47 Best Pokemon Gifts For Kids & Adults

If you are looking for the very best Pokemon gifts you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve gathered the very best Pokemon gifts for kids & adults in this ultimate list of 2022.

From video games & Pokemon piggy banks to original and cute Pikachu gifts, we have it all!

Popular Pokemon gift ideas include Pokemon-themed gadgets, collectibles, wall art, and games.

Are you ready to CATCH THEM ALL? Let’s start the adventure!

Best Pokemon Gifts

In this article you will find:

47. Iron Man Pikachu

Iron Man Pikachu

We kick off this list of best Pokemon gifts with a hilarious crossover collectible.

This unique fusion figure is a great Pokemon gift idea for fans of both movies.

46. Crystal Ball Light

Crystal Ball Light

One of our favorite Pokemon gifts for kids is this crystal ball light.

The lamp is very easy to operate and can emit 7 different flashy colors.

You can choose from a wide variety of Pokemon to be put into the crystal ball.

45. Pokemon Bookmark

Pokemon Bookmark

If you are looking for small Pokemon Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, have a look at this adorable bookmark.

Officially licensed Pokemon merchandise perfect for fans of all ages, boys and girls alike. The Pokemon bookmark also comes with monster pop up stickers.

44. Extra Large Throw Blanket

Pikachu Extra Large Throw Blanket

A true Pokemon fan will absolutely love snuggling up in this ultra-soft blanket.

This specific throw blanket might seem a bit expensive, but you will be paying for quality.

It’s an extra-large blanket, measuring 60×90”, and made from high-quality fabrics. The reviews are filled with comments from happy customers.

43. Pokemon Titan Figure

Pokemon Titan Figure Unsmushed

If you are looking for Pokémon gifts for die-hard fans, you might want to consider a collectible figure.

Any collector would love to add this Groudon Titan to his or her collection.

This Pokemon figure is very large compared to most of the other action figures, and its finishing is highly detailed.

42. Official Pokedex Guide

Official Pokedex Guide

This bestselling book list all the known Pokemon, their abilities, and their evolutions.

Any fan will love browsing through to it, but the die-hards will extensively use this gift to prepare for online competitions.

As a bonus, the book also includes interesting interviews with the Pokemon creators.

41. Funky Glasses

Funky Pokemon Glasses Unsmushed

Next on our list of best Pokemon gifts, we have this set of funky glasses.

What we especially love about this set, is that the artwork is stylish and doesn’t look cheap like many alternatives out there.

A great gift idea for Pokemon lovers of all ages.

40. Pokemon Monopoly

Pokemon Monopoly Unsmushed

Think of any theme, and chances are high Monopoly made a special edition game about it.

In this Pokemon edition, players will set forth on a Pokemon-themed quest to own it all with your favorite characters like Chikorita, Totodile, Pikachu, and many more.

This game is a recommended Pokemon gift for kids of all ages.

39. Snorlax Bean Bag

Snorlax Bean Bag Unsmushed

If you’re not acquainted with the Pokemon universe, Snorlax is a large, bear-like Pokemon that sleeps most of the time.

So naturally, someone made a bean bag version of him. And Pokemon fans love it!

Watch out though, this is just the sleeve. You will need to order the bean bag filling separately.

38. Pokeball Lunch Box

Poke Ball Lunch Box Unsmushed

A Pokemon fan will look even more forward to lunchtime if he has this cool lunch box.

The Pokeball lunch box has a handle and is large enough to hold all your favorite treats.

This lunch case is the perfect present for Pokemon trainers on the go.

37. Detective Pikachu Hat

Detective Pikachu Hat

If you’ve seen the Detective Pikachu movie you will agree that Pikachu’s little Sherlock Holmes hat is just the cutest thing ever.

This little hat will make any Pokemon fan look adorable.

A great Pokemon gift idea for children as well as adult collectors.

36. Blastoise VS Charizard Poster

Blastoise Vs Charizard Poster Unsmushed

Pokemon fans love decorating their room with posters of their favorite franchise.

This nice retro-looking poster features the epic battle between the two main water & fire Pokemon.

Bonus tip: put it in a premium frame to create the perfect Pokemon Christmas gift.

