40 Best Secret Santa Gifts For Co-workers

Looking for original and funny Secret Santa gifts for co-workers?

Yes, it’s arduous to find a gift for a colleague you don’t really know, but you don’t want to get them a boring tie pin or a box of celebrations. The idea is to get closer to one another and have some fun.

Bottom line: If you want to give Secret Santa gifts that don’t require your colleagues to fake their reactions, either get this person something genuinely useful or go for a funny gift that makes the entire team laugh!

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified the 35+ best Secret Santa ideas for co-workers.

Ready to play Santa? Let’s go.

Best Secret Santa Ideas For Work

40. Pooping Pooches Calendar

Pooping Pooches 2022 Calendar

We start this list of the best Secret Santa ideas for work with a hilarious gag gift.

This 2022 calendar features 12 lovely canines while they armed their bowel movements.

A hysterical white elephant gift that is bound to be an instant hit during the Christmas office party.

39. Zen Routine

Zen Routine

Zen Routine, a scientifically-proven pillow spray, is an ideal Secret Santa gift for co-workers, especially in today’s high-stress work environment. Offering a natural solution to sleep challenges, this spray ensures not just a swift transition to sleep but also a deeper, more restful slumber. 

It’s a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges the importance of well-being and self-care, making it a perfect gift to show appreciation and understanding of a colleague’s daily challenges, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for another productive day at work.

38. Trump Fortune Teller Ball

Trump Fortune Teller Ball

For those moments when the team can’t get a consensus on tough business decisions, we offer the perfect solution.

President Trump, in his uncanny wisdom, will give you a load of his “insightful” advice for the future.

One of those funny Secret Santa gifts for coworkers that will bring laughter to any meeting.

37. Revolutionary Eyeglass Cleaner


Does your coworker wear glasses? Then we have the perfect office Secret Santa stocking stuffer for you!

This gadget offers a revolutionary and patented invisible carbon formula to safely and easily cleans a pair of glasses.

It is trusted by over 12,000 optometrists around the world and is available in a range of flashy colors.

36. Why I Work Mouse Pad

Hilarious Coworker Mouse Pad Unsmushed

For the cat-loving coworker, we also have the perfect Secret Santa gift.

This hilarious mouse pad will be cherished at is useful but also boasts a truth known to feline owners.

This gift is bound to put a smile on your colleague’s face throughout the day.

35. Closed Pet Ecosystem

Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Every workplace has a strict no-animals policy, right?

But this fully closed aquatic ecosystem can be kept on a desk without breaking any rules.

It will add a unique touch to your coworker’s desk, and it’s also just fascinating to stare at.

34. Desktop Punching Ball

Desktop Punching Ball Unsmushed

We continue this list of the best Secret Santa gift ideas with a great stress-reliever.

For those moments where your coworkers just had enough, they can release their frustration on this punching ball.

A popular gag gift that tends to be vividly used by colleagues who happen to pass by your desk.

33. Back Support Brace


What about giving your coworker a Secret Santa gift that will save him or her from back pain?

Spending hours at the office crouched over a computer screen can lead to severe back pain.

But no more pain now, thanks to this back support brace. It’s easy to use and has proven to be very effective!

32. ScreenKlean Gadget

Screen Klean

Whether your colleague uses a smartphone or tablet for professional or private use, he’ll be sure to love this office Secret Santa stocking stuffer.

The ScreenKlean’s patented carbon technology attracts and lifts dirt & grime away from any screen.

Nobody likes staring at a dirty screen, so give your coworker a ScreenKlean!

31. Portable Blender

Portable Blender Unsmushed

If you are looking for healthy Secret Santa gifts for coworkers, check out this portable blender.

With it, your colleague can create a fresh smoothie right there in the workplace.

This nifty blender can be easily charged using a USB cable.

30. Cat Post-It Dispenser

Cat Post It Dispenser

Add a touch of feline cuteness to your coworker’s desk with this adorable post-it dispenser.

A fun and useful gift that will keep those post-its at hand when needed.

This is one of our bestselling Secret Santa gifts for female coworkers.

29. Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Keyboard Cleaning Kit

One of the most useful Secret Santa gift ideas for work is probably this handy cleaning kit.

Your coworkers will agree that their keyboard is filled with all kinds of dirt & grime, but nobody knows how to get it out.

