45+ Best Gifts For Gamers & Gamer Boyfriends [2022 Review]

Looking for the best gifts for gamers but you have no clue where to start?

Although you are probably not looking forward to seeing your boyfriend spend even more time behind his computer or TV, you will indeed make him extremely happy with some stocking stuffers or presents for gamers. And if it’s any consolation, apparently video games will make him smarter.

In this list, we gathered the best gifts for Xbox, PS4, Nintendo and PC gamers in 2022.

For those of you that really have no clue which gifts to consider, we recommend to first read these tips & tricks.

Ready player one? Go!

Title Infographic for our top 45 best gifts for gamers & gamer boyfriend

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By: Kristof, Updated 10/11/2021

#50 best gifts for gamers: Nintendo Switch tennis rackets & steering wheel


32955 10046 8.0

We kick off this list of best gifts for gamers with a witty gadget for Nintendo Switch owners.

These tennis rackets and steering wheels are specifically designed for the Switch controllers and will make a game of Mario tennis or Mario Kart even more fun.

One of our favorite family-friendly gifts for gamers this spring!

#49 unique gifts for pc gamers: couchmaster gaming platform


32031 5831 8.0

Meet the wet dream of any gamer boyfriend.

Thanks to the Couchmaster, a gamer can now hook up his computer to the TV and play from the comfort of the sofa.

Besides offering ergonomic gaming comfort, it also features 4 USB 3.0 ports to easily connect a mouse, keyboard, and headset.

#48 best gifts for gamers: gamer posters


11884 3444 8.1

Regardless of whether you are buying for PS4, Xbox or pc gamers, they will all love this next gift.

These set of 4 retro gaming posters are the perfect wall décor for any man cave or game room.

The artwork combines original warning messages with stereotype gamer sayings.

#47 best gifts for gamers: Xtra PC Bypass Device


31347 8004 8.1

True PC gamers will immediately appreciate this next gadget gift.

Any computer will become slow after a while. This can be very annoying for a gamer if he still has games or other files saved on that device.

The Xtra PC is a tiny, powerful flash drive that bypasses your old, slow, operating system and replaces it with a fully functional Linux system.

#46 unique gifts for pc gamers: pro gaming headset


32031 5831 8.1

Next, on our list of best gifts for gamers, we have the ultimate headset for pc gamers.

These headphones are praised by pro gamers for their incredible sturdiness, superior sound quality, and detachable microphone.

The best part? Besides being better than famous competitors such as Logitech and Steelseries, it is also cheaper!

#45 cool gifts for pc gamers: desktop punching ball


14221 7073 8.1

If you have a gamer boyfriend or close family member, you will know that gaming can sometimes trigger profound emotions of disappointment and even anger.

Enter, the opportunity for a truly unique gift for gamers!

Any frustration can be immediately worked out on this desktop punching ball.

#44 Christmas presents for gamers: mobile gaming controllers


32031 5831 8.1

Another great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for gamers is this pair of mobile phone controllers.

They make playing video games on a smartphone much easier.

The controllers support popular games like PUGB, Fortnite, Rules of Survival and other shooting games.

#43 cool gifts for gamers: BetterBack support brace


9888 1565 8.1

Are you looking for funny yet useful gifts for a die-hard gamer in your life?

Then go for the BetterBack support brace.

Spending hours crouched over a screen will lead to physical complaints in the long run. But with the BetterBack he will be sitting in the perfect position during every gaming session. He’ll thank you later on!

#42 cool gifts for gamers: ps5 controller charger


18940 4848 8.1

A must-have gift for PS5 gamers is this controller charging station.

The PS5 controllers are wireless and hence need to be charged quite often.

Thanks to this neat little gadget your gamer boyfriend will always have a charged controller at hand.

#41 cool gifts for ps4 gamers: Arctic Air Mini Cooler


10294 5493 8.1

When you’re immersed in a tough gaming session while in a small man cave with a bunch of electronic devices turning at full power, things do tend to heat up.

But thanks to the portable air conditioner a gamer will be able to enjoy his game in a nice and cool atmosphere.

This AC unit is portable, lightweight, and thanks to its advanced hydro-chill technology it will cool any space in a matter of minutes.

#40 unique gifts for pc gamers: portable gaming station


32031 5831 8.1

The downside of video game consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox is that you need a TV to play them.

Unless … there was some sort of portable gaming station!

A revolutionary and just ridiculously cool gift for PS4/5 and Xbox gamers alike, as it will work for either console.

#39 cool stocking stuffers for gamers: Rick & Morty Portal Gun


10774 2904 8.2

Ok, right of the bat, most gamers absolutely love Rick & Morty.

