36 Best Gifts For Quilters

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt. Truly lovely words to live by. There are so many great quotes about Quilters that just show fun and vibrant they are.

Quilters are the best combination of artistic minds, warm hearts, and creative hands. You want to find the perfect gift to encompass all of that and show them how much you care. So, let’s surprise them and choose some of the best gifts for quilters that make them smile.

The best gifts for quilters are either useful items that help them quilt more (fabric, cutting boards, gadgets) or items that remind them of their passion (funny quilting mugs).

Whether you want a birthday gift, a Mother’s Day gift, or a personalized, unique, or functional gift, we have the best of the best options right here in this list of the Top 35 Best Gifts for Quilters.

Best Quilting Gift Ideas

36. Easy Quilt Snip

Easy Quilt Snip

For quilters with arthritis, these cutters are great.

The spring action design gently opens the blades after each cut to reduce hand strain.

Being ideal for cutting a variety of materials from silks to denim these cutters will be used time and time again.

35. Complete Guide To Quilting

Complete Guide To Quilting

Books make a wonderful gift. Especially if they will be used over and over again.

The Complete Guide to Quilting is a comprehensive how-to book that focuses on instructing quilters in the fine art of quilting.

It has valuable tips, tricks, and advice for solving common quilting problems.

34. Gypsy Quilter Gripper

Gypsy Quilter Gripper

They say you should measure twice and cut once but what if your ruler is sliding around?

That is why the Gypsy Quilter Gripper comes in handy and makes our list of best gifts for quilters

The two suctions hold the ruler in place while quilters measure and cut precisely.

33. Online Quilting Course

Online Quilting Course

Whether new to quilting or if they’ve been quilting for years an online quilting course will be a great gift.

With so many courses to choose from delivered by experts in the field, they will surely find a stimulating course to enjoy.

Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.

32. Machine On Wheels Case

Machine On Wheels Case

If your quilter friend likes to take their sewing machine with them wherever they go then this sewing machine case on wheels is an ideal gift.

It fits sewing machines perfectly to protect them and makes moving them from place to place much easier.

31. Quilter’s Nest Organizer

Quilters Nest Organizer

Having tools and supplies at arm’s reach is very important for the intricacy of quilting.

These nest organizers keep everything neat, organized and easy to find.

No more searching for the right scissors, pins or cutters.

30. Full-Size Quilting Frame

Quilting Frame

If you are looking for a gift for a serious quilter this is the way to go.

These full-sized quilting frames help to hold multiple layers of a quilt together to make hand quilting much easier and machine projects quicker.

Your quilter friend will be very appreciative of this gift that’s for sure!

29. Funny Quilting Mug

Funny Quilting Mug

A funny mug is one of the best quilting novelty gifts.

These are great for any occasion and something someone with a great sense of humor will greatly appreciate.

There’s nothing like a laugh along with your morning coffee.

28. Quilt Display Rack

Quilt Display Rack

Another idea on our list of the greatest gifts for quilters is a gorgeous wooden rack to hang their masterpiece.

Get a 2-in-1 rack that goes from a quilt ladder to a folded quilt rack.

These lovely handmade racks will encourage any quilter to display their creation with pride.

27. Artbin Organizer

Artbin Organizer

Keeping organized is very important as a quilter. With so many supplies and tools, one must have a system for accessing them easily.

The Artbin Organizer is a clear plastic bin with Smart Closure technology to ensure nothing falls out.

Keeping everything neat and tidy will ensure less time spent searching for supplies and more time creating masterpieces.

26. Vintage Quilting Knowledge Poster

Vintage Quilting Knowledge Poster

There are some great quilting novelty gifts out there and this vintage poster is one of them.

Quilting is a hobby and skill that has been around for many years often passed on from generation to generation.

This poster would make a great addition to any sewing room.

25. Quilting Cutting Board

Quilting Cutting Board

Also on our list of the best gifts for quilters is the Quilting Cutting Board.

Perfect for quilters of all levels making cutting fabric easy and accurate.

They will be able to cut any straight-edged shape like a pro.

24. Deluxe Sewing Scissors

Deluxe Sewing Scissors

Of all the quilting tools out there a strong durable pair of scissors is a must.

These premium high carbon steel scissors are the most reliable out there.

