31+ Best Retirement Gifts For Men – Summer 2021

Looking for original and thoughtful retirement gifts for men?

Many people struggle with finding the right gift for men who are about to retire, as they are unsure what men would actually like for this important and emotional milestone in their lives.

He will be receiving many gifts, and you don’t want to be the one person who gets it wrong.

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified 31 best retirement gifts for men in 2021 that he will love and appreciate.

Ready to make his special day even more memorable? Let’s go!

Top 30 great retirement gifts for men

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By: Kristof, Updated 04/14/2021

#31 great retirement gifts for men: personalized bobblehead


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A great retirement gift to give any man is…himself!

The platform allows you to create a personalized bobblehead. Choose from a vast number of body models and just upload a picture and you will receive a unique retirement gift.

You can make it a funny gift, like the Superman body above, or visualize his profession as doctor, lawyer, etc.

#30 great retirement gifts for men: book for his memoirs


4261 762 8.0

This man just finished a 25+ year-long career, and so he must have many great and inspirational stories to tell.

He can start writing them down right away in this classy memoirs book.

By adding his name on the cover you will make it a personal and one-of-a-kind retirement gift.

#29 great retirement gifts for men: portable safe bag


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Now that he’s retired he can finally travel as much as he wants.

And with this next retirement gift he can do so with ease of mind.

The FlexSafe is a locked storage bag that can be fixed to objects and hold all your valuables while you’re enjoying the beach or pool.

#29 great retirement gifts for men: a fancy swiss watch


5887 1093 8.0

Probably one of the more stereotype retirement gifts for men is a watch.

But if you are going down this route, you’d better go big or go home.

Give him this luxury watch by the popular Swiss watchmaker Tissot. Add an engraving with some heartfelt words on the back to give it even more meaning.

#27 great retirement gifts for men: global liquor decanter


5121 652 8.1

He now finally has time to relax and have a drink whenever he wants.

Thanks to this distinguished globe liquor decanter he can display his favorite drink in an original and fashionable way.

The glass is hand-blown and the wood carved by craftsmen. A useful and classy retirement gift that any man will love!

#26 great retirement gifts for men: push pin travel map


6103 754 8.1

Most people talk about travelling the world after they retire.

With this stylish push pin world map he can track all the places he has already been, and indicate where he still wants to go.

As an extra, you can add his name or a little message to wave him off as he embarks on his series of adventures.

#25 great retirement gifts for men: indoor golf putter set


5694 842 8.1

A great retirement gift for men who love to play golf.

This indoor putter set perfectly symbolizes the transition from his professional life, to the one where he gets to do what he loves the most.

It comes with a proper putter, so this is definitely not a gag gift, he can and will play with it.

#24 great retirement gifts for men: leather scrapbook


10332 1200 8.1

A retirement is also the moment to celebrate key memories and achievements.

Give him this genuine leather scrapbook, and fill it with pictures, quotes and other keepsakes of the highlights in his life or career.

A great & meaningful retirement gift that even tough men will cherish forever.

#23 great retirement gifts for men: scratch off beer list


2907 404 8.2

Just in case he might get bored during his retirement, you can give him this nifty scratch off bucket list poster.

It holds a 100 tasty beers that should be part of any bucket list.

Thanks to this original poster he can try a new beer every week of his retirement.

#22 great retirement gifts for men: the macallen


8711 1592 8.2

Most men can enjoy a glass of high quality Whiskey.

If you are buying a retirement gift for a man like this, you can definitely please him with a bottle of Macallen.

This renowned brand of Scottish Whiskey is considered the best in the world, and this particular specimen gets close to perfection as it has exclusively matured for 12 years in a mix of sherry-seasoned American and European oak casks.

#21 great retirement gifts for men: his own award


7873 1882 8.2

To thank him for his years of service, you can also give him an award.

You can add a genuine message celebrating his career and achievements, or make it a more funny retirement gift by calling out some of his more amusing traits or moments.

Either way, he is bound to give it a prominent place in his home!

