30+ Over-The-Top Luxury Gifts For Her

Go big or go home, that’s what they say, right?

Though the value of a gift is definitely not the most important factor for a woman, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate some bling.

Bottom line? If you are not strapped for cash, there are some great luxury gifts out there that can please a woman!

And in this top 32 list, we did the work and listed the crème-de-la-crème, over-the-top luxury gifts for her.

Ready to become a sugar daddy?

Best Luxury Gifts For Her

32. Diamond Band For Apple Watch

Luxury Diamond Band For Apple Watch

We start this list of the best luxury gifts for her with a truly over-the-top watch.

Turn her Apple Watch into a luxurious piece of jewelry with this gleaming band featuring four links of shimmery diamond pavé and Lagos’s signature caviar beading.

To note jeweler and designer Steven Lagos continues to hand-draw the sketch for each piece in his celebrated collection.

31. Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant

This is a dazzling gift that makes it clear you two are the real thing. This classic solitaire pendant features a diamond nestled in a four-prong setting.

Sure, it doesn’t come cheap, but is there really a price on exclusivity when it comes to personal accessories?

30. Spotlight Tripod by Uma

Spotlight Tripod Lamp

This vintage yet modern spotlight lamp is a great luxury gift for women with a taste for interior design.

The lamp is made of premium aluminum and nickel.

One of our favorite luxury creations by UMA.

29. Linda Farrow Aviator Sunglasses

Linda Farrow Roberts

Next on our list of over-the-top luxury gifts for women, we have this stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses by Linda Farrow.

The bold yet stylish rose gold lenses are bound to turn some heads on the street.

The sunglasses come presented in a luxurious case, ready for gift-giving.

28. Croc Leather Jewelry Chest

Croc Embossed Leather Jewelry Chest

In our book, you can’t go more over-the-top than gifts made from croc leather.

This exclusive jewelry chest will store her favorite jewelry in the most luxurious way.

The chest is designed to be portable, so it can easily be packed for trips.

27. Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel

Hanging Egg Chair By Hanna Ditzel

The Hanging Egg Chair is a critically acclaimed design that has enjoyed praise worldwide ever since its distinctive sculptural shape was created by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel in 1959.

But this exquisite interpretation by Hanna Ditzel can definitely live up to the original.

If she is into home decor, she will be thrilled with this luxury gift.

26. Croc Leather Jewelry Chest

Creed Les Royales

Next on our list of over-the-top luxury gifts for her is exclusive perfume.

Creed is the world’s only family-owned luxury fragrance dynasty that has served royal houses and the discerning public for over 250 years.

And Les Royals Exclusives White Amber fragrance is one of their most unique and rare perfumes. If you’re willing to deep dig in your pockets, this scent featuring a bouquet of jasmine, combined with rich amber and Indian sandalwood can be a luxury gift she will cherish.

25. Bang & Olufsen Luxury Headphones

Bang Olufsen Headphones

This exclusive pair of headphones combines Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound and advanced active noise cancellation with over-the-ear elegance.

They are designed for style and comfort, yet will deliver absolute top-notch sound quality.

A luxury gift that might be a bit over the top, but one that she can use every day.

24. David Yurman Pendant Necklace

David Yurman Diamond Pendant

We cannot have a list of luxury gifts for her without talking about jewelry.

Any woman will absolutely love this exclusive 0.50 Ct. authentic David Yurman diamond pendant necklace.

She can wear it to complete a cocktail dress as well as any everyday outfit.

23. Georg Jensen Bloom Bowl

Georg Jensen Bloom Bowl

The iconic Bloom series takes inspiration from the distinctively beautiful shapes formed by cherry blossoms.

Thanks to its exceptional attention to detail, solid craftsmanship, and Nordic style, it has become one of the most influential silver and goldsmiths of the past century.

These bowls make great over-the-top luxury gifts for women who love home decor.

22. Hermès Pois Optique Scarf

Hermes Pois Optique Scarf

When thinking of high-end luxury brands, Hermès is one of the first ones to come to mind.

This exclusive & beautiful 100% plume silk scarf will add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit. It is a signature luxury gift by Hermès that is timeless and for all ages.

Tip: this might be an interesting option if you’re still looking for an anniversary gift for your wife.

21. Jura Luxury Coffee Maker

Jura Coffee Maker

A big part of getting over-the-top luxury gifts for her is to find something exclusive that she wouldn’t easily buy for herself.

