38 Best Gifts For Diabetics

Have you been looking everywhere for original, useful & funny gifts for diabetics?

But you haven’t found the right gifts for the person or people with diabetes in your life?

The best gifts for diabetics are either useful gadgets or funny & relaxing items that help to cope with the disease.

Because they are not easy to find, we made this ultimate list of diabetic gift ideas.

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Best Gifts Diabetics

38. Funny Tote Bag

Funny Diabetics Tote Bag

We start this list of best gifts for diabetics with a witty & useful item.

Sometimes, the best way to cope with a disease is via humor. And thanks to this tote bag, that is exactly what you can do.

One of our all-time favorite funny diabetic gifts that work for any occasion!

37. Invisible Pump Shorts

Invisible Insulin Pump Shorts

Would you like to wear an overt insulin belt with every outfit you wear? Well, neither does a diabetic.

With this nifty short, the insulin pumps stay covertly and safely tucked against the body, while the infusion set is protected from getting ripped off.

It can be worn underneath clothing as panties. This way you also minimize the risk of forgetting your diabetes pump at home.

36. Natural Headache Relief Gadget

Natural Headache Relief

Most diabetics suffer from headaches as a side effect of the condition.

However, they cannot resort to pills or drugs every single time.

Thanks the Aculief a diabetic can get natural headache relief. This award winning gadget works by applying pressure to a key pressure point in the hand.

35. Stuffed Pancreas

Stuffed Pancreas

Next, we have an adorable little gift for younger diabetic patients.

This little plush represents that pancreas, the organ that is normally responsible for making insulin.

Besides being super cute, it also comes with educational fun facts about the pancreas & the disease.

34. Athletic Insulin Pump Case

Athletic Insulin Pump Case

Thanks to this useful insulin pump case, any person suffering from diabetes will be able to exercise worry-free.

It is a comfortable no-bounce sports pouch with discrete reinforced opening. It can be used as insulin pump belt or diabetes supply bag.

This sports belt features a soft elastic band that prevents chaffing, as well as a sturdy buckle and construction for even the most active user.

33. Blood Sugar Log Book

Diabetes Blood Sugar Log Book

Diabetic patients need to keep a close track of their blood sugar levels.

They usually use a small notebook for this.

But thanks to this funny gift a diabetic will at least have a little giggle when writing the daily stats down.

32. Digital Food Scale

Digital Food Scale

Maintaining a healthy diet helps to manage diabetes.

That is why diabetic patients will weigh their food and keep close track of all the nutritional values.

This useful digital food scale has 999 pre-loaded nutritional food values and allows you to add another 999 new items.

31. Cold Therapy Slippers

Cold Therapy Socks

Over time, diabetes can cause tingling & pain in the feet.

These specially designed slippers are lined with ice gel packs. They help neutralize pain in the feet and offer instant relieve.

They are one of the best diabetic gift ideas for all ages.

30. Sugar Free Candy Gift Tray

Sugar Free Candy Gift Tray

The first popular diabetic gift basket on this list is one filled with … candy!

That’s right, it’s not because a person has diabetes that he or she doesn’t like candy just as much as you do.

That is why this gift basket filled with sugar-free candy is bound to be a well-appreciated gift for any occasion.

29. Colorful Diabetics Socks

Colorful Diabetic Socks

For diabetics, normal socks are often too tight which leads to sore and swollen feet.

Although there are many specifically designed socks for diabetics out there, most of them look very dull and plain.

Except for this pair! They are as comfy as they are colorful!

28. Type One-derful Top

Type One Derfull Top

Next on our list of best gift for diabetics, we have an adorable top.

It features a witty diabetes pun as well as a matching little unicorn.

A funny diabetics gift idea for teenage girls!

27. FitTrack Smart Scale

Fittrack Dara Smart Scale

One of the best gifts you can give a diabetes a patient, can be the device which can keep a track of their health.

FitTrack smart scale is the device connected to app that helps you to be healthy and fit. You can connect your vitals with what are you eating and doing. The app records it and saves in your account.

You can get early signs of pre-diabetes or any disease, reach your health goals, track your progress, keep record of your health with just one device.

26. Diabetes Art

Diabetes Art

For diabetics patients, the disease will inevitably become an integral part of their lives. So why not artistically reflect this?

In this colorful work, the artist makes a creative interpretation of the insulin hormone structure.

A gorgeous and vibrant wall art print that will look stunning in any room.

25. Sweet Duck Coloring Book

Sweet Duck Diabetes Awareness Coloring Book

If you’re looking for inexpensive funny diabetic gifts check out this coloring book.

Having diabetes stinks! But this fun adult coloring book might help you lighten the mood.

This witty book was designed by a mom of a child with diabetes.

