40+ Best Gifts For Farmers & Ranchers

40+ Best Gifts For Farmers & Ranchers in 2022

Are you looking for original & unique gifts for farmers?

Then you have come to the right place!

We sure BALED it when it comes to our list of best gifts for farmers & ranchers.

Whether you’re looking for funny farmers gifts, christmas presents for farmers, or gifts for a farmer’s wife, we have it all in our top 40+ best gifts for farmers & ranchers.

Get ready for some UDDERly great stuff! Here we go!

Infographic top 40 best gifts for farmers & ranchers

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By: Peter, Updated 10/12/2021

#42 best gifts for cattle ranchers: drinking cow wine bottle holder


11394 4392 7.9

We start this list of best gifts for farmers & ranchers with an hilarious decorative item.

This cow-shaped wine bottle holder is bound to become a new centerpiece in the farmhouse living room.

Although most farmers will love this gift, it is especially fitting for dairy farmers or cattle ranchers.

#41 best gifts for farmers: farm-opoly


3012 742 7.9

For those (few) moments a farmer or rancher is not out working on the farm, he or she loves spending some quality time with the family.

And when it comes to fun family activities there is no greater board game classic than Monopoly. However, now the game will become even more fun as this special edition is fully in the farming theme.

A great present for the family man farmer.

#40 gift idea for farmers: muck boots


17851 5522 8.0

Wait, you’re saying farmers & ranchers like to receive a simple pair of boots as a gift?

Absolutely! But there is nothing simple about these Muck boots. They are durable, rugged, and extremely warm.

Just read the 1000 ecstatic product reviews given by real farmers and you’ll understand why this is the perfect present for farmers.

#39 presents for farmers: thermal socks


940 268 8.0

Nobody likes having cold feet during the winter. Now imagine you have to spend the entire day out in the field.

During those cold & snowy days a farmer or rancher would kill to keep his little puppies warm.

And that is exactly the reason why farmers & ranchers are probably among the few people in the world who are genuinely happy when receiving a pair of thermal socks for Christmas.

#38 unique gifts for farmers: badass knife


11251 2683 8.1

Another great Christmas gift for farmers is this badass engraved knife.

If you’re buying for your boyfriend or husband, you probably can already imagine his face when opening this present.

Boys will always be boys, and you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be showing off this unique knife to all his farmer friends.

#37 best gifts for farmers: laser distance measurement tool


2522 882 8.1

When a farmer or rancher is building a new fence or barn, he’ll be doing so out in a rough field.

When working on rough and uneven surfaces, a standard tape measure will probably not do the trick.

Enter the opportunity for a great gift idea: a laser measure which will instantly provide all the numbers with a simple click of the button.

#36 gifts for farmer dad: doormat


15257 5788 8.1

The world sometimes forget how important farmers are to sustaining our way of life.

But with this hilarious doormat any visitor will get a hysterical reminder before entering a farmer’s house.

Probably one of our favorite funny farmers gifts and a big hit as Christmas stocking stuffer.

#35 best gifts for farmers: patent prints


19593 1250 8.2

At No. 35 of our list of best gifts for farmers we find these beautiful patent prints.

They will add a vintage touch to any farmer’s home. You can hang all 4 together or spread them around the house.

Tip: these prints are very popular father’s day gifts for farmers.

#34 best gifts for farmers: bag balm


14588 2499 8.2

Working with your hands the entire day long does take its toll on the skin.

But no more thanks to this ultimate hand balm skin solution.

Versatile & intensely moisturizing, this classic remedy helps maintain & revitalize skin like no other, even in the toughest conditions.

#33 best gifts for farmers: preg-tone pregnancy checker


7764 1603 8.3

The Preg-Tone is a hand-held device that can tell a farmer if an animal is pregnant.

It works on practically every small and midsized animal, from swine to alpaca.