#20 great retirement gifts for men: personalized cigar box


9688 3004 8.2

A great classy retirement gift for men, even if they don’t smoke, is this exquisite cigar box.

The box is skillfully made from Spanish cedar and comes with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier.

You can customize it choosing from different patterns and adding the recipient’s name, making it an elegant object for his study or den.

#19 great retirement gifts for men: garden tool organizer


14502 5041 8.2

Spending more time in their garden is typically something retired men want to do.

However, as they get older, bending over several times to pick up scattered tools become more difficult. Not to mention forgetting where he put them in the first place.

With this useful organizing tool that fits around a standard 5-gallon bucket, he will keep them all in one, organized, place.

#18 great retirement gifts for men: a helpful book


729 101 8.3

Some say you will never be prepared for what hits you when you retire.

But perhaps this book can give some helpful guidance along the way.

Robin Ryan is a known and celebrated career and retirement counselor, and many people that read his book seem to find it very useful.

#17 great retirement gifts for men: painter starter kit


1310 232 8.3

This is a great retirement gift for more creative men.

Has he always been good a drawing? Or could you just see he is a very creative soul?

Then give him this deluxe painter starter kit. It holds everything he needs to make painting his new hobby, such as an easel, brushes, paint and canvas sheets.

#16 great retirement gifts for men: custom engraved glasses


7039 1211 8.4

The perfect retirement gift for the whiskey, bourbon or scotch loving man!

You can choose out of several different styles to create a classy and unique customized glass.

Give him one glass, or make a set of several with the same or different designs.

#15 great retirement gifts for men: binoculars


14344 9782 8.4

Before you start laughing, you should know that birdwatching is actually very popular among retired men.

And the Wingspan Spectator is considered a favorite tool as it offers an 8×32 magnification while being compact and fog proof.

So if you think the man you are buying for might be a “birder”, this could be a great retirement gift.

#14 great retirement gifts for men: retirement business cards


21291 5653 8.4

For men who have been in sales for a long time it has become a second nature: giving a business card whenever & wherever you meet someone new.

For those men we offer these amusing personalized business cards as retirement gift.

Put them in a nice holder for extra effect, and just watch his face light up!

#13 great retirement gifts for men: gym at home tools


988 114 8.5

Unfortunately, health very fast becomes the most important worry for retired people.

But you can help him enjoy his retirement to the fullest and for as long as he can.

Gift him the tools to work out and he won’t’ need to worry about cholesterol or clogged veins. Instead, he will be in the best shape he has been for years!

#12 great retirement gifts for men: rowing machine


2203 6594 8.5

In case budget is not a constraint, you can even take your concern for his health to another level.

This stylish rowing machine by Water Rower combines elegant design with high performance.

He will love using it, and his wife will not mind it taking up space in their home. A great retirement gift for sporty and fashionable men!

#11 great retirement gifts for men: bonsai tree


553 152 8.5

Nurturing a Bonsai tree is considered an art form in Japan. The concentration and patience needed to produce results is believed to help find one’s path to enlightenment.

Well, there is no better time to start working on your enlightenment like when you’re retired!

This little 5-year-old tree comes in a high-quality Japanese “Setku donburi” style bonsai container, making the picture complete.

#10 great retirement gifts for men: funny mug


10112 2302 8.6

We can’t have a list with the top retirement gifts for men without mentioning the all-time favorite gift for co-workers: the mug.

So on a well-deserved 10th place we have this absolute beauty.

If you’re going to give a funny mug, at least make sure the joke is actually funny.

#9 great retirement gifts for men: signed frame with quote


4167 3113 8.7

Probably our favorite retirement gift to give men in an office environment is this frame.

In the center there is a fitting motivational quote, while around it there is space enough for everyone to sign and leave a small message.

You can also personalize the little plaque, adding a distinguished touch to it.

#8 great retirement gifts for men: bucket list bucket


1284 656 8.8

Another creative way to urge men to get cracking on their bucket list is with this fitting retirement gift.

It comes with specially designed cards the write down any bucket list to-dos.