24. Funny Diabetes Travel Bag

Funny Diabetes Travel Bag

Expressing a similar sentiment, this little travel bag is also a very popular gift for diabetics.

Just saying it like it is…

A useful and funny gift that might be a great gift idea for diabetics this Christmas.

23. Needle Clipping Device

Needle Clipping Device

The BD Safe-Clip device removes insulin syringe and pen needles safely and easily.

This portable device can hold up to 1,500 needles.

A great little gadget that helps ensure that your used syringes don’t injure you or other people.

22. Mixed Nuts Gift Basket

Mixed Nuts Gift Basket Unsmushed

Nuts can provide a safe and healthy source of protein & beneficial fats for people with diabetes.

So why don’t you treat that special person in your life with a copious gift basket?

Probably the most healthy diabetic gift basket on this list!

21. The Diabetes Code

The Diabetes Code

We can’t have a list of best gifts for diabetics without adding at least one relevant book.

The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung is an absolute bestseller that has helped countless people.

In his book, Dr. Fung argues that Type 2 diabetes can effectively be treated and managed by proper dieting and intermittent fasting.

20. Ultimate Foot Massager

Infrared Foot Massager

As we mentioned before, one consequence of diabetes can be painful or sore feet.

That is why this ultimate foot massager makes for a great gift for diabetic patients.

Just read the reviews and you’ll see that everyone just loves this useful gadget.

19. Funny Diabetics Bottle

Funny Diabetics Water Bottle

Our next funny diabetic gift is a hilarious bottle.

It can be used for both hot or cold beverages.

A great gift that will put a smile on your face during every break.

18. Stylish Insulin Pen Case

Stylish Insuline Pen Case

People who have diabetes often feel conscious about their disease when in public.

But who says medical equipment can’t be carried stylishly?

This stylish insulin pen case is made from real leather and won’t automatically be seen by the outside world as a pouch for a needle.

17. Can Do Diabetics Shirt

Funny Diabetics Shirt

Naturally, we had to include a funny shirt in this ultimate list of best gifts for diabetics.

We chose this witty shirt as it holds a message which is both funny as empowering.

As long as they properly manage their insulin levels, people with diabetes can live a normal life and achieve anything they want to.

16. Diabetic Feet Cushions

Diabetic Feet Cushions Unsmushed

Using high-quality silicone heel gel pads, these cushions will discreetly and comfortably give the ball of your foot the extra support they need.

They are specifically designed to relieve key pressure points and alleviate pain.

The pads can be worn in high heels, dress shoes, boots and other kinds of shoes with or without socks. When dirty, they can just be washed and reused.

15. Soothing Foot Cream

Diabetic Foot Cream

But even with the extra support, a diabetic can still suffer from painful feet.

That is why a soothing foot cream will always be a useful gift.

You can also complement this foot cream with a matching Dry Skin Relief Lotion.

14. Diabetic Gift Basket

Diabetic Gift Basket

If you’re looking for a lavish diabetic gift basket look no further!

This lovely basket is filled with all kinds of treats that a diabetic is allowed to eat.

It includes delicious products such as summer sausage, popcorn, chips, snack mix, and more.

13. Diabetic Chocolate Gifts

Fairytale Sugar Free Brownies Unsmushed

Or perhaps you prefer to go for the real deal?

These gourmet chocolates are sugar-free and hence can also be enjoyed by a person who has diabetes.

As you can imagine, diabetic chocolate gifts are always well appreciated.

12. Low Blood Sugar Sign

Low Blood Sugar Sign

This hilarious sign could be given to any person but holds extra meaning for a diabetic.

It is bound to receive a prominently place around the recipient’s house or office.

One of our favorite funny diabetic gifts on this list.

11. Diabetes Greeting Cards

Diabetes Greeting Cards

You can never go wrong with a funny greeting card.

And this site has a unique assortment of cards specifically tailored to diabetics.

For example, a diaversary is the yearly celebration of the day a person was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s a popular custom to keep track of how long a patient has been effectively managing the disease while being able to live a normal life.

10. Fashionable Diabetics Handbag

Diabetics Handbag

A person who has diabetes needs to have key equipment such as an insulin pump or blood sugar tester on him or her at all times.

This innovative brand designed a stylish bag that has special pockets to hold a diabetic’s gear.

This while for the outside world the bag just looks like a fashionable accessory.

9. Ultimate Insulin Cooler Case

Insulin Cooler Case

Next, we have a useful gift for diabetic patients who need to travel long distances.

This stylish cooler will keep his or her insulin nice and cool the entire trip long.

The case is available in several flashy colors.

8. Cookbook For Diabetics

Cookbook For Diabetics

Are you buying a gift for someone who has recently been diagnosed with the disease?

A cookbook can be a great idea. This because changing diet is probably one of the most difficult steps for a new patient.

