Top 10 Home Decor Gifts for Her

Are you wondering if giving her a home decor gift is a great idea?

The women participating in our survey think it is! 8 out of 10 consider this a great gift, and more than 40% would love it!

Bottom line: Buy stylish home decor gifts for her and make her house feel like a home.

And in this top 10 list, you will find the trendy items to buy for someone with great taste in interior design.

Let’s dive right in!

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10. Natural Cork Coasters

High Quality Cork Coaster Set Compressor

These hand-painted coasters will add a unique and natural touch to her coffee table.

They are made from quality cork, a renewable material, and painted in a wide variety of motives.

These beautiful little coasters will, without a doubt, make a great housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gift for her!

9. Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser

Scent Diffuser

This lovely, handcrafted, ceramic aromatherapy diffuser is designed to softly release essential oil-infused steam.

A stylish gift for her home that will lift her mood or simply add a natural scent to her living space.

It’s beautifully crafted out of ceramic, has a sleek, minimal design, is easy to clean, and functions perfectly! It will seamlessly blend with her decor.

Combine this relaxing home decor gift with some Vitruvi Essential Oils!

8. Felt Letter Board

Felt Letter Board

Available in different colors, this quality board made from a combination of warm oak and soft felt is the perfect complement to her home decor.

She will love the look and feel, while she can use the board for reminders, quotes she likes, and many more.

Pro tip: already put a personalized message on the board before you give it as a gift, she will love it even more!

7. Jo Malone Scented Candle

Jo Malone Scented Candle

With this Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle, she will be able to transform the atmosphere in the room.

Jo Malone’s scented candles never disappoint. They are beautiful candles, and the soft scent remains until the very end. A candle that is worth every penny.

It comes presented in a signature box tied with a ribbon, which makes it a wonderful home decor gift!

6. Bamboo Wood Yarn Bowl

Knitting Bowl

Is she into knitting or crochet?

Then she will love this beautiful handcrafted bamboo bowl, made specifically to store her yarn in a stylish way.

It has a natural and elegant look & feel, but it’s also light and easy to handle.

Thanks to the lid, her yarn will also be protected from any curious and playful pets she might have.

5. Marble & Wood Hexagonal Serving Platter

Marble Wood Serving Platters

Every home needs a chic tray for entertaining or simply corralling small items.

These stunning & unique Hexagonal Serving Platters are handcrafted from sustainably sourced mango wood and marble.

If she loves presenting food in a stylish and elegant way, then this unique serving platter is definitely a great gift for her.

It’s available in pink, white, and grey marble.

4. Brass Basket by Alessi

Brass Bowl Jasper Morrison

An industrial yet chic brass basket that she can prominently display on her coffee table or dresser.

She can fill it with fruit or other small decorative items.

This Italian designer basket is made entirely from brass and finished with relief decoration. It’s a minimalist reinterpretation of a great classic as originally designed by Jasper Morrison.

3. Cute Chubby Rhino Planter

Chubby Rhino Planter

This cute handmade chubby ceramic flowerpot adds a lovely touch to any bookshelf or dresser.

She can fill it with the plants she loves and it will brighten up her room and mood.

If you want to give her a truly original planter, you can’t miss this little rhinoceros with its cute short paws and tiny eyes and ears.

A lovely little home deco gift for her.

2. Butterfly Ginkgo Cake Stand

Butterfly Ginkgo Cake Stand

Give her a deluxe cake stand that celebrates the beauty of the ginkgo Biloba tree.

This high-quality designer piece is made from natural and oxidized brass and marble. It’s 6.5″ high and has a diameter of 11″.

Cake has never been served so stylishly!

1. Marble Jewelry Box

Marble Jewelry

This remarkable little marble box can be used to store favorite jewelry, but also for holding everyday items such as keys in a fashionable way.

This vibrant designer box comes in various colors. 

Whether placed on a nightstand or on a dresser in the hall, it will add a fabulous little touch.

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Last Updated on July 28, 2022 by Emily Scott