25 Best Gift Ideas For Secretaries In 2023

It is common for secretaries to be overshadowed by many employees and clients.

However, it is important to recognize their valuable role in an organization and make them feel appreciated by selecting appropriate practical and visually appealing gifts.

If you are still trying to figure out where to begin your search for unique gifts for secretaries, do not worry. We have already conducted the research and compiled a list of the top 25 gifts for secretaries that will bring a smile to any hardworking woman’s face.

Are you ready to find the perfect gift to brighten up your day? Let’s get started!

Gifts For Secretaries

In this article you will find:

25. Neck Hammock-One of the Best Gifts for Secretaries

Neck Hammock For Women

We kick off this list of the best gifts for secretaries in 2023 with the perfect item to relax with after a long day’s work.

If you’re smart, then you know that your secretary is the foundation of your team and company. But that job does come with a lot of responsibility and stress.

Thanks to the neck hammock, she can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and stress relief from the comfort of her home.

24. PC Deep Scan Stick

Fix Me Stick

By using FixMeStick once a month, your secretary can keep her computer and files safe without effort.

She just needs to plug it into her computer before her system boots to remove infections that won’t come off while the system is running.

This is an extra level of security that will save her a lot of time and frustration.

23. Anti-Headache Gadget

Aculief For Elderly Women

For those days when a boss gives his/her secretary a headache, we have the perfect gift.

The Aculief is a revolutionary patented gadget that quickly removes a headache or migraine.

It works by simply applying pressure to a specific pressure point in the hand. This means that she can even put it on while at the office

22. Cat Figure Post-it Dispenser

Cat Figure Post It Dispenser For Secretaries

Continuing our list, we present a charming yet petite gift option for secretaries: a small post-it dispenser in the shape of a cat figurine. This delightful desk accessory has the ability to bring a ray of sunshine to an otherwise dreary workplace, and is certain to brighten the day of any lucky recipient.

Ideal for secretaries who rely on post-it notes for their daily tasks, this dispenser boasts a distinct design and provides a convenient means of dispensing notes. It serves as an excellent addition to any desk setup, with its endearing appearance and practical functionality.

21. Emoji Desk Accessory

Emoji Desk Accessory Funny Novelty Gift For Secretaries

Is your favorite administrative professional sometimes stressed at work? Get her or him the best office desk accessory toy to relieve stress and tension out there: 29 hilarious emoji faces!

It is the perfect office desk toy and it makes a funny gag gift. This being said, the emojis are not only cute and funny, but they also serve the valuable purpose of warning everyone what your secretary’s mood is.

Everyone at the office will love it and have a good laugh!

20. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Gourmet Chocolate Food Gift Basket

Next up is a classic thank-you gift for secretaries: A gourmet chocolate food gift basket.

It must be said, you can also find healthier gift baskets online, but dried fruit can sometimes be soggy and some nuts can be stale when delivered, so our recommendation would be to give something that never fails: handcrafted Belgian chocolates!

This gourmet box contains 24 individually wrapped pieces and as a bonus, you can leave a personalized gift message!

19. Not My Job Stamp

Not My Job Stamp Gag Gift For Secretaries

Is your favorite secretary a straightforward person? Then the next gift will be a smash hit at work! A self-inking stamp with the message “NOT MY JOB”

It’s a hilarious gift. You just have to make sure it does not backfire, as you want to avoid this stamp being used against you by all means.

18. Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder

Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder

The next gift idea makes a cute secretary desk accessory as well as a vintage office decoration.

A 4′′ x 4′′ vintage typewriter pen holder for desks to hold pens, pencils, and other desk accessories

The pen holder is super cute and unique looking. It will be a conversation starter at the office!

17. “You Rock!” Appreciation Box

You Rock Apreciation

Are you looking for secretary’s Day gift ideas? Then the next gift is exactly what you are looking for as it has everything you need to say thanks!

A set of five highly polished river stones engraved and painted with YOU ROCK, with five matching gift cards!

BONUS: This box will come with a handy reference card providing 5 tips for expressing a personalized note of gratitude.

16. Giggle Desk Flip Cards

Giggle Desk Flip Cards

Next up, is another great gift to relieve stress and tension at the office. These Giggle Desk Flip Cards are the perfect office desk accessory toy for any secretary.

These little desk salutations are a fun way to express yourself for the day! Moreover, the images and phrases on the card are absolutely work-appropriate and useful!

Everyone in my office will get a good laugh and your favorite administration professional will get a lot of attention!

15. Leather Secretary Wallet

Leather Secretary Wallet

Next, in our list of secretary gift ideas, we find a stylish leather secretary wallet.

This 100% leather wallet is highly recommended for secretaries as it is thin but still has enough slots for all your cards.