Each recipe is designed to help control blood sugar levels. However, the recipes are smartly chosen so that they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

7. Flashy Insulin Belt

Insulin Belt For Kids

Especially for children, having to wear an insulin pump makes them feel conscious and insecure.

But thanks to this assortment of flashy belts, the pump can be elegantly hidden away.

Also check out the line of Adult Insulin Belts.

6. Diabetic Kitchen Chocolate Gift

Diabetic Kitchen Drinking Chocolate

For those of you looking for the ultimate diabetic chocolate gifts we, present this mouthwatering beverage.

Diabetic Kitchen developed a unique sugar-free recipe that allows diabetics to finally enjoy a cold or hot cup of chocolate.

A guilty pleasure that is bound to be an instant hit!

5. Insulin Pump Peelz

Insulin Pump Peelz

We kick off the top 5 of our list of best gifts for diabetics with a nice accessory for an insulin pump.

Thanks to this set of colorful covers, a diabetic can change the look of his insulin pump whenever he wants.

Have a look at what customers are saying about these lovely covers!

4. Women’s Medical Alert Charm

Diabetes Medical Alert Charm

A type 1 diabetic is advised to wear a medical bracelet at all times. This to ensure paramedics are aware of the condition should anything happen.

But why go for a standard dull bracelet if you can have a beautiful piece of jewelry?

This unique charm will be laser engraved with the key medical information, but can also include a personal message.

3. Men’s Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical Alert Bracelet For Men

Of course, we are also not forgetting about the male diabetic patients.

This stylish medical bracelet is specifically designed for men.

A handy chart will help you define the right size.

2. Myabetic Supply Case

Myabetic Bag

Myabetic is a popular brand among diabetics as it offers a wide selection of stylish accessories specifically designed for the needs of people with diabetes.

This bag can hold a glucose monitoring system, insulin pens, Insulin vials, test strips, etc. It is available in several colors.

A well-deserved second place in our top 35+ of diabetic gift ideas.

1. Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Proudly sitting at the top of our list of best gifts for diabetics we have the Apple Watch.

This because the Apple Watch can use the DexCom app that monitors blood glucose levels. This means a diabetic will have his glucose levels literally at hand.

Moreover, the watch can also be used for many other things, making the gift not purely related to diabetes.

What is a good diabetic gift basket?

Good diabetic gift baskets include sugar-free candy, an assortment of healthy nuts, or other healthy treats that contain small amounts of glucose.

Here are some popular diabetic gift basket ideas:

  • Sugar-Free Candy: people with diabetes like candy just like anyone else. These sugar-free sweets are not exactly like the real deal, but they do come close!
  • Mixed Nuts: nuts are a delicious source of proteins and fats for people diabetes.
  • Diabetic Chocolate Gifts: probably the number one food that diabetics miss and crave is chocolate. But luckily, there are many sugar-free variants on the market. Alternatively, you might also want to check out this Diabetic Chocolate Drink.
  • Mixed Diabetic Gift Basket: this basket offers a combination of delicious treats that any diabetic will be able to enjoy.
  • Other ideas for a healthy diabetic gift basket are yogurt, veggies, hummus, avocado, beef sticks, or roasted chickpeas.

What are the best food gifts for diabetics?

The best food gifts for diabetics are basically any food that avoids simple carbohydrates such as sugar, pasta, white bread, flour, and cookies, pastries.

Great food gifts for diabetics are:

  • Plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, seeds, or tofu.
  • Unprocessed meat such as beef, chicken, pork or turkey.
  • Any fish or seafood items.
  • Specifically designed sugar-free Chocolate Gifts or Candy.

You can find more information about healthy food choices for diabetics in this useful guide by the American Diabetes Association.

What are funny diabetic gifts?

Laughter can be great medicine. This is also true for people who have diabetes.

Give a diabetics patient a gift that puts his disease in a more humorous spotlight and he will love it.

Our personal favorite funny diabetics gifts are:

  • Can Do Diabetics Shirt: this shirt hilariously reminds the world that diabetics can do anything they want to do. Well … except for creating insulin. An absolute bestseller that is proudly worn by diabetic patients everywhere.
  • Low Blood Sugar Sign: this witty sign will remind a diabetic of those moments where his blood sugar levels are too low and food needs to quickly be consumed to restore them.
  • Funny Diabetics Bottle: this high-quality bottle features the hysterical pun “Be nice to diabetics, we already deal with multiple pricks a day”.
  • Blood Sugar Log Book: if you have to keep track of your blood sugar levels you might as well do it in a hilarious notebook.
  • Funny Tote Bag: our absolute favorite funny diabetics gift is without a doubt this hysterical tote bag. It is bound to turn heads on the street wherever you go.

Looking For More Diabetic Gift Ideas?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for diabetics useful, and you are now set to surprise the diabetes patient in your life with the perfect present!

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