No more dirt, thanks to this comprehensive set of cleaning utensils.

28. Complaint Ticket Dispenser

Complaint Department Ticket Dispenser Unsmushed

Next, we have the perfect Secret Santa gift for that coworker who is sometimes fed up with people coming to his desk to complain.

With this hilarious sign, he or she will at least have a deterrent for whiny coworkers.

It is voted as one of the must-have Secret Santa gifts for male coworkers.

27. Mini Desk Fan

Usb Mini Desk Fan

Nobody likes to work in excruciating heat.

So if it tends to get very hot in your office during spring & summer, your coworker will be very happy with this little gift.

The desk fan is powered by USB, so you can just plug it into your computer and it will start offering immediate refreshment.

26. Mad Libs Office Edition

Mad Libs For Coworkers Unsmushed

Your office, unfortunately, doesn’t have the greatest coffee machine.

For that colleague you know who enjoys a quality cup of coffee in the morning, we have the Wacaco Minipresso.

It’s a compact and light handheld espresso machine that delivers a quality shot of coffee.

25. Funny Notepad Set

Funny Notepad Set Unsmushed

We can’t have a list of the best Secret Santa gifts for coworkers without adding a funny notepad.

And this colorful set enables any colleague to note down his coworker’s or boss’ requests on a fitting sheet.

A cheap Secret Santa gift for coworkers, but nonetheless one that always brings laughter to the party.

24. Stress Relief Desk Toy

Stress Relief Desk Toy

Buying a gift for a coworker that is always fiddling around?

Thanks to this original game, he or she will be able to channel that stress into something more productive.

Besides being a proven therapeutic toy, this gift will also function as a stylish desk decoration.

23. Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug Unsmushed

For the coworkers that just won’t function without their daily dose of caffeine, we present this coffee mug.

This funny Secret Santa idea even comes with a little coaster, completing the set.

The whole comes presented in a nice little box, ready for gift-giving.

22. White Elephant Cookbook

White Elephant Cookbook

Probably one of our most popular funny Secret Santa gifts for male coworkers is this hilarious cookbook.

Although this book features 50 very tasty recipes for cooking poultry, the most satisfying will be the gift-giving moment itself.

This white elephant gift is guaranteed to crack the entire (male) team up!

21. Cat Butt Magnets

Cat But Magnets Unsmushed

These cat but magnets are one of our favorite funny gifts for Secret Santa at work.

This hilarious set features six different feline buttocks. Moreover, you can also choose to go for the dog, farm, or safari-themed animals.

Bonus: no more colleagues nicking your magnets, as they will be very easy to track down.

20. Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Espresso Machine

Your office, unfortunately, doesn’t have the greatest coffee machine.

For that colleague you know enjoys a quality cup of joe in the morning we have the Wacaco Minipresso.

It’s a compact and light handheld espresso machine that delivers a quality shot of coffee.

19. Countdown to Retirement Clock

Countdown To Retirement Clock Unsmushed

In case your colleague is not too far from his or her retirement anymore, you can joke that the countdown has started.

On the other hand, giving this clock to someone who just started might also be a good practical joke.

Either way, this countdown clock will give a precise ETA to retirement, right down to the second.

18. High Heel Stapler

High Heel Stapler

The stapler is one of those mystical office supply items that just keeps on disappearing.

No more disappearing issues, thanks to this unique and fabulous design of high heel stapler!

In case anyone dares to borrow yet not return this stapler, the rightful owner will be able to spot it throughout the office.

17. YES, NO, MAYBE, SORRY Buttons

Yes No Buttons

For the colleague that often gets people at his or her desk with simple yes-or-no questions,

As of now, they can automate their replies with these buttons that answer for them. But mostly, the team will have a good laugh during the Secret Santa event.

It’s also a great addition to the team’s conference room as it lightens the overall mood.

16. Otter Tape Dispenser

Otter Tape Dispenser Unsmushed

Everyone needs a tape dispenser on his or her desk, right?

So a great Secret Santa idea for work could be this adorable otter dispenser.

Lying on its back and clenching the roll of tape, just as a real otter would do with some shellfish or other food, everyone will suddenly want to borrow some tape.

15. Computer Post-It Message Board

Monitor Post It Message Board

A monitor with all its sides covered in Post-Its sounds familiar.

We all sometimes write stuff down to help us remember, but if left unchecked it could lead to a very messy desk or cubicle.

