25+ Funny New Dad Gifts That Will Be An Instant Hit In 2022

Someone you know just became a new dad or is about to become one?

No better occasion to give him some funny new dad gifts than this milestone event in his life.

He’s probably super stressed about his new responsibilities, so a hilarious gift is bound to lighten the mood.

But, you have no clue where to start looking for funny gifts for new dads?

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified the 26 most popular funny new dad gifts that will be a hit during your first visit or at the baby shower.

All aboard the funny gift train!

Infographic Top 25+ funny gifts for new dads

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By: Peter, Updated 10/11/2021

#26 funny new dad gifts: daddy's doo doo apron kit


8401 1993 8.0

This bad boy is the gag gift that will be the hit of the baby shower!

It holds all the necessities for any new daddy-to-be. A funny gift whether it is for a co-worker or close friend.

Also a hilarious gift for dads who don’t like germs. Whether they want to or not, they’re on diaper duty!

#25 funny new dad gifts: avengers baby bibs


34022 9382 8.0

We can’t have a list of best funny new dad gifts without adding a gag baby bib.

Dad’s everywhere will love this hilarious gift.

Also, a great tool to put a smile on the face of family members or random strangers when in public.

#24 funny new dad gifts: fake gift packaging


3495 1277 8.1

If you want to see a room full of shocked moms and snickering dads, use this hilarious gag gift idea.

This professionally made fake packaging insinuates you think babies are fed like a hamster. But once the box is opened, your “real gift” will appear.

One of those funny new dad gifts that will create a fun memory for years to come!

#23 funny new dad gifts: scream here pillow


23480 6966 8.1

For those moments where it all gets a bit too much, we offer this hilarious gag gift.

Sleep-deprived dads can let go of some steam by screaming into this funny pillow.

One of our funny new dad gifts that mom also can (and will) use.

#22 funny new dad gifts: who's turn is it coin


28394 7843 8.1

This bad boy is the gag gift that will be the hit of the baby shower!

It holds all the necessities for any new daddy-to-be. A funny gift whether it is for a co-worker or close friend.

Also a hilarious gift for dads who don’t like germs. Whether they want to or not, they’re on diaper duty!

#21 funny new dad gifts: hilarious silicone bib


785 2588 8.2

The silicon bibs definitely deserve a spot on our list of best funny new dad gifts.

They feature a hilarious quote, such as “#hangry”, as well as many other options.

But besides being funny, they actually will come in handy whenever a baby decides to not keep his food down.

#20 funny new dad gifts: milestones beer gift set


3041 1702 8.2

At No. 20 of this list of best funny new dad gifts, we find this Daddy’s First Milestone Beer Gift Set.

The set contains stickers and a create so you can create a unique and fitting six-pack for expectant dads.

Each bottle of beer can only be drunk when a certain hilarious “milestone” is met, such as getting peed on for the first time and his first night out with the guys since the baby was born.

#19 funny new dad gifts: New dad survival kit


1394 444 8.2

A popular gift at any baby shower is the infamous new dad survival kit.

This gift set is filled with funny and useful dad-themed gits such as a survival handbook and knuckle cream.

There is also a similar gift set for new available.

#18 funny new dad gifts: funny sign


4456 2031 8.3

This hilarious sign is one of our all-time favorite gag gifts for expectant dads.

Why? Because besides being an instant hit at baby showers, it actually is a very useful gift.

You have no idea how frustrating it can be to finally get the baby to sleep but then somebody decides to ring the doorbell.

#17 funny new dad gifts: Leveled up to daddy mug


24513 7005 8.3

We continue this list of funny new dad gifts with a fitting mug for the gamer husband.

This beauty holds 14 oz worth of liquid and comes with an easy-grip handle and thumb rest.

A thick double wall keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold far longer than the average mug.

#16 funny new dad gifts: dad's playbook


8401 1993 8.4

For new dads, having a baby is a whole new ball game, with new reasons to cheer and challenges to tackle around every corner.

You can help keep his head in the game by inviting him to huddle up with this sporty playbook.

This funny new dad gift offers wise quotes and insights culled from dozens of sports’ greatest coaches.

#15 funny new dad gifts: Dad you can do this baby bodysuit


13003 2582 8.4

For a first-time dad who isn’t very handy : a onesie with some just-in-case instructions.

If he hasn’t been around babies much, this is the perfect funny gift for the dad-to-be.

And it will crack up the friends and family members at the baby shower who know him all too well.

#14 funny new dad gifts: funny baby socks for a new father


9794 2043 8.4

Another funny, yet also cute and memorable gift for dads is this set of 4 pairs of baby socks

Each pair has an adorable rubber quote that will make fun of the new dad.

These high-quality socks are also a best-seller during Christmas.

#13 funny new dad gifts: manly adult coloring book


18492 8847 8.5

The new dad you are buying a gift for is a real tough guy?

Look no further! With this hilarious coloring book, he will be able to spend the afternoon coloring with his new son or daughter without losing his cool, as it only holds only manly pictures.

This is one of those funny new dad gifts that is a proven hit at baby showers!

#12 Brew Dad Matching T-Shirt & Baby Bodysuit


13941 5871 8.5

It’s never to early to follow in dad’s footsteps, right?

An adorable matching clothing set for the beer-expert new dad and baby.

Also a very original and funny way for women to break the pregnancy news to their beer-loving husbands!

#11 funny new dad gifts: Book traumatize your children 7 proven methods


566 173 8.5

This bestselling book is not just one of our hilarious new dad gag gifts, it’s actually a true must-read book for any parent as well.

For those who learn best through sarcasm, this book gives you insights into what not to do as a parent. It’s useful yet hysterical at times.