35. Pikachu Thunderbolt Figure

Pikachu Thunderbolt Figure Unsmushed

Pikachu’s signature attack move is the Thunderbolt.

This majestic little figurine captures our little yellow friend right in the action.

One of our favorite Pikachu gifts on this list!

34. Pizza Cutter Pokemon Gift

Pokeball Pizza Cutter

Collectors of Pokemon gadgets will absolutely want to add this Pokeball pizza slicer to their collection.

It’s easy to use and clean, and thanks to the blade cap you can safely store it.

A great Pokemon gift idea for young and old.

33. Favorite Pokemon Plush

Lifesize Charmander Plush Unsmushed

Probably one of the best Pokemon gifts you can ever give a fan is a high-quality plush of his favorite Pokemon.

We love this life-size Charmander plush, but the supplier also has pretty much every other Pokemon in stock.

Tip: there are many cheap Pokemon plush knock-offs out there. Only buy from official suppliers if you want your present to last!

32. Pokemon Piggy Bank

Pokemon Piggy Bank Unsmushed

This Pikachu piggy bank is currently one of our absolute bestselling Pokemon gifts.

When you place a coin on top of his tiny Pokebox home, Pikachu will use it little paw to collect it while thanking you with a “Pika Pika”.

Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, all will work great. Kids are bound to have hours of fun with this Pokemon piggy bank!

31. Pet Carrier Bag

Pokemon Pet Carrier Bag Unsmushed

Does the Pokemon fan in your life own a cat or small dog?

Then you just have to get him one of these Pokeball-shaped carrier bags as a present.

A pet can look out of the protruding center bubble. The bag also has sufficient air holes to ensure proper air circulation.

30. Pokemon Wall Art

Pokemon Wall Art Unsmushed

At No. 30 of our ultimate list of best Pokemon gifts, we have the perfect present for the artistic fan.

This beautiful set of posters features 4 Pokemon characters created with a special painting technique.

Each Legendary Pokemon poster measures 8×10”, and is printed on high-quality professional paper.

29. Ultimate Pokemon Stats Book

Ultimate Pokemon Stats Book Unsmushed

When it comes to absolute must-have gifts for Pokemon fans, this Ultimate stat book is a classic.

This handbook has all the stats and facts fans need to know about the world of Pokémon.

Essential information on over 800 Pokémon is jam-packed into the 496 illustrated, full-color pages of this super deluxe guide.

28. Gym Badge Collection

Pokemon Gym Badge Collection Unsmushed

The main storyline of Pokemon is about a young trainer who wants to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

To accomplish this, he needs to beat other trainers and collect badges.

This gym badge collection is, therefore, a collectible for true fans, and a great Pokemon gift idea.

27. Pokeball Waffle Iron

Pokemon Waffle Maker Unsmushed

No better way to start your day than with a breakfast connected to your passion.

This waffle maker is a delicious and original gift for Pokemon fans of any age.

Each Pokeball-shaped waffle will come out of the iron easily thanks to the non-stick plates.

26. Charizard Figure Art

Charizard Figure Art Unsmushed

This Charizard figure is without a doubt another collectible for true Pokemon fans.

Unlike other cheaper toys, this figurine is made of high-quality materials and finished with a high level of detail.

The arms, legs, neck, and wings are also moveable, which allows you to display Charizard in a wide variety of awesome positions.

25. Pokemon Let’s Go Gift Pack

Pokemon Lets Go Pack

The latest Pokemon video game sensation is Let’s Go for Nintendo switch.

This gift pack includes the game itself, but also a Pokeball plus controller. The device lights up, vibrates, and plays sounds based on what you do in the video game.

One of our most recommended Pokemon gift ideas in case the recipient already has a Nintendo Switch.

24. Pokeball Plus Charge Stand

Pokeball Plus Charge Stand Unsmushed

Does the Pokemon fan you are buying a gift for already own a Pokeball plus?

In that case, you can make him very happy with this novelty accessory gadget.

Besides being a handy charger for your Pokeball plus controller, this stand also offers a cool pedestal to showcase the device when not in use.

23. Cookie Cutter Set

Pokemon Cookie Cutter Set Unsmushed

Next on our list of best Pokemon gifts, we have this cute cookie cutter set.

