35+ Best Travel Gifts For Her

Looking for the best travel gifts for her?

You came to the right place!

More than 85% of the women participating in our surveys indicated they are into traveling, and almost all of them indicated they love receiving presents related to their travels.

Bottom line? If she’s about to take a trip, she’ll love a travel gift or handy gadget!

And in this list below we are going to show you the top 36 best travel gift ideas for her.

Ready to find the perfect travel gift for her next adventure? Let’s go!

Best Travel Gifts For Her

36. Smartphone Camera Grip

Phone Camera Grip And Remote

We start our list of great travel gifts for her with a handy gadget.

Unless you’re a semi-professional photographer, you’ll probably take your holiday pictures with your smartphone. which isn’t always that easy.

Thanks to this clever phone grip, she will be able to take any picture effortlessly. On top, it comes with a little tripod and remote for the perfect group picture.

35. Luggage Tracker

Luggage Tracker Tag

One of the fears we all have when traveling is losing our luggage.

But with this luggage tracker, she can check where her luggage is exactly anytime she wants on her phone.

A great travel gift idea for women who tend to stress about everything that can go wrong.

34. Lightweight Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket Poncho Unsmushed

Probably one of our most sold travel gifts for her is this lightweight travel blanket.

Not only is it super soft and extremely compact, but its smart design also allows it to be worn like a poncho.

So finally no more trying to wrap yourself in those small airplane blankets.

33. Travel Pillow

Travel Sleep Pillow

We’ve all tried it. We rested our heads against the seat in front of us while trying to get some sleep. And we all concluded, after 5 seconds, that it was a horrible idea.

But with this ingenious inflatable contraption, she will be able to comfortably doze off.

This compact travel pillow easily Inflates with just a few breaths of air, and it can be deflated with the press of a button.

32. Stylish Beach Bag

Stylish Beach Bag

One of the more traditional travel gift ideas for women who are going on holiday is, of course, the beach bag.

Yet this lovely bag isn’t just extremely fashionable, it also offers all the space to effectively bring everything she needs to the beach or pool.

Available in several cute prints, this beautiful bag is water-resistant and sand brushes off easily.

31. Compact Beach Blanket

Compact Beach Blanket

Whether she is planning some beach time or hitting the outdoors, she’ll love this next handy travel present.

Gamegie created that perfect multi-purpose outdoor blanket that fits 3 to 6 people.

This lightweight and ultra-compact blanket is scratch, water, and stain proof, and very easy to clean.

30. Portable Bag Hanger

Instant Bag Hanger

When traveling, it is always smart to keep your purse close by.

Thanks to this little gadget she can easily hang her purse from any surface close to her.

A simple and compact travel gift that all women will love.

29. Stash-It Hair Brush

Stash It Hair Brush

Is she traveling to a place where she’ll need a lot of cash?

Then this next travel gift idea is an absolute must-have.

The stash-it hair brush has a secret compartment that can hold a wad of cash. Even if a thief would somehow get access to her stuff, chances are high he’ll never find the money.

28. Roll Up Makeup Bag

Mary Kay Roll Up Makeup Bag

For women, trying to fit all their makeup in a simple toilet bag is not easy. Not to mention trying to find stuff back when on location.

That is why this beautiful makeup bag by Mary Kay is one of our bestselling travel gifts for her.

It features different detachable compartments that neatly organize all her makeup. On top of that, she can just unroll the pouch and hang it in the bathroom for a safe space.

27. Mini Travel Fan

Mini Travel Fan

This portable mini fan is one of those travel gifts that is underappreciated until it’s used.

Although we all tend to seek the sun when traveling, there are many places in the world where it can also get too hot very fast.

But thanks to this compact but powerful mini fan she will always have instant cooling literally in the palm of her hand.

26. Kate Spade Passport Holder

Kate Spade Passport Holder

Next on our list of best travel gifts for her, we have the perfect present for a fashionista.

This beautiful passport holder comes from the hands of the talented designer Kate Spade.

Celebrating the year of the pig it will wrap her passport in stylish cuteness.

25. Keyboard For Tablet & Phone

Foldable Keyboard

Is she planning to write or finish some work on her phone or tablet while on holiday?

Then you will want to give her this clever portable keyboard as a little compact travel present.

This portable keyboard will connect easily via Bluetooth and allow her to type much more easily and faster.

24. Wooden Luggage Tags

Wooden Luggage Tags Unsmushed

Is she about to leave on her honeymoon or on another trip with her partner?

She will love these super cute wooden luggage tags for him and her.

A lovely little travel gift set she will cherish forever.

23. Safesound Alarm Keychain

Safesound Alarm Keychain

Although traveling should be about having fun, women shouldn’t forget that the world can still be a dangerous place.

The Safesound alarm keychain is a compact travel gift that will offer her extra protection no matter where she goes.

