16 Best Mother’s Day Necklaces & Rings That Will Make Her Shed a Tear

Mother’s day is almost upon us once again!

Do you want to give your mom a special treat this year and splurge on a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry?

But you have no clue where to find the perfect mother’s day necklace or ring?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below you can find the list of top Mother’s Day necklaces & rings that your mom will never want to take off!

All aboard the feels train!

Mothers Day Necklaces Rings

In this article you will find:

16. Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring

We start this list of top Mother’s Day necklaces & rings with a classic that will move any mom, the birthstone ring.

You can fully customize this ring, choosing from several kinds of silver & gold, as well as different stone colors.

With each of her children being represented by a stone & name, she will never want to take this ring off.

15. Mother & Daughter Necklace

Mother Daughter Necklace

Choose this favorite mother’s day necklace to strengthen the bond with your mom.

Celebrate that unique bond between a mom and her daughter with this beautiful yet subtle necklace.

For those of you that want to take it one step further, we also have a triple version to include your grandmother as well.

14. Family Nest Necklace

Family Nest Necklace

This next pendant is a more creative and cute translation of a family keepsake.

Add one pearl egg for each sibling and your mom will be able to keep her little nest literally close at heart wherever she goes.

This lovely mothers day necklace is available in gold or silver.

13. Preserved Rose

Preserved Rose Uncomp

Although this is technically not a mother’s day necklace or ring, this lovely jewelry box was just too cute not to mention.

Women love receiving roses, yet unfortunately, they only last for a couple of days.

Yet this lovely box contains fresh roses that will last for 3-5 years. Available in different colors of rose and box.

12. Initials Necklace

Initials Necklace

Simple yet symbolizing the most important people in her life, this lovely mother’s day necklace will fit any outfit and can be worn every day.

You can add an initial for every sibling on this minimalistic 14k golden necklace.

It comes presented in a premium gift box making it the perfect present for any mom.

11. Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace

Tanzanite Diamond Necklace

Next on our list of the most beautiful Mother’s Day necklaces and rings, we have this breathtaking specimen by Effy.

A mesmerizing tanzanite stone is surrounded by shimmering diamonds, and the whole comes presented on a 14k white gold necklace.

It doesn’t come cheap, but then again, can you really put a price on showing your gratitude for everything your mom has done for you?

10. Kate Spade Necklace & Bracelet

Kate Spade Mom Bracelet

Kate Spade presents this unique set of bracelets and necklaces.

Both pieces of charming jewelry spell out in three little letters what true love is.

Give one or both to your mom, or wear one to further signify your unique bond.

9. Pandora Heart Charm

Pandora Heart Charm

Set with sparkling cubic zirconia, this gleaming rose-gold charm is a beautiful celebration of the love between mothers and daughters.

This alluring Pandora charm is made from sterling silver & 15k rose gold.

Add a lovely chain and you have a truly unique mother’s day necklace that she will love.

8. Mother Of The World Necklace

Mother Of The World Necklace

Let your mother know how much she means to you with this sweet mother’s day necklace that features a message just for her.

It features the simple and memorable inscription “To the world you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world”.

Made from sterling silver medallion with a 22 kt gold-plated brass overlay of a heart-petaled flower.

7. Gold-Dipped Rose

Gold Dipped Rose

If you truly want to splurge on your mom, add one of these gold-dipped roses to your mother’s day necklace or ring.

Each rose is unique and comes packaged in a lovely matching gold gift box with a certificate card.

These beautiful roses are also available in alternate finishes such as platinum, silver, and rose gold.

6. Eternal Mothers Day Necklace

Eternal Mothers Day Necklace

This necklace literally symbolizes the eternal love between a mother and her children.

Choose from different kinds of silver and gold, and add your and your siblings’ names.

One of our favorite mother’s day necklaces on this list!

5. Silver Sterling Heart Locket

Silver Sterling Heart Locket

Next on our list of best Mother’s Day necklaces and rings, we have another all-time classic.

Besides being a charming necklace, this locket can hold one or two small photos inside.

So add some pictures of you and your siblings and your mom will cherish this stunning necklace forever!

4. Three Disc Necklace

Three Disc Necklace

This personalized treasure consists of silver sterling, rose gold, and a gold-plated disc.

Besides forming a stunning trio, this mother’s day necklace can be personalized with the names of each sibling and/or each parent.

Finish the whole off with one out of more than 10 beautiful chain necklaces.

3. Family Tree Necklace

Family Tree Mothers Day Necklace

This birthstone family tree necklace can hold up to seven stones, one for each child.

Choose from a wide variety of metals and stones to create a unique mothers day necklace for your mom.

Finish it off by adding a little personalized message.

2. Bow Necklace

Bow Necklace

A similar idea as the previous necklace, yet a different creative translation.

This subtle yet fashionable bow tie necklace holds a beautiful stone.

Besides being a great mother’s day necklace, any woman would love to receive such a beautiful piece of jewelry for any occasion.

1. Nest Egg Necklace

Nest Egg Necklace 1

At the very top of our list of mother’s day necklaces and rings, we find this nest effs pendant.

A warm, textured copper interior cradles the precious eggs, one for each child, while a hand-stamped bird silhouette completes the motherly display.

We chose this mother’s day necklace over the others not just because it’s cute, but because we love the hidden character. Only mom knows about the eggs inside. On top of that, this pendant is also very affordable.

How to choose the perfect mother’s day necklace or ring? 

The best mother’s day necklace or ring holds special meaning for your mom while fitting her personal style and taste. Look for those pieces of jewelry that remind her of you and your siblings but that she can wear every day.

As a tip, check out her current jewelry box to get an idea of which kind of metal she prefers (rose, white or regular gold, silver, etc), as well as the overall style and design.

If you can give her a mother’s day necklace or ring that ticks both boxes, she will cherish and wear it every day!

Should a mothers day necklace or ring be expensive?

Of course, you can always spend a lot of money on more expensive pieces of jewelry. And for the ones among you with a bigger budget, there are some absolutely gorgeous mothers day necklaces & rings out there, such as this Bow Necklace.

However, you don’t need to spend several hundred bucks to find beautiful and meaningful Mother’s Day necklaces. A great example is the #1 in our list of best mother’s day necklaces & rings, an affordable yet ultra-cute Nest Egg Necklace.

Pro-tip, seeing that the vast majority of the mother’s day necklaces and rings symbolize in one way or another you and your siblings, teaming up with your brothers or sisters and giving such a piece of meaningful jewelry together will mean even more to your mom, while you will be able to split the costs.

Looking for a funny mother’s day gift?

Perhaps your mom is not so much into jewelry or these over-sentimental gifts? No worries, we also have created the ultimate list of funny mothers day gifts. Check out this gift if you want to give your mom a thoughtful gift that will also crack her up!

Looking for More Mother’s Day Necklaces and Rings?

I hope you find this list of the best Mother’s Day necklaces and rings useful, and you are now set to surprise your mom with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. You can also find more gift ideas in the related articles below.

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