35+ Best Gifts For Hairdressers & Hair Stylists In 2022

In need of an original hairstylist gift but no clue where to start?

Don’t worry, we are HAIR for you!

We gathered the best gifts for hairdressers in 2022, and each and every single one of them is just to DYE for.

Whether you’re looking for funny hairdresser gifts, Christmas gifts for hairdressers, or gifts for a hair salon owner, we got just what you need in our top 35+ best gifts for hairdressers & hair stylists.

These gifts are a cut above the rest, let’s have a look!

Infographic top 35+ best gifts for hairdressers & hair stylists

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By: Jess, Updated 10/12/2021

#36 best gifts for hairdressers: tote bag


15257 5788 8.1

We start our list of best gifts for hairdressers with a stylish & quirky accessory any hair stylist should own.

This tote bag features a hilarious pun that is bound to make people smile wherever she goes.

The bag is made from high-quality materials and available in different colors.

#35 hair stylist gifts: funky scissor set


19593 1250 8.2

Sure, he or she might already own a pair of scissors, but a good hairdresser can always use an extra pair.

And these are no ordinary scissors. Made from high-quality Japanese steel, this set of hair cutting and hair thinning scissors are hand sharpened to perfection.

On top, boasting flashy colors, they are one of our most funky & unique hair stylist gifts.

#34 best gifts for hairdressers: stanionary vacuum cleaner


14588 2499 8.2

If there is one part of the job that every hairdresser hates it’s cleaning up the cut hair that has fallen on the ground.

No more thanks to this innovative hairstylist gift!

One swipe of the broom toward the Eye-Vac and this stationary vacuum cleaner will suck all the hair right in. A great time saver and very easy to clean.

#33 best hairdresser gifts: funny mug


7764 1603 8.3

Thanks to this unique hairdresser gift stylists will be able to enjoy their morning coffee while scaring the sh*t out of clients.

Don’t worry, the fake blood drops are the dishwasher proof.

A great gag gift for any hairdresser!

#32 hairdresser gift ideas: CreaClip cutting tool


9891 1325 8.4

Next on our list of best gifts for hairdressers we have a nifty gadget that you might also have seen on Shark Tank.

A great gift for those hair stylist that can’t bring themselves to have their hair cut by someone else.

This little gadget is a DIY hair cutting tool that is designed to help you create your own professional looking hair style.

#31 hair stylist gift ideas: hairdryer & volumizer


17853 5854 8.4

Any hair stylist will love a gift that will make his or her job easier.

And that is exactly what this 2-in-1 hairdryer does.

Instead of having to simultaneously handle a brush and a traditional hairdryer, a stylist can single-handedly shape a customer’s hair using just this innovative device. One of our most frequently bought hair stylist gifts.

#30 unique gifts for hairdressers: proud to be sign


1503 522 8.4

If you’re looking for original gifts for salon owners check out this fitting sign.

These oh-so-true words will brighten up a hairdresser’s day every time she looks at this beautiful sign.

Also a very popular Christmas gift for hairdressers.

#29 hair stylist gifts: hair spray face shield


9850 1735 8.4

As a customer, don’t you feel a bit uncomfortable every time a hair stylist uses her hand to shield your eyes while applying hair spray?

Well, it’s also not fun for her to have her hand covered in the stuff.

That is exactly why these face shield masks make such a great gift for hairdressers. They are easy to handle, cover the entire face, and slide easily beneath bangs.

#28 hair stylists gifs: heat resistant silicone mat


19851 3524 8.5

Where to put that sizzling hot curling iron when working on a client’s hair?

This heat resistant silicone mat can be placed anywhere on her work desk and will provide a safe place to put any hot device.

A great stocking stuffer Christmas gift idea for hairdressers.

#27 best gifts for hairdressers: magnetic hair pin holder


16520 3459 8.5

For those who like novelty hairdresser gifts we present this magnetic hair pin holder.

No more digging through boxes to find a single pin, and definitely no more risk of accidentally dropping said box and covering the floor in hair pins.

This powerful magnetic holder keeps hair clips lined up and ready to grasp. Available in 2 stylish colors.

#26 unique hair stylists gifts: magnetic hair pin wristband


1256 298 8.6

But we also have a great hair stylist gift for when those hair pins are being used.

Offering an easy, and more hygienic, alternative to a hair stylist’s mouth, this lovely little gadget makes working with hair pins so much easier.

Just slip it on your wrist and have all the pins you might need literally at hand.

#25 funny gifts hairdressers: joke book


16504 4852 8.6

If you’re looking for funny hairdressers and hair stylists jokes you will want to have a look at this book.

Chester Crocker bundled the very best jokes and puns relating to the hairdressing profession that will make you DYE of laughter.

A recommended stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for hairdressers.

#24 best gifts for hairdressers: fine mist sprayer


14596 3495 8.6

For the untrained eye, this might seem like a trivial item, but for a hair stylist a proper water mist sprayer is an indispensable tool while cutting hair.

This little gift for hairdressers disperses a very fine mist, moisturizing a customer’s hair just right.

