More Tech Gifts For Her?

We hope you find this list of cool tech gifts for women useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gadget! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. For more inspiration & novelty gift ideas, also check out our lists of over-the-top luxury gadgets and gifts for women that already have everything.


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