They have ultimate cutting power to tackle any job from satin to denim. Plus they come with bonus snippers and satisfaction guaranteed!

23. Quilter’s Grid

Quilters Grid

A roll of quilter’s grid is a very useful gift.

These high-quality grids are essential for keeping a quilter’s work neat, stabilized and not flimsy.

If you are searching for a gift that will be well used, this is it.

22. Pesonalized Satin Labels

Personalized Satin Clothing Labels

A great quilt will take so much time, effort and love to make it perfect.

These satin labels make them extra special. They can be personalized with any message.

Now that’s a label you’ll never want to remove.

21. Quilter’s Planner

Quilter Planner

Anyone anywhere can always put a planner to great use.

These beautifully laid out quilting planners are perfect for managing quilting projects as well as personal plans and goals.

If you are looking for a great gift, then this is it!

20. T-Shirt Transformation Ruler

Tshirt Transformation Ruler

Does your friend live to repurpose and recycle?

This t-shirt transformation ruler is a great tool for turning old t-shirts into quilting fabric.

It is designed to be used for adult as well as children’s size t-shirts.

19. Multipurpose Sewing Clips

Sewing Clips

These sewing clips that come in a vintage clip box are a great gift for quilters.

They open wide enough to hold multiple layers of fabric.

Sewing clips are a great alternative to pins as they do not leave any marks on the fabric.

18. Wool Pressing Mat & Bag

Wool Pressing Mat Bag

Ironing is an important part of the quilting process.

Rather than hauling out the old ironing board, this wool ironing pad is a quick and easy way to protect surfaces without sacrificing the quality of the work.

This wool pad comes with a carrying case for easy storing.

17. Crafter’s Caddy

Crafters Caddy 1

Moving up the list of most amazing gifts for quilters is this crafter’s caddy.

This caddy can be easily secured to any table. It reduces tabletop clutter by keeping drinks and tools nearby but out of the way.

Tools such as these make quilting and crafting so much easier.

16. Quilter’s Project Bag

Quilters Project Bag

When it comes to tote bags, this carry-all tote is the most functional bag you will find for a quilter.

With 20 zippered compartments, this tote will easily carry all the essential tools, fabrics, patterns and other quilting tools.

This is definitely one of the must-have gifts for quilters.

15. Flower Thread Holder

Flower Thread Holder

Next up is a functional but very beautiful gift. It is a gorgeous hand made flower thread holder.

This thread holder is made from recycled metal. It has a lovely vintage feel to it that will be a great addition to any sewing room.

Any quilter will love to have this unique gift in their space.

14. Personalized Sewing Room Sign

Personalized Sewing Room Sign

A list of Top Gifts for Her must include personalized gifts on it! A quilter with a knack for home decor will love to add this personalized sewing room sign to her space.

These aluminum signs can be personalized with all her favorite quotes and sayings.

Need more personalized gifts? Check out our list of 15+ Unique Engraved & Personalized Gifts for Her.

13. Sewing Tote Bag

Sewing Tote Bag

Moving up the list of the best gifts for quilters is this adorable sewing tote bag.

These totes are made from 100% cotton canvas with reinforced bottom and handles. Printed using a high-quality heat transfer printing process, the vibrant image will not peel or rub off.

Ideal for carrying quilting supplies or personal items, this tote will be well used.

12. Quilt Kit For Beginners

Blues Throw Quilt Kit

Everyone has to start somewhere and these beginner quilt kits are the perfect place.

With simple, repetitive patterns these kits are easy but still make lovely quilts.

Practice makes perfect and a beginner kit will make an ideal gift for a quilter that is just starting.

11. Revolutionary Cutting System

Quilting Cutting System

Even quilting has changed over the years! Scissors are no more. Say hello to state-of-the-art machine cutters.

These fabric cutters are more accurate, effortless and faster than the old scissor. Plus they can cut layers of fabric very easily.

Quilting has been revolutionized and this gift will take quilting to another level.

10. Quilty Box


Who doesn’t love a great monthly subscription box?!

QuiltyBox has created boxes with the best quality products delivered right to their door. These boxes include patterns, fabrics, supplies and tons of inspiration from all the most influential bloggers.

No doubt, your friend or family member will be waiting eagerly for their gift every month.

9. Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband

Here we have the pincushion 2.0! No more pesty sewings pins falling on the floor and getting stepped on.