Thanks to this nifty message board that can be easily attached to any monitor your colleague will have an organized place to hang Post-Its, as well as prioritize them.

14. Item Finder

Xy Find It

Is your colleague always losing his or her badge or other important items?

Then a great Secret Santa idea could be this Tile Pro Item Finder.

He or she just needs to attach the Tile to the item that tends to get misplaced, and using an app on his or her smartphone they can make the tile ring.

13. Design Re-usable Coffee Cup

Reusable Coffee Cup

This specially designed coffee cup is a useful gift that will keep a beverage warm, as well as help limit the waste created by disposable coffee cups.

It’s made from BPA-free plastic and high-quality cork. The latter is a renewable material.

A stylish and handy Secret Santa gift idea that will please any colleague!

12. Cat Paper Clip Holder

Cat Paper Clip Holder

Another one of our handy yet stylish Secret Santa ideas for work.

Say goodbye to paper clips spread across a desk or drawer. This cute magnetic cat and bag accessory will keep them all in one place.

It’s as if the cat is playing with the paper clips. How adorable!

11. Drink More! Water Bottle

Drink More Water Bottle

During those busy days at the office, many people often forget to drink sufficient water.

Thanks to this water bottle your colleague will have a constant reminder to stay hydrated.

Using motivational sentences this well-designed Secret Santa gift will make sure two full bottles a day are consumed.

10. Paper Weight Decision Maker

Paper Weight Decision Maker

We cannot make a list of the best Secret Santa ideas for work without mentioning this classic.

This paperweight will offer solace for those indecisive moments. Just give it a spin and any question will be answered.

When not in use, it can serve as a neat paperweight.

9. Big Personality Desk Signs

Big Personality Desk Sign

It’s probably the best Secret Santa gift idea in case you drew your team leader or boss.

These sassy signs will make light of his or her leadership role and make the entire team laugh.

Watch out, in those cases where there is a strict hierarchical relationship with your boss you might want to think twice.

8. Mini Karaoke Microphone

Mini Karaoke Microphone

The Secret Santa party just got taken to an entirely new level!

Hook this mini microphone up to any smartphone, and the entire team can start a karaoke competition right there and then. It will look absolutely hilarious with people singing in the tiny mic.

Compatible with most karaoke and voice recording apps.

7. Desktop Golf Set

Desktop Golf Set Unsmushed

This is a great Secret Santa idea for work, especially for a colleague that could use a break.

With this miniature desktop golf set, he or she can clear his or her mind and relax for a couple of minutes.

Or, use it to start a new and fun office competition. Fore!

6. Cork Office Memo Cactus

Cork Cactus

A two-in-one Secret Santa gift!

Spice up your colleague’s cactus collection while giving a stylish place to put memos at the same time.

And there is more. Underneath the cactus, there is a hollow space to store small office supplies like paper clips or erasers.

5. World Travel Power Adapter

World Travel Power Adapter

Does the person you are buying it for travel a lot for work?

Then you can never go wrong with giving them a high-quality world travel power adapter.

One of those typical things people forget when leaving on a business trip, and a real-life saver when on location.

4. Moody Cards

Moody Cards

With these hilarious moody cards, your colleague can greet his fellow worker’s humor when they come to his or her desk.

With classics like “Do I look like Google?” or general wisdom such as “carbs are evil,” the mood in the office will be lightened instantly.

It also holds several magic marker mages for adding and erasing their own phrases. One of our favorite Secret Santa ideas for work!

3. Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Clock

Im Late Anyway Clock

A great joke in case your colleague has the tendency to be a bit late for team meetings.

Give him or her this stylish clock that reminds in a funny way that one might be running late for something important.

An original Secret Santa gift to brighten up any cubicle.

2. Dinosaur Planters

Dinosaur Planters

Never give a colleague just a dull plant as a Secret Santa gift.

However, there’s nothing dull about these ultra-stylish and adorable dinosaur planters. They will look amazing on any desk.

Just don’t tell these prehistoric pals how cute they are, they have a reputation to uphold.

1. Design Headphone Stand

Premium Headphone Stand

This is it! The number one in our list of Secret Santa ideas for work!

In this digital era, we are all spending a lot of time having meetings over Webex or Skype. Hence, having a headset or headphones at hand is crucial.

