Top 40 Gifts For Pomeranian Lovers

Are you looking for original, cute & funny Pomeranian gifts?

Then you have come to the right place!

Any Pomeranian lover would be thrilled to receive a gift relating to their favorite fluff ball.

And we already did all the hard work for you! We scoured the internet and selected the hottest & cutest Pomeranian ornaments and merchandise for our top 40 of best Pomeranian gifts.

Get ready for some serious fluff! Here we go!

Pomeranian Gifts For Pomeranian Lovers Unsmushed

In this article you will find:

40. Pomeranian Memo Pad

Pomeranian Memo Pad Gift Unsmushed

We start this list of PAWsome Pomeranian gifts & ornaments with the cutest memo pad any pommy lover needs on his or her desk.

Each time you’re about to write a note, you’ll be greeted by an adorable little fluffy face.

Shut up and take my money already!

39. Hipster Tote Bag

Pomeranian Tote Bag Unsmushed

That’s the right world, I’m into Pomeranians and I’m not afraid to show it!

You’ll never leave the house without bringing this cute tote bag featuring a hipster pommy.

I mean, it’s wearing sunglasses! A must-have gift for fashionista Pomeranian lovers.

38. Luggage Tags

Pomeranian Luggage Tag Unsmushed

If you’re looking for Pomeranians gifts for someone who’s about to take a trip look no further.

Any pommy lover will absolutely love one of these pretty luggage tags.

Just look at that adorable little smile that’s ready to greet you as you pick up your luggage from the conveyor belt.

37. Pomeranian Notebook

Pomeranian Notebook

When it comes to Pomeranian merchandise, notebooks are among the most popular gifts.

And it’s easy to understand why!

This gorgeous little notebook will make any Pomeranian lover smile, no matter how tough of a day he or she might be having.

36. Vintage Caution Sign

Beware Of Pomeranian Sign Unsmushed

Although Pomeranians are not usually associated with guard dogs, these little faithful fluffballs are actually extremely protective of their family.

And in case a pommy doesn’t trust a situation, it will not hesitate to treat a trespasser to some high-pitched “yepping”.

Some people buy this sign for laughs, some because they just love it. Either way, one of our favorite Pomeranian ornaments!

35. Pomeranian Socks

Pomeranian Socks

Do we even need to explain why these socks make great gifts for Pomeranian lovers?

Silky soft and incredibly adorable, these socks are bestselling Pomeranian merchandise when it comes to stocking stuffers.

Available in women’s sizes 5-11 and men’s sizes 6-10.

34. Pomeranian Couch Pillow

Pomeranian Couch Pillow Unsmushed

Next on our list of best Pomeranian gifts, we have a hysterical couch pillow.

Unfortunately, all dogs lose hair and as a consequence, it’s quite annoying to clean the couch constantly.

However, this comical pillow reminds pommy lovers that their little fluff ball is nothing but glamorous.

33. Life Size Pillow

Pomeranian Shaped Pillow Unsmushed

For those of you who want to take the idea even further, we offer this life-size Pomeranian pillow.

Just have a look at the merchandise reviews to see the hilarious pictures people share of their pommy with the pillow!

A great gift for people who always dreamed of having a Pomeranian.

32. Cosmetics Bag

Pomeranian Cosmetics Bag

For the female Pomeranian lover, we present this adorable makeup bag.

This brilliant piece of Pomeranian merchandise features a little pommy in different yoga poses.

A great gift for classmates, colleagues, friends, or family members!

31. Modern Art Canvas

Pomeranian Art Canvas

Looking for original Pomeranian gifts as a housewarming present?

What about this exquisite piece of contemporary art?

A stylish canvas features a handmade bright and colorful representation of a typical pommy smile.

30. Pomeranians For Dummies

Pomeranians For Dummies Unsmushed

We can’t have a list of the best Pomeranian gifts without adding some books.

Although your average Pomeranian lover will be quite knowledgeable about their favorite little canine, this humorous book makes a great gag gift.

Award-winning dog author and renowned dog psychologist, Dr. Caroline Coile covers all the bases in this fun and easy-to-read book.

29. Pommy Lover Doormat

Door Mat

Of all our Pomeranian ornaments, the doormat is probably to most iconic one.

Let all visitors know that this house is being protected by my sergeant fluff himself.

Bonus: you can also send in your own text for a truly unique gift for Pomeranian lovers.

28. Kitchen Towel

Pomeranian Kitchen Towel Unsmushed

One of our extremely popular Pomeranian gifts for mother’s day is this kitchen towel.

Despite being utterly adorable, this kitchen towel can withstand normal everyday usage.

Made from 100% cotton and machine washable, it will be a Pomeranian-loving chef’s best friend.

27. Pomeranian Present Ornament

Pomeranian Present Ornament Unsmushed

Looking for Pomeranian ornaments to add a little fluffy touch to your Christmas tree?

You probably won’t find anything cuter than this little guy.

This ornament features Boo, the world’s cutest dog, smiling upon the world from his adorable little gift box.