A really funny and well-appreciated gift for new dads!

#10 funny new dad gifts: Daddy's Diaper Duty Device


31772 7670 8.6

This is a great little kit for the new dad to be! It’s both funny and useful.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device is fully equipped with diapers, wipes, plastic tongs, safety glasses, and travel-sized baby products, all tucked into a fun apron tool belt. It even comes with a hilarious instructional manual.

If you’re looking for funny new dad gifts that will be a hit at the baby shower and make everyone laugh, get one of these!

#9 funny new dad gifts: Experimenting with babies book


9222 2948 8.7

This is a funny gift for the scientist or the guy who measures everything and likes to understand why things work and how.

This simple, engaging, and fun book sheds light on how your baby is acquiring new skills, and why he or she is making all these funny little noises or movements.

A great gift for father’s day or Christmas!

#8 funny new dad gifts: Matching T-shirt Darth Vader & Baby Bodysuit Stormpooper


1112 755 8.8

If the new dad is a Star Wars fan, he’ll absolutely love this matching shirt and onesie.

The quote “Daddy’s Storm Pooper” will make people smile wherever he takes his little bundle of joy.

The baby bodysuit also comes in pink in case it’s a girl and you prefer a little more color.

#7 funny new dad gifts: Periodic Table Building blocks


19383 4221 8.8

This set of 20 blocks contains every single element from the periodic table for vibrant early learning.

The blocks are made from high-quality wood and are safe for babies and toddlers to play with.

A funny new dad gift for the scientist in your life!

#6 funny new dad gifts: safe baby handling tips book & responsibility wheel


9475 1555 8.8

The Wheel of Responsibility helps moms and dads negotiate baby responsibilities, and avoid diaper duty, whenever they can.

A must-have funny new dad gift for any couple that settles everything with rock paper scissors.

After a long a painful labor, this present has proven to be an effective tool to make mom & dad laugh out loud during a first visit.

#5 funny new dad gifts: The Mustachifier


10539 2998 8.9

Kicking off our top 5 of funny new dad gifts we find the Mustachifier.

Your probably won’t find any more fitting and hilarious gift for any new dad who has an iconic mustache.

These hirsute pacifiers are cute yet functional, as they will quell a wail while giving new parents a much-needed chuckle.

#4 funny new dad gifts: funny rocks whiskey glasses


11201 3050 9.0

Being a new dad can be very stressful, so he will need a drink once in a while.

Help him tailor his drink to his current state of mind with this unique and funny highball glass.

The perfect new dad gift for the whiskey, bourbon and scotch fan with a good sense of humor.

#3 funny new dad gifts: The Baby Owner's Manual


17447 6889 9.3

A funny gag gift to your husband when you are pregnant, or just a great gift for a clumsy person who has never been much around babies.

The Baby Owner’s Manual holds operating instructions, troubleshooting tips, and advice on first-year maintenance.

One of our favorite funny new dad gifts under $20!

#2 funny new dad gifts: go the f*k to sleep book


1613 602 9.4

Just to be clear, this is NOT a children’s bedtime book! It is, however, a hilarious gag gift for new dads.

In case he has a sense of humor and doesn’t find profanity particularly offensive he’ll love it.

You should know, this book is a cherished and well-kept secret, shared from one exhausted, fed up, delusional, red-eyed, sleep-deprived parent to another.

#1 funny new dad gifts:Marvel Baby Bodysuits


15338 3004 9.5

At the top of our list of funny new dad gifts we have one for the marvel loving man…which is all of them!

This 5 pack of bodysuits features all the big Avengers superheroes: The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. So no tough choices need to be made!

A huge hit at every baby shower, and afterward, dads usually have a blast putting them on and imagining their offspring as a superhero!!

Bonus funny new dad gifts: anti-headache gadget


10988 3678 9.5

Before we go, we have one more funny yet also useful gift new dads.

This little gadget helps to relieve headaches by apply pressure on a specific pressure point in the hand.

Laugh about the fact that he’ll probably experience some child-induced headaches while you can. It won’t be so funny after the baby comes though…

How do I choose the right funny new dad gifts?


The best funny gifts for new dads are humorous items that celebrate the fatherhood or that tease the father-to-be about his upcoming duties or lack of experience.

Try to find a personal hook to maximize the effect. If he is a fan of Star Wars, give him a Star Wars related gag gift. If he is a tough DIY man, try to find a funny DIY fatherhood item.

If you’re unsure in which areas your friend or family is still lacking expertise, have a look at these Tips For New Dads by WebMD.

What about funny gifts for granddads?

Although grandparents usually to more of the gift giving when their first grandchild is on its way, you shouldn’t forget it is also a very important and emotional milestone in their lives.

That is why giving a funny gift to any new grandad to celebrate the occasion is a great idea.

Some popular funny gifts for granddads include:

Should I also buy a gift for new moms?

Absolutely! She is about to, or just went through one of the most painful experiences in her life. She deserves a gift as well. Don’t you think?

Gifts for the baby such as onesies or toys are always appreciated, but perhaps also try something for her as a person as well. Great gifts for new moms include:

  • Booking her a pampering experience.
  • Buying her a gift to pamper herself at home.
  • Offer to babysit in the future, as more than anything she would love to have an hour for herself again.

For more helpful tips on finding the perfect present for new moms, read our post on what gifts moms really want.

Looking for More Funny Gift Ideas For New Dads?

We hope you find this list of funny new dad gifts useful and you are now set to surprise a parent-to-be with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Do you want to see more gift ideas for him? We have plenty more hilarious gag gifts for adults! Or perhaps you want to surprise him with a more useful gift for first-time dads?


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