To top it off, the bottle has been coated with the traditional barber stripes which makes it look fitting and cute.

#23 hair stylist ornament: record wall clock


11350 2452 8.6

Another great gift for salon owners is this beautiful wall clock.

Made from an old vinyl record, it will add a modern yet vintage touch to any hair salon.

A great hair stylist ornament which can also be personalized on demand.

#22 christmas gifts for hairdressers: hair stylist christmas ornaments


3405 888 8.6

These touching little ornaments are usually given as Christmas gifts for hairdressers, but are also appreciated as a casual thank you gift throughout the year.

Featuring an engraved rime including a witty pun, it is bound to touch any hair stylists heart.

Perhaps not the biggest or most expensive gift for hairdressers in this list, but definitely one of the most heartwarming.

#21 personalized gifts for hairdressers: bobblehead


1234 421 8.7

A far as personalized gifts for hairdressers go, this bobblehead is one of our favorites.

Based on your briefing and a photograph of the recipient, this company will make a fully personalized & hairdresser-themed bobblehead.

How cool is that?

#20 hairstylist gifts: thank you necklace


2149 707 8.7

Next on our list of best gifts for hairdressers we have this lovely little thank you necklace.

It comes presented in a pretty little gift box and with a nice thank you message.

In case budget isn’t an issue, you might also want to check this more high-end 14K Rose Gold Scissor Necklace.

#19 hairstylist gifts: head planter


21943 3331 8.7

Time to add some flair to her home with this dashing head planter.

Using her hair stylist skills, she can trim any plant to perfection creating elegant or funny styles throughout the year.

These planters make for great housewarming gifts for hairdressers as well as gifts for salon owners!

#18 gifts for salon owners: LED ring light set


336 112 8.8

These days hair salons are vividly using social media to advertise their business. But in order to break through the clutter, they need to post perfect pictures.

A ring light creates the perfect all-around lighting conditions to make a hair model’s look pop while more accurately showing the color and haircut.

One of those must-have gifts for salon owners!

#17 unique hairstylist gifts: twist sponge glove set


609 235 8.8

When people hear the term best gifts for hairdressers they expect to see at least some innovative gadgets.

Well, let us present to you this handy sponge glove set.

Thanks to these sponges a hair stylist can create a wide variety of daring looks, and this without getting his or her hands covered in styling gel.

#16 funny gifts for hairdresser: shirt


1596 446 8.8

As part of our selection of funny hairdresser gifts we need to include at least one T-shirt.

After careful consideration we chose this hilarious women’s shirt featuring a witty dictionary-style definition of the noble hair stylist profession.

Available in different sizes and washing machine & tumble dryer safe.

#15 best gifts for hairdressers: ultimate styling wand


3104 1040 8.8

At No. 15 of our list of best gifts for hairdressers & hair stylist we find the ultimate styling wand.

The T3 is not just stylish and easy to use. It can curl any type of hair and curls will last for days.

Hair stylists are calling this thing the “holy grail of curling irons”. Don’t believe us? Just read the many product reviews.

#14 best gifts for hairdressers: funny baby bodysuit


980 303 8.9

Did a hairdresser in your life just become a mom or dad?

Then you just have to give them one of these hilarious & cute little baby bodysuits!

Thanks to a witty pun, a baby will shout mommy or daddy’s profession to the world in a hysterical way.

#13 best gifts for hairdressers: car decal


6005 2202 8.9

Another one of those classic hair stylist gifts is, of course, the car decal.

Let the world know your noble profession thanks to this creative & cute car sticker.

The car decal ranks among our top 5 stocking stuffers & Christmas gifts for hairdressers.

#12 best gifts for hairdressers: tool organizer


1621 490 9.0

A hair stylist is an artist. And while he or she is working it is possible that his or her cutting tools get scattered among a working desk.

Thanks to this handy & elegant tool organizer a hairdresser can keep everything neatly in one place.

The rubber bristles will keep scissors in place, yet are easily removable for cleaning.

#11 best gifts for hairdressers: hairapist wine glass


4767 1679 9.0

Being a hairdresser or hair stylist is a tough job. You have to stand on your feet all day and sometimes clients can be more than a handful.

That is why a relaxing drink is often more than deserved at the end of a long day.

This hilarious wine glass is definitely one of our favorite funny gifts for hairdressers.

#10 best gifts for hairdressers: hairapist wine glass


1981 898 9.1

We enter the top 10 of our best gifts for hairdressers with this cute trio of bangles.

The gold, rose gold & silver bracelets look great when worn together, but can also be purchased separately.

The bangles are sent in a charming velvet pouch, ready for gifting.

#9 best gifts for hairdressers: anti fatigue flooring


16744 3521 9.1

It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing this anti-fatigue mat pop up in our list of best hairstylist gifts.

Just imagine having to stand on your feet all day long, bending your body in angles to properly reach a client’s head, and having to be utterly concentrated the entire time.

These premium quality foam mats are specifically designed to eliminate tension by giving superior support. A novelty gift any hairdresser will appreciate.