With this design, the bamboo headphone stands, your colleague will always have a modish place to hang his headset.

How do I choose the best Secret Santa gifts for coworkers?

The best Secret Santa gifts for coworkers are either useful items that they can use for their job or funny gadgets that bring some laughter to the work floor.

  • Useful Items: A coworker can always use a gift that will help him or her during the day. Popular useful Secret Santa gifts for coworkers are this Design Headphone Stand, this World Travel Power Adapter, and this Computer Post-It Message Board. However, if you want to be a bit more original, you should check out the following novelty Secret Santa gifts for coworkers: a Cork Office Memo Cactus, a Cat Paper Clip Holder, or this High Heel Stapler.
  • Funny Gadgets: Some of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for work are, of course, gifts that make the entire office laugh. The big hits during the office Christmas party are this hilarious Mini Karaoke Microphone, this Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Clock, and these YES, NO, MAYBE, SORRY Buttons. 
  • Relaxation gifts: Besides giving colleagues work-related gifts, you can also give them a present that lets them relax while at home. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is an item that lets them forget about work.

What are watch outs when buying Secret Santa gifts for coworkers?

Playing Secret Santa at the office is always a lot of fun, especially when it’s played during the office Christmas party.

However, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t forget that it is still a place of work, and no Secret Santa gift idea is worth getting a bad reputation, or worse, losing your job over.

Here are some tips to get Secret Santa for work right:

  • Voluntary Participation: The first important rule when playing Secret Santa at work is to never force people to participate. If you hold a manager’s position, make sure everyone is on board by individually checking with your team members. Don’t just ask it in the group, as peer pressure will keep people from stating their true feelings. 
  • Be Inclusive: Never play Secret Santa with just a few of your coworkers. Don’t make people feel left out, especially during the holiday season! 
  • Stick To The Price Range: Nobody likes a show-off. So no matter if you’ve found the best Secret Santa gift idea for work ever, if it’s too expensive, don’t go for it. On the other hand, don’t go too cheap. You don’t want everyone in the office to think you are a cheapskate. 
  • Never Offend: Secret Santa gifts to avoid at all times are items that jobe about religion, faith, sexual orientation, race, or physical appearance. When in doubt, don’t go for the gift! 
  • No Romantic Gifts: When it comes to coworkers, it’s best to stay away from any gifts that might be interpreted in a romantic sense. So no heart-shaped chocolates or perfume, and by no means, give any sex toys.

What are funny Secret Santa gifts for male coworkers?

Let’s face it, for male coworkers, playing Secret Santa is all about the funny gag gifts.

That is why you can never go wrong with giving your male coworker a hilarious Secret Santa gift that cracks up the team during the gift-giving event.

However, although it’s ok to joke with certain personality traits of close colleagues, remember to stay away from any gift that can be interpreted as offensive.

Here are our favorite funny Secret Santa gifts for male coworkers.

  • Pooping Pooches Calendar: Whether you love dogs or not, this hysterical calendar will get a premium spot on your desk or in the team break room.
  • Complaint Ticket Dispenser: A great gag Secret Santa gift for the male coworkers that are tired of people nagging at their desks.
  • Big Personality Desk Signs: The perfect Secret Santa gift for the male colleague that tends to act like he owns the place.
  • Ways To Eat Cock Cookbook: In the end, boys will always be boys. So even a cookbook with a phallus-themed pun will crack them up like there’s no tomorrow.

What are good Secret Santa gifts for female coworkers?

The best Secret Santa gifts for female coworkers are useful gadgets or thoughtful decorative items she can use at her place of work.

Our bestselling Secret Santa gifts for female coworkers include:

  • Portable Blender: with this handy Secret Santa gift she can make fresh smoothies right at her desk.
  • Cute Planter Set: this planter set will brighten up her desk in an adorable way.
  • Cat Paper Clip Holder: no more paperclips scattered around her desk drawers thanks to this cute little organizer set.
  • Otter Tape Dispenser: we finish our list of best Secret Santa gifts for female coworkers with this adorable little tape dispenser. Just wait for the “awwww” when she’s opening your gift.

Looking for More Secret Santa Gift Ideas?

I hope you find all of these Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers useful and that you are now set to surprise a colleague with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list, you can click the button, or if you just like to see more gift ideas for her, just click that button. If you want to learn more about the background of the game, check out this Wiki page on the history of Secret Santa.

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