The Jura coffee maker does exactly this as everyone loves that perfect cup of coffee created by a professional barista, yet few are willing to pay the price.

This high-end Swiss brand sets a new standard in professional performance, aesthetics, and perfection for the coffee machine segment.

20. Silk Kimono

Luxury Silk Kimono

Thanks to this exquisite kimono by Carine Gilson, she can envelop herself in luxurious silk satin.

This Belgian-crafted luxury gift for her features feather-light lace trims that form a leaf-like pattern, for a finish that’s even more ethereal than the last.

The result is a very comfortable, yet fashionable, exclusive, and sexy robe.

19. Theragun 24K Gold Pro

Theragun 24K Gold Pro

Exclusivity can be found even in everyday devices.

The Theragun is an illustrious massage device that uses percussive massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain.

Theragun’s 24K Gold Pro is its most advanced device yet, handcrafted and plated with 24-karat gold.

18. Chatelaine Pavé Bezel Ring

Chatelaine Pave Bezel Ring David Yurman Unsmushed

Our first piece of jewelry on this list of over-the-top luxury gifts for her is this remarkable ring by David Yurman.

This alluring masterpiece is composed of rose gold Morganite and Pavé diamonds.

Each creation is sketched by David Yurman, made of the finest precious metals and rare gemstones, and fashioned by some of the world’s best craftspeople.

17. A Stay on a Private Island

Vomo Private Island

If you’d like to give her a truly unique and ridiculously luxurious vacation, we offer you Vomo Island.

A luxury private island escape situated in the South Pacific. It is, in fact, part of Fiji and will guarantee the ultimate combination of privacy and luxury.

A fair warning though, this unique experience comes with a hefty price tag as well.

16. Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton Luggage

When you’re taking her to a private island, she will need a proper piece of luggage as well.

Enter the opportunity for an over-the-top luxury gift for her.

This large Louis Vuitton Horizon 70 suitcase with its iconic monogram pattern is bound to turn heads wherever she travels.

15. Wusthof Exclusive Knife Set

Wusthof Knife Set

If you want to have something built to perfection, ask the Germans to do it.

When it comes to high-end knife sets, Wusthof delivers exactly that, perfection.

With one of these 15-piece over the top luxury gifts, she will be able to prepare any food she likes with the utmost precision and style.

14. Baobab Marble Scented Candle

Baobab Marble Candle

As far as scented candles go, Baobab can be considered the Rolls Royce among them.

This truly exclusive fragrance brand is known for its daring design and complex scent combinations.

Featuring a part opaque, part translucent design to reveal the flickering flame inside, the Stone collection from Baobab showcases a hand-blown glass vessel that replicates the natural beauty of the pure stone. With this large luxury gift, her home will have a unique scent for a long time.

13. Limited Edition Baccarat Decanter

Luxury Baccarat Decanter

The hand-painted gold filigree of this limited edition Haute Couture Beaune Decanter demonstrates Baccarat’s artisanal mastery.

Blown in the traditional style by the brand’s glass masters, the fine crystal form is painstakingly painted with layers of gold in a Louis-XV-style floral design, bringing back to life a design that was showcased at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1878.

12. Designer Lamp by Floss

Floss Designer Lamp

Sleek and graceful, this versatile floor lamp features smart details from head to toe.

At the top, its spinning cone diffuser provides direct light that can be repositioned. On the bottom, it is weighted by a stunning white Carrara or black Marquina marble base.

The fact this over-the-top luxury gift for her is a real secret treasure is also confirmed by its fitting name, Captain Flint.

11. L’Elixir Des Glaciers

Lelixir Des Glaciers

The elixers are considered to be the queen of skincare products, the crème-de-la-crème.

And Valmont’s Elixir Des Glaciers The Precious Ceremony gift set is certainly one to impress.

This luxury set contains the label’s bestselling Elixir Des Glaciers products – with the Vos Yeux eye cream, and the Masque Majestueux being just two of them.

The Decanter demonstrates Baccarat’s artisanal mastery.

10. Versailles Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Nothing shouts over-the-top luxury like the sensuality of luxurious sheets against the skin.

Worthy of a place in your personal palace– whether that be a country cottage or a city loft – the Celso de Lemos Versailles collection pinpoints pure luxury in its Egyptian cotton construction.

A bordered motif echoes the hand-painted designs found in Louis XIV’s former residence, while gold details deliver an elegant accent color.