These magnetic wrist bands are worn comfortably when pinning or sewing by hand. They help collect the pins all in one place.

When it comes to simple but very useful gifts, this gadget is topping the list

8. Sewing Mini Iron

Sewing Mini Iron

Let’s get into handy gifts for quilters! Here is a gift any quilter will use over and over again.

The Clover Mini Iron is a portable iron perfect for getting those seams just right.

Whether quilting at home or out and about these mini irons will surely come in handy!

7. Quilting Wine Glass

Quilting Wine Glass

If you are looking for gifts for quilters that also love wine, then this is the perfect gift.

After a long day of creating and quilting, a great glass of wine might be exactly what they need.

These lovely etched wine glasses are elegant and would be a great gift for any occasion.

6. The Woobles Kit


This next gift is the ultimate idea for a wildly creative person.

They can learn crochet easily. Woobles is the most fastest and easiest way to learn creativity in crochet. Whether you know someone who is an expert or someone who is a beginner it helps both.

5. Sewing Machine Necklace

Sewing Machine Necklace

If you are in search of a unique gift for quilters, look no further.

Finding unusual jewelry that speaks to someone’s hobbies can be tricky so finding a sewing machine necklace is like finding a hidden gem.

For more hobby-related gifts, take a look at our list of Top 10 Hobby & Crafts Gifts for Her.

4. Unique Quilting Mug

Unique Quilting Mug

No gift list is complete without a great mug! This is why we bring you this fun mug for quilters.

Let’s admit turning thread and fabric into a fabulous quilt is not an easy task.

Any quilter would love to sip their coffee or tea in their new favorite mug while they quilt.

3. Kim Diehl’s Quilt Kit

Kim Diehls Quilt Kit

Whether a new quilter or a seasoned veteran, a quilting kit will make a great gift.

Kim Diehl’s designs are unique and exciting.

Known for her scrappy designs and signature pallet these kits are great gifts for quilters.

2. Quilting Supplies Gift Card

Quilting Supplies Gift Card

Gift cards may seem cliche but we have to admit everyone appreciates receiving one. Giving a quilting supplies gift card will ensure your loved one gets exactly what they need and will definitely use.

AccQuilt has a wide selection of quilting supplies ranging from patterns to dies and cutters to tools.

This is surely going to be a gift any quilter will love.

1. Quilting Monthly Subscription Box

Quilting Monthly Subscription Box

Topping off our list of the best gifts for quilters is a Quilter Subscription box. This is a great gift for those who want to try new and exciting patterns and fabrics.

This monthly subscription box includes fabrics, patterns, threads, and mini clips all catered to the quilter’s preferences.

Any quilter will love this gift and surely you’ll get a special quilt made from their new stash.

What are the most original quilting novelty gifts?

Are you looking for quilting novelty gifts? Does your loved one have a fun sense of humor? If so, here are 10 great ideas for quilting novelty gifts:

What’s a great quilting subscription box?

Monthly subscription boxes make wonderful gifts as they are a continuous gift. They are new and exciting materials every month. There are so many monthly subscription boxes to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite quilting subscription boxes:

  • If you want a quilting monthly subscription boxes that are fabric focused the Premium Fabrics Batiks Subscription Box. These are inspired by the unique Batik designs of Bali. 
  • For a very unique quilting subscription box, we recommend the Murder Myster Quilting Box. This box leads the quilter through a murder mystery and their quilt will give them the final clue to solve the crime. 
  • A less traditional quilting subscription box is the Quilter’s Stash Box. This is a monthly box delivered full of exciting surprises to inspire creativity with fun and functional items.

What are Original Quilting Mugs?

A mug is a wonderful gift that is perfect for any occasion. Be careful though, you can’t choose just ANY mug for ANY quilter! Here are some suggestions we have for awesome quilting mugs.

  • A feel-good mug: This is for your ultra-positive quilter. Your aunt or grandmother who quilted you your first baby blanket. 
  • An obnoxious mug: This mug is for your quirky, unique one-of-a-kind quilter friend. 

Quilting mugs are ideal for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas or any occasion and will make any quilter smile with every cup of coffee.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Quilters?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for quilters useful, and you are now set to surprise a person who loves to sew with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. You might also want to check out our article on great gifts for knitters below!

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