But unfortunately, it does not work for larger animals like cattle. For that, you’ll need its bigger brother the Preg-Alert Pro.

#32 best gifts for farmers: first aid kit


9891 1325 8.4

Probably the most important piece of equipment for any farmer or rancher is a proper first aid kit.

Gempler’s created this special kit tailored to most frequently needed medical supplies on farms and ranches.

A useful and must-have gift for any farmer!

#31 best gifts for farmers: rugged phone case


17853 5854 8.4

Nobody can live without their phone these days, not even farmers or ranchers.

However, when working on a farm or ranch things do tend to get rough, which doesn’t fit well with the delicate nature of a smartphone.

But thanks to this rugged phone case a smartphone will be well protected and ready to take withstand the tough conditions.

#30 best gifts for farmers: personalized insulated coverall


1503 522 8.4

Every farmer needs a solid and well insulated coverall for the winter.

This bad boy is considered as one of the best on the market and has over 1700 five star reviews.

PRO TIP: sew on a personalized name tag for a special Christmas or father’s day gift for farmers or ranchers!

#29 best gifts for farmers: cow cufflinks


9850 1735 8.4

Another great Christmas gift for the dad farmer is this pair of lovely cufflinks.

Carefully crafted by artisans, it will enable your boyfriend, husband or father to proudly show off his profession even when wearing a suit.

Just look at the level of detail of those adorable little cows.

#28 best gifts for farmers: lunch cooler bag


19851 3524 8.5

When a farmer is out working in the field or a rancher is out tending to his cattle, he will not always have the time to come back to the house for lunch.

That is why he will need to pack a lunch to take with him for the day.

With this great gift he will be able to keep his food and drinks nice and cool. Thanks to its handy compartments all goodies will be easily accessible, even while driving a tractor.

#27 best gifts for farmers: grain moister tester


16520 3459 8.5

Next, we have the perfect gift for the grain farmer.

With this little gadget there will be no more surprises when delivering the grain.

The system can test hot grain and will provide its weight, moisture levels, and temperature readings.

#26 best gifts for farmers: bucket tool organizer


1256 298 8.6

If you’re buying a gift for a farmer or rancher who has it all perhaps the bucket tool organizer is the gift for you.

This nifty gadget can easily be fitted over any standard bucket to create a handy organizer for small tools.

A great gift idea for aging farmers as it will allow them to keep all the tools in one place, and avoids having to bend over several times to pick everything up.

#25 unique farmers gifts: john deere bodysuit


16504 4852 8.6

Did a farmer or rancher in your life just become a new mom or dad?

Then you just have to give him or her one of these adorable little bodysuits!

John Deere is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural machines. A funny & fitting theme for the newest little farmhand.

#24 best gifts for farmers: magnetic wristband


14596 3495 8.6

When a farmer is working on a machine, shed, or fence, it will often be in the outdoors and in rugged conditions.

Thanks to this little gadget he will never ever have to look for dropped screws or bolds down in the dirt anymore.

A simple item but one of our bestselling gifts for farmers in this list!

#23 best gifts for farmers: thermal underwear


11350 2452 8.6

A farmer or rancher will go out there in the field every day, no matter how cold it gets.

In order for him to stay warm during those colds days of winter a pair of thermal underwear is indispensable.

A well-appreciated gift and especially popular as Christmas present. Also check out the matching long-sleeved shirt.

#22 funny farmers gifts: shirt


3405 888 8.6

Our list of best gifts for farmers has to include a funny T-shirt.

And we rightfully chose this hilarious bad boy to fill the slot.

One of those shirts farmer husbands & boyfriends will wear every day, despite the eye-rolling of their better halves.

#21 best gifts for farmer: book american farmer


1234 421 8.7

Photographer Paul Mobley set out to capture the soul of America’s farming communities.

During his travels, he discovered a culture defined by tradition, integrity, and hard work, and comprised of the most authentic and generous individuals he’s ever encountered.