That is why you can make your gamer boyfriend very happy with any merchandise related to this animated television series.

Rick’s portal gun is one of the key items used in the show, and hence a great gift idea for gamers.

#38 unique gifts for pc gamers: outlet surge protector


32031 5831 8.2

A gaming setup, whether it is a pc, PS4, PS5, or Xbox, costs a lot of money.

That is why a gamer will be very happy receiving gifts that enable him to keep his hardware safe.

This outlet surge protector will not only do exactly that, it also has a smart design with both top & side plugs as well as several USB ports.

#37 best gifts for gamers: History Of Video Games Comic Book


16833 5506 8.2

At No. 37 of our list of best gifts for gamers, we find a unique combination of two passions gamers usually have in common: gaming & comic books.

The graphics in this comic are just stunning while the historic facts are both educational and interesting.

An original gift and collector’s item for gamers of all ages!

#36 unique gifts for gamers: ultimate gaming chair


8842 3045 8.3

If you’re looking for great gifts for pc gamers and you have some money to spare we recommend this ultimate gaming chair.

It has a durable metal frame with anti-corrosive coating and is covered with a high-density foam padding for maximum comfort and durability.

By giving a gamer this chair you will provide him with a good reason never to get up again.

#35 best gifts for gamer boyfriends: Gooseneck device holder


39482 19004 8.3

Whether he loves playing on his Nintendo Switch or smartphone, this smart gimmick will save him from a lot of neck pain.

No more being arched over his screen. He can set the holder to the perfect height depending on his seat.

He can even be creative and attach it to the backboard of the bed.

#34 unique gifts for gamers: gamer body bodysuit


6919 2202 8.3

If you’re expecting and looking for a funny stocking stuffer for a gamer boyfriend or husband then check out this cute little onesie.

Using gamer language, it hints that your little family just got a bit bigger.

The perfect gaming-themed baby bodysuit that any gamer daddy will love!

#33 gifts for gamer boyfriend: Elgato Gameplay Recording Device


9841 1342 8.3

This little device will allow him to stream and record any game he is playing on PC, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

It even captures the comments he is giving while doing it.

This way he can share all his in-game exploits with his friends.

#32 unique gifts for gamers: ocarina of time


28535 6677 8.4

This Ocarina is a musical instrument that is used by the hero in the all-time classic game series “The Legend Of Zelda”

If the gamer you are buying forever played the game, he will absolutely love this gift.

The ocarina can actually be played and even comes with a small instruction booklet.

#31 Christmas presents for gamers: monopoly gamer edition


25659 9885 8.4

Next, we have a great gift for gamers who need to spend a bit more time with the rest of the family.

Perhaps this Nintendo-themed edition of Monopoly will get his attention?

Or if he is more of a pc / Xbox gamer you might want to check out Halo Monopoly or StarCraft Risk.

#30 gift ideas for pc gamers: blue light blocking glasses


13476 5444 8.4

This unique pair of glasses is one of our most-recommended gifts for gamers who spend several hours a day in front of a screen.

The patented anti-reflective technology and tinted lens eliminate glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception. This ultimately reducing digital eye strains, eye fatigue, and headache.

Besides filtering out 82% of harmful blue light it also comes in 3 different dashing designs.

#29 stocking stuffers for gamers: nintendo trivia book


28709 11137 8.5

Thanks to this cool gift a gamer can finally find out how much he knows about Nintendo.

The book is filled with interesting facts and figures, and the questions are broken down into multiple categories and easy to read sets.

Nintendo Trivia was one of our bestselling Christmas presents for gamers this season.

#28 gift ideas for pc gamers: elgator stream deck


45603 14821 8.5

The Elgato is a must-have item for any streamer out there.

But it is not just a gift for pc gamers who love to record and stream their gameplay.

You can do a lot more with this nifty gadget, such as accessing anything from your pc: Netflix, social media, multimedia, photoshop, favorite websites, etc.

#27 unique gifts for gamers: deadpool pikachu


18493 4403 8.5

When it comes to the best gifts for gamers, collectibles usually do very well.

And this collectible is an absolute hit as it combines two popular universes: Pokémon & Deadpool.

Just buy it as stocking stuffer gift for your gamer boyfriend and watch his face light up!

#26 gift ideas for pc gamers: mouse arm rest


15006 5057 8.5

This armrest is one of our favorite gadget gifts for pc gamers.

Though simple, it offers incredible extra support that results in more comfort and less fatigue and sore joints.

A great gift idea for gamers if you are a mom that worries about her son’s posture & health.

