37 Best Gifts For RV Owners

More than 70 million households in the U.S. consider themselves camping households.

Or perhaps you know one of the half-million Americans that call their RV their primary residence?

Give one of our great gifts for RV and campervan owners and enable the recipient to spend time with their family out in the wilderness, making memories and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The best gifts for RV owners are functional gifts (Smart Diagnostic gadget or Weather Station), comfort gifts (lounge chair or pillow covers), or handy, helpful gifts (phone screen projector, waterproof speakers).

Gifts For Rv Owners

37. RV Backup Camera System

Rv Camera Backup System

Starting off our list of the best gifts for motorhome owners is something everyone will find useful.

RVs are large and visibility can be limited so a great backup camera is a must. This is perfect for covering blind spots and assists greatly with parking.

Even the most confident and experienced drivers can benefit from this amazing gift.

36. Foldable RV Entry Step

Foldable Rv Entry Step

RVs are large vehicles and sometimes quite high to step on. To make sure your loved ones are safe getting in and stepping out of the RV, you may consider gifting these heavy-duty foldable RV steps.

This adjustable height step stool has an anti-slip surface for wet conditions. The legs are reinforced with non-slip grips.

With an easy fold-away and lock design, they will be a very useful addition to any RV.

35. Collapsible Measuring Cup

Collapsible Measuring Cup

Do you know someone who is not only a camper owner but also loves to bake?

If so, then these silicone collapsible measuring spoons are a fantastic gift. They fold down to be almost flat so they take up very little space in that little kitchen of theirs.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, or a retirement gift, these baking tools will be a great gift.

34. Ultimate RV Logbook

Ultimate Rv Log Book

For the professional RV’er, this Ultimate RV Logbook is a fantastic gift.

It is a great place to keep detailed notes of all the great (and not-so-great) stops they have made. It is designed to note things like campsite conditions, amenities, management/staff info, sightseeing notes, and so much more.

A logbook is a great way to keep information organized for future reference. You don’t want to make the same mistake twice!

33. Awesome Cigarette Lighter Button

Awesome Cigarette Lighter Button

The FIRE MISSLES lighter button is a unique cigarette lighter replacement that we are excited to include in this line of gifts for RV owners.

It gives the RV a very cool, hardcore look and ensures a few chuckles along the way.

Any RV owner that smokes and has a great sense of humor will enjoy this fun gag gift.

32. Personalized RV Family Flag

Personalized Rv Family Flag

If you are looking for personalized gifts, these RV family flags are the best.

These durable, weather-resistant flags fit a standard garden flag pole and come printed with 3 lines of personalized text. Rain or shine, this flag will be flying proudly.

They are a great way to start up a conversation with neighboring campers.

31. Night Driving Glasses

Night Driving Glasses

Not all driving will be during the day, and driving at night can be difficult for some people.

Night-driving glasses are a good solution to this problem. They block blue and dazzling lights while improving contrast. Most importantly, these night-driving glasses reduce eye fatigue to ensure safe driving.

These are great gifts that anyone who spends a lot of time on the road will appreciate.

30. Insect Repellent Device

Buzzbgone Zap

Camping means insects, and insects mean itching for days. Insects are pesky and nobody wants them around.

Traditional insect repellant sprays do not always give the best results. That’s what makes these devices so useful. Rather than using harmful chemicals like the common insect repelling devices, BuzzbGone attracts mosquitos, catches them, and kills them.

This makes the whole camping experience so much more enjoyable.

29. Camping Spotlight & Tripod

Spotlight Tripod

Continuing on the list of the best gifts for RV owners is this rechargeable spotlight. The number of reasons this makes a great gift is too many to count.

This Big Sun spotlight comes with a tripod and 2 light options. The main light has a 1. High, 2. Medium, or 3. Flashlight options. The Side floodlight can be 1. Strong floodlights, 2. Medium floodlights, or 3.Blue and Red warning lights.

This spotlight and tripod will surely be the most used gadget in any RV.

28. Campervan Levelers

Camper Levelers

Since RVs can be parked on different types of terrain, owners might find themselves needing to level out their tires.

In 5 minutes or less, the problem can be solved. With this level set, only the lowered side needs to be leveled.

Now they can spend less time fussing with the RV and more time roasting hot dogs and swimming in the lake.

27. States Visited RV decal

States Visited Rv Decal

RVing can be a great learning opportunity for children of all ages. They will have the chance to experience so many new things, see new and exciting places, and meet some interesting characters.

Being able to track and see all the places they have been will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.”

26. Mini Steam Iron

Mini Steam Iron

If you know someone who hits the road for long periods, then this next gift is one you should look into.

We have to remember that space is limited in an RV so investing in small, portable appliances is a must. Mini steam irons are a very practical gift.

Now your loved ones can keep their clothes pressed without having a bulky iron to store.

25. Corelle Unbreakable Dinnerware

Unbreakable Dinner Ware

The last thing anyone wants is to drop a plate and have it shatter in an RV. That is why we have this next gift on our list.

No need for stocking up on disposable dishes. We recommend high-quality dishware that is chip and break-resistant. Lightweight and easily stackable, these are perfect for life on the road.