A must-read and great Christmas gift for farmers.

#20 best gifts for farmers: vintage barn sign


2149 707 8.7

About halfway our list of best gifts for farmers we find this lovely barn sign.

A nice ornament that will add a fitting vintage touch to any barn or farmhouse.

The sign is made from quality tin and can be used both indoors as outdoors.

#19 unique gifts for farmers: god made a farmer poem


21943 3331 8.7

This beautiful frame features the well-known poem by Paul Harvey.

Whether or not a farmer is a fan of the Paul Harvey show, the message is loved either way.

Recipients have proudly displayed this unique gift in their living room, office or study.

#18 funny farmers gifts: coffee mug


336 112 8.8

Another popular stocking stuffer is the funny coffee mug for farmers.

This hysterical coffee mug features a farm-themed pun based on the infamous song by Ludacris.

A great way to start the day with a smile!

#17 farmer gift ideas: outback hat


609 235 8.8

Can you think of a more iconic gift for ranchers than a cowboy hat?

This stylish outback hat takes a modern take on the traditional design.

Just read the reviews, ranchers and farmers all over love it and wear it every day!

#16 gifts for farmer husband: line laser


1596 446 8.8

When a farmer or rancher builds something it is done right.

Crooked is a word that doesn’t even exist in his dictionary. And with this handy laser line you can help him keep it that way.

It emits a visible laser beam that serves as a helpful guiding line during construction.

#15 best gifts for farmers: ultimate massager


3104 1040 8.8

After a hard day’s work out in the field a farmer or rancher has more than earned some relaxing.

Thanks to this bestselling massager his or her sore muscles will feel like new in no time.

A thoughtful gift for ranchers & farmers that also shows you recognize all their hard work.

#14 best gifts for farmers: lockNlube grease coupler


980 303 8.9

Our next gift for farmers is a bit more technical but very useful nonetheless.

A farmer will often need to grease his machinery, yet this usually is a messy job.

This handy little connector for his grease gun makes greasing way easier.

#13 christmas presents for farmers: beanie & scarf set


6005 2202 8.9

Earlier in this list of best gifts for farmers & ranchers we already mentioned useful items to keep the body & feet warm.

However, did you know that most of our body heat is lost via the head?

With this cozy beanie & scarf set a farmer or rancher will be able to keep his head warmly & comfortably packed during those cold days.

#12 best gifts for farmers & ranchers: leather care kit


1621 490 9.0

Because of the rough nature of a farmer’s or rancher’s job, equipment tends to wear easily.

That is why proper care and maintenance can drastically prolong the life of his favorite boots, jacket or other leather equipment.

When it comes to proper leather care, Otter Wax is the golden standard.

#11 gifts for farmers & ranchers: old farmer's almanac


4767 1679 9.0

We can’t have a list of best gifts for farmers without adding a classic, must-read book.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is jam-packed with gardening advice and charts, notable astronomical events, folklore, humor, contests, husbandry, best fishing days, home remedies, wisdom, recipes, cultural and culinary trends, and more.

Makes a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer and not just because it will fit inside one!

#10 best gifts for farmers: pistol grip syringe


1981 898 9.1

This next gift for ranchers or dairy farmers makes working with cattle way easier.

This syringe comes with an easy-to-use pistol grip.

The metal grip and feed have great tolerances and positive action while being easy to use with insulated gloves on.

#9 best gifts for farmers: rural landscape art


16744 3521 9.1

We talked about many useful gifts for farmers & ranchers to use for work, but what about a present for their home?

This beautiful & stylish rural landscape art will add a peaceful touch to any farmhouse living or dining room.

Eech canvas is printed and hand-stretched in the USA by professionals.

#8 best gifts for farmers: RTIC insulated cup


1497 751 9.2

Every farmer loves to take a refreshing drink with him out into the field, but he needs a thermos or flask he can trust and that won’t leak on him.