Your favorite admin professional will also be pleasantly surprised that the wallet comes in a nice Tommy Hilfiger hard case, so it can be a little caddy for any dresser.

14. Note Pad Novelty Gift

Note Pad Novelty Gift For Secretaries

The next gift is the perfect gift for the secretary note-taker! A set of funny memo note pads is hilarious and brings a smile to my face whenever used.

These pads are hilarious and will make your favorite secretary smile whenever he or she uses them.

Unlike other novelty gifts, these memo pads are also good quality. The paper is thick enough that pens don’t bleed through or tear the paper.

13. Cactus Tea Light Candles

Cactus Tea Light Candles Thank You Gift

Are you looking for an affordable and cute secretary gift? Then have a look at this set of 6 decorative cactus candles in tealight holders.

These cute candles are the ideal decor ornament for any desk! Everyone will love it.

Super cute as a little gift, especially on secretary day!

12. Big Red NO button

Big Red No Button For Secretaries

The next gift idea is great for those secretaries needing a reminder to say no sometimes.

Slamming this big fat NO button will help him or her at the office. In no time, your favorite secretary will not be bothered anymore by people asking common-sense questions about their job title duties.

It’s a great gag gift for the entire office. Nevertheless, it’s pretty funny to play with

11. Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

Back Lumbar Support For Office Chair

Secretaries spend more than 8 hours a day in a seated position, so this comfortable cushion is just right for them. It provides the additional support they need to maintain good posture and the natural curve of the spine.

This ergonomic back cushion nicely fits most office chairs, even those with a high back. Your favorite secretary can raise or lower the product to his or her personal comfort level.

In a nutshell, a very practical gift for any secretary!

10. Nessie Tea Infuser

Nessie Tea Infuser Gift Idea

Does your favorite secretary love tea? Then get ready for some legendary tea time with this Baby Nessie, the Loch Ness monster tea infuser. She will dive into the depths of any cup to release the most delicious tea flavors.

The Nessie tea diffuser is easy to use, washable, and plain darn cute!

It is the perfect gift for any tea lover! Without a doubt, this tea diffuser will get him or her many compliments in the office!

9. Echo Dot 4th Gen

Echo 4Th Gen

The next gift idea needs a little introduction: the Echo Dot. Amazon’s most popular smart compact speaker fits perfectly into any office space.

The Echo Dot makes a great gift for secretaries as they can voice-control their music, ask Alexa for assistance, or call anyone hands-free.

Bonus: The improved speaker quality of the Echo Dot Gen 3 is much better compared to the Echo Dot Gen 2.

8. Adjustable Computer Workstation

Adjustable Computer Workstation For Secretaries

The next gift idea will transform your favorite secretary’s workspace into something truly unique!

This affordable adjustable computer workstation will allow him or her to sit or stand on demand.

It’s by far the best desk riser on the market and the size is perfect for a docking station, small monitor, and external storage.

7. Funny Secretary Mug

Funny Mug For Secretaries

Next up on our list is this hilarious ‘Let me drop everything and start working on your problem’ mug.

This thought probably goes through a secretary’s head every single day – probably multiple times on some days. Now, he or she can express it without being rude!

One minor setback is that the cup only holds 11 ounces, but you should buy it more for the laugh than for anything else

6. Fruit Infusor Water Bottle

Fruit Infusor Water Bottle

Water and hydration are important. Yet, it is difficult to drink plain water regularly. With this fruit infuser bottle, anyone will be drinking at least 30 ounces of water daily.

This fruit infuser water bottle also has a time marker with marked lines from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., helping to stay on track throughout the day!

The bottle is available in different colors, is dishwasher safe, and comes with a free infused water recipe eBook. So your favorite secretary has immediately 20 delicious & refreshing fruit-flavored water ideas.

5. Owl Planter Set

Owl Planter Set Gift For Secretaries

The next gift idea will add a dash of refreshingly modern design to the desk of your favorite secretary!

It is the perfect gift for a secretary who loves succulent plants with a green thumb and loves a modern style in his or her office space.

These planters are so freaking cute! Your secretary will not be able to stop looking at them! They will even be missed when he or she is back home!

TIP: Complement this gift with a nice-looking bamboo tray. Like this, the succulent or cactus draining is a lot less messy.

4. A Gift Certificate

Starbucks Gift Certificate

Many secretaries will agree that gift cards are the way to go if you are thinking of buying a gift for them.

No idea which gift card to choose? A Starbucks gift card is always welcome. But at the end of the day, almost any gift card will do very well!

Hint: If you’re going to give a gift card, you should give it a few weeks before Christmas so they can choose to use the gift card for their Christmas shopping if they want.

