Top 10 Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats also deserve Christmas presents, right? Whether it is a new toy or scratcher, your feline friend will be thrilled to receive a gift this holiday season!

Bottom line? Just give that poor little tiger a little something and get ready to film his reaction!

In the below list we already did the work for you and identified the top 10 unique gifts for cat lovers.

You just have to choose the one for your pet and you’re set. Let’s check it out!

Unique Gifts For Cat Love

10. CatastrophiCreations Cat Fort Hammock


For the one who really wants to spoil their beloved kitten.

We have this handcrafted wall-mounted climbing Roman Fort cat tree by CatastrophiCreations.

A unique gift for cat lovers that want only the very best for their pet.

9. ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Scoopfree Self Cleaning Cat Litter

A present that any cat owner will surely love.

This litter box self-cleans for weeks with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling needed. You simply have to remove the disposable litter tray once the device indicates it.

It even tracks how many times the cat uses the litter box!

8. Sapphires Collar

Sapphires Collar

A pretty gift for a pretty cat.

hand cut, jeweled, and crafted by master sapphire cutters, jewelers, and artisans.

This extraordinary sparkling collar can be bought with confidence as it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

7. Personalized Puzzle Box

Cat Puzzle

The creator will engrave the name of the cat on this beautiful box.

You can put anything you want inside: catnip mice, balls with bells, and even golf balls.

This is a fun and unique gift for cat lovers who enjoy watching their beloved pet play.

6. Premium Curved Cat Scratcher – Oliver & Iris

Oliver Iris Premium Cat Scratcher

The unique custom design and colors of the cat scratcher creations by Oliver and Iris allow even the most stylish of customers to match their home decor.

It is manufactured with quality standards and top-end recyclable materials to stand up to even the most aggressive scratching cats.

A bound-to-be best-seller gift for cat lovers this Christmas.

5. The Cat Cave

Cat Cave Kivikis

Get a unique and comfy sleeping space for your beloved best friend.

Made by Kivikis with soft hands from high-quality, ecological Australian merino wool.

They love it so much that your cat will probably already be inside the Cat Cave before it’s fully unwrapped!

4. Personalized Cat Toys Basket

Cat Toy Basket

This lovely basket will keep all your pet’s favorite toys in one stylish place.

Besides offering handy storage space, you can add the name of the cat to make this unique gift even more special.

Order in time because it might be sold out fast!

3. Dr. Who Cardboard Cat House

Dr Who Carboard Cat House

A unique gift for the “Doctor Who” fans out there.

Meet this nifty and artisanally crafted cardboard cat box.

And regarding the cat, it’s a cardboard box… so it will definitely love it instantly.

2. Royal Cat Boutique Pet Bed

Royal Cat Boutique Bed

This soft and comfortable luxury bed will enable any cat to sleep in absolute style and comfort.

It’s handmade with Soft & comfortable luxury furniture grade fabric and provides orthopedic support reducing joint pressure.

Also, it just looks incredibly classy and worthy of your cat-highness!

1. Custom-Made Luxury Cat Tree

Sycamore Cat Pet Tree House

This is it, the #1 in our list of unique gifts for cat lovers.

This handcrafted piece of art is made from dried wood harvested from real trees, combined with faux foliage.

Forget about the cat, this would look great in any home!

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

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