These Corelle unbreakable dinnerware sets are ideal gifts for RV owners.

24. Portable RV Surge Protector

Rv Surge Protector

It’s possible to have electrical issues on a camper, and this can put families in great harm.

That’s why a portable surge protector is a must for any recreational vehicle. A surge protector will identify possible electrical issues and likely shut off the electricity of the RV, ensuring your loved ones are safe from fires and other electrical dangers.

These safety devices make very useful gifts for RV owners.

23. Unique Roadtrip Experience

Road Trip

If you prefer to gift experiences instead of things, then this next gift is a perfect idea.

Helicopter trips, Grand Canyon Tours, Dinner Cruises, and more. These well-planned trips and excursions will make your loved ones very happy.

Trips make unique gifts for anyone and will give them the chance to experience something new, face fear and make some incredible memories to last a lifetime.

22. Happy Camper Pillow Covers

Happy Camper Pillow Covers

A true camping enthusiast will just love these Happy Camper Pillow Cases in their home.

The way someone decorates their home is a reflection of their personality and the things they love. These adorable pillowcases come in sets of 4 and fit most standard pillows.

As a fun conversation starter, these pillowcases will make a great addition to any home.

21. Deluxe Shoe Scraper

Deluxe Shoe Scraper

If you know a family that loves to go camping and get dirty, then this is a very functional gift for them.

Keeping a small space with high traffic like an RV clean can be challenging. Little people going in and out with their muddy shoes will quickly make the RV unclean.

That’s why this deluxe shoe scraper is ideal. The all-in-one scrubber scraper removes mud, dirt, rocks, sand, and leaves to help keep any space clean.

20. Ultralight Water Hose

Ultralight Water Hose

More great gift ideas for camper owners here with the ultralight garden hose.

The Zero-G hose is very durable, leak and water-resistant as well as does not kink. A solid garden hose can be so useful when camping. It’s one of those you don’t know you need it until you need it type of item.

A high-quality hose that can be easily stored away is a very functional gift for campervan owners.

19. RV Weather Station

Rv Weather Station

Moving up our list of the best gifts for RV owners is this Smart WIFI weather station.

Nobody wants to drive right into any unexpected weather conditions so knowing the exact weather conditions is very important. This device measures rainfall, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature, solar radiation, and UV.

This gift is great for people who spend their time driving across the country or just spending the weekend at a nearby campsite.

18. Hanging Pantry Organizer

Hanging Pantry Organizer

There are no fancy pantries in an RV, and space is more than limited. That’s where one must get creative in utilizing small spaces in the best way possible.

These over-the-door hanging pantry organizers help keep food items organized and accessible. They have 15 clear pockets that are large enough to hold sauces, oatmeal packets, or spices.

Any RV owner will appreciate this handy organizing idea.

17. RV Camping Shirt

Rv Camping Shirt

You can never go wrong with this next gift. Retro graphic t-shirts make fun gifts for motorhome owners.

Surely any RV owner will be excited to sport this “Stay Class C” (Stay Classy) t-shirt on their next road trip.

These gifts are perfect for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other occasion really.

16. Mobile Camping Grill

Mobile Bbq Grill

Are you looking for a great gift for a grill master who also loves RVing?

These easy-to-set-up and take-down grills are so convenient to use without sacrificing the quality of the BBQ. With 3 burners, a large grilling surface, and push-button ignition, these grills are great for grilling anytime, anywhere.

For more gifts for him check out our list of Unique Travel Gifts for Men.

15. Campervan Key Organizer

Key Organizer

Carrying around bulky keys in your pocket while trying to hike, bike, or fish is very inconvenient.

This new key holder fits all sorts of keys and comes with an extra gadget like a bottle opener or USB drive.

This handy gift on our list; the KeySmart; is a compact way to carry important keys only for easy access.

14. RV Keyless Entry Handle

Rv Keyless Handle

This next gift is a great idea for someone who would like to make simple upgrades to their RV.

The V4 is the industry’s most innovative lock and keyless handle. Now, RV owners can use a security code to lock and unlock their RVs. It can be controlled from the panel on the door or the keyless fob in their pocket.

No more pesky keys to fuss with!

13. Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

After a long day of driving, taking some time with a drink would be the best way to relax and recoup.

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is made from breathable mesh polyester so they are great for the summer heat.

A lounge chair like this one is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

12. Camp Life Monthly Box

Camping Box

Imagine how happy your friends will be if every 3 months they get a box filled with surprises related to their love of RV’ing.

The Camp Life Crate is a quarterly outdoor subscription box that comes in different themes related to camping. From RV Essentials to treats around the campfire.

With so many useful, fun, and interesting items in each package, these subscription boxes make fantastic gifts for RV owners.

11. Camping Buddies Walky Talkies

Camping Buddies Walky Talkies

If you know a family with kids who love to go off exploring on their own, then this is a great gift.

These two-way walky-talkies allow up to 5 miles of communication range. Easy voice and sound activation for hands-free operation. It also comes with a flashlight.

Now parents can relax and enjoy some downtime without worrying about their little explorers.