3. A Digital Photo Frame

Smart Digital Photo Frame

The next gift idea is the best desk accessory you can buy for any secretary! A digital photo frame

This digital photo frame is available in 7′′, 8′′, and 10′′ and includes a 32GB SD card. It also supports videos and has a nice auto-rotate function.

A digital photo frame is a very useful and thoughtful gift for any administration professional!

2. Desktop Beverage Warmer

Desktop Beverage Warmer

The runner-up for the title of best secretary gift is this handy desktop beverage warmer.

Your secretary will absolutely love this mug warmer! It ensures the temperature of any beverage the whole day and he or she will be able to adjust the desired temperature.

It makes a great gift, as the product is small, fashionable, convenient and practical!

1. Surprise Afternoons Off

A Day Off

If you are ever allowed to do this for your assistant, surprise afternoons off or a day off are a blessing!

Nothing says better “you’re doing a great job” than granting to take the afternoon off.

All secretaries agree that some extra hours to charge their batteries help more than any gift or cash.

What are good gifts for administrative professionals’ day?

Secretaries and administrative assistants are often some of the hardest-working employees who take care of the details that ensure business operations run smoothly. Therefore, recognizing your admin for Administrative Professionals Day is important, but it’s more important to recognize their value daily. 

The next ideas are great to keep them motivated and do not only work for administrative professionals’ day but also throughout the entire year:

  • Create a special event specifically for administrative staff. You could invite a motivational speaker or organize a dedicated training session. The chief executive can hand over an appreciation gift, like a nice frame with a motivational message and a gift certificate. 
  •  Evaluate the skill set of your favorite administrative professional and look for a professional development seminar that builds further on their core strengths. As a gift idea to go with this idea, you could provide personalized professional notepads with their names.
  •  You can provide a curated list of books every administrative professional should read. Consider a mini library in the office with those books. As a gift, you could also hand out a copy of a relevant book with a personal note.
  •  Also, tech gadgets are linked to the latest office technology trends, like wearable identity passes or wireless phone charging mats. 
  •  Let your support staff’s strengths shine by delegating responsibilities based on their interests and skill sets—on-The-Spot recognition using Instant Award Cards and a handwritten note.
  •  Provide a catered lunch and publicly recognize your support team.
  •  Make sure the gifts you select have professional and personal meaning, like, You Rock! Appreciation set.

What is a great Christmas gift for secretaries?

If you are looking for a sure-to-please and appropriate gift for Christmas, you can never go wrong with a gift card. If you want a more original gift, a digital photo frame or a desktop beverage warmer will be a big hit among secretaries.

If you know your secretary very well and you believe he or she is a good laugh, you can give also a gag gift like this big red NO button or this NOT my job stamp.

What is the best gift for a school secretary?

If you are a teacher and you are trying to get the school secretary on your side, your best option is to give a small gourmet basket or a nice bottle of wine. If you know him or her very well, you can always give something to his or her family.

If you are a parent, check if the PTO/PRA of your kid’s school does a collection for a large gift for all support staff. If so, you can make a contribution to this. If not, a handwritten card can do wonders.

NOTE: Student and teacher gifts are mainly tokens, so we recommend only providing gifts for those school members that you feel went a little beyond the call of duty for your kid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good gifts for secretaries or administrative assistants?

Some great gift options for secretaries or administrative assistants include a digital photo frame, desktop beverage warmer, gourmet chocolate gift basket, vintage typewriter pencil holder, personalized professional notepads, or a stylish leather secretary wallet.

What is a unique gift idea for a secretary’s birthday?

A unique birthday gift for a secretary could be a Giggle Desk Flip Cards set, a Nessie tea infuser, or an adjustable computer workstation. Other options include an Echo Dot 4th Gen, a fruit infuser water bottle, or a lumbar support cushion for their office chair. It’s essential to consider the individual’s interests and preferences when selecting a unique gift.

How can I show appreciation to my secretary on Administrative Professionals Day?

To show appreciation for your secretary on Administrative Professionals Day, you can organize a special event, provide professional development opportunities, create a mini-library of relevant books, or offer personalized gifts with professional and personal meaning. Consider delegating responsibilities based on their interests and skill sets, providing a catered lunch, or publicly recognizing their contributions to the team.

What are some affordable gift ideas for a secretary?

Affordable gift ideas for a secretary include a set of cactus tea light candles, a funny secretary mug, an owl planter set, or a motivational book. Consider giving a small gourmet basket, a handwritten card, or a creative desk accessory like an emoji desk toy. When selecting an affordable gift, focus on items that have both practical and personal value and that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Looking for More Secretary Gift Ideas?

I hope you find this list of secretary gifts useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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