#25 cool gifts for gamers: nintendo switch case


21551 10134 8.5

One of the reasons the Nintendo Switch has become a global success is because it combines a video console with a portable player.

But how does a gamer keep this expensive device safe while traveling?

Thanks to this specifically designed protective case, that’s how!

#24 gift ideas for pc gamers: headset holder


37841 16748 8.6

The best gifts for gamers aren’t necessarily expensive.

Take for example this handy headset holder. It can very easily be attached to a desk and offers the perfect holder for a gamer’s headset.

On top, it also features several USB ports so a gamer doesn’t have to climb under the desk to plug his phone charger.

#23 cool gifts for gamers: hand massager


41587 16894 8.6

After several hours of intense gaming, your fingers do start to cramp up.

That is why this hand massager is a perfect gift for PS4, Xbox or pc gamers alike.

A great stocking stuffer for gamers under $10!

#22 gift ideas for pc gamers: cord management organizer


18045 9972 8.6

Another inexpensive gadget gift for gamers is this cord management organizer.

It will help keep all his cables nicely organized and ready at hand.

As having a neatly organized gaming setup is actually a thing in the gaming world, this little gift will be highly appreciated.

#21 cool gifts for pc gamers: floppy disk coasters


14045 4457 8.6

For those of you who are looking for retro gaming gifts, we offer these floppy disk coasters.

A nostalgic wink to the days not so long ago we could only fit 1.44Mb of data on these external drives.

A fun stocking stuffer gift for pc gamers!

#20 gift ideas for gamers: gamer TV-stand


4885 1302 8.6

This compact TV stand will keep all of a gamer’s hardware nicely organized.

It can hold up to 3 consoles, 4 controllers, 12 games and a pair of headphones.

Not just a great gift for ps4 or Xbox gamers, but also a blessing for moms who have to clean up after them.

#19 gifts for gamers: Nintendo switch power bank


15783 5093 8.6

One of the downsides of a handheld console like the Switch is that it can run out of battery.

But no more thanks to this ingenious little contraption.

It is an external power bank that can be attached directly to the Switch. This means a gamer can continue playing without any hindrance.

#18 stocking stuffers for gamers: gamer room sign


29490 1171 8.6

This high-quality metal sign is one of those sure-hit gifts for gamers.

It’s quite large and made of exceptionally high-quality metal.

It is the ideal Easter present for gamers of any age.

#17 best gifts for gamer boyfriend: ultimate gaming smartphone


13925 1165 8.6

If you have a larger budget to spend on a gift you should probably check out the Red Magic 6 PRO.

This ridiculously powerful smartphone is being called the new benchmark for mobile gaming.

Thanks to its ultra-high (165 Hz) refresh rate, the loading and rendering of games will be almost instantaneously.

#16 best gifts for gamer boyfriend: meme socks


8840 3126 8.7

Gamers are into memes, it’s a fact.

You might not fully understand the meaning of this hilarious pair of socks, but your gamer boyfriend, husband or son will.

A great stocking stuffer for gamers that will be worn as often as possible.

#15 best gifts for gamers: mouse cable holder


16925 7790 8.7

At No. 15 of our list of best gifts for gamers, we find an all-in-one solution for pc gamers.

Not only does this gadget offer mouse cable organization, but it also features 4 USB ports & dynamic RGB lighting.

A unique and innovation item for PC gamers of all levels.

#14 best gifts for gamer boyfriend: non-slip desktop pad


34687 12432 8.7

A non-slip desktop pad? Isn’t that too boring?

Absolutely not! In Fact, it is one of the highest-ranking gifts for pc gamers as it provides both comfort as stability to their keyboard & mouse.

Don’t believe us? How many products are there on Amazon with 9000+ reviews and a perfect 5-star score?

#13 best gifts for gamer boyfriend: funny gamer shirt


39844 13045 8.8

We can’t have a list of best gifts for gamers and not include at least one hilarious shirt.

This bad boy proudly features a quote that passed every gamer’s man ever.

A classic stocking stuffer for gamers that is bound to be an instant hit.

#12 best gifts for gamer boyfriend: Playstation 5 Green Camouflage Controller Plate


33036 15594 8.8

A controller for a gamer is like a pen to a writer.

That is why your gamer boyfriend will love this unique camouflage controller plate for the PlayStation 5.

A great gift for gamers that want to add a unique touch to their PS5!

#11 best gifts for gamers: gaming microphone


18790 7407 8.8

The HyperX QuadCast is the Rolls Royce among gaming microphones, delivering superior sound quality and less white noise vs other players like Blue Yeti.