#8 best gifts for hairdressers: ultimate foot massager


1497 751 9.2

But even with an anti-fatigue mat chances are high a hair stylist’s feet will still hurt in the evening.

That is why you can’t go wrong with this ultimate foot massager as a gift for hairdressers.

It has 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes. No wonder hundreds of people are giving this bestseller a 5-star rating.

#7 best gifts for hairdressers: scissor pouch


17004 5594 9.2

One of our more traditional gifts for hair stylists is this scissor pouch.

Nonetheless, it is an absolute bestseller!

Made from quality leather, it will hold all the tools in place while rolling up to an easily transportable pouch.

#6 best gifts for hairdressers: million dollar stylist book


1188 656 9.3

We can’t have a list of best gifts for hairdressers without adding a great book.

Million Dollar Stylist by Marquetta Breslin teaches hair stylists and beauty professionals from around the world how to build a successful business.

It is filled with great tips and strategies to successfully grow your business, while at the same time still having the freedom to enjoy life itself.

#5 best gifts for hairdressers: hairbrush cleaner


5941 2209 9.3

People who tried it are screaming that everyone should buy this little gadget.

And with good cause!

Gone are the days of having to spend 20 minutes trying to remove all the hair from a hairbrush. This little trinket is specifically designed to easily remove the hair from any hairbrush type.

#4 best gifts for hairdressers: funny mug


32453 7956 9.4

Winning the competition for most funny hairdresser mug is this beauty.

It answers the question “who am I” with a level of hilarious swag only known to be found in hairdressers & hair stylists.

If you don’t have a Christmas gift for your hair stylist yet, you have one now!

#3 best gifts for hairdressers: hair stylist apron


2783 994 9.5

A good hairdresser needs an apron to protect his or her clothes.

So why not splurge on a high-end one as a gift?

Available both for him as for her.

#2 best gifts for hairdressers: dyson hair dryer


9567 3795 9.5

Are we sure a very expensive hairdryer deserves a spot in this prestigious list of hair stylist gifts?


The Dyson hairdryer is just better than any other brand. Thanks to its superior technology, it cuts styling time in half and leaves hair feeling silky soft. A stylist will be able to work faster while delivering better results.

#1 best gifts for hairdressers: definition canvas


25492 8840 9.6

All the way at the top of our list of best gifts for hairdressers & hair stylists we find this original canvas.

It features a witty and hilarious definition of what the hairdressing profession really means.

A great gift that deserves a prominent place in any hair salon or hairdresser’s home.

Bonus best gifts for hairdressers: scissors mug


25492 8840 9.6

Before we go we do need to give honorable mention to one more best selling item.

This scissor-shaped mug has delighted already over a 1000 hairdressers.

A simple yet elegant gift.

How do I choose the best hair stylist gifts?

The best gifts for hairdressers are useful, unique, or funny items relating to her profession that show her you know her interests and you appreciate all the hard work she is doing.

However, although a hair stylist will love the right hair-themed gift, she will also enjoy other non-work-related gifts that fit her other interests.

In case you are going for the former, here are some tips to get it right:

What is a good Christmas gift for a hairdresser?

A good Christmas gift for a hairdresser is either an item that helps her with her job, a small hair-themed stocking stuffer that makes her laugh, or something that allows her to relax once working hours are over.

Here are some concrete Christmas gift ideas for hairdressers:

  • Novelty Hairdresser Gifts: hair stylists will be receiving gifts from many people, so in order to avoid a gift he or she already has you might want to go for more novelty hairdresser gifts & gadgets. Our favorites are the Hairbrush Cleaner, the Stationary Vacuum Cleaner, and the Twist Sponge Glove Set.
  • Hairdresser Christmas Ornaments: giving someone a Christmas ornament relating to their profession is a common practice and one that is also appreciated by hairdressers. A great example is this little Hair Stylist Ornament.
  • Hairdresser Gift Basket: if all else fails, you can never go wrong with a gift basket filled with goodies. Here are you can find a selection of some premium Hairdresser Gift Basket Ideas.

What is a good gift for a hair salon owner?

Great gifts for hair salon owners are any item that can help him or her grow the business.

An absolute bestseller and our personal favorite Christmas stocking stuffer is the book Million Dollar Stylist by Marquetta Breslin. A great gift that will help any salon owner bring his or her business to the next level.

Any salon owner will also love ornaments that will make the place look stylish & elegant. We absolutely love this hair-themed Vinyl Record Wall Clock, and the owner can use his stylist skills to make this Head Planter look fabulous all year long.

You can also help a salon owner advertise his business on social media with this handy LED Ring Light Set that will help him or her to create more premium visuals of his latest creations.

We end our list of great hair salon gift ideas with this this witty Hairdresser Definition Canvas that deserves a premium spot in any salon. It rightfully summarizes the “magical job” a hair stylist needs to perform on a daily basis.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Hairdressers?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for hairdressers & hairstylists useful, and you are now set to surprise that hard-working person in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for something more luxurious? Have a look at our list of top luxury gifts for women below.


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