This set includes 3 different designs: a Pokeball, Pikachu, and the trainer Ash.

Of course, you can also buy the cookie cutters to make a delicious batch of cookies yourself. Put them in a nice little gift basket or Pokeball Lunch Box and they will make a delicious gift for Pokemon fans of all ages.

22. How To Draw Pokemon

How To Draw Pokemon Unsmushed

Buying a gift for a creative or artistic Pokeman fan?

This handy guide offers step-by-step tips on drawing your favorite Pokémon.

This book is one of our favorite Pokemon gifts for both kids and adults.

21. Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Cosplay Costume Unsmushed

In case you’ve never heard about “Cosplay”, it’s a popular practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game.

Seeing the immense popularity of the franchise, it won’t be a surprise that Pokemon costumes are well coveted.

This Ash Ketchum costume is a great gift idea for any Pokemon fan. It is available in a wide variety of sizes for both kids as adults.

20. Lucario Figure

Lucario Figure

Lucario is a central and very powerful character in the Pokemon universe.

As far as collectible figures go, you won’t find any more detailed version than this one.

But because of its level of detail and smaller movable pieces, this is perhaps more a Pokemon gift for adult collectors.

19. Deluxe Pokemon Party Decorations

Deluxe Pokemon Party Decorations Unsmushed

Are you planning a big birthday surprise party for a Pokemon fan?

Then what about adding a Pokemon-touch to the decorations?

The deluxe Pokemon birthday party decorations pack includes a large banner, posters, balloons, swirls, table decorations, and much more.

18. Pokeball Herb Grinder

Pokeball Herb Grinder Unsmushed

For the gadget-loving Pokemon fans we present this Pokeball herb grinder.

It comes with a handy little scraper and the whole is presented in a cute little gift box.

Voted one of the best Pokemon gift ideas for people who love to cook.

17. Pikachu & Evee Collection Set

Pikachu Evee Collection Set Unsmushed

This collectible gift box features two of the all-time favorite Pokemon in a joyous, beautifully sculpted figure.

The set also includes 2 never-seen-before foil promo cards, as well as a Pokeball big enough to hold a stack of Pokemon cards.

One of our recommended Pokemon Christmas gifts for collectors.

16. Pokemon Travel Pillow

Pokemon Travel Pillow Unsmushed

We love this pillow for two reasons: it’s original and super comfy.

Thanks to the fun pattern, any Pokemon fan will love showing it off while traveling.

An original and useful Pokemon gift idea for fans who are about to travel.

15. Pokemon Wall Decal Set

Pokemon Wall Decals Unsmushed

If you’re looking for Pokemon gifts under $10, check out this cool set of wall decals.

Each set contains 22 stickers, ranging in size between 2.5 x 2.5” to 7.5 x 9.5”.

The decals are also removable and repositionable with no sticky residue.

14. Funny Pokemon Shirt

Funny Pokemon Shirt

We can’t have a list of best Pokemon gifts without adding a funny shirt.

This shirt features a hilarious quote linked to the Pokemon Go hype, where people would venture to public places around town just to catch new Pokemon.

Available in different colors and a variety of youth and adult sizes.

13. Pikachu Fleece Beanie

Pokemon Fleece Beanie Unsmushed

Come on, these Pokemon beanies are just too cute!

Our personal favorite is definitely Pikachu, but the Charizard Beanie is also awesome.

Keep a true Pokemon fan’s head warm with one of these timeless Pokemon Christmas gifts.

12. Pokemon Bedding

Pokemon Bedding Unsmushed

Looking for original Pokemon gifts for kids?

Every child wants to go to bed dreaming of his or her heroes. That is why a true fan will absolutely love these Pokemon-themed sheets.

These sheets are extremely high-quality. If you’re going to look for cheaper alternatives, watch out for low-quality knock offs. They’re not worth spending money on.

11. Fold Your Own Pokemon

Fold Your Own Pokemon Unsmushed

Oh my god, you’re telling me I can make a Pokemon using paper? Shut up and take my money already!

That’s right! This book offers a full how-to guide, including a simple step-by-step origami walkthrough for countless designs.