10. Travel Safe

Flexsafe Portable Safe

Continuing down the list of gifts for camper owners is the FlexSafe. It is a portable safe to keep belongings when at the beach, hotel pool, park, or camping.

This durable and portable case is perfect for keeping cellphones, credit cards, keys, and other valuables safe. Simply put everything in the bag, lock it and secure it to any fixed object.

Anyone who loves to camp will be glad their belongings are safe while they enjoy a hike or swim in the lake.

9. Fix All Gadget


We love handy gadgets and that is why this one is on our list of the best gifts for RV owners.

With the Bondic, nothing will seem impossible to repair. Whether it’s broken eyeglasses, leaky plumbing, or cracked china, it can be fixed with this gadget.

Simply put on the unique liquid, shine the UV light on it, and press gently.

8. Phone Screen Projector


Forget about the typical cell phone mounts. This phone screen projector is the gift you are looking for.

It is easy to set up, fits, and the screen size is adjustable and works in any car. It really takes hands-free navigation to another level.

These handy projectors are amazing gifts for campervan owners.

7. Living The RV Life

Living The Rv Life

The RV life is not for everyone, but you may know someone who is thinking about taking that leap. Perhaps they love new adventures or they are looking to downsize. The RV life may be exactly what they are looking for.

This book is the ultimate guide to RV life and gives helpful and insightful information on what living the RV life really means.

A book like this would make one of the many useful gifts for RV owners.

6. Emergency Tire Inflator

Inflatable Tire Inflator

A flat tire roadside is a problem, and that’s where this next gift comes in handy.

These heavy-duty double-cylinder tire inflators are designed with RVs and campers in mind but can be used for smaller vehicles and even golf carts.

Any RV owner will appreciate this gift very much.

5. Portable Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker

Next on the list of fantastic gifts for RV owners is this portable ice maker.

These coolers are small enough to fit in tight spaces but are powerful enough to keep all their ice needs to be met.

Now there is no need to haul along bags of ice when camping or road tripping. They can simply fill the tank, start and watch the magic happen.

4. RV Flagpole Kit

Rv Flagpole Kit

If you know someone who spends the summer driving across the country and is very proud of where they are from, then this next gift is for them.

These 16ft flag poles adjust to fit almost any RV ladder and can accommodate up to two flags.

Not only are they simple to install but collapse easily for storage.

3. Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

Think about a great gift! Whether they are in the middle of the forest or out at the lake, having a waterproof outdoor speaker is always nice.

These high-power, Bluetooth speakers provide more than 60 hours of playtime and make amazing gifts for camper owners.

Round up all the neighbors and get the campsite party started.

2. Space Saving Cutting Board

Space Saving Cutting Board

Anyone who has stepped foot into an RV knows that space is very limited.

That is why these space-saving cutting boards make great gifts for RV owners.

These bamboo cutting boards with 4 sliding drawers make food preparation in a small space faster and easier.

1. Smart RV Diagnostic Tool


The last thing you want when you are on the open road is to get the dreaded “check engine light” and not know why.

This “mechanic in your pocket” is one of the very best gifts for RV owners. It plugs into any gas, diesel, or hybrid car, model ’96 or newer, and alerts the owner of 7000+ possible mechanical issues.

Vehicle owners can even connect multiple sensors to one account and monitor all their vehicles from one place.

How do I choose the best gifts for RV owners?

Choosing the best gift for an RV owner depends on several factors:

  • How well do you know them? Are you close? If so, you may want to opt for a unique personalized gift. 
  • Your gift choices will depend on the personality of the recipient. Do they prefer functional gifts? If that’s the case, choose something like storage options or safety devices. 
  • Age and lifestyle have a role here. Are they a retired couple? Is it a young family? Are they living in their RV or just going out for road trips? 
  • What do they want? Do they need anything specific? Perhaps they should choose something they can particularly use at this time. 
  • Are they jokesters? If so, why not go for a fun gag gift?

What are fun gifts for RV owners?

When it comes to fun gifts, your options are truly endless. There are gifts that’ll make them smile and laugh, and some that are just a little inappropriate.

Of course, it depends on their definition of fun but we have a few ideas to get you started:

What are great retirement gifts for RV owners?

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to grab that RV, pack up, and head across the country. With little to no responsibilities, a couple can enjoy exploring new places, getting to know new people, kicking back, and enjoying life to its fullest.

If you are looking for great retirement gifts for RV owners we recommend gifts that can help make their road trips more enjoyable like a trip planner and travel guide for the most scenic drives in America.

The new retiree may like a new mug to enjoy their morning coffee or tea in as they lounge by the lake.

While out exploring, they may miss their loved ones so a nice RV frame with pictures of their grandchildren will be a thoughtful gift.

With lots of downtimes, a hilarious adult coloring book makes a fun retirement gift.

For more retirement gifts check out our list of 31+ Best Retirement Gifts for Men and 25+ Personalized Retirement Gifts for Her

Looking For More Gifts For Campervan Owners?

We hope you find this list of the best gifts for RV owners useful, and you are now set to surprise a campervan enthusiast with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more camping-related gifts? Have a look at our list of the best camping gifts for him or her in 2022!

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