26. Etched Wine Glass

Etched Pomeranian Wine Glass Unsmushed

Next, we have the perfect giving for wine enthusiast Pomeranian lovers.

This elegant wine glass features a beautiful etching of a perfectly groomed Pomeranian.

Relax in style with some pommy & wine.

25. Pomeranian Flower Shoes

Pomeranian Flower Shoes Unsmushed

This casual yet stylish pair of shoes features a lovely flower & Pomeranian print.

A fashionable piece of Pomeranian merchandise that is handmade from high-quality canvas construction for everyday use and a durable EVA outsole for exceptional traction.

Available in a wide range of sizes.

24. Anatomy Of Pomeranians

Anatomy Of A Pomeranian Journal

This journal is the perfect gift to brighten up the day of any Pomeranian lover.

The cover features a humorous summary of the anatomy of a Pomeranian.

It measures 6” by 9” and comes with standard lined paper.

23. Fuzzy Throw Blanket

Pomeranian Throw Blanket

Ok, so if we can add one over-the-top Pomeranian gift to our list it will be this one.

A ridiculously soft throw blanket features a flock of Pomeranians, with every single one looking even happier than the next.

Don’t worry, it’s a reversibly blanket for those moments where you want to tome a bit down on the pommy vibe.

22. Funny Pomeranian T-Shirt

Funny Pomeranian T-Shirt

When it comes to hilarious Shirts for Pomarian lovers, this one definitely wins the prize.

If she’s into sports and Pomeranians, this is the perfect gift for her!

21. Cartoon Style Clock

Cartoon Style Pomeranian Clock Unsmushed

No Pomeranian lover’s home is complete without a beautiful clock.

Stylish and versatile, this clock is the perfect living room or office centerpiece and a wonderful gift for any occasion.

This piece of Pomeranian merchandise will keep you smiling and on time for years to come.

20. A To Z With Boo

A To Z With Boo Unsmushed

A is for Adorable, B is for Boo!

The world’s cutest dog takes on the ABCs, and his adventures are more precious than ever.

An educational and touching gift for Pomeranian lovers of all ages!

19. Duvet Cover Set

Pomeranian Bedding Unsmushed

A true Pomeranian lover will sleep like a baby in this comfy and adorable duvet cover set.

Each set includes an 80″x90″ duvet cover and 2 20″x26″ Pillowcases.

Thanks to handy corner ties and a zipper the duvet insert will always stay perfectly in place.

18. Welcome Sign

Pomeranian Welcome Sign Unsmushed

People who own a pommy love shouting this to the world.

And with this lovable sign, they will be able to do exactly that.

This Pomeranian ornament is bound to get a special place in any home.

17. Coloring Book

Colouring Book For Pomeranian Lovers Unsmushed

Who said coloring is only for kids?

This delightful coloring book for adults is 100% pommy themed and promises countless hours of fun.

A great gift for artistic Pomeranian lovers.

16. Pomeranian Towel

Funny Towel

Whoever came up with this slogan deserves a prize!

A hilarious quote is printed on a high-quality, silky-soft beach towel.

What else are you looking for in Pomeranian gifts?

15. Pom Mom Car Decal

Pom Mom Car Decal Unsmushed

Bumper stickers & car decals are always fun gifts to receive.

And with this bad boy, she will be able to let the world know there is a fluff ball on board.

In case you’re wondering, yes, owners indeed consider their pommy as their baby.

14. Drink Wine & Pet Shirt

Drink Wine Pet Shirt Unsmushed

Next on our list of Pomeranian gifts, we have the funny shirt.

For a pommy owner, an ideal evening after a hard day indeed consists of a glass of wine and some quality pommy-tension.

This humorous shirt is available in a wide selection of dashing colors.

13. Pomeranian Men’s Shirt

Pomeranian Mens Shirt

Of course, we wouldn’t forget about the men either.

For them, we offer this hip shirt that is bound to turn some heads on the street.

He’s wearing a bow tie & glasses, what else do you want?

12. Shower Curtain

Pomeranian Shower Curtain

One of our favorite gag Pomeranian gifts is this over-the-top shower curtain.

Often given to friends who perhaps go a bit too crazy about their little fluff ball, it’s a hysterical way to point out this obsession.

Make no mistake, after all the fun & giggles this Pomeranian ornament will for sure go up the second she gets home!

11. Wooden Ornament

Pomeranian Wooden Stand Ornament Unsmushed

A gift doesn’t need to be too complicated either.

A Pomeranian lover will love this minimalistic ornament.

It is bound to get a prime spot in the living room or bedroom.

10. Adorable Underwear

Adorable Pomeranian Underwear Unsmushed

As with any hobby or passion, there is always underwear merchandise to be found.

But we have to admit this pair of woman’s underwear is absolutely adorable.

A fun stocking stuffer or humorous gag gift for any occasion.

9. Personalized Necklace

Personalized Pomeranian Necklace Unsmushed

No better way to symbolize a pommy is close to your heart than with a lovely necklace.

This gorgeous & elegant Pom Pom necklace features a little Pomeranian with a cut-out heart and is available in sterling silver, 14K gold or 14K rose gold.

