Top 10 Travel Gifts for Her

It’s no secret that women love to travel.

In fact, more than 85% of the women participating in our surveys indicated they are into traveling! If you are not sure what hobbies she likes, it’s very likely she loves a short weekend trip or a longer holiday adventure.

Bottom line? If you go for a travel-related gift you have a high chance of making her happy!

And in this list below we are going to show you our top 10 best travel gifts for her of 2019.

Ready to find the perfect travel gift for her next adventure? Let’s go!

infographic: top 10 best travel gifts for her 2018

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best travel gifts for her: a lightweight travel blanket

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Is she planning to take an adventurous trip?

Then perhaps this lightweight blanket might be the ideal gift.

The lightweight micro-thermal insulation will keep her warm and cozy, yet packs down to a portable size of just 5″ x 13″ in its weather-resistant 20D polyester shell, making it the ultimate travel blanket.

If she likes to snuggle-up a lot at home, she will now be able to do so as well during her travels.

best travel gifts for her: the carry-on closet suitcase

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Is the woman you are buying for always struggling when packing?

Complaining about not being able to fit everything properly in her suitcase?

Then perhaps the Carry-on Closet might be the perfect travel gift for her.

Thanks to its simple and efficient integrated and retractable shelving system she can stay organized and pack/find her things faster and with less frustration.

The stow-away shelf can also be removed from the suitcase.

best travel gifts for her: Dr Save Storage Kit

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Give her the gift to take more items along on her travels! 

This awesome gadget will create extra precious space in her suitcase via a high-quality vacuum pump!

It runs off AA batteries and will quickly remove all the air while drastically shrinking the size of soft goods placed in the provided reusable storage bags.

As a bonus, this travel gift will also protect her soft goods from discoloration, mildew, bugs, and odor. 

Travel gifts for her: Polar Seal Heat Top

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Polar Seal is a base layer zip top that brings heat on demand at the touch of a button.

Designed and tested for alpine conditions and the great outdoors, the garment can be comfortably worn under a jacket or layered on top of a T-shirt, making it a great travel gift for her if she is planning a trip to a colder destination.

The top delivers heat in less than 10 seconds, and the buttons are responsive enough to work with gloves so no need to take them off.

travel jewelry organizer gift

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Kate Spade New York’s black dot travel jewelry organizer case will ensure that her favorite jewelry items are safely packaged in style, without getting entangled.

The best thing about this product is that it’s both handy as stylish.

Whether she is traveling for work or for leisure, this organizer is a trendy must-have accessory!


best travel gifts for her: microfiber super-absorbent towel

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This super absorbent microfiber towel is a very handy gift for when she is traveling.

Thanks to its unique technology it will dry her hair much faster as a conventional towel, having it reading for styling.

Especially if she has curly or long hair, she will be amazed how this wonderful travel gift reduces frizz and how it makes her hair much drier. 

This travel gift also comes in a handy pouch, making it even easier to pack.

clarins travel gift set for her

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Also when on holiday she will love to pamper herself.

With this cute travel kit from Clarins you can give her a customized and useful gift as you can choose the color of the pouch as well as which products to include.

For $32 dollar you can offer her an amazing pouch, a toning lotion, a day cream, a body product & a makeup product!

travel gifts for her: silk sleeping mask

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We all know traveling can be very tiring as it’s not easy to sleep on a plane.

Are you looking for a thoughtful travel gift for her that can help her survive those long flights?

Look no further! Slip Silk’s ultra soft sleep mask is a real game changer. It’s super comfortable and will feel amazing on her skin.

It’s made of mulberry silk, comes in several pretty colors, and is packaged in a cute box.

travel cable pouch gift for her

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Don’t you just hate it when you need your charger or earbuds while traveling but you spend 10mins looking everywhere for them?

Not to mention the struggle to untangle them?

No more with this useful little pouch available in several prints.

She can store all her cables in an orderly and fashionable way.

best travel gifts for her: noise cancelling headphones

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Planes and trains are very noisy.

So for those long and often uncomfortable trips, she can at least enjoy her favorite music or watch that movie in absolute silence.

The sound quality & noise canceling from these Sony headphones are truly amazing.

These stylish headphones will become without a doubt her favorite travel object!


How to choose the right travel gifts for her?

The best travel gifts are those that show you are aware of her travel passion and plans. She will love an item or gadget that will be very useful for her next adventure or trip. Alternatively, if you gift her a trip or experience, go for those locations and activities you know were on her bucket list.

In case you have no clue what her travel plans or desires are, try to first check with close friends or family members. Don’t just buy her any travel gift. She won’t need an inflatable mattress if she’s planning to visit Iceland.

What is better: physical travel gifts or experiences?

Both can be great and well-appreciated travel gifts for women. Yet you will want to base your choice on her upcoming travel plans or desires.

She will love any useful item or gadget that will come in handy during her next adventure. Not just because it’s useful, but also because it shows you knew about her plans and hence are involved in her life.

Alternatively, yet more difficult to plan ahead, is giving her a travel experience as a gift. If she was planning to make a trip, but you make it even more special by adding a unique experience while there (f.e. a helicopter ride, excursion, balloon trip, etc).

She will love such travel gifts, yet you do need to know a lot of details about her plans to make it worth. Usually, travel experiences are gifted by friends or partners that are part of the trip and hence know the agenda.

Should I gift her a full trip?

Most people won’t be upset when they receive a full trip as a gift.

However, there are some things you should take into consideration:

  • Limited holidays: she might not have so many holidays left this year, so before you give her the gift of travel, you will want to double check this with friends or family.
  • Choosing the dates: on top, it’s also not easy to lock a slot without consulting her. She might have a busy time and work and cannot afford to leave on a trip.
  • Preferences: if you plan the full trip for her, there is a chance she might like some parts or regret not being able to do other things while there. Hence leaving some flexibility is a great idea.

If you are looking for great travel gifts for her because she needs to travel a lot for work, you should also check our post on useful work gadget for her. Or if she is a real techie, she might also like on our cool tech gifts for her.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

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