9. Dyson Hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Are you surprised to see a hair dryer on a list of over-the-top luxury gifts for her?

Well, Dyson isn’t just a brand of consumer electronics. Its unique patented technology has redefined the meaning of quality performance and luxury experience.

Although these hair dryers don’t come cheap at all, with this exclusive gift she will be able to style her hair to perfection every single day.

8. Golden Egg Christofle

Christofle Golden Egg

If you are looking for truly exclusive and over-the-top luxury gifts for a woman who loves interior design, look no further.

This unique cutlery canteen by Christofle will add a 24-karat gold touch to her dining table.

Offering contemporary flatware for six guests, this luxurious set is presented in a glistening oval-shaped case, making it a perfect centerpiece.

7. Alexander McQueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers 1

Sneakers are so hot right now! That is why we had to include an exclusive pair on this list of the best luxury gifts for her in 2022.

For the girl who wants to wear the most fashionable pair, Alexander McQueen offers these best-selling latest additions, the Crystal sneakers.

Perfect when you’re running (to the party), this crystal-covered sneaker is designed to add a dash of flash to your every step.

6. Longines Diamond Watch

Longines Diamond Watch

We cannot have a list of over-the-top luxury gifts for her without adding an exclusive watch.

This truly timeless piece by Longines features a stunning rose gold bracelet and boasts a dozen twinkling diamonds at the lustrous mother-of-pearl dial and 52 more inlaid at the bezel.

It is powered by a Swiss-made, precision automatic movement and fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face.

5. Burberry Cashmere Cape

Burberry Cape 1

An ideal luxury piece to shrug over shoulders on chillier days, the Burberry Mega Check Cape will add English countryside charm to weekend ensembles.

Woven in Scotland from a blend of thick wool and soft cashmere, the chunky knit is completed by a fringed trim.

The perfect luxury gift for any stylish woman who loves to be wrapped in exclusive elegance

4. Diamond Locket by Monica Kosann

Diamond Locket Monica Kossnan

We continue our list of over-the-top luxury gifts for her with a breath-taking piece that has a deeper meaning.

Centering a rose-cut shimmering diamond, this beautiful golden necklace secretly holds a unique treasure on the inside.

With room for two small photographs, she can keep those dear to her literally close to her heart.

3. Croc Embossed Bag by Chloé

Croc Embossed Bag Chloe 1

The accessory to have this winter – Chloé presents this remarkable croc-embossed drew shoulder bag.

This sophisticated bag is bound to turn heads on the street. It’s crafted in Italy from croc-embossed calfskin that’s hand buffed to create a bi-color effect.

This is one of our favorite gifts for the 2022 holiday season!

2. Off White Yoga Mat

Off White Yoga Mat

For the women that love yoga and exclusive luxury alike, we have a very special gift from a high-end fashion brand.

Enjoy a flash of branded recognition each time you twist into a new pose with this Off-White yoga mat.

Truly unique, definitely one of their favorite over-the-top luxury gifts for her!

1. Crystal Pumps by Christian Louboutin

Crystal Pumps Louboutin 1

Every girl wants to own a pair of Louboutins…

If you want to see her jump up and down overwhelmed with joy, these exclusive crystal embellished pumps will do the trick.

Tiny sparkling crystals move from shades of pink and silver to aqua-blue on this pointy-toe pump famed for its willowy stiletto heel and iconic red sole.

+ Bon Levi Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Before we end this over-the-top luxury gift guide for her, we need to talk about one more classic.

Diamond stud earrings…

Bony Levy created these absolutely stunning handcrafted sparkling round diamonds, which are secured in a three-prong setting of 18-karat gold. In short, if you are going for earrings, buy them these!

How do I choose the right over-the-top luxury gifts for her?

Right off the bat, it’s not because it’s expensive that it’s a great gift for any woman!

The best over-the-top luxury gifts for women are those items that are indeed exclusive and highly coveted, but that is also founded on deeper insight and understanding of the person you are buying for. If she never travels, that Louis Vuitton bag will not do her any good. If she hates cooking, she won’t be impressed by expensive kitchen tools and accessories. However, if these things are her passion, related gifts will be appreciated and exclusive ones loved.

So start buying asking yourself what her hobbies, passions, and interests are, and then search for the perfect over the top luxury gifts.

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Looking for More Luxury Gift Ideas For Her?

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