You can even add an engraving for that personal touch.

8. Pomeranian Mug

Pomeranian Coffee Mug Unsmushed

Ah yes, also the traditional mug deserves a prominent spot in our list of top Pomeranian gifts.

Thanks to its bright colors and lovely drawings it is bound to make her smile during each coffee break.

The Pomeranian mug is dishwasher & microwave safe.

7. Personalized Travel Mug

Personalized Pomeranian Travel Mug Unsmushed

Does the person you are buying a gift for prefer to take his or her coffee on the road?

No worries, we also got you covered!

Besides its adorable print, this travel mug can also be personalized with a name, quote, or other text.

6. Phone Cover

Pomeranian Phone Cover

A phone cover is another classic that deserves a spot on any themed gift list.

This quality piece of Pomeranian merchandise features none other than Boo, the world’s cutest dog.

Just look at his little hoodie! Too cute!

5. Pomeranian Baby Bodysuit

Pomeranian Baby Bodysuit

For the Pomeranian lovers that just became a mom or dad we also have the perfect gift.

Thanks to this lovely little onesie the world will know that this baby has a fluffy big brother watching out for him.

Three simple snaps at the bottom of the bodysuit give easy access for speedy and easy diaper changes.

4. Bon Voyage Greeting Card

Pomeranian Greeting Card Unsmushed

At no. 4 on our list of best Pomeranian gifts, we find a hilarious and cute way to wish someone off on a holiday, next job, or other adventure.

Looking utterly dashing, Boo the dog is dressed as the world’s cutest little pilot.

This card is bound to stay on display in the living room for weeks to come.

3. Pomeranian Riding A Whale

Pomeranian Riding A Whale Frame

Ok, don’t ask us what this frame means or why it exists.

All we know is that it is a Pomeranian riding a whale…and it is super cute!

A well-deserved 3rd spot in our list and a must-have ornament for a true Pomeranian lover.

2. Pomeranian Cookie Cutters

Pomeranian Cookie Cutters Unsmushed


You’re telling me there is a way to combine my two favorite things in the world: baking cookies and smiling Pomeranians?

Shut up and take my money already!

1. Cutest Plush Pomeranian

Unicorn Pomeranian Stuffed Animal Unsmushed

At the very top of our list of best Pomeranians gifts, we find … a Pomeranian!

Yes, the only thing that comes close to the real deal is an adorable plush version of your favorite little fluff ball.

We went for this cute unicorn outfit, but also check out Boo in his pretty Giraffe suit.

How do I choose the right Pomeranian gifts?

Here’s the good news, if the person you are buying for is a true Pomeranian lover he or she will be happy with most pommy-themed ornaments and merchandise items.

However, here are some tips to find the one gift that will make a recipient ecstatic:

  • Ask yourself what her hobbies are. If she’s into sports, give her a pommy-themed item she can proudly use during her workout. How about this hysterical T-shirt?
  • Is sports not so much her thing? Then what about giving her something that does exactly the opposite, like this Pomeranian Cookie Cutter set? She can make delicious cookies with the adorable face of her favorite little pet.
  • Did he or she just move? Then this is a great opportunity to give a gift that will add a unique touch to the place. Check out this stylish Art Canvas staring a Pomeranian.

Funny gifts for Pomeranian lovers?

Are you doubting whether to buy a pommy owner a funny gift that jokes about their favorite pet?

Rest assured, it is a great idea!

In fact, most Pomeranian owners are well aware that their love for their little ball of fluff sometimes seems a bit aboard to the outside world. Not that they care what other people think, but they will definitely be able to laugh with their Pommy passion.

If you’re looking for some funny gift for Pomeranian lovers, check these items out:

  • Funny Shirt: this shirt is a great gag gift for women whose idea of a good night is some quality pommy time.
  • Underwear: nothing says you are passionate about something like themed underwear. This dashing pair features a very cute Pomeranian print and is bound to trigger some giggles during the present time.
  • Shower Curtain: for those lonely moments in the shower when she has to miss her little friend we present this Pommy print shower curtain.

What are cool Pomeranian gifts for men?

It’s not because a Pomeranian is small, fluffy, and cute that men aren’t allowed to be passionate about them.

In fact, there probably isn’t a man out there that wouldn’t be touched if one of those little furballs jumps against his leg.

Here are some very manly Pomeranian gifts that men can proudly enjoy:

  • Cool Shirt: This hipster shirt is featuring a Pomeranian but in a very cool & artistic way.
  • Caution Sign: With this rusty caution sign potential burglars will know to stay away as sergeant fluff is on patrol, and he won’t hesitate to wake the neighborhood up at the first sign of trouble.
  • Pomeranians For Dummies: Just to make sure he knows what he’s doing. And let’s not forget a pommy can be quite demanding, so tips are always welcome.

Looking For More Pomeranian Gifts For Pommy Lovers?

We hope you find this list of best Pomeranian gifts useful, and you are now set to surprise the true Pomeranian lover in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list you can click the button or if you just like to see more gift ideas for her just click that button.

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