Top 10 Cool Tech Gifts For Women

Who says women are not into tech?

Our surveys actually show that almost 7 out of 10 women would like to receive a tech gift! Even more so if they are below 30 years old.

Bottom line? Don’t trust the stereotypes, if you’ve seen her with gadgets before, she might be a techie!

And if you are unsure what the latest gadgets of 2019 are, check out this top 10 list with our top picks of cool tech gifts for women.

Let’s have a look.

Title Infographic for our top 10 cool tech gifts for women

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#10 cool tech gifts for women: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

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Ask Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, and she will give you the answer!

With this handy, but also trendy voice activated gadget she can easily play music, set timers and alarms, make calls, ask any question, check the weather, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more.

The 2019 gimmick for any female techie to have!

#9 cool tech gifts for women: Leather Tassel Charging Cable

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We all couldn’t live a day anymore without our smartphones… Unfortunately, all that time we spend on them uses up power, so a good USB charging cable comes in handy during the day.

However, instead of carrying around a clumsy cable in her purse, give her this design leather tassel charging cable.

This tech gift is available in a variety of trendy colors so you can even find the perfect match for her favorite handbag.

#8 cool tech gifts for women: E-reader Amazon Kindle

16112 2893 8.6

If she is into reading as well as a techie, she will love this latest Kindle Oasis E-reader as a gift.

Besides having a very slick and premium look and feel, this e-reader has a 7″ screen delivering a staggering 300ppi resolution.

It reads like a real paper even in bright sunlight, and on top it is waterproof.

#7 cool tech gifts for women: Tile Pro Keyring Finder

6775 1293 8.6

Is the woman you are buying a gift for constantly losing her keys, phone or handbag?

Then you will save her a lot of frustration each morning with this Tile Bluetooth tracking device. She can use this tech gift in two ways. Or she attaches the tile to the item she tends to lose (f.e. keys), and with her phone, she can make it ring.

Or, if she always loses her phone, she can tap the tile to make her phone ring.

#6 cool tech gifts for women: A Shower Speaker

13492 2773 8.7

Does she love to sing? Then there is a high chance she might be doing it in the shower as well.

Thanks to this fully waterproof blue tooth speaker she can sing along to her favorite tracks while in the shower.

This speaker is also the perfect tech gift for her to take with when she goes to the beach as it is portable and its silicone case is dustproof.

#5 cool tech gifts for women: Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Smart Watch

24577 3892 8.8

For the techie girls that love to receive jewelry gifts, we chose this beautiful rose gold SmartWatch from Samsung.

With the Gear S2 watch she can send and receive texts, calendar notifications, news updates and much more, and all of this with a stylish accessory.

A bound-to-be bestseller tech gift for women in 2019!

#4 cool tech gifts for women: Canon IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer

24981 3744 8.8

We tend to capture most of the great moments in life with our smartphones. But sometimes, these memories are so important, she will want to print them and display them in a prominent place.

Thanks to this handy, but also very stylish mini printer she can do exactly that!

Available in a trio of eye-catching color combinations, this tech gift is capable of printing 2-by-3-inch photos, all directly via an app she can put on her phone.

#3 cool tech gifts for women: LuMee Duo Light-Up Selfie Phone Case

8932 1399 9.0

For those girls that just love to take the perfect selfie, this new iPhone case is the gadget to have.

It offers warm, natural yet studio-quality front and back facing LED lights that will allow her to create the pictures and videos in the best possible light.

A cool tech gift for women, especially if they are below the age of 25. Available in several cute colors.

#2 cool tech gifts for women: Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Dispenser

32444 1993 9.2

This great gadget, which by the way even made it on the “Ellen” show, is a truly original tech gift for any girl that owns a dog.

The Furbo does not only allow her to speak to her little baby via her phone (thanks to a 2-way camera) but with a push of the button she can also let the device dispense small treats!

The perfect gift for any techie dog lover.

#1 cool tech gifts for women: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

29301 5966 9.5

Enable her to enjoy her favorite music in absolute silence, whether it is while studying, traveling or just in the comfort of her own room.

Enter our top pick tech gift for women: these very stylish wireless noise-canceling headphones from Sony.

Bonus: these headphones have built-in voice control for Google or Alexa. So she can ask any question she has on the go.


How do I choose the right cool tech gifts for women?

Firstly, you do want to double check she is indeed a techie. Our research did show that if you give a tech gift to a woman who isn’t into technology ar gadgets, she will probably be disappointed.

Do the this, you can ask around with her friends or family members. Or, if you have already seen her playing the latest gadgets or must-have thingamajigs, you’re probably on the right track.

The best & coolest tech gifts for women are those that built on certain passion she has. If she likes music she will enjoy a gadget that enables her to listen better or more often to her favorite tracks. If she is a fashionista, she will be happy with any fashionable yet useful tech gift. By mentioning this insight when you hand her your tech gift, she will appreciate it even more as she will feel like you are involved in her life and passions.

Finally, make sure you don’t buy her any tech gifts she already has. Again, try to check upfront with friends or family members whether she already has that gadget you were thinking of buying her. Or, ask for tips on which tech items are on her wish list.

What are cool tech gifts for women who travel?

If the woman you are buying a gift for is planning to take a trip, giving her a cool tech gift or gadget can be a great idea.

Traveling itself is a very exhaustive undertaking. This as you are stressed about missing flights or trains, you have to carry a lot of stuff around, and even when you are finally in your seat you are probably not comfortable and you find it hard to sleep.

Enter the opportunity for a thoughtful & cool tech gift!

Very popular tech gifts for female travelers include:

  • A pair of noise-canceling headphones so she can have some peace and quiet.
  • A travel pouch to store all the cables of her electronics devices in an orderly fashion, while having them at hand when needed.
  • Gadgets to make the transport of luggage easier, such as a travel luggage scale or a vacuum pump.

If you are indeed looking for cool tech gifts for a female traveler, have a look at our list of top travel gifts for her.

What are cool tech gifts a woman can use for work?

Although it might sound strange, you can make a female techie very happy by giving her a gadget that she can use for work.

Don’t forget she will spend 60% of her time at work or commuting back and forth to it. So a useful tech gift will actually be used very often.

Ideas for cool work-related tech gifts for women include:

  • A stylish power bank, so all her favorite devices & gadgets will not run out of battery, even when she is on the move.
  • A tracking device, that helps her immediately find back her keys or other items she tends to lose often.
  • A useful yet also stylish phone magnifier screen, so she doesn’t have to exert her eyes trying to read small messages or images on her tiny phone screen.

Want to get even more inspiration? Have a look at our list with top 10 useful tech gifts & work-related gadgets for her.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

Hope you find this list of cool tech gifts for women useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gadget! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list you can click the button or if you just like to see more gift ideas for her just click that button.


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