It can be used in combination with a pc, Xbox, PS4 or Mac.

So you are looking for unique gifts for gamers, streamers, or other content creators, the HyperX is the one for you!

#10 best gifts for gamers: Book Zelda Hyrule Historia


59043 28904 8.8

Did he ever own a Nintendo gaming console? Then for sure, he will have played one of the “The Legend Of Zelda” games.

And as everyone whoever did, he will have loved every second of it.

This book combines the historical chronology of all the games, with absolutely stunning illustrations that will take him back to those great memories.

#9 best gifts for gamers: cosplay costume


12094 4004 8.8

For a gamer, the only thing that comes close to the joy of playing a game is pretending to be one of its heroes.

If you haven’t heard of “Cosplay” you have probably been living under a rock the last few years.

So if you know your gamer boyfriend’s favorite game, you can buy a relating outfit for him (or yourself) on this easy-to-navigate costume platform.

#6 best gifts for gamers: ultimate Anker charging station


15442 5040 8.8

With this bad boy, your gamer boyfriend can simultaneously charge several devices.

So no more choosing between his gaming console, his controller, or smartphone. They will all be charged simultaneously at full speed.

The Anker has an enormous 100W of charging power and is optimized for flawless performance with USB-A and USB-C phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

#7 gifts for gamers: Ultrawide Gaming Monitor


9841 1342 8.9

Ok, this is definitely not the cheapest item on our list of best gifts for gamers, but it is the one that will make any pc gamer ecstatic.

The LG is the best ultrawide gaming monitor on the market, period.

So if you want your gamer boyfriend to experience his passion like never before, this is the gift you need.

#6 best gifts for gamers: Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition


18955 6110 8.9

More and more, we are seeing that some gamers are becoming as famous as top athletes.

Gaming is indeed a competitive activity, and the fanbase is huge.

That is why this Gamer Edition of the Guinness World Records book is a tremendously popular present for gamers, young and old.

#5 best gifts for gamers: best pc gaming keyboard


17491 2319 9.0

Entering the top 5 of our list of best gifts for gamers it is time to talk the basic gear.

A pc gamer is nothing without a trusted keyboard, and the right equipment can make the difference between a win or lose.

The Corsair platinum is considered the highest overall rated keyboard currently on the market. It features top-end technology, programmable LED lights, and reversible magnetic wrist pads.

#4 best gifts for gamers: MX518 gaming mouse


9675 2332 9.0

The MX518 focuses on the things that matter in a proper gaming mouse while eschewing all the fluff and unnecessary bloat that finds its way into some of the competition.

That is exactly why this mouse is hailed as the King of gaming mouses.

Probably one of our all-time favorite gifts for pc gamers.

#3 best gifts for gamers: Steam Gift Card


3321 345 9.0

If you really have no clue what to gift a pc gamer, or you’re unsure what games or hardware he already has, go for a gift card.

Steam is one of the leading online platforms where pc gamers can download games, so a gift card will be highly appreciated.

There are also equivalent gift cards for PS4 gamers, Xbox gamers, and Nintendo gamers.

#2 best gifts for gamers: the SNES classic


37053 8753 9.1

Is the man you are buying for a 90′ kid?

Then chances are very high he spend a big part of his childhood playing on his Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES.

Let him relive those great memories with this special edition SNES, that has 21 build in classic games such as super Mario, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter II.

#1 best gifts for gamers: The Occulus VR Headset


25861 41301 9.2

Topping our list of gifts for gamer boyfriends is the latest VR Headset by Oculus.

This innovative device allows a true gamer to immerse even further in his video game, as the wearer will have the perception of actually being present in the digital world.

It comes with two controllers, so he will be fully set to discover this incredible technology.

I don’t know anything about video games, how do I choose the best gifts for gamer boyfriends?


For spouses or girlfriends, buying gifts for gamers can be quite a challenge. It’s hard to keep track of which games he already has, and when it comes to the hardware or gadgets it all seems too technical.

So how do you choose the best gift for a gamer you love?