The designs are incredibly detailed, which also means this is perhaps more a Pokemon gift for adults and older children.

10. Pokemon Slippers

Pokemon Pikachu Slippers

Even if you’ve never heard of Pokemon, you will love receiving a pair of these adorable slippers.

Made from silky-soft fabrics, they will keep your feet warm and comfy.

You can choose from 4 different Pokemon types.

9. Official Pikachu Lamp

Official Pikachu Lamp Unsmushed

We just can’t make a list of best Pokemon gifts and not include this official Pikachu lamp.

Being the main Pokemon in the series, Pikachu is by far the most popular and loved character.

This adorable 7-inch tall Pikachu gift is will add a bright touch to any collection.

8. Pokemon Bath Bombs

Pokemon Bath Bomb Set Unsmushed

Bath bombs are a great way to keep children occupied while they’re in the tub.

But fans will especially love these Pokemon-themed bath bombs. Once they are completely dissolved, they reveal a small Pokemon toy!

The bath bombs are made of organic and natural ingredients and won’t cause any allergic reactions.

7. Mega Construx Gyarados

Mega Construx Gyarados Unsmushed

It takes a true Pokemon trainer to capture and tame a wild Gyarados.

After hours of having fun assembling this fearsome Gyarados figure, a fan can proudly display him from a shelf.

This Construx set is a very popular Pokemon gift for kids, but often also found in adult fan’s collections.

6. Pokemon Phone Cable Protector

Pokemon Phone Cable Protector

These cute little Pokemon gadgets will protect a charger cable at its weakest point against bending or breaking.

Each set consists of 6 different Pokemon cable protectors.

The protectors are durable and not easy to break or crack. Compatible with the iPhone and most Android phones.

5. Slowpoke Cushion

Slowpoke Cushion Unsmushed

Even though Slowpoke might not be everyone’s favorite Pokemon, this cushion is still a great gift idea for any fan.

He is the perfect size for clutching as you sleep, or using as a pillow, or just snuggling on the couch as you are watching a movie.

This cushion is also one of the highest quality plush we’ve seen so far. It is made of soft microfiber fabric and a super squishy stuffing.

4. Pokeball Speaker

Pokeball Speaker Unsmushed

One of our cool Pokemon gift bestsellers is this audio speaker.

It’s shaped like a Pokeball and has the on & off button just in the right place.

The speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery and can connect to any device via BlueTooth. With it, a Pokemon trainer can enjoy high-quality sound, wherever his next adventure may take him.

3. Detective Pikachu Collector’s Case

Detective Pikachu Collectors Case Unsmushed

The limited-edition Detective Pikachu Collector’s case is filled with all sorts of goodies a true Pokemon fan will love.

It includes a series of unique Detective Pikachu stickers, coins & pins, a cool notepad, and several booster packs.

The case is also made from high-quality tin, which means it will last for years!

2. Bulbasaur Planter

Bulbasaur Planter Unsmushed

This adorable little Bulbasaur planter is a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for any Pokemon fan.

By adding a small plant, the planter will look just like Bulbasaur in the series.

You can also add more details with some paint. Several hours of fun guaranteed!

1. Nintendo Switch Pokemon Edition

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Edition Unsmushed

At the top of this list of best Pokemon gifts in 2020, we have the Nintendo Switch Pokemon special edition pack.

A real Pokemon fan will be able to play all the latest Pokemon video games on this Pokemon-themed Switch console. The pack also includes the Pokemon Let’s Go video game and the Pokeball Plus controller.

This special edition pack is probably one of the most coveted Pokemon Christmas gifts this year!

What are the best Pokemon gifts for adults?

The best Pokemon gifts for adults are premium collectibles, novelty gadgets or video games.

If you think Pokemon is just for children, you are wrong. A whole generation grew up with the adventures of Ash & Pikachu and many of them never stopped being a fan.

However, this doesn’t mean that an adult will appreciate any Pokemon toy as a gift.