It features a 130db emergency alarm which makes a loud sound to draw people’s attention even at distances as far as 606.9 ft.

22. Journey Necklace

Enjoy The Journey Necklace

Even when she is far away from her friends and family this compass will remind her to enjoy the journey as she wanders, dreams, and reaches for her goals.

Made from high-quality sterling silver, this lovely necklace comes beautifully gift-wrapped.

One of our favorite travel gift ideas for women who are leaving on a gap year or world trip.

21. Travel Scarf

Travel Scarf

Traveling in style just got easier, thanks to this gorgeous travel scarf.

It is made from a soft yet durable fabric meticulously stitched with a pocket large enough to fit a phone, passport, keys, and cash.

That’s right, with this unique travel gadget she will be able to safely store all her belongings without bringing a purse.

20. Solar Powered Speaker

Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

Next up is a great travel gift for women who are heading into the outdoors.

With no power sockets at hand, travelers need to think twice about which devices to use.

But with this solar-powered speaker, music will not be a luxury that will have to be missed.

19. World’s Most Amazing Place

Destinations Of A Lifetime Book

We can’t have a list of the best travel gifts for her without also mentioning at least one great book.

And as we are talking travel gifts ideas here, a book with the most exciting places in the world to visit sounded about right.

Check out this absolute bestseller by National Geographic, filled with inspirational places beautifully illustrated with mesmerizing photos.

18. Tablet Lap Stand

Tablet Lap Stand

Ah yes, finally relaxing in that beach chair with your tablet or phone during that well-deserved holiday.

But wait, holding that tablet becomes quite annoying after a couple of minutes.

Enter the perfect travel gift idea for her: a comfy tablet lap stand that will let you enjoy your reading or movie in comfort.

17. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Is she traveling to a colder destination? Then this little travel present might come in handy!

Choose from 3 different settings and it will heat up in seconds to warm her hands wherever she goes.

But wait, there is more! On top of that, this little gadget is also a power bank, so she can also use it to recharge her phone or another device.

16. The Carry-On Closet

Carry On Closet

Next on our list of the best travel gift ideas for her, we find a revolutionary redesign of carry-on luggage.

No more stuffing all her clothes into one big heap.

Thanks to its simple and efficient integrated and retractable shelving system she can stay organized and pack/find her things faster and with less frustration.

15. Travel Journal

Leather Travel Journal

Many women love to write their travel stories down so they can remember even the smallest details of their adventures.

Hand-made from 100% genuine water buffalo leather, this beautiful travel journal comes in 2 different sizes.

This gorgeous travel gift for her is finished off by an antique tree embossed on the front.

14. Dandelion Travel Adapter

Dandelion Travel Adapter

Probably one of the most forgotten travel items is the power adapter.

Although in the old days you could survive by just using the hotel’s hairdryer, in today’s smartphone reality, no power often means disaster.

That is why she’ll absolutely love receiving the dandelion as a present for her travels. It doesn’t just fit any international socket, it also allows for 3 devices to be simultaneously charged.

13. Scratch The World Map

Scratch The World Travel Map Unsmushed

The scratch map is a classic that has to be part of any respectable list of travel gift ideas for her.

It’s a great way to remember all the great places you’ve been, but also a source of inspiration for future travels.

We chose this specific world map as it shows more details than others out there.

12. Airplane Foot Rest

Airplane Footrest

Yes, airplane seats are uncomfortable. No new news there.

Watch out, if you’re buying for a taller woman you might want to consider other travel gifts for her.

But what if we told you you could get at least a little bit more comfortable with this uniquely designed suspended footrest?

11. Nebula Projector

Nebula Portable Porjector Speaker

Is she a real movie buff or a Netflix addict?

Thanks to the Nebular projector, she can enjoy her favorite movie or show even while traveling.

This ingenious little travel present can stream directly Bluetooth connected devices such as her phone or laptop.

10. Cable Storage Pouch

Travel Cable Pouch Unsmushed

Don’t you just hate it when you need your charger or earbuds while traveling but you spend 10 minutes looking everywhere for them?

Not to mention the struggle to untangle them? No more with this useful little pouch, available in several prints.

She can store all her cables in an orderly and fashionable way.

9. Premium E-reader

Kindle E Reader

If there’s ever a time to catch up on all that reading you’ve been meaning to do, it’s during the holidays.

But why drag heavy books along in your suitcase if you can take a full digital library on one lightweight tablet?

The Amazon Oasis E-reader is probably the best travel gift for women who love to read.

8. Packing Organizer Set

Travel Organizer Set

If getting all your stuff into your luggage wasn’t hard enough, trying to find anything back in that haystack of clothes, shoes, and accessories is even worse.

Not surprisingly, this fabulous luggage organizer set is one of our bestselling travel gift sets for women.