He can fill them in himself, or you and your friends or colleagues can write some things down as inspiration before you present the gift.

#7 great retirement gifts for men: comfy hammock


23445 6145 8.8

He is already picturing himself laying back and relaxing all day long.

So why not enable him to do exactly that, but in the utmost comfort and style?

This double-layered padded hammock will be his new best friend. Note that it’s also much more easy to get in and out off as a regular hammock, which will come in handy as he gets older.

#6 great retirement gifts for men: portable espresso maker


10266 2759 8.8

Is he a true coffee addict? And did you have great laughs together at the office’s coffee machine?

With this portable espresso machine he will be able to make his favorite brew while he’s out there exploring the world.

He will also have a fitting keepsake to remember your great coffee corner moments by.

#5 great retirement gifts for men: parking sign


27053 3433 8.9

A classic retirement gift for men that will put a smile on their face.

This parking sign is 12″ x 18″ and is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

No doubt he will find a fitting place for it around his home.

#4 great retirement gifts for men: luxury pocket watch


1031 535 9.0

One of our more luxurious retirement gifts for men is this beautiful pocket watch by Tissot.

Historically considered as an object of stature and accomplishment it lends itself perfectly to the occasion.

Add an extra engraving on the box or the on back of the watch and he will cherish this sophisticated timepiece in a special place.

#3 great retirements gifts for men: photo camera


13440 2900 9.1

One of the most frequently started hobbies by retired men is photography.

With this Nikon 5600 he will be fully set to discover the wonders of photography.

It is the new version of the famous 5300, which is widely considered to be one of the best cameras for beginners as it combines a compact design with extraordinary image quality.

#2 great retirement gifts for men: kindle e-reader


3102 932 9.3

Everyone wishes he or she at more time to read the great classics out there. And now that he is retired, he will finally have the time to so.

The Kindle Oasis is a great retirement gift as its large display and very high resolution are well appreciated by aging eyes.

As a tip: pre-install already some great books to make the gift fuly ready for use.

#1 great retirement gifts for men: airline tickets to his dream destination


32941 5049 9.5

Like all of us, he probably has been talking for years about finally traveling (or maybe even moving) to his dream destination once he is retired. Yet, he wouldn’t be the first to find new excuses once his there.

That is why all the way at the top of our list of retirement gifts for men we recommend to make the decision for him and just book the tickets.

With this platform, you get email alerts when there are flights between 60-90% off leaving your home airport so you can find the best possible deals.

How to choose the best retirement gifts for men?

Finding the right retirement gift for a man will depend on your personal relationship with him, as well as the environment in which the gift will be given.

The best retirement gifts for men are those that show him you know him and his achievements throughout his career, and that cherish the relationship and bond you have built together.

What are good retirement gifts for co-workers?

In case he is a co-worker or a more distant friend, a great retirement gift either commemorates his achievements or is a more humorous take on your history together. Yet always remember that the gift will be given in a work environment, so don’t go overboard.

What are good retirement gifts for dad?

When the relationship is much more personal, for example when he is your father, besides a physical item is perhaps not the most important gift. An even more appreciated retirement gift is to spend more time with him and to help him transfer into his new routine & continue to make his life meaningful.

Here are 8 tips to find great retirement gifts for dads:

  1. Enable your dad to Travel & savor each moment of it
  2. Push him toward Future Hobbies with Related Gifts
  3. Sentimental Gifts
  4. The Classics or Traditional Retirement Gifts for dads
  5. Funny retirement gifts
  6. Help him stay Healthy
  7. Help him with his financial planning for retirement
  8. Most of all, Be there for him & take up the role as a change agent

If you would like to learn more about how you can make this milestone in his life even more special, check out this post on how to find great retirement gifts for your father.

Looking for More Retirement Gift Ideas For Men?

We hope you find this list of best retirement gifts for men useful and you are now set to surprise him with perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Would you like to see more gift ideas for him? What about giving him a personalized retirement gift he will cherish forever? Or maybe gift him something useful for that big trip he always wanted to go on?


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