In the video below, we’ll give you some useful tips & tricks to get you started, as well as some concrete gift ideas for gamers:

  • The System: first of all, you need to figure out what kind of gamer he is. Does he play his video games on his pc, an Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, or just on his smartphone? If you’re a parent, girlfriend, or spouse, you can just walk into the living or gaming room to check. Otherwise, ask his friends for advice.
  • Buying Games: the most obvious gift to buy a gamer is a video game, but it’s also the most difficult one to get right. As a first step, you can check which games he already has to avoid duplicates. Next, you need to figure out which new game he might like. There are countless games out there, so this is easier said than done. If he hasn’t talked about upcoming games he wants to have, check with his friends, they’ll know. Alternatively, you can check out the Current Bestsellers, yet again, tastes can differ so this is not a guarantee to getting it right.
  • Gift Cards: A smarter alternative can be to go for a gift card so he can choose the right game himself. For PC gamers you can buy a Steam Gift Card. But there are also gift cards out there for PS4 Gamers, Xbox Gamers, and Nintendo Gamers.
  • Gadgets: Gamers love receiving cool & useful gadgets as a gift. Great examples include this Headset Holder, Mouse Cable Organizer, or VR Headset. If you’re unsure whether he can use it, go for a USB Charger Hub. He can always use more charging ports for all his gear.
  • Merchandise: gamers are usually completely immersed in the fantastical world of their favorite game. That is why merchandise gifts relating to that game are highly appreciated. For example, millions of gamers are into the online role-playing game World Of Warcraft, and you can find great merchandise on the Official Blizzard website.
  • Hardware: Finally, you can also go big and buy a gamer the latest hardware. A PC gamer will go berserk for this top-market Ultrawide Gaming Monitor or a new Gaming Chair. Thanks to the lightning-fast technological progress, hardware gets improved at an incredible pace. So if it’s new and shiny, he’ll love it.

What are good Christmas presents or stocking stuffers for gamers?


Great Christmas stocking stuffers for Gamers include useful gadgets that will help them game, goofy items & merchandise, or gaming-related books.

What are the best gifts for pc gamers?


The best gifts for pc gamers are the latest hardware, useful gadgets, gift cards for video games, or funny merchandise.

What are the best gifts for Xbox gamers?


The best gifts for Xbox gamers are new video games or gift cards, hardware gadgets, or fun merchandise items.

  • New Games: if you’re planning to buy a new game yourself, make sure you know which one to get. If in doubt, check with his friends first. A safer alternative is to gift an Xbox gamer a Gift Card, so he can choose the game himself.
  • Hardware Gadgets: you can make an Xbox gamer also very happy with tech gifts that will facilitate his gaming. Examples are this Xbox One Controller Charger, this Gaming Microphone, this Portable Gaming Station, or this Gamer TV Stand.
  • Funny Merchandise: you can also not go wrong with some funny items that relate to an Xbox gamer’s favorite passion. An absolute bestseller is this set of Gamer Posters. Another classic is, of course, the Funny T-Shirt.

What are the best gifts for PS5 gamers?


The best gifts for PS5 gamers are PS5 accessories, video game gift cards, of PS5-related gag gifts.

  • PS5 accessories: if you’re not sure which accessories he already has, have a quick look in his room or ask his friends. Popular and well-appreciated PS5 accessory gifts are this handy PS5 Controller Charger, this Portable Gaming Station that allows him to play his PS5 wherever he goes, and this ridiculously cool Green Camouflage Controller.
  • Video Game Gift Cards: buying a video game is very difficult as there is so much choice out there. That is why giving a PS5 gamer a gift card is probably a smarter bet. This way he can get the game he really wants.
  • PS4 Gag Gifts: a real PS5 gamer will love to receive a funny gag gift like this Music Reactive PlayStation Light or this hilarious set of Gamer Posters.

What are the best gifts for Nintendo gamers?


The best gifts for Nintendo gamers are Nintendo eshop cards, accessories for their Nintendo console, or general Nintendo collectibles.

  • Nintendo Eshop Card: buying the right video game for a Nintendo gamer is very difficult, that is why we strongly recommend you gift him a Nintendo eshop card instead. With a Nintendo Switch gift card, a gamer can buy the right game himself directly online.
  • Nintendo Accessories: the great advantage of a Nintendo Switch is that you can continue playing your favorite video game while on the move. That is why handy accessories for this portable device are great gift ideas for Nintendo gamers. Our favorites are this Gooseneck Holder, this Nintendo Switch Travel Case, and this handy Nintendo Switch Power Bank. But we also have to mention this super-fun Nintendo Switch Tennis Rackets.
  • Nintendo Collectibles: a die-hard Nintendo fan will love collectibles like this Nintendo Trivia Almanac or this Monopoly Nintendo Edition. If he is a specific fan of the very popular “Legend Of Zelda” series, give him this playable Ocarina Of Time replica or this Hyrule Historia Book.

Looking for More Gift Ideas For Gamers?

We hope you found list of best gifts for gamers useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Do you want to see more gift ideas for him? Have a look at our list of must-have gadgets for men in 2020. Or perhaps he might be interested in the ultimate movie-themed LEGO builds?



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