The 6-piece set fits like a glove into most airline carry-on suitcases, and a handy mesh lining allows for easy identification of contents.

7. Dr Save Vacuum Kit

Space Saver Vacuum Travel Kit

If she tends to complain about never fitting all her stuff in her luggage, we have just the right travel gift set for her.

With the Dr. Save vacuum kit, she will be able to create even more space by sucking the air out of between her clothes.

This travel gift set can reduce the volume of soft goods by up to 70%.

6. Kate Spade Jewelry Organizer

Kate Spade Jewelry Travel

Kate Spade New York’s black dot travel jewelry organizer case will ensure that her favorite jewelry items are safely packaged in style, without getting entangled.

The best thing about this product is that it’s both handy and stylish.

Whether she is traveling for work or for leisure, this organizer is a trendy must-have accessory!

5. Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Travel Towel

This super absorbent microfiber towel is a very handy gift for when she is traveling.

Thanks to its unique technology, it will dry her hair much faster than a conventional towel, allowing her to style it much more quickly.

Especially if she has curly or long hair, she will be amazed at how this wonderful travel gift reduces frizz and how it makes her hair much drier. 

This travel gift also comes in a handy pouch, making it even easier to pack.

4. Musical Sleep Mask

Musical Sleeping Mask Unsmushed

We all know that traveling can be very tiring as it’s not easy to sleep on a plane.

But no more thanks to this musical sleeping mask.

This silky soft travel present for her blacks out light completely and will gently rock her to sleep by streaming relaxing tunes directly via Bluetooth.

3. Perfect For Her Experience Box

Tinggly Travel Experience Box For Her

Whether her preference is for purely perfect pampering or adrenaline-fueled adventures, the Tinggly ‘Perfect for Her’ gift box comes crammed with an amazing selection of unique, hand-picked experiences.

Relaxing in a Balinese spa or panning for gold in Alaska every special lady is sure to find something that will excite and delight her senses.

One gift box, over 550 experiences to choose from, and no expiry date. What’s not to love?

2. Portable Clothing Steamer

Portable Clothes Steamer

The runner-up for the title of most fashionable travel gift ideas for her is this handy portable steamer.

No matter how carefully you pack your clothes, they might still wrinkle while in your luggage.

Ultra compact and to go in 60 seconds, the iSteam is a must-have travel gadget for any woman.

1. Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose Soapstone Noise Cancelling Headphones

Planes and trains are very noisy, we all know that.

So for those long and often uncomfortable trips, she can at least enjoy her favorite music or watch that movie in absolute silence.

The sound quality and noise cancelation of this limited edition Bose Soapstone headphones are nothing short of amazing.

These stylish headphones are bound to become her new travel BFF!

How to choose the right travel gifts for her?

The best travel gifts are those that show you are aware of her travel passion and plans. She will love an item or gadget that will be very useful for her next adventure or trip. Alternatively, if you gift her a trip or experience, go for those locations and activities that you know are on her bucket list.

If you have no idea what her travel plans or desires are, try to first check with close friends or family members. Don’t just buy her any travel gift. She won’t need an inflatable mattress if she’s planning to visit Iceland.

What is better: physical travel gifts or experiences?

Both can be great and well-appreciated travel gifts for women. Yet you will want to base your choice on her upcoming travel plans or desires.

She will love any useful item or gadget that will come in handy during her next adventure. Not just because it’s useful, but also because it shows you knew about her plans and hence are involved in her life.

Alternatively, yet more difficult to plan ahead, is giving her a travel experience as a gift. If she was planning to make a trip, but you make it even more special by adding a unique experience while there (f.e. a helicopter ride, excursion, balloon trip, etc).

She will love such travel gifts, yet you do need to know a lot of details about her plans to make them worthwhile. Usually, travel experiences are gifted by friends or partners that are part of the trip and hence know the agenda.

Should I gift her a full trip?

Most people won’t be upset when they receive a full trip as a gift.

However, there are some things you should take into consideration:

  • Limited holidays: She might not have so many holidays left this year, so before you give her the gift of travel, you will want to double-check this with friends or family.
  • Choosing the dates: on top, it’s also not easy to lock in a slot without consulting her. She might have a busy time at work and not be able to leave on a trip.
  • Preferences: If you plan the full trip for her, there is a chance she might like some parts or regret not being able to do other things while there. Hence, leaving some flexibility is a great idea.

If you are looking for great travel gifts for her because she needs to travel a lot for work, you should also check out our post on useful work gadgets for her. Or if she is a real techie, she might also like our cool tech gifts for her.

Looking for More Travel Gift Ideas For Her?

We hope you find this list of the best travel gifts for her useful and that you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to see more gift ideas for her perhaps have a look at our list of must-have gadgets for women. Or, if you think she already has everything, check out our article on gifts for women who have it all.

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