To help you get it right, here is a selection of cool Pokemon gifts for adults:

  • Premium Collectibles: adult Pokemon fans love to collect figurines of their favorite Pokemon. However, these are not just random Pokemon-shaped toys. We’re talking premium collectibles here. These are very detailed representations of each Pokemon, specifically intended to be displayed. As a word of caution, these collectibles usually don’t come cheap. If you think the Pokemon fan in your life might love such a premium Pokemon figure, check out this Lucario and Groudon collectibles. Alternative, if he’s also a Deadpool fan, you might want to gift this hilarious Iron Man Pikachu.
  • Pokemon Gadgets: perhaps adults cannot play with toys anymore as children do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love using handy or funny Pokemon-themed gadgets in their everyday life. Absolute bestselling Pokemon gifts for adults include this Pizza Slicer, this Herb Grinder, this Pet Carrier, and this Waffle Iron.
  • Video Games: women who have a gamer boyfriend know well enough that even grown men love to play video games. That is why giving a fan a Pokemon video game or related accessory as a gift is a great idea. Does he already own a Nintendo Switch? If not, you will want to give him this Pokemon Special Edition Nintendo Switch Pack. It comes with a Pokemon video game and special controller. If he already has one, you might want to consider accessories such as this Pokeball Plus Controller or its Charger Stand.

If you are buying a gift for a gamer boyfriend you might also want to check out our separate article on Top Presents For Gamers in 2022.

What are the best Pokemon gifts for kids?

The best Pokemon gifts for kids are original Pokemon-themed toys, decorations, novelty items, and video games.

If a kid is into Pokemon, he’ll probably be happy with any gift that is related to the franchise. Our only watch out would be to avoid cheap knock-offs. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with them.

That being said, allow us to share our personal favorite Pokemon gifts for kids:

  • Pokemon Toys: no shocker here, kids love Pokemon toys. Probably the best toy you can give a child is a plush version of his favorite Pokemon. In case you’re not sure, check out this adorable Life-size Charmander.
  • Decorations: if your kid is into Pokemon, you’ll know. He’ll have his room filled with Pokemon items & decorations. That is why these Wall Decals, these Pokemon Bed Sheets, this Crystal Ball Light, or this Throw Blanket are great Pokemon gift ideas for any young fan.
  • Novelty items: any kid would love to lay back and chill in this huge Snorlax Bean Bag. Alternatively, this Pokemon Piggy Bank is currently a big hype. Admittedly, seeing little Pikachu grab each coin you give him is adorable. Finally, you cannot go wrong with gifting this Official Pikachu Lamp.
  • Video games: the only thing more fun than watching Pokemon is trying to become the greatest Pokemon trainer yourself. The Pokemon video game franchise is extremely popular, and currently the big hype is Pokemon Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch.

What are popular Pokemon Christmas gifts?

Very popular Pokemon Christmas gifts are a Pokemon video game, a Pokemon cuddly toy, a Pokemon snow globe, or other Poke-gadgets.

  • Video Games: whether you are buying for a child or an adult Pokemon fan, either way, a Pokemon video game will be a highly-appreciated gift.
  • Pokemon Cuddly Toy: teddy bears are probably one of the most classic Christmas gifts in history. That is why you cannot go wrong with a stuffed version of a child’s favorite Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Snow Globe: Christmas is the time of year we are hoping for snow. If the weather gods are not helping out, we’ll have to find an alternative. This adorable little Pokemon snow globe features Charmander surrounded by flames. The fiery Pokemon snow globe represents a witty duality with the concept of snow of and is a must-have collectible for fans.
  • Gadgets: turn every breakfast into an adventure with this Pokeball Waffle Iron. And perhaps the story will continu over lunch with this Cool Lunch Box.

What are nice Pokemon toys for girls?

Right of the bat, there isn’t a reason why girls wouldn’t like any of the Pokemon toys that boys like. The only thing that matters is that she’s a fan of the franchise. Give her a toy relating to it and she will love it!

That being said, some Pokemon toys are more popular with girls:

  • Pokemon Playhouse: a cute playhouse set with tiny Pokemon figures.
  • Pokemon Socks: a lovely set of Pokemon themed socks for girls.
  • Female Pikachu: a lovely female Pikachu plush.

Looking For More Pokemon Gifts Ideas?

We hope you find this list of best Pokemon gifts for kids & adults useful, and you are now set to surprise the true Pokemon fan in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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