RTIC is definitely the brand up to the challenge and therefore a great gift for farmers.

This travel mugs will keep iced drinks cold for up to 24+ hours & hot drinks warm up to 6 hours.

#7 best gifts for farmers: boot slippers


17004 5594 9.2

It’s not difficult to see why these slippers deserve a place on our list of best gifts for farmers & ranchers.

No farmer’s wife will allow her husband in the house without first taking off his dirty boots.

But thanks to these handy slippers a farmer can just cover them up, saving him time & effort.

#6 best gifts for farmers: personalized farm decor


1188 656 9.3

There’s no place like home. Especially when that home is a farm!

Give a farmer & his wife this personalized decor and you can be assured it will receive a prominent place around the farm.

One of our top-selling Christmas presents for farmers.

#5 best gifts for farmers: sturdy working gloves


5941 2209 9.3

Farmers & ranchers can always use an extra pair of work gloves.

And seeing the rough nature of their work, they’ll burn through a pair in no time if it’s not of great quality.

These sturdy gloves, however, are definitely up to the task. Made of stretchable spandex and with Lycra side panels for improved dexterity, these gloves will enable him to do the job without restraint.

#4 best gifts for farmers: chicken egg apron


32453 7956 9.4

If you are looking for unique gifts for farmers, check out this original chicken egg apron.

No more needing an egg basket that breaks chicken and duck eggs while walking. Instead, 15 specially stitched pockets will hold the eggs securely & safely.

Because of its sheer practical use, this apron is worn by men and women alike.

#3 best gifts for farmers: leatherman supertool


2783 994 9.5

Every farmer or rancher should own a Leatherman.

You never know what tools you might need when out in the field or among the cattle, and you can’t bring your entire toolbox wherever you go.

But with the Leatherman, you have up to 19 different tools right there in your pocket, or in a tailored holster on your belt.

#2 best gifts for farmers: quadcopter drone


9567 3795 9.5

A drone? As a present for farmers?

Absolutely! Cameras strapped to drones allow growers to closely monitor their crops, root out pests and ensure that their water is being used efficiently.

The DJI mini 2 is a great mid-class drone for beginners and is easy to fly. But if you have the budget you might want to check out the #1 drone for professional use.

#1 best gifts for farmers & ranchers: world's brightest flashlight


25492 8840 9.6

At the very top of our list of best gifts for farmers and ranchers we have this incredible flashlight.

As a golden rule, a farmer can never have enough flashlights, but this bad boy takes the game to a whole other level.

Emitting a staggering 100.000 lumen, it will simply turn night into day. A useful tool for nightly tasks or emergencies around the farm or ranch.

What is the best gift for a farmer dad?

The best gifts for farmer dads are either useful tools & gadgets he can use around the farm, farm-themed keepsakes, or things that help him relax after a long day.

What is a good Christmas gift for farmers?

A farmer will enjoy any Christmas gift that helps him do his job more efficiently, effectively, or more comfortably. Also stocking stuffer keepsakes that celebrate the great farming profession are appreciated.

Here are some tips on how to find the best Christmas gift for the farmer in your life:

What is a great gift for a farm girl?

The best gifts for farm girls are either useful tools they can use for their work around the farm or nice ornaments and keepsakes that they can prominently display around the house.

  • When it comes to useful work gifts for farmer girls, any of the gifts mentioned above for male farmers of course also apply to women if they perform similar tasks around the farm.
  • However, one work-related gift that is more often bought for female farmers and farmer’s wives is this Chicken Egg Apron.
  • Farm girls will also appreciate nice farm-themed ornaments like this Rural Landscape Art or Vintage Barn Sign.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Farmers?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for farmers & ranchers useful, and you are now set to surprise the farmer in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Can the farmer in your life also weld? Then check out our must-have gifts for welders. Is he into trucks? Then our list gifts for